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  1. Did it come in a plain brown wrapping?
  2. Run a ground wire to to both of the new light sockets and see if that solves your problem.
  3. 215/75-15 here as well, on my '38 with later 15 inch rims great ride. Moving to radials makes driving so much more pleasurable. I have the Coker Nostalgia Classic on a close to period correct '41 Chrysler but they do not ride as well as the wider modern style radials.
  4. Most of the information for download is available in the DPETCA knowledge section of this site more for the B3 but parts and some info on the earlier models. I will reference online but still like the books. I have one parts book that had worms eating it and is a bit like swiss cheese, can be an issue if it is the part number you are looking for has a hole in it literally.
  5. I have many original Chrysler manuals for my cars and the Detroit Iron reproduction for the B3B is as good as any of my original books. I do have a reproduction of a Fisher manual for my 1946 Oldsmobile and the copy of photographs from the original is terrible very dark.
  6. I was thinking of trying the Monroe 34803 on the front of my B3. Has anyone any experience with this model on a B3? Specs are 21.00" extended and 13.25" compressed with a 7.75" range. My truck is sitting at 16.5", so about 4.5" above and 3.25" below.
  7. I picked up a Detroit Iron workshop manual for my 1951 very happy with it, clear reproduction of the Chrysler Dodge Truck Manual for the '51-52 B3 and it was around $18 from Rock Auto. They have reproduction Chrysler Dodge Truck Manual, specific for the '48-49 B1 and is around $16.75. Looks like around 250 pages. Remember to add the discount code for a further 5% reduction if you order. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=10593832&cc=956907&jsn=448
  8. Running a sedan and truck with this era of rims without tubes as well. As stated already if your rims are in good shape just make sure the mounting surface is smooth and preferably painted and that the stem hole is round. There are larger valve stems available to fit our slightly larger hole.
  9. I have the M4 in my '41 Windsor. The diaphram developed a leak a couple of years ago. I have been driving it with the direct gears as an 2 speed manual. I prefer the start in 2nd and shift to direct drive. Both have syncro. The only draw back is if you load the gear by being on a slope or up against block in front you will need to drive a slight amount in that gear, to get the load off, and be able to shift to neutral. I pull up to a board in my garage I just shift into neutral before the car drives up to it and I can select any shifter location. If I pull up against the board in gear the shifter will be locked( load through dif) in that position and I need to drive over it slightly to shift into neutral. If you are having issues in reverse are you on a slope while in gear? Back up a bit to take the load off the differential which is locking up your trans, as you backing up shift into neutral and you should be able to sleect the gear you want. As I said I have been driving this way over 2 years. Main draw back is I have to make sure I have room to drive through if I'm leaving the car in gear, example backing up a slope and leaving in reverse to hold car in position I would have to back up slightly before being able to shift into forward gear(or neutral). Your noise you say disappears when you press in the clutch then say engaging causes noise to return. So is it always noisy when the clutch pedal is out? If so possible clutch release bearing?
  10. He did the same for me on my '38 sedan, very nice work.
  11. If you have one of those ceramic filters in a glass fuel bowl, I have heard that they can sometimes look clean, but actually be resticting fuel flow. If you have one remove it and see if that improves your issue.
  12. Very nice, did you split your manifold or make a header?
  13. Just "the Truck" so far. The " Dodge" refers to our '38 Dodge sedan
  14. Older thread. If you like a hard copy of this repair manual Rock Auto offers it for just over $18 (After discount code) plus shipping. I had mine in 2 days.
  15. 12 volts to 6 volt starter on my 38 sedan and 51 truck for many years no issues. Also 12 volts to my 6 volt 46 Oldsmobile, so far so good.
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