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  1. VERY NICE DON-what color and material did you pick for the interior
  2. Well here's my wagon to add to the art deco
  3. I moved them a little but could have pinched them a little. If I was running stock tires it would have been no problem. Keep the steering linkage as parallel as possible . You might get by without heating I had to remove some material from the mounting surface of the steering arms. It's a straight forward repair. Take your time and look how everything comes apart. One side at a time
  4. Nothing like the view of the world thru youthful eyes! For those of us who are blessed with grandchildren we are truly blessed! Don your grandson will carry your lessons thru life. Happy Father's Day
  5. your correct- I believe early ford could be done
  6. I bought them about 10 months ago- I talked to one of the guys in the shop at fatman in length and they seemed to want to avoid any issues with brakes and thats why they don't do any instuctions about installing brakes. talking to the brake guys they recommended they were a little ify about there conversion kits and exactly what all you'd need- I decided to go ahead and try and use the drum brakes(everything was new). I'm getting ready to do the 47 caddy with fatman dropped upright and they say the same thing use disc brakes so im going with drums if I can. back in the 50's and 60's I saw many uprights switched from left to right and turned upside down/ some home made and fatman is just a made piece with the mounting piece raised
  7. I've had no problem with turning radius or some of the other things people claim when they tried using the factory brakes with fatman dropped uprights
  8. I install fatman uprights on my 52 and yes fatman states you must run disc brakes but I did a little work with the bolts and nuts and everything works great- the tie rod ends are very close to the tires- running coker wide whites on the stock rims- did some minor grinding to the tie rod end front end aligned- I did the relocation kit for the front shocks(improved the ride quality) - also installed eaton lowering springs in the front- got about 3 1/2 to 4 inch front drop- asked fatman why they state you must use disc brakes and their reply was the don't want to recommend altering anything with brakes. if you notice they don't sell any brakes stuff
  9. Got to drive one in the late 1980's. I was service manager at a Chevy dealership in Tampa and one came in driven by two young college girl making a promo tour of college's in Florida. They were built on Astro van platforms and it had some mechanical issue we fixed it and I drove it for a while to check it over. Understand that after they were taken out of service they were destroyed when the new models can out
  10. I understand those factory aluminum heads were for export use with lower compression for use with poor fuel quality that was overseas
  11. T120 thanks for the info and my classic car program. I'll watch it
  12. Wish George the best and hope our paths cross. We only have two mopar street cars in our shop. The 52 wagon and one of our 32 ford sedans has a 392 hemi with 4 2's and a 4 speed a true old school hot rod. Doing a 47 caddy fastback coupe with a 347 cid flathead right now. Looking for another 49/52 Plymouth wagon to do a little differently. Maybe talk to George about a 265 for it. Come to sunny Florida and I'll give you a tour of the shop and the cars
  13. Will George be going to bowling green next week for the hot rod reunion with his dragster. I'd love to visit with him
  14. Wish Tim's 49 was somewhere close we love to be beat but we do have another mopar in our camp seeing how this is a mopar site. Maybe I could jump start it and bring it along. That's besides our family wagon with those junky parts and that useless edgy head