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  1. From the ‘54 service manual. No mention of camshaft bolt torque specs.
  2. Ron175

    It’s an addiction

    Awesome. How long have they been sitting?
  3. Ron175

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    I’ve just finished up the interior of my ‘54 Dodge Suburban and have kept it stock. I guess the style you go with depends on what you’re going to do with the rest of the car. If you’re going to target the surfers, go with the bench. Modern seats aren’t really their style. Your car, your rules though.
  4. What part of the weatherstripping are you after - the fixed glass section, the sliding glass channel, or both? I was lucky and found that the fixed glass part of the sliding window on my '54 Suburban was good. For the sliding glass channel, I used this: https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/product/1650/window-channel The glass fits snug and the rubber fits in the channel well with a bit of persuasion.
  5. Ron175

    cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    Nice work - looks pretty sturdy!
  6. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Thanks Young Ed - I'll give it a shot.
  7. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Thanks for the welcome. Even though the car is 95% complete, I am missing the rear licence plate surround. Anyone got one or know where I can find one?
  8. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    I managed to get extra of the green fabric and used the original vinyl inserts of the door cards.
  9. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Front seat was a mess but the rear seat was like new so the challenge was to find matching fabric. Not sure what the Plymouth wagons had, but this stuff is strange - like a cross between fabric and vinyl. Was tough to find.
  10. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Looking good pflaming. What seats are those? Us wagon guys must have the same eye as we’ve taken the same pics.
  11. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    New interior panels made. Super easy - 3mm board, with colour matched paint. Looks very different in the photos, but I found an area that was like new and took a sample from there. If anyone has a wagon and is missing these, I can get measurements etc (or even make a set)...
  12. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Brakes and chassis were cleaned and overhauled.
  13. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    That was this one. I saw it and bought it almost on impulse as it was too good to pass up. Seller was a really nice guy.
  14. Ron175

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Some before and after to get us up to date: Headliner - was in a bit of a state, but all there. I fitted it myself and really enjoyed doing it. Apart from reupholstering the front seat, I have done everything myself so far. I have both visors but was in the process of covering the other one when the pic was taken.

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