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    Old cars-have 6 Mopars (2 Dodge B1Bs), 5 Plymouths from '40-'51

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  1. Bob Riding

    Shocked by 40 yr old air shocks

    I will check, thanks
  2. Bob Riding

    Shocked by 40 yr old air shocks

    Good point. How do I know if the rear leaf springs are OK to use? I assume they have never been replaced, as they still have the original covers on them, as you can see in the pictures
  3. Bob Riding

    Shocked by 40 yr old air shocks

    I'm dissembling the '52 Suburban and found Gabriel Hi-Jacker air shocks on the rear. The schraeder valve still had the cap on and the lines were hooked up, so why not test them out, I thought to myself. To my amazement, they worked and raised the wagon at least 4 inches! They are holding air after one week. The last time the vehicle was registered was 1979. Good ole American quality! After reading about air shocks, all the major manufacturers (Gabriel, Monroe, etc) describe them "for towing or hauling heavy loads" but nothing about adjusting ride height for all the time driving. How many forum members are running air shocks? Any reason why I might want to replace them with modern air shocks, vs the standard rear shocks? I will be using Rusty Hope's shock relocation brackets for the front.
  4. Bob Riding

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Again, thanks...that what i was planning to do. Great minds...
  5. Bob Riding

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Hi dangulo, Great info. How did you make the decision about what to keep vs. replace? I was looking at my front end, and being a CA car, there is very little rust. I was going to replace the tie rod ends of course, get new king pins, and replace the rubber bits, but the upper and lower control arms and bushings look like a dip in the solvent tank and a good wire brushing would suffice. Ditto with the A-arms. Inquiring minds want to know!
  6. Bob Riding

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Awesome thread! What did you replace vs. reuse and where did you purchase the front end rubber parts?
  7. Bob Riding

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    Yes, you have a good memory Don! I sold it to an 80 yr old guy from Alaska, who drove it back from my house in CA to Seattle, then put it on a boat to Juneau. He then proceeded to drive it as far as the roads would take him up Mt McKinley (Denali). Tough old guy, (and Dodge). here's what the woodie looked like when you were here. I was still in my parts collecting phase- not sure why I didn't show it to you then. Fun visit!
  8. Bob Riding

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    I wanted to use a Chrysler color but never found one that I thought went well with the wood. My buddy had just painted his 1946 Chevy pickup Brewster green and I liked it. "Green was the standard color of early truck manufactures and Brewster Green was Chevrolet's choice. If you didn't order one of Chevrolets other no-cost color options, you received Brewster Green. Over 60% of Chevrolet trucks 1936-1946 left the factory with this medium to darker green color." Jim Carter 1932-74 Truck parts sells the paint Jim Carter Truck Parts. Not sure what the paint code is.
  9. Bob Riding

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    I know Jim and received lots of great advice from him. I visited his place in SoCal and rode in his '40- very impressive guy with tons of knowledge on Plymouths, woodies and I'm sure many other topics. His woody is featured in a couple of books.
  10. Bob Riding

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    Thanks! I took my time and spent a lot of time searching for parts. One of the hardest choices was what color to paint it? Mother Chrysler made the '40 wagons (and earlier) kind of like a beige blob going down the road -beige paint, tan roof, non-contrasting wood, yellow brackets etc. One of my goals was to highlight the craftsmanship of the era, so I went with the darker green, contrasting ash structural pieces with mahogany panels, and powdered coated the brackets and seat frames with bronze, and copper. Found a local upholster who duplicated the original french stitch on the seats. Tom Gagner ('41 Plymouth woodie owner) and I had the original window sliding knobs reproduced, by an old radio restorer, etc. Details are what make a good restoration, and Forum member's advice kept me from quitting many times! All yours now for only $4.95!
  11. Bob Riding

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    Thanks! Now they are on sale for $4.95!
  12. I was absentmindedly thumbing through the latest issue of Old Cars Weekly, when I saw an ad saying there is still time to buy your "Old Cars Weekly Riders Ride 2019 Calendar" The B&W picture was a woodie that had to be a '40-'41 Plymouth. They are the only production woodie wagons that I know of that all four doors are full rectangles -all other have a dogleg cutout for the second set of doors. As I looked closer I realized that it was MY wagon! I had forgotten that I sent pictures to OCW six months ago for the 2019 calendar, but they never told me I had made the cover! Below is a picture of when I found the wagon on eBay in 2003, and last year after I had it pretty much finished. So I guess I should say get your calendar now?
  13. Bob Riding

    Mopars in Oz

    Very cool, thanks for sharing! I like the color of the Desoto. What countries use RHD...mostly UK of course, but what about the rest of the British Commonwealth?
  14. Bob Riding

    Rebuild Stock Steering Box or replace with Vega style?

    Yes I agree 100%...I wonder what a Vega weighs? Or a Mustang?
  15. Bob Riding

    Rebuild Stock Steering Box or replace with Vega style?

    Good point -Yes, I plan to use an aftermarket column and re-use the original steering wheel. Do you know if the Vega design is a worm and sector, or something else?

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