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  1. The '47 Windsor came with a 6 if your car has the flat 8 probably the New Yorker. If your car was made for the Canadian market the heater could be a different add on. The US cars especially in the later years seem to have more of the bells and whistles than the Canadian cars, it might have been the same in the 40's
  2. 47 ply wont start

    I agree with Knuckle. When the temperature is cold, test it out by pouring a little fuel into the carb before starting and see if it fires
  3. 1946-1948 Chrysler Plastic Dash parts repros?

    The only reproduction plastic trim for these cars that I ever saw was for a company that restored the 40's era Town and Country cars. I did a search but could not come up with it again but I imagine they are still out there. My car was from Arizona so none of the dash survived. The plastic trim in my car had been replaced with padded vinyl.
  4. Fluid drive transmission strength

    The way I read the thread you are interested in mating a nicely modified engine to a semi automatic with fuild drive? Have you driven these cars with the semiautomatic? They are kind of dogs, interesting in they way, but no speed demons. I am only familiar with the M4 vacamatic in my 41, can you get around the gear kick down, etc on the later M6 with 12 volt injection and electronic ignition?
  5. 1-2 Shift Clunk

    In my 1938 transmission I am using Amsoil 15-40 Synthetic Diesel oil, that was recommended by George Asche . Works nicely and is quite different than the 90w winter and 160w of the owners manual. If anyone is interested US Napa stores do carry GL1 90W, its cheap at around $11 for a gallon.
  6. Ride in a 1938 Chrysler Royal - Photos

    Very nice looking car. There is a 1937 Chrysler Royal sedan that I am thinking about looking at to retore.
  7. 1-2 Shift Clunk

    It could be a wear or linkage alignment issue, also cleaning and a good lube might help. As you are driving, try putting the shift lever into third before you shift up into second and see if that smooths it out. If that doesn't improve you could have gear wear.
  8. Lurker.

    A split manifold? I sent you a PM
  9. The assumption is the lever linkage on the right side is to manually control the upshift\ downshift that all the automatic functions the vacamatic controls perform. In the picture you can see the vacuum pod has been swiveled to the left so it's shaft is off the underdrive control. This allows the green linkage to be engaged in the rear position locking out the underdrives. I have left it like this all summer and have been driving it around as a 2 speed manual, shifting from the low range at start and shifting into high for normal speeds. If your car is screaming at 40 mph you are in 3rd the underdrive of direct drive. I would check that modified linkage to ensure the shaft going into the transmission is engaging. It looks like there are 2 adjuster bolts with lock nuts if the range is not correct. *** Do not move that control lever while the car is moving as you are missing all the automatic controls that allow the transmission to shift automatically. Leave the lever that controls the undrivedrive preferably in the direct gear engagements and drive the car as a 2 speed manual, starting out in low using the clutch and shifting into high***
  10. I had another look at your pictures. The linkage is missing or detached on the two levers on the left side of the transmission one for shifting between the low range and high range on the column shifter and the other to put the car in reverse. It looks like they have made a linkage on the right side to take the place of the vacamatic control to shift the transmission between the underdrive and the gear in the low and high ranges. Also an 1942 would be a very rare car.
  11. It looks like the vacuum pod is missing. It didn't just stop working, as most of the parts had been removed and there has been a modification linkage installed on the right side of the transmission . Also the kickdown wiring is probably missing. I don't know what the linkage is set up to on the right side. My diaphragm on the vacuum pod ruptured earlier this summer and the transmission defaults to 1st (underdrive) in the shifter low position and 3rd( (underdrive) in the shifter high range. I moved the vacuum unit to the side and shifted that lever on the right side of the transmission just at the end of the rod coming out of the vacuum pod. This leaves the car starting out in second in the shifter low range, shifting manually to high range which is direct drive. I liked it better than the automatic shifting, that I have been slow in fixing the vacuum leak.
  12. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    I just came across your post do you still need picture of the rocker? I have a '41 Chrysler Windsor Club Coupe and the body looks identical.
  13. Manuals etc.

    +1 on the Motor's manuals