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  1. johnsartain


    I believe it will work, I have a NP 435 on my truck which uses the same speedometer gear as the 727. The attachment point for the cable is the same on both transmissions and I am using the cable I got from DCM Classics that is supposed to be a replacement for the stock cable.
  2. johnsartain

    Newbie Questions

    Before I had my seat reupholstered, I took the bottom frame off of the springs and replaced the cardboard with 3/16" Masonite. It makes a big difference.
  3. johnsartain

    Newbie Questions

    1. Tires Easy has a 22.5X9 https://www.tires-easy.com/9-22.5/triangle-tires/tr685/tirecode/10156850690 2. There are upholstery shops that can mock up the springs for the seat. They are occasionally for sale in some of the Facebook groups and in this forum. On facebook try Pilot House Builds - https://www.facebook.com/groups/618593728345382/ and Dodge Pilot House Era Truck Club - https://www.facebook.com/groups/pilothouse/ They require membership but there isn't a problem. 3. Almost any glass shop can fabricate the windows from laminated flat glass.
  4. johnsartain

    Post 'em if you got 'em!

    If I might offer my approach. I'm more of a do it yourselfer so powder coating was out of the question without buying more tools (hmmm, need more tools). I had about a quart left after painting my fenders and running boards. I had already de-rusted, replace the hub cap clips that were missing, and epoxy primed my wheels. After light sanding, using automotive paint with a hardener, I painted the back side first and coated the under side of the rim (that is hidden when the tire is mounted) with 4 coats of my color and let it dry 2 days. I then laid out 2 - 10' 2X10 boards and covered them with wax paper and taped it to the board, I then place the rims back side down and painted the rims again with 4 coats, including the under side again. It was a week before I had the rubber mounted. I had a couple of rubs on the paint from mounting but I touched them up with an airbrush. Add the Beauty Rings adn hubcaps and walla! I have heard of people making jigs for painting rims out of all thread and funnels, and I am sure one could do it faster that way, but I had plenty of time. You could mount the 1 foot piece all thread to a board, run a nut onto the all thread and place a large fender washer, and a funnel onto the all thread, holding it all in place with a nut. Four of these jigs would come in handy. Place the rim on the funnel, paint, flip when dry to touch, and paint the other side. Let it sit a day or more for the paint to fully cure before mounting.
  5. johnsartain

    Disc brake conversion issue

    Rock Auto part number 1315943. You will have to make a 1/4" mounting plate to adapt the two hole master cylinder to the three hole mounting surface on the bellhousing. Unless you have the brake push rod you may have to fabricate one. Master Cylinder https://www.rockauto.com/?carcode=1315943&parttype=1836https://www.rockauto.com/?carcode=1315943&parttype=1836 Yoke Clevis, pin, and rod ordered from MSC Direct 82055070 COARSE PITCH 3/8-16 GIBRALTAR TAPPED YOKE 67932723 3/8" DIA X 1 1/8" CLEVIS PIN PLAIN STEEL 70872098 3/8" DIA.X36 8620 STEEL COLD FIN ROUND
  6. johnsartain

    Pedal return Springs

    I picked up a couple at Ace Hardware that worked for me from the not and bolt section. The have a few drawers dedicated to springs.
  7. johnsartain

    Disc brake conversion issue

    On mine, the stock hole where the brake line came through the rails on the passenger side was like you said, in a position where the tire may rub it and just as bad, stretch the line when turned the opposite direction. I re-drilled the hole through the frame to be close to center with the axle to alleviate the problem on that side. The drivers side is a bit if a problem as you have two brackets, one for the steering gear, and the other for the brace from the frame to the cross-member. There was already a hole on the drivers side in about the right location so I used it. It may have been the wrong hole as I totally disassembled my truck to the rails and didn't take pictures of it. I had to replace the brake lines anyway as they were cut. Someone had cut them when they removed the engine. The hoses that Charlie suggests work fine, but they are a bit on the short side and could use an inch or two IMHO.
  8. I bought mine from DCM Classics, Part#B260, $85 each or a set of 4 for $320
  9. There's something to be said about the original set of wheels. Even though the mags had a modern look, it still wasn't quite right in my opinion. I finally broke down and ordered the hub caps, beauty rings, and tires. I painted the wheels the same as the running boards and here you have it. So here is my truck back to original form with the exclusion of metallic paint and my preferred paint scheme. At some point I will look for a set of tires to fit my 15" X 6" mag rims that have the same diameter or close as the 6.50-16's.
  10. johnsartain

    XM Sirius Radio

    I can work that out, fairly easy, the radio is easily isolated.
  11. johnsartain

    XM Sirius Radio

    I was considering setting up a XM Sirius Radio in my truck. Looking at the radio and the adapter, I noticed the adapter put out 5 Volts. This got me to thinking about being able to hard wire it to the trucks 6 volt electrical system. I am just not so sure how steady that 6 volt would be as I have seen on the site that some gen's and alt's put out a little but more. I have a 6v - 12v inverter but was just curious as to what other may be doing. maybe someone has or knows of a device that could simplify this without the inverter. Maybe even add a usb jack for charging cell phones.
  12. johnsartain

    side panel fixing on truck bed

    I'm not sure about your truck, but the bracket on my bed side was on top of the wood bed. There were three cross members and the back rail at the tail gate. For each of these rails a bolt went trough the bracket, the wood, and then a hole in the end of the rail.
  13. johnsartain

    Broken Piston Rings?

    I remember the old GM Diesels (Converted gas Oldsmobile 350 blocks)from the 80 would have glow plug problems and people would useether to crank them. The lands between the piston groves and rings would break. That was an engine that should have never been.
  14. johnsartain

    Broken Piston Rings?

    The motor may have been rebuilt before, possibly without removing the ring ridge at the top of the bore. This typically will break the top ring on every cylinder that the ridge wasn't removed. On an engine that has sat a while it is possible that rust scraped from the cylinder walls will accumulate under the ring ridge and cause the same problem in a engine that was once running. Here it depends on the general shape of the engine, depth of the ridge, amount of rust. You may not break any rings, could be one, two, or more.
  15. johnsartain

    1953 pilothouse guage conversions

    Not sure but you may have some problems with a stock 6V Pos ground radio, running 12V Neg ground. You can step down the voltage but the polarity for the radio will be the real problem.

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