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  1. The crossmember does get in the way. It's worth a try and the radiator removal does give a little more space.
  2. 60 psi doesn't sound like a big issue. The gauge goes up to 80, if I remember right. As long as you don't peg your gauge, there are not any other problems that will likely occur at 60 psi or less.
  3. I read a study recently that claimed that humans eat more bananas than monkeys. For the life of me, I cant remember ever eating a monkey.
  4. Have you replaced your Fuel cap by any chance? New caps are non vented. This will cause a vacuum to be drawn on the tank and reducing fuel flow.It can reduce it to the point that the carburetor starves of fuel and the engine dies. If you have bought the new non-vented cap, it can be converted to vented by removing the center piece from the cap.
  5. What amazes me is that after 74 years, all of a sudden over the past 2 Christmas's someone has decided that they are so smart that they figured out that the song is about data rape. Everyone before them was too stupid to realize this. Hundreds of thousands, might I say millions of people have all been wrong for YEARS, thus wrongfully enjoying the song. But suddenly the offended few are the only ones woke enough to realize this and now it must be banned. Here's a hint. When everyone else is wrong, and your the only one who's right, re-evaluate your perspective.
  6. To each their own. To me and most others the song is representative of a couple who are familiar with each other in a sort of cat an mouse game. To read rape culture into the intent of the song is quite a bit of a stretch unless one is predisposed to that type thing. I find that the majority of people I hear complaining the loudest tend to be the rap music/Grand Theft Auto video game crowd where each of those does far more to promote a rape culture than one song written back in the 40's/50's. However we are told that rap music is artistic expression and Video Games are only fantasy, and neither causes anyone any harm. As far as I am concerned, if you don't like it, don't listen to it, and don't play the video game. But banning, there's a lot of dark history in the authoritarian, totalitarian premise of banning anything. But hey, Maybe we could ban Led Zeppelin's The Lemon Song? That was pretty suggestive.
  7. One of the trends is to do away with text books, everything is being digitized. Some schools hand out PC or Apple laptops with digitized textbooks already installed. The textbooks cannot be copied to another computer except by the school. Students must use authentication to view the textbook contents. This allows the schools or publishers to revise any part of the textbooks they so choose and control access to the information. When new revisions are released, the old copy of the text is replaced with the latest revision. With the exception of any archives the publisher or school has, there is no paper trail of changes. The publisher expires the license to use the old textbook. If a school were to use the old textbook, they would be breaking their Software License agreement and subject to some pretty hefty fines when caught.
  8. DCM will get you a cable built, send them picks of each end, length of the cable and length of the conduit
  9. If I had to pay for them to take them, I would be handing them loose coins, damn the rolling!
  10. That makes for crappy welds, other than that said, Flux core has an advantage in windy environments. 😝 Under normal conditions I keep 2 bottles, one pure Ar and a Ar/CO2 mix. Ar is good with aluminum in particular. Ar/CO2 mix is general purpose. I will have to give the straight CO2 a shot on sheet metal but that will mean buying another bottle.
  11. Mine doesn't have the gasket but it would be nice to have. Does anyone you know carry that item for sale?
  12. I'm dreaming visions of Mad Max!
  13. Keeps you on your toes, but one thing I will use are safety glasses. Even with them I have had steel in the eye and that really sucks.
  14. Yes I did, I would drive down the road and hear a random tick. I couldn't figure it out. I noticed that I could hear it sitting still when I revved the engine. Never was rhythmic like a tappet. Just a tick... tick, tick ..., ... tick. I had my son rev the engine and I could see the actuator lever move back and forth with the tick. I put the spring on and not more tick. Like you there was not marking on the bendix or flywheel gear. It wasn't hitting that hard.
  15. If you are using the stock starter for the L6 engine, it may be the bendix contacting the flywheel. Put a spring on the actuator lever to hold it out of the way and see if it stops.
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