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  1. In Maryland, the vehicle identification number is the serial number, in you case the number stamped into the plate on your left front door post. For pennsylvania have you consulted the AMCA? Headquarters right there in Hershey. Perhaps they could help.
  2. If you paired this with those little propellors that went between your carb & manifold (mini superchargers?) You could probably gain about 100 bhp. Your mileage and horsepower may vary due to something or other.
  3. Back to Don's problem, condenser would be first place to look. You've already replaced dist. though. Pigtail wire in distributor grounding out? Do you have a fuel filter? Check for obstruction. Electric fuel pump? is it in fact pumping enough fuel? Defective coil will also fail you when it gets heated up. Don't be discouraged though. Check one thing at a time. Be patient. After you find the problem you'll always know the answer the next time it happens. Good luck.
  4. Please note, if you find a 230 ci engine there could be issues with flywheel/starter compatibility if you use your existing bellhousing Not a game stopper but an issue that you will have to address. Also, I believe that engines equipped with fluid drive trannys have oil passages feeding the trans.
  5. First of all, 47 Chrys.Winds. says he's leaving the car 6 volt pos. ground. Does anyone actually make a 6 volt pos. ground alternator? Second of all, Mack, great song; remember when it was NEW! Sitting here right now surfing & watching Wheel Of Fortune & almost fell out of my chair when that second screen came up after Jack to a King finished playing.
  6. 1 coil cut out in front, 2" blocks in rear.
  7. First thing I would do is soak all the moving parts with WD-40. Could just be 64 years of crud build up in there.
  8. First, place jack stands under your vehicle. Remove drive shaft; disconnect speedo cable, shifter arms, & e-brake cable. Remove the bracket that secures the e-brake cable from the left side of trans. Remove the 4 bolts holding trans to bell housing. Like Webmaster says, transmission jack or at least a floor jack will make things a lot easier for you. On a '48 the floor over the trans is removable. Not sure about your '50 but that would also make things a lot easier for you. Best of luck & if I missed anything, guys, please correct me.
  9. Welcome to the site. Great to see another old Plymouth saved. Best of luck with your project. Keep us posted.
  10. Guess you're already past the 3/8 to 1/2 extension mentioned by Dodgeb4ya. That being said, you now have a pretty flat surface to work on. I've been lucky so far with a Craftsman hand held belt sander for similar tasks. our local hardware sells emery cloth belts for it from very fine to coarse. Cuts pretty fast whatever grit you use though so be careful if you go this way. Good luck.
  11. By the way folks, that phone is still hooked up & working. Smart phone too. won't let me fall for "press one to hear more options."
  12. So when you shave the deck lid on your Plymouth what do you do with the brake light lens? Here's the stained glass window our daughter made with mine. Reuse, repurpose, whatever. Just never throw parts away!
  13. Just found a place on the web: autopartsobsolete.com. They seem to have a lot of MOPAR stuff, new old stock. Ordered from them for the first time but have not yet received my order. Don't know if they have axles but check them out if you like. Good luck
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