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  1. We all took the easy inexpensive way out on doing lots of modifications. I've got a 53 truck that's 3 inches off the ground- that I have to watch out for speed bumps
  2. Used fatman dropped upright in front with a Detroit Eaton lowered coil spring and their 2 inch lowered rear leaf springs and then added a 1 inch lowering block. Watch out for floor pan clearance when lowering the rear to much. Mines about 3 inches lower than stock in rear and about 4 in front. Relocate the front shocks
  3. This is the reason I used an aluminum head--when you open the hood
  4. I have the factory overdrive unit 1952 model
  5. love the dodge- got 20 mpg from tampa to Atlanta with dual carbs and dual exhaust and overdive on my 218 bored .040
  6. Those are carter/weber progressive 2barrels. Got them thru tom Langdon. Not expense($95 ea) . Huge improvement over the stock intake/carb set up
  7. Here my engine and I know you said no aluminum head but it gives and idea. There's a fellow on here that posted a picture of his engine with some bolt on polished bars to the steel head that made it appear like an aluminum head. It looked very nice
  8. Neil has been a huge help to me and I'm sure he has some recommendations. Great guy and a wealth of knowledge
  9. Have a Fulton on my 52 and it's universal as were most. The repo's are decent and I've installed them. I,d stick with the ones that are adjustable for width. The factory accessory ones for Plymouth had a slit in the visor to see the traffic lights
  10. Easy to duplicate the shock mount and then wire weld them in place. Fatman uses a late 70's truck shock
  11. Here here. Tom helped me with his insights and knowledge when I tackled the performance side of making my flathead six run better.
  12. Hope you consider doing the shock relocation looks like you're doing things right and it's a good improvement for very little money. Fatman has the mounts and the recommended upgrade shock part number. Felt the difference in my wagon
  13. I've done several t5 conversions behind flathead fords and early Buick and know the vast improvement over those original 3 speeds and the cost involved so either way you go will be an improvement. Maybe the best improvement you can do
  14. I did update to a new driveshaft with spicer type ujoints and that improved the harmonics of the drive shaft above 55 . Nice and smooth