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  1. 1949 Wraith

    Anti-theft devices

    Do you keep the doors and trunk locked on your car? I always install a hidden master cut off switch to the battery. Mainly for my grand kids as most of the switch are live on these old cars. You might want to check into alarms that attach to your cover I think they offer them for motorcycle covers so would probably adapt to a car cover. Hopefully it was just curious kids messing with your car, as I imagine a determined professional thief will be difficult to deter.
  2. That looks like the best $400 purchase made in a long time. To make it even better for our American friends it is only $280 US
  3. 1949 Wraith

    37 Dodge 1.5 ton gear ratio

    I would suggest you post your question in the flathead truck section of this site for more truck informed members. I would imagine you could have gears made to fit but I'm sure the price would be scary.
  4. 1949 Wraith

    License plate restoration

    Have you tried a google search for YOM plate restorers in your state? Here in Ontario there are a couple of enterprising individuals who restore and sell YOM plates that are quaranteed to meet our MTO requirements. Both companies usually have a good selection of restored plates to chose from. I have one set for my 1938 and have just ordered one for my 1946. Unfortuately YOM plates here are basically treated as personalized plates, so yearly stickers are same price as a normal vehicle, not the bargan renewals of historic plated cars. But there is no restrictions on the YOM plated cars like our historic plates.
  5. 1949 Wraith

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    Very nice car. Definitely a rare '42. How is the plastic trim, is it very brittle? My '41 Windsor was an Arizona car and the plastic had been changed to padded vinyl. If the transmission is original it will be the Vacamatic (with the vacuum pod on the side of the transmission)
  6. 1949 Wraith

    Giving up on the Carter and going to Stromberg

    I have the stock Stromberg on my '38 Dodge. She works perfectly, I don't even use the choke (other than below freezing). Three pumps and a little throttle on a cold start and she fires right up, no perculation or hot start issues either and I run the car in temps 20 to100. I have a dual Edmunds intake and 2 Carters for the car, but the Stomberg is so trouble free that I can not bring myself to install them.
  7. 1949 Wraith

    MOPAR Luxury entertainment unit

    I saw something similar at a swap meet last year. Made me wonder how they would be going over railroad tracks.
  8. 1949 Wraith

    Not starting

    I had an issue where my '41 Chrysler would start fine when cold. But would have a no start issue when hot, like stopping for gas (if I opened the hood while filling she would start). Tracked it down to a bad coil affected by heat.
  9. I had an 1964 MGB as a teenager. The car developed an engine rattle, it drove me nuts trying to figure it out. Turned out it was the engaging spring on the starter was loose and was rattling. Have you checked to see if anything is loose on your starter, possibly even touching the flywheel?
  10. 1949 Wraith

    1939 desoto s6

    +1 when they are set up right they are fairly decent. Very nice car by the way.
  11. 1949 Wraith

    47 Plymouth won't shift into 3rd gear

    NIce looking car. For the shifting issue you might want to try cleaning all the gunk of the shift linkage on the shift column. Lube all the linkage up and see if you have access play anywhere. I had a 49 Dodge that the linkage was gummed up and rock hard from sitting for decades. Took some work, but she would shift like butter when cleaned up.
  12. 1949 Wraith

    Will worn shackle bushings cause clutch chatter?

    Since you have changed most of your clutch parts. Have you checked the condition of your universal joints?
  13. 1949 Wraith

    New 1936 Chrysler

    The headlights and front end of the car was what appealed to me. Reminds me of some of the 20's style cars, while still being able to drive easy at highway speeds.
  14. 1949 Wraith

    New 1936 Chrysler

    Yes she has the 323 and overdrive. She is a Canadian built car, one of about 9 Imperials built here. The car was found in a lumber mill and restored about 11 years ago but never registered for the road. She will need to be gone over again pretty throughly. I suspect I will be joiming the Airflow Club and I think I can join the Imperial club as well.
  15. 1949 Wraith

    New 1936 Chrysler

    Thanks for the comments on the Airflow. The gentleman had about 25 cars for sale and I was really taken by one of the others. He made me a deal for the two that I could not refuse so I ended up with 2 of his cars, unfortuneatly the 2 were painted the exact shade of white. There must have been a sale on white paint.

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