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    Vintage cars, wine making, fishing, camping,history, film, travel.
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    Grandfather, married 35 years (to the same woman), have 2 grown boys
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    Old cars-have 6 Mopars (2 Dodge B1Bs), 5 Plymouths from '40-'51

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  1. Awesome! Sometimes it pays to not be in love with a Chubby or Furd!
  2. Bob Riding

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    I had heard as much but never saw the exact specs...Thanks!
  3. Bob Riding

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    never heard of that process...I will investigate- what disc kit are you using?
  4. Bob Riding

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    I was asked by a friend why Plymouth went from 6.00 X16" wheels to 670 X 15" in Nov/Dec of 1947, since the P15 models still had over a year to go. I couldn't answer, except to speculate that the postwar styling was getting long in the tooth and they wanted to lower the ride height to boost sales. Was there possibly a functional reason?
  5. Bob Riding

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    Sounds like the ECI front disc kit probably won't fit 15" wheels, but the Scarebird will. Great info!
  6. Bob Riding

    New 1952 suburban project

    We should make a sub-group of '51 and '52 Suburban restorers/refurbishers! Seems to be at 4 or 5 that I have seen in recent posts.
  7. Bob Riding

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    Great advice, thanks!
  8. Bob Riding

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    Who's disc brake did you go with? And are you running 15"s or 16"s?
  9. Bob Riding

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    I discussed-the different options with my tire expert ( my cousin who owns and operate a tire business in Fresno since the 1960’s) and he wondered about clearance issues if decide to run disk brakes ( which I prefer) any thoughts?
  10. I was fortunate to find four good 15" wheels with clips for the '52 Suburban, and now I'm trying to figure out what would look and work the best. It will have stock steering and suspension. I looked at Coker's website as a guide and put their five choices in a chart to better understand the differences. Coker's American Classic Bias-look tires have a wider whitewall than Coker Classics, but narrower tread width. They are also $50-$80 more per tire. Would a narrower tread width be easier for parking and low-speed maneuvers, but less stable on the highway than a wider tread width tire?
  11. Bob Riding

    New Project - '52 Suburban - Some Parts by Craigslist

    I picked up some good 15" wheels, which I think will give the wagon a lower stance, regardless of what I do with the rest of the suspension. I want to do wide-white bias-look radials, but there are quite a few choices on the Coker website ( know others make them too, but I've had good luck with the 16 x6 Coker Classics on my woodie.) I've read a lot of the tire posts here and my understanding is that If I stay with the stock steering, a narrower tire will be easier to handle at slow speeds and parking, etc., but less stable on the highway, where a wider tire would be just the opposite?
  12. Bob Riding

    New Project - '52 Suburban - Some Parts by Craigslist

    Maybe I should do a restoration blog? I had never heard of Wilcap before I bought this motor. What I like about it is I can leave the rest of the vehicle fairly stock, and spend more time driving it!
  13. Bob Riding

    New Project - '52 Suburban - Some Parts by Craigslist

    That's the one! It looks like if you want to get to 7.5 to 1, I would need to take .050 (assuming that it's a stock head). To get to 7.7, you could take .058 off. Is it possible to get to 8.5 to 1, without running into the clearance issues you mentioned?
  14. Bob Riding

    New Project - '52 Suburban - Some Parts by Craigslist

    Good point, thanks Don. What's the thinking on how much to shave off the head? I seem to remember you posting an old chart awhile back...

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