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  1. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Just finishing lunch then taking the '38 Dodge for a ride, snow in the fields and just below freezing but the roads are dry. Have to dress warm, as there is no heater and I insulated the fire wall well. But it is still warmer than the snowmobile or the motorcycles. The '41 Chrysler is a bit more of a princess, she is ready to go but I will wait for some rain to wash some of the salt off the roads.
  2. Topping up gearbox oil

    That can looks so old it is probably GL1:) In my '38 Dodge I have been using what George Ashe recommended. Amsoil full synthetic Diesel 15-40W motor oil. He said that it has good adhesion to the gears in their testing and is safe for the white metals. I figure he should know as he rebuilds these transmissions. It is quite different than the 90W winter and 160W summer the owners manual calls for. 90W GL1 is available from Napa if you are looking for it.
  3. 1942 chrysler windsor

    If your idle is too high the transmission will not shift up when you let off the accelerator.
  4. 1942 chrysler windsor

    I added the link above
  5. 1942 chrysler windsor

    Looks like 1293 units 1942 C34W models were made in Canada VIN # 9385101 to 9386394 https://www.allpar.com/old/model-guide/
  6. 1942 chrysler windsor

    If your car has the vacamatic transmission it also has the fluid drive. Your 1942 is a very rare car as production stopped in January 1942 in the US. If it is a Canadian model it surprised me that they were produced as Canada was already involved in the war. Limited production for essential service I would guess.
  7. 1942 chrysler windsor

    Adrian , nice looking Chrysler. Are you still keeping and working on the '41 dodge club coupe? Is it a Vacamatic semi-automatic or a 3 speed?
  8. My first classic

    To post a picture, you will see a box with a paperclip at the bottom of your dialogue you are composing. Click on the choose files and select the picture you want to post and drag it to that box. You will have to resize the photo if it is larger than 3MB. Welcome and lets see your new Chrysler.
  9. everdry kit

    If you have them why not use them? I think they were mainly for the older models that had the split hood, where water could dip down and collect in the spark plug recess. My '41 came with them already installed and the spark plug gaskets had not been removed, seemed like a sealed fit, but I imagine the electrode would be higher in the combustion chamber.
  10. F-headed Mopar sixes

    Very interesting. Thank you.
  11. Looking for a carb rebuild part

    My 1941 Windsor had the dashpot plungers as well. The carb kit I got from Mike's had the extra gasket for the round rod but you had to use the original rod with the new plunger. http://www.carburetor-parts.com/Carter-BB-BBR1-BBR2-Dashpot-Type-Carburetor-Kit_p_637.html I think the '47 had the same kit you could check. They might even sell the second plunger gasket separately.
  12. Sub Zero Challenge

    Snow, cold and windy here. Not even taking out the modern car with snow tires.
  13. Split exhaust/heat riser

    Those are interesting points Don. I wonder if the ethanol gas that we run these days helps minimize carb freezing. Similar to when we had to add gas line antifreeze during extreme cold when we had real gas. My 1938 Canadian Dodge has a Stromberg carb and I am not sure if they are that different to the Carters. I have the split exhaust and an Edmunds dual intake with a pair of Carters waiting to be installed. But the Stromberg works great in all conditions other than below 25 F where I might need a slight throttle pull to curtail stalling a stop. So it is staying on for the now.
  14. Lurker coming out

    Looks very nice, enjoy!
  15. Split exhaust/heat riser

    I have a split exhaust on my '38 Dodge with the original Stromberg. I drive my car in temps down to around 20 degrees F when highways are clear (no heater). the only issue I have had is an occasional stall at a stop, then alleviated with applying a slight pull on throttle knob.I have noticed icing on the throat in the cold and condensation in the milder temps. The '38 has cowl vents and cools nicely, your '50 is probably a bit warmer under the hood.