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  1. John32369

    1953 Dodge chrom

    Did the 1953 Dodge Meadowbrook sedan and station wagon use the same molding on the rear quarter panels?
  2. John32369

    51 Suburban source

    He doesn’t have one for the 51 but he has one for the 53
  3. John32369

    51 Suburban source

    Where would that be?
  4. John32369

    51 Suburban source

    Does anyone know of a good source for a gas tank for a 51 Plymouth Suburban?
  5. John32369

    It’s an addiction

    Judging by this video it appears to be factory
  6. John32369

    It’s an addiction

    I have no idea lol. Maybe someone with more knowledge can let us know.
  7. John32369

    It’s an addiction

    The Dodge like 13 years, don't know on the Plymouth.
  8. John32369

    It’s an addiction

    I got a 51 Plymouth wagon with the purchase too. 😇
  9. John32369

    It’s an addiction

    Well I couldn’t resist. My girlfriends going to kill me probably but I bought the 53 Meadowbrook wagon.
  10. Those are original style clips
  11. John32369

    53 Meadowbrook wagon

    There’s a 51 Plymouth Suburban right beside it. I’m probably going to buy both as a package deal.
  12. John32369

    53 Meadowbrook wagon

    Just one piece of molding on the rear quarter
  13. John32369

    53 Meadowbrook wagon

    How rare are 53 Meadowbrook station wagons? I have a chance to get one and to be honest it’s the first one I’ve ever seen.
  14. John32369

    1952 Cranbrook

    Did the 52 Cranbrook use the same motor as the 46-48 Special Deluxe?
  15. John32369

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    Well they have the back to the rear seat. I wonder if the bottom would be the same as the rear seat of a coupe?

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