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  1. Flathead Guru?

    Thanks for the compliment and I agree that it's just as good to cut the steel head and detail the motor with nice paint and acorn nut covers on the head bolts. Carbs and exhaust. One of the best options on my wagon is the overdrive. Makes the car a true driver. I had a t5 ready to install with one of dave's vintage metal works adapter kits but once I got the car sorted out and the overdrive working I couldn't bring myself to cut that hole in the floor. I'm so glad I kept it period correct
  2. Flathead Guru?

    Nothing scary about the 218. Very straight forward. Plan what you want to do. For me I drove my wagon in stock configuration for a year while finding parts. The intake/carbs was the best update. Next the split exhaust manifold and then the head. Did bore the motor .040 but that was just to clean up the bore. You'll be surprised how people react seeing one of these ugly motors dressed up. Keep us up on your build
  3. Splitting exhaust manifold

    Be sure to post a picture of the car when done. Sounds like a fun project
  4. Fit of oil fill / breather tube & dip stick tube

    A small block Chevy dip stick tube will fit. You'll have to cut the tube to the same height of the old tube if you're going to use your old dipstick. The broken piece in the block can be a challenge. Two ways. Get a broken bolt extractor kit and sometimes you counter sink it into the broken tube and if you have enough bite you can work it out. You can use a small chisel and if there's enough of the tube above the block drive it toward the center and then use some small plyers to clamp onto and work it out or the lazy way and center punch it down into the block or falls into the pan
  5. Splitting exhaust manifold

    You must really want dual exhaust
  6. Exhaust Routing for Duals

    I've got the suburban tucked away at the shop but I'll be up there later this week and I'll get some video for the sound and routing. Has a definite non stock sound
  7. Exhaust Routing for Duals

    Pipe size was 2 inch from manifold to y pipes and then 2 1/2 over rear axle to stainless tip
  8. Exhaust Routing for Duals

    I tryed to run true duals out the back of my suburban with Fenton type exhaust manifolds. With the gas tank on the drivers side the routing was limited. Wasted about 20 foot of exhaust pipe trying different routes but nothing looked right or didn't interfere with something under the wagon. Finally run the pair of exhaust pipes parallel to the rear axle and installed a y pipe and run a single larger pipe over the rear end straight out the back like stock but with a large stainless exhaust tip . looks nice. I first ran straight pipes without mufflers( have done many that way on v8 flat head ford motors) but it was way to loud. So I settled on two glass pack mufflers that I staggered because I had already done hangers for the exh system. Still has A very noticeable tone
  9. Show us your suburbans

    Will also be at the lone star hot rod round up in Austin tx next month and at the good guys Nashville show in May. Will be in my shop truck but stop by and we'll talk vintage mopar
  10. Show us your suburbans

    Will be on the hot rod power tour this year. Hope to see a few vintage mopars along the way. Got several wagons in our group so stop me and say hello if you're part of the tour or we come thru your town. Bowling green ky,Chattanooga tn,Hoover ala, Atlanta motor speedway,darlington sc, Raleigh NC, concord nc. longroof long hauler
  11. I add my two cents. I'd say look at the carbs and unless you've had those carbs running on something else I'd find some to try. I've been very happy with my carter Webers
  12. Split exhaust/heat riser

    Thanks for the info. Looks interesting
  13. lowering

    I also used the fatman dropped upright with the factory front drum brakes
  14. Split exhaust/heat riser

    I liked your thought process when you were building that intake and exhaust thought about doing something similar. Wish their was a market to build a really nice system and produce several and market them. The ethanol content in today's fuel creates some of that cold temps. Use to run an alcohol funny car and we'd have to de ice the throttle plates just before the run or the throttle plate would freeze