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  1. plymjim

    Rear shocks

    Check with NAPA. If I'm not mistaken they have original equipment shocks for most of our cars. You can most likely match something up at the counter rather than the hassle of mail order.
  2. Flasher in my ride is labeled Tridon 550. works fine with led tail lights from Speedway. Sorry I can't remember where I bought it.
  3. Not sure if Chrysler trim is the exact same width as Plymouth but I used plastic trim clips at $36 per box of 25 that were an exact fit. That's a far cry from what you will pay for o. e. metal clips. Like I said, these were for a Plymouth & you will certainly want to compare , measure, etc. That being said, the clips came from Automotive Fastener Co. in Hagerstown, Md. Don't know how far away you are in New Hope, Pa. but their phone is 301 733 7180. The part # for the clips that fit 48 Plymouth side trim is auv8386 Hope this helps you. Good luck.
  4. Been up on blocks for 40 years? Please, please, please go through the brake system before you head out for your first ride. You don't want any "surprises". That grille is just too pretty to waste.
  5. Nice car, mate. Enjoy it.
  6. plymjim

    230 flywheel

    Pairing the 218 starter & bell housing with the 230 flywheel may require machining of the bell housing. As I recall I had to have about 3/8" shaved off for the starter to engage properly. Measure the distance between starter teeth & flywheel on the 218 then place the 218 bell housing & starter on the 230 & take the measurement again. Pretty sure Don Coatney has photos of this procedure on this forum. Good luck, imho it's worth the effort.
  7. Been driving these old Plymouths since I was 16 & it was always a hoot to go fast enough to see that red speedoo. Had a '57 Buick with a linear speedoometer that did the same thing. Probably there were other makes likewise equipped.
  8. In Maryland, the vehicle identification number is the serial number, in you case the number stamped into the plate on your left front door post. For pennsylvania have you consulted the AMCA? Headquarters right there in Hershey. Perhaps they could help.
  9. If you paired this with those little propellors that went between your carb & manifold (mini superchargers?) You could probably gain about 100 bhp. Your mileage and horsepower may vary due to something or other.
  10. Back to Don's problem, condenser would be first place to look. You've already replaced dist. though. Pigtail wire in distributor grounding out? Do you have a fuel filter? Check for obstruction. Electric fuel pump? is it in fact pumping enough fuel? Defective coil will also fail you when it gets heated up. Don't be discouraged though. Check one thing at a time. Be patient. After you find the problem you'll always know the answer the next time it happens. Good luck.
  11. Please note, if you find a 230 ci engine there could be issues with flywheel/starter compatibility if you use your existing bellhousing Not a game stopper but an issue that you will have to address. Also, I believe that engines equipped with fluid drive trannys have oil passages feeding the trans.
  12. First of all, 47 Chrys.Winds. says he's leaving the car 6 volt pos. ground. Does anyone actually make a 6 volt pos. ground alternator? Second of all, Mack, great song; remember when it was NEW! Sitting here right now surfing & watching Wheel Of Fortune & almost fell out of my chair when that second screen came up after Jack to a King finished playing.
  13. 1 coil cut out in front, 2" blocks in rear.
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