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  1. Body work

    Would a something like a Dewalt 4 inch side grinder with a cutoff wheel work?
  2. Body work

    What do you guys use to cut away old metal and rot like when you need to replace rockers, etc?
  3. 46 Desoto Carb

    I have a 46 Desoto Custom Sedan and I need a carb kit for it. It’s a Ball&Ball carb made by Carter. It say 6-431 on the throat of the carb. Where would be the best place to get a kit for it and do I need a dash pot plunger for it when I rebuild it
  4. Old and newer

    I'm looking at adding a 66 LTD to my collection also. While I love my old Mopars, I also love the ease at which a 352 will cruise down the highway and it reminds me of my 66 Galaxie 2dr hardtop that I had in college.
  5. 46 Plymouth at SEMA 2017

    I could see doing it with a junker
  6. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    who does resleeving?
  7. 46 Desoto brake shoes

    Where's a good place to buy brake shoes for my 46 Desoto sedan? The ones I got from eBay are just a hair too thick to get my front drums on with them adjusted all the way in?
  8. soyboard substitute?

    Masonite hardboard?
  9. Where do you buy door checks?

  10. body parts for d-24

    I'm buying two parts cars here soon. If you don have any luck get back with me. I may be able to help
  11. Bumper bracket bolt size?

    What size are the bolts that hold the bumper brackets to the frame on a 48 model D-24? Mine are missing.
  12. R10 overdrive

    I have the overdrive and transmission, Seems like it was out of a 57-59 Plymouth or Dodge truck
  13. R10 overdrive

    So I guess the answer would be the overdrive lol
  14. R10 overdrive

    I found an overdrive mated to a transmission. From what little I've learned it would fit a 57-59 Plymouth or a Dodge truck. I know where I can get a transmission and motor for a 48 Dodge truck. I figured that would probably be a 230 motor. I would like to put a straight drive in my 48 Dodge business coupe with an overdrive. So I figured I would get it and see if I could make it work. I know it's not original but I figured I'd try it anyway.