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    Vintage cars, wine making, fishing, camping,history, film, travel.
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    1940 Plymouth wagon
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    Grandfather, married 35 years (to the same woman), have 2 grown boys
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    Old cars-have 6 Mopars (2 Dodge B1Bs), 5 Plymouths from '40-'51

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  1. Bob Riding

    Factory rims on a 1949 P18 S. Deluxe conv.

    I went through 17 16” wheels to find 4 good ones. I took them to my cousin’s tire shop and they put them on the spin-balancer. Not sure how you would straighten a bent wheel...
  2. Bob Riding

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Yes, I used EC-757CK conversion kit for '37-'56 Dodge and Plymouth cars, and the EC-441Dual Master cylinder and adapters for '37-'41 Dodge and Plymouth. I also purchased the residual valves and Front disk hold-off metering valve. Not sure if they still use the catalog numbers but you should be able to find them on the website.
  3. Bob Riding

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Pete, Yes I am running stock 16" wheels. I am using ECI's conversion kit. http://www.ecihotrodbrakes.com I did have to grind a bit off the caliper to make it fit, but it works great.
  4. Bob Riding

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    My dad always said, you really only need good tires and brakes...everything else is a "want". For safety upgrades on the woodie, I'm running wide- white Coker radials, front disk brakes, with dual reservoir master cylinder, seat belts, turn signals, and halogen headlights (that look like original sealed beams) - all 6 volt
  5. Bob Riding

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Not that I can really tell...a little throatier maybe?
  6. Bob Riding

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    We drove it to the Woodies on the Wharf show in Santa Cruz last year and I think we averaged 19-21 mpg, crusing at 60-65. I've had it up to 75mph, but I'm not sure that you really want to go much faster in a car made mostly of toothpicks 🤕
  7. Bob Riding

    Advice needed on Carter Ball and Ball dual carb setup

    Welcome Greg! Dual carbs is the way to go. In finishing up my 'P10 wagon which has a later 218, I took two Carter BB (either D6H1, or D6H2 carbs, I can't remember) and sent them to be rebuilt at a reputable shop down in the L.A. area. I used George Asche split intake and exhaust manifolds, just like Don C's and then recombined the pipe into a larger single tail pipe, as the woodie doesn't have room for twin pipes due to the stock gas tank location. I tuned them using a vacuum gauge and they work really well. Acceleration and top end are both good, and I get 14-16 mpg. There wasn't enough room for 2 stock oil bath air cleaners, so I contacted the local Crosley club, purchased two rusty but usable Crosley oil bath air cleaners (which to me look remarkably like the Dodge truck dual cleaners for the Pilothouse trucks, which are now like hen's teeth). I cut the bottoms off 2 stock cleaners and welded them onto the Crosleys as the openings were too small for the Plymouth.
  8. Bob Riding

    51 Plymouth, Mustang II Kit, Custom Stub?

    Hey Mark, Sounds good- I’ll be following your progress- maybe you should do a build thread?
  9. Bob Riding

    New NOS Seller in Selma

    No worry Paul- not sure about the 14th- we may be out of town- how many do you know are going?
  10. Bob Riding

    New NOS Seller in Selma

    California, not Alabama! I was looking on eBay for the center grill piece for my '52 Suburban and found it for a very good price, AND the seller was located in a little town about 30 miles away, so I made arrangements to pick it up. The location originally was the home of an old lumber yard in the downtown, and when I walked into the yard, there sat a restored P15 Club Coupe. I wondered how extensive his inventory of Mopar parts might be- turns out very extensive with lots of NOS parts! The owner, Steve Rothholz has been buying and selling 30s-60s parts for a long time and has an eBay store: http://stores.ebay.com/forthebeachonly I spent some time with Steve and he told me that he is constantly buying parts and that it's a bit of an addiction. I think I resemble that remark! He is part owner in Globe Auto Wrecking, which has been in business since 1938. He currently has multiples of NOS parts (some in the original box) including brakes, engine stuff, body, interior and exterior trim, hubcaps, etc. He has over 900 cars in various local salvage yards, including Turner's Auto Wrecking in Fresno. He mentioned that he also has a number of Mopar engines available for sale including ones with Spitfire heads. He wants to move inventory so his prices are very reasonable. For example, the NOS P15 radio grilI (below) is $50 on his eBay store. Because he has so much inventory, only a fraction of it is listed on eBay. I suggested that he join the Forum and register, and maybe run a banner ad, so our members can benefit. He welcomes phone inquiries.Here is his contact info: Steve Rothholz 2135 McCall Ave Selma, CA (559) 352-1407 fourthebeachonly@hotmail.com
  11. Bob Riding

    51 Plymouth, Mustang II Kit, Custom Stub?

    Good point- My brother in law who restored 30s-50s cars as a side business would use whatever motor/drivetrain the client wanted but preferred the crate motor/SBC for just the reason you stated- you can buy parts anywhere. What OD tranny should I start looking for that might fit under the '52 without cutting the firewall, etc?
  12. Bob Riding

    51 Plymouth, Mustang II Kit, Custom Stub?

    Thanks for that- I was originally thinking of a red ram Dodge hemi, or 318, but I have a good SBC motor now - this wagon will be used mostly by my wife who is indifferent as to the powerplant- she just wants enough power for passing, A/C, auto trans, PS, and seat heaters, and of course it has to “look cute”! I plan to keep as much original looking equipment as possible, including period correct interior, wheels, etc. My concern is that if I purchase a turbo 350 and mate it up to the SBC, that it will fit. I am hoping that I won’t have to do anything other than new motor mounts to get it to fit in the 52. (steering not withstanding) I’ve heard the 49 to 52 Plymouths have more clearance for these kinds of swaps-thoughts?
  13. Bob Riding

    51 Plymouth, Mustang II Kit, Custom Stub?

    Hi Mark, Glad the ‘51 made finally made it! I am looking to do something similar with my ‘52 Suburban, which currently is without engine and transmission. I have a usable 350 SBC and wonder if it and a turbo 350 would fit without cutting the firewall, transmission hump etc. What powertrain are you and your grandfather going with?
  14. Bob Riding

    doors interior trim

    I got mine from Mac's Antique Auto parts, who deal in Ford stuff, but many of the door handles, escutcheons, etc are close if not the same as Chrysler. https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_mercury_early/catalogsearch/result/?q=escutchion&x=23&y=15 Good luck!
  15. Bob Riding

    reproduction dash knobs

    Just purchased 2 sets (in case he stops making them) The quality is excellent. The lettering is slightly smaller than the originals, but engraved into the top of each knob, not silkscreened on. I am very happy with mine- and you get new cables with bezels. Plymouth Dodge Knobs

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