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  1. Disc brake conversion

    Have fatman dropped uprights but retained factory drum brakes
  2. Radiator question

    Put a champion radiator in my wagon. Bolted right in ...runs cool. Looks god
  3. 41-51 front upper shock stud source?

    Yea....you gotchya a better driving vehicle
  4. 41-51 front upper shock stud source?

    Move the upper shock mount to the frame. You'll like the improvement and it's easy to do.. Drives so much better.
  5. Draft tube

  6. Coker wide white radials. Drive great. Huge improvement over bias belted
  7. 12 volt tach with 6 volt posi ground system

    dennyodoms@gmail.com this is the fellow who built the converter box to use a 12 volt neg ground tach with a 6 volt posi grd
  8. 12 volt tach with 6 volt posi ground system

    I'll get the paint code for you(it's factory) dennis odoms has a post in the for sale forum he makes the control box but I'll post his email address
  9. Just used Dennis odoms converter box to hook up my mooneyes tach(new style) which is built by autometer for moon. Easy install and hide the box under the dash. Works great
  10. I have an offy intake and being in Florida I decided to forgo the water heater to the bottom and I also remove the chokes from the carter/weber carbs. Takes about a minute or two of feathering the throttle and she purrs like a kitten. Added about 2/3 degrees of base timing. Up north is probably a different store. Never thought the water would matter much in heating the base.
  11. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Was at Jekyll island ga recently and saw this
  12. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Thanks mike36. Few years back was driving to Denver and passing thru north Texas I stopped for breakfast in Memphis Texas. Neat little town. Locals didn't believe I was from San Antonio fla(famous for its annual rattlesnake roundup) till I showed them my drivers license
  13. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Love it when someone takes something that most people wouldn't think of as a hot rod or custom and pulls it off. That's what I love about this hobby. Great execution of your thoughts. Well done Hansen
  14. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Eaton springs front and rear. Fatman dropped uprights. Relocated frt shock
  15. Plug Assessment

    Don't think you gain much info from those plug. Get it running if you can. Do a compression and leak down test. Go from there