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  1. John32369

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    Well they have the back to the rear seat. I wonder if the bottom would be the same as the rear seat of a coupe?
  2. John32369

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    Looks like at least the back seat frame is in it.
  3. John32369

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    I really hope so. I wouldn't mind having a convertible.
  4. John32369

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    Would the seat bottom and back rest from a 54 Desoto convertible work?
  5. John32369

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    any idea what interiors would interchange?
  6. John32369

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    Its the body and frame and has the top frame but no interior, motor, or transmission.
  7. Ok I’ve found the shell of a 52 Cranbrook convertible. It has no motor or transmission and no interior. I know where a 52 Cranbrook Sedan is that’s complete and was running and has overdrive. What interior parts can I use for the convertible and what exterior/ trim parts?
  8. John32369


    Do you ever find yourself, even after promising yourself not to, getting distracted by other potential projects tempting you? I've got my Dodges, and Desotos and now I found a lady in Asheville that has a 52 Plymouth convertible, a 64 Valiant convertible with parts cars and 2 50 model suburbans for sale for reasonable prices. Dammit, dammit, dammit lol
  9. John32369

    Emergency brake install

    No this has a completely modern drivetrain under it. Previous owner put a 350sbc in it with a turbo 350 transmission and a Chevy rear end. I know it’s blasphemy but that’s what I’m working with right now
  10. John32369

    Emergency brake install

    Ok to everybody who has swapped out the rear ended on a D24 to something more modern. What did you do for emergency brakes? How did you use the existing ones on the newer axles?
  11. John32369

    She came home today

    Right now there is no motor in it because the previous owner had a cracked a head on the 350 that was in it and parked it where it sat for 10+ years. I'm debating on going back with a 350 simply because that's what it's set up for. I am purchasing an old 77 Dodge ambulance for 300$ just so I can snatch the 360 and transmission out of it with hopes of having it rebuilt and dropping it in here maybe or I have another business coupe that I haven't started on that I may put the 360 in.
  12. John32369

    She came home today

    Having garage built for her 😁
  13. John:  This is Rich Hartung with a 39 Desoto. i see that you have several desotos inyour barn, are you a member of the national desoto Club?  This years national convention is going to be held in Branson Missouri in Late August.


    Write back to me at desoto1939@aol.com  Also we will be having two vendors sports this year at Hershey OAD7 and 8. If you can make it to Hershey stop by a say hello.


    Rich Hartung

    Cell 484-431-8157

    Home 610-630-9188

    Live near Philadelphia- valley forge PA


    1. John32369


      Yes I’m a member. Working on getting my 46 barn find on the road at the moment.  I think I need to renew my membership though. I would love be to make it out there.

  14. John32369

    She came home today

    After months of hiding her from my girlfriend, I finally confessed to her about getting another car. Mainly because I brought it home and couldn’t hide it from her. She’s not 100% original but she’s mine now.

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