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  1. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    Looking a little tall hope the hood isn't a problem
  2. Lowering front springs for 1950 Chrysler Windsor

    Call the guys at Detroit Eaton spring they can help without guessing either coil or leaf.
  3. Overdrive frustrations

    All you have to do is crack the throttle once you've exceeded approx 35 mph and allow the engine to release the torque applied to the driveline and the solenoid will apply the overdrive. The engine is not going to return to idle unless you push in the clutch. That doesn't need to be done. Just a momentary throttle release
  4. Overdrive frustrations

    You must be that guy from the old AAMCO commercials "I always wanted to be a transmission mechanic"
  5. Overdrive frustrations

    The system is fairly simple and if it's working sometimes then eliminate any controls other than the ones that engage the solenoid . The governor grounds the relay and current flows thru the relay to operate the solenoid. You can static check the relay by grounding the governor wire and then checking for current at the solenoid I can hear my relay click when driving. Make a jumper wire and test drive it I eliminated all the external controls (ignition cut off, passing cut off) unless you have a mechanical problem within the overdrive but I doubt it. I had the same problems til I rewired the overdrive unit
  6. 5sp conversion

    Give Dave a call. I used an early Camaro 5 speed but s10 and Astro van and consider speedo hook up getting hard to find mechanical speedo transmission but I used a fellow out of Washington state to convert my electric drive speedo back to mechanical. Dave's a nice guy. I thought it was the simplest kit I looked at without changing a lot of other things
  7. New Tachometer

    The mooneyes tach I used is a metal tach. It's small enough to mount on the dash or column and not look overpowering
  8. 5sp conversion

    Contact Dave farewell at vintage metal works 330 322 3102 he makes a nice kit that uses the stock clutch linkage and flywheel. Do your homework before a t5
  9. New Tachometer

    I'll find his address he had a post on here in the for sale section about his conversion boxes
  10. Lowering Mopars

    Used that article as my guideline to lower my suburban Eaton front / rear springs. Fatman dropped upright. Relocate front shocks. Tire change. Drives so much nicer and looks better
  11. New Tachometer

    I like the look and I wanted to understand the rpm drop when I operated the overdrive. You can do without a oil pressure and temp gauge also and use idiot lights
  12. New Tachometer

    I used an conversion box from Denny odoms that worked perfect . Don't think a 12 volt neg grd will work I talked to autometer who makes the mooneyes tach
  13. New Tachometer

    I used the new mooneyes tach which is 12 volt neg grd and then used the conversion box that allowed me to use my 6 volt posi grd sure on my car. Works like a champ.
  14. 50 Ply Suburban door hinge question

    I thought the pins themselves were the same not the hinge have you taken the hinge out of the door and removed the pin. There are plenty of replacement pins that may need some minor work to fit. I replaced the tail gate hinge pins when I had them plated and the pins were a standard diameter that I made from stainless round stock and knurled the ends