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  1. johnsartain

    Ignition Key & Door Key

    If the locks use the same key blank, any locksmith could replace the pins so that the same key would work both locks.
  2. johnsartain

    WC Rear axle removal

    I still do that if cash is tight, but if I have extra. I get the tool. Besides I live about 20 MI from town out in the AZ Desert. I don't buy a lot of parts from the parts houses anymore, I just order them and get them shipped in. I have plenty of vehicles so a break down or repair isn't a big deal.
  3. johnsartain

    WC Rear axle removal

    I did too, I bought the OTC one, but that is just me. many people have good luck with the overseas ones. This one has some good reviews and some bad ones.
  4. johnsartain

    WC Rear axle removal

    I'm sure the one on Amazon is a overseas product at $41, but for someone who may only use it a few times in their life, why not? Rental would cost as much from O'Reilly Auto parts would likely be as much if not more and then you would have to bring it back. If your like me, you would rather have the tool anyway.
  5. johnsartain

    WC Rear axle removal

    Make it easy on yourself, the right tool for the right job https://www.amazon.com/TruePower-20-2029-Universal-Hub-Puller/dp/B012P0QV5K
  6. johnsartain

    Brake rod picture.

    That looks like the same MC I have but it is hard to tell. The pictures that pflaming had showed the clevis rod and a rubber boot but they were small and didn't show much detail In this link: I think I'll hit him up for more details and maybe a better pic.
  7. johnsartain

    Brake rod picture.

    Hey guys, I am looking to use a Cherokee master cylinder on a 1950 B2B truck. I will have to fabricate the brake rod, as i don't have one. I was looking for pictures or measurements from someone who had already made the conversion and whatever modifications they had to make. It appears like there may be a possible bit of alignment or binding issues ahead. Of course, if there is someone out there who has one to sell, that will work too.
  8. johnsartain

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    The problem with modern radios does have to do with the grounding if your vehicle is positive ground. The choice may be necessary to switch to negative ground, or as busycoupe suggests mounting the radio in the glove box and keeping the radio isolated from the ground. Transistors do have issues with revered polarities letting the magic smoke out. I have to say I like the idea of converting a stock radio to modern specs. Any idea of the cost?
  9. johnsartain

    Fuel Sending Unit Erratic

    Seriously? I was hoping I just didn't read that, but I have to stick my 2 cents worth in. I would hope that no one would stick anything with an electrical connection into a open bucket full of gas. All it takes is one spark to ignite the fumes and cause a fire or explosion. I wouldn't even post this even as a joke. The only reason they work without igniting the fumes in the gas tank is the density of the gas fumes and the lack of oxygen to support combustion.
  10. johnsartain

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    Try a little schmoozoing! Some times people just want their stories to be heard and appreciated. They want to know that you will have the same sentiments about the vehicle as they do. That and a bit of cash, helps a lot!
  11. johnsartain

    Wiper pivot escutcheon part numbers ?

    I'm not sure about your cars but i found new escutcheons for my 1950 B2B at DCMClassics.com
  12. johnsartain

    Glove Box Door ?

    A day after I responded, I sent an email to Steve Flokstra at DCM hoping he had some used ones. Turns out he had new ones for $10. I got one on the way.
  13. johnsartain

    Tappet Wrench

    I see you're in Canada but sears should ship to there They have a set, with the thin long profile that works well for tappets so much they named them Tappet Wrenches. $18.99 US a set plus shipping. http://www.sears.com/craftsman-5-pc-standard-tappet-wrench-set/p-00947415000P
  14. johnsartain

    Glove Box Door ?

    Rockwood? Are you talking about a source for the door spring? I would like information on that if you have it!
  15. johnsartain

    Newbie 1955 c3b

    What model was the first one out of? Any idea, and what might be you price? Message me on that.

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