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  1. Boy, that's one you don't see everyday...classy styling. What year?
  2. can't ell Cambridge vs. Savoy from cowl location or were they all that way?
  3. Left Cowl...I never noticed that before. What does that tell you?
  4. That's because it is. Good eye! My '52 came with a '51 front clip. There was minor frame damage, so a '51 front end was substituted...hey- I have a hybrid!
  5. Mine must be the Savoy as it has all of the chrome trim, armrests, assist straps, chrome tailgate hinges, etc. but for 1952. And I thought it was probably a Cambridge, because there was Cambridge script in the boxes of parts that came with it. Thanks for the cool brochure!
  6. Bob Riding

    air cleaner

    Excellent point. Can't electric driven a/c compressors compete with belt driven? I am relying on my brother-in-law who used to have a restore/modify.streetrod business and will look to him (and you) for guidance. Should be fun!
  7. Bob Riding

    air cleaner

    I know you currently have dual Carter's (as do I), and I'm happy with the throttle response, and power at the high end, however, for my current build of my '52 Suburban, since I wasn't worried about a stock drivetrain, I decided to see if I could coax a few more hp from my 218, considering that I will be running A/C and AT (200R) so I decided to go with Tom Langdon's Tom Langdon's Stovebolt new 2BBL 32/36 carb (Weber clone) on the stock single intake. It uses a carb adapter, which he also sells.. I also purchased his split cast iron headers, which should help with the breathing. I'm also doing other things to reduce the parasitic losses, such as ditching the stock fan/pulley setup and going with an electric fan, etc. Back to the topic of this thread- air cleaners. For $60, Tom will take your old stock oil bath air cleaner, gut it, install a dry K&N type air filter, and cut out the bottom to accept the 23/36 carb. Looks slick and keep a low profile so you don't run into hood clearance issues.I will let everyone know how well it works.
  8. Bob Riding

    air cleaner

    And that hate would cost you...?
  9. Bob Riding

    air cleaner

    Thanks, I met the guy at a local car show from the Crosley Club that sold me the rusty ones I used- He thought they looked great on the Plymouth, but he said he hasn't seen any others come up on eBay, Craiglist, or through his Crosley channels since. I guess they must be as rare as the Dodge truck duals. Timing and luck again!
  10. Bob Riding

    air cleaner

    On my '40 wagon, there wasn't enough room for 2 stock oil bath air cleaners, so I contacted the local Crosley club, purchased two rusty but usable Crosley oil bath air cleaners, which to me look remarkably like the Dodge truck dual cleaners for the Pilothouse trucks, which are now as rare as hen's teeth). I cut the bottoms off 2 stock Plymouth oil bath cleaners and welded them onto the Crosleys as the openings were too small for the Carters. Works great, looks stock. I may possibly change them out to paper filters once I retire in a few months with my copious amounts of free time 😉
  11. I also have a Ross Roy filmstrip record set. It is for a 1942 Plymouth, which may be of interest to our P 14 and P15 members. I worked with the someone from the Imperial club in the SF Bay area a few years ago, and although there were able to transfer the 35mm filmstrips and add the sound from the record, apparently their stylus was not the correct one, because the sound is very tinny. I will post them to my Youtube channel, if there is interest, but I'd like to get a quality soundtrack synced up with the four strips. Because it is an oversized 16 rpm record, you need a larger special turntable to play them. My set came with a 9 page script dated 9-24-41, directed toward the dealer with "Special Instructions For Using the Plymouth Product Film". and includes four strips: 1) Engineered to Stay new, 2) Safety Preferred, 3) performance With Economy, and 4) Designed for Complete Comfort.
  12. Ok, Savoy. I like that too. Must be some Savoy scripts out there is eBayland...
  13. Maybe I'll add a "Special" script to my "52 Suburban project because it will be a hodgepodge of different features and looks. It will have a '51 front clip, stock 218 motor with shaved head, 2 bbl carb with stock oil bath air cleaner converted to paper filter, 200R automatic trans, '49 lift gate with divided glass, overdrive script on the tailgate (the 200R is an OD tranny), original wheels and dog dish wheel covers with Coker Radials and Scarebird front brakes, and various other enhancements. It's fun to color outside the lines, while trying to stay true to Chrysler's designer's vision.
  14. Cool - I was hoping I wouldn't have to redo the entire front end! Thanks for all the assistance. I learned some new stuff about Plymouth wagons vs the other wagons in family Mopar.
  15. Mystery solved! I think...what could cause the extreme camber- still not enough weight?
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