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    Source of front shock mount

    That’s an old style ford front shock mount. Many different company’s offer it speedway motors will have it

    New 1952 suburban project

    My choice for simplicity is vintage metalworks. Dave farewell. 330-322-3102 retain all the factory clutch linkage change the throw out bearing,pilot bushing and clutch disc. Small adapter to bell housing used stock rear end and made new driveshaft with spicer type u joints if you want to retain a stock appearance then locate an overdrive unit. Really makes these old vehicles into a driver with an extra gear. Call me if you want John Edge 813-245-0444

    New 1952 suburban project

    Good luck on your build and please post your progress. Think a t5 transmission upgrade is a good choice. There’s some good kits available for the swap Done a lot of upgrades to my 52 suburban
  4. You guys must do a lot of passing and down shifting

    Dual Carbs on 218


    Dual Carbs on 218

    My dual carb set up. Runs great and get decent gas mileage. Do like points and condensers
  7. Guess I’m lucky living in Florida. Not a lot of hills but I have driven the wagon in tenn and the Carolina’s and I understand the thought process
  8. Never understood why anyone would need to use these toggle system to operate their overdrive unit. When I first bought my wagon it’s overdrive unit was wired this way and I received a note showing this drawing of this wiring schematic and how this was the George Ashe method. Well I had many other projects to complete on my wagon but after driving and using the overdrive unit I thought this seems very redundant. At the core of this operation is a governor that act as a ground for the relay when you reach operation speed 35/40 mph. Once grounded the relay allows current to apply the solenoid and once you momentarily release throttle pressure you have engagement of the overdrive unit. Unless you have the manual cable in the block position. Works every time. No toggle switches or redundant wiring. I never got the need for the extra hardware. All I do is tip my toe above 35 and I’ve got overdrive. Would love for someone to explain the need for the toggle system

    Making smoke.... on purpose.

    Had a buddy in high school and we took his 48 Buick straight 8 and used the heat riser tube that ran into the exhaust manifold and ran a line from a can inside the car with a pitcock and filled the can with kerosene and we’d sit at a traffic light and turn the pitcock and that car would fill the intersection with so much smoke. Looked like john candy’s car in “uncle buck”. No fouled plugs only comments from people that our car needed work badly. Still laugh about all the people we freaked out

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    I also use a restrictor washer in my 218 with an edgy head and have had no problems with cooling. I also used arp block studs for head and you really need to seal those studs and retorque. Not a big fan of thermostats on vehicles that sit so much between uses

    Overdrive Questions

    It’s the best option you can do to improve the drivability I had everything in place to install a 5 speed trans but once I got the overdrive trans figured out I knew I was keeping it.

    Back up lights

    I installed nos mopar back up lights on my 52 wagon. The 3 speed trans has a provision for a back up light switch. They have mopar stamped into the chrome ring on each light and they give excellent lighting when backing up They usually only installed 1 as an accessory they were installed as the factory instruction instructed

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    My solution to the air cleaner concerns #1-engine heat distorting air filters no protection to elements #2-limited air flow with bell type air cleaner #3-fuel perculation with extended idle creating unstable idle quality solution #1-create an air cleaner that protects the filter system from the engine environment #2-provide better air flow to carbs #3-introduce cooler air to the carbs

    Exciting week with the Montana Dodge Boys!

    How true. Our first year running our 32 roadster I couldn't believe the rust damage that was done to a brand new car and trailer. Be warned if you bring something onto the salt

    Exciting week with the Montana Dodge Boys!

    Get out their early just before day break. The salt and those mountains it's such a cool place. It's known to those who race it as "The Great White Dyno". You'll see every kind of engine man has ever built taking a shot at a record and the car shows in the parking lots of wendover at night are among the best. Every car guy should put speed week on their bucket list

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