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  1. johnsartain

    ANSWERED 1949 Dodge B1D - no oil pressure

    Actually it's not that bad a job replacing cam bearings once you get the motor out of the truck. You don't even have to disassemble the valve train either. Plastic or wood can be cut for each valve to hold them open while the camshaft is removed. Cut them in a U shape with a slight ramp on the from end so that they will lift the valve as they are tapped in place with the valve opened fully. The bearings can then be removed with the proper tool. The flat head presents a small problem that a overhead valve train does not. With overhead valves, the push rods can be removed which allows the lifters to be suspended or removed so they don't interfere with cam removal. I used a Teflon cutting board to make my tools for lifting the valves. It was easy to cut and plane to thickness. There wasn't anything wrong with my cam bearings. I was having a problem with lost oil pressure at my middle connecting rods. It was suggested to me to turn the 2 center cam bearing to where the smaller hole aligns with the gallery opening. The smaller opening was said to provide ample lubrication to the cam while increasing the oil available at the crankshaft.
  2. johnsartain

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Yeah, I had one I put on a 1972 Impala 2 door. I was fresh out of High School, 1st car, and thought it looked pretty cool. The car had a factory 400 SBC, and a Rochester 4bbl and manifold I put on it. for whatever reason the factory sent it out stock with a 2bbl. Go figure!
  3. johnsartain

    Flathead blowing oil out .

    JB Neal makes a good point. I might add that it may be possible that the oil return slots from the valve gallery may be plugged or not flowing well. I wouldn't be a problem to remove the valve covers and make sure they are cleaned out. I can't remember just what size those returns are off hand. Oil must pool somewhat to lube the upper part of the tappets but not much above their oil holes though. The bottom of the return holes help to maintain that level but if they have residue built up it could cause oil to overflow out of the road draft tube. As far as building the engine, there are plenty of parts available. Short of shipping costs, most all will likely ship overseas to the UK but may want to verify funds before shipping. Vintage Power Wagons has new and NOS, Bernbaums (oldmoparts.com), and Roberts Motor Parts have pistons, rings and bearings. Egge makes them to order. RockAuto.com has many of these parts as well.
  4. johnsartain

    Great Grandpa's Truck. It's time.

    I wonder how gas welding or brazing it with brass might do?
  5. I tried using one on a engine i have, it was very much stuck and would not budge it. I will be filling the block water jackets with vinegar and trying it again after a good soak .
  6. johnsartain

    anybody know what this whoosimawhatsit is ???

    Ice cream scoop, car parts... We have a guy that sets up and sells homemade ice cream at our county fair. He has Ice Cream machines powered by a old John Deere popper engines. Pretty neat to watch, and some good Ice Cream as well.
  7. johnsartain

    Hound dog hauler

    DCM's bump stops are fairly inexpensive, whether you buy just the rubber bumper or the whole stop. I'm a cheap skate though, I took a hole say and cut a couple of disks out of the sidewall of an old tire I had laying about the took a wood chisel and cut the slots out to go over the arm, I then silicone then together and slipped them over the arm. Original bumpers and the ones they sell are just rubber, the ones I cut have nylon reinforcement so they won't crack and fall off.
  8. johnsartain

    Hound dog hauler

    ...or the rubber bumper is missing from the end of it
  9. johnsartain

    ANSWERED New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    That little round eye is a cotter pin that goes through the floor panel, just in case you can't find it. It may be missing. With the floor covering removed look at the panel for the ends of a spread cotter pin or a hole aligned with the throttle linkage rod and replace if necessary.
  10. johnsartain

    ANSWERED 1949 Dodge B1D - no oil pressure

    Are you working with the trucks pressure gauge of an external gauge? Make Sure you have a working gauge and that the oil pressure line is not restricted.
  11. johnsartain

    Emergency/Parking Brake

    Good Videos, Tim. Now I know what they look like.
  12. johnsartain

    Carter BB source

    I was digging around rock auto this evening and to my surprise I found a Carter BB carburetor, remanufactured of course, but if your core is toast, this could be your way out of a tight spot. Actually sold for a 1959 D100 pickup. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=1124845&cc=1489177&jsn=641&jsn=641
  13. johnsartain

    Emergency/Parking Brake

    I will have a look at those for sure, That may be just what I need, Thanks!
  14. johnsartain

    Emergency/Parking Brake

    Only pull-a-part, no one else allows people on their yards for insurance reasons. May be others that I haven't tried yet. Our pull-a-part is pretty stripped, all I have found is cables with barrel ends thus far. Lots of lever actuated with a clevis on the end. I may have a parts house that can get me one made to order though. It will be tomorrow before I will know for sure provided the right parts man is there.

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