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    Vancouver, BC
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    Cars, of course!
  1. Newly Acquired 1947 Dodge Special Deluxe!

    Thanks for the kind comments and thanks for helping to post the pictures to the thread. I take possession on the weekend. It's nice too, because I bought it without paperwork and then the previous owner found all the manuals, invoices and registration the other day! I will post pictures to this thread as I put it back together. I am going to perform a sympathetic restoration on it and preserve as much of the originality of this car as possible.
  2. I just purchased this time capsule 1947 Dodge Deluxe from the 90 year old son of the original owner and I thought I'd share. Original paint should polish up with great patina and the original interior is nearly immaculate. There is no wear on any part of this interior. No rust. All there, with rear fenders and some trim, etc started to be removed many years ago. We still can't find the bumpers (which they had re-chromed) but they might still be lurking. If they are not, anyone have a lead on them? This is a Canadian Plodge. Thankfully, the engine is free with clean oil and they were wise enough to remove the gas tank and rad and clean them out many years ago to avoid fouling. Pictures in the links below: http://i66.tinypic.com/2h5k70h.jpg[/IMG] http://i67.tinypic.com/v4896c.jpg[/IMG] http://i65.tinypic.com/655u9t.jpg[/IMG]
  3. Here is a picture of the car as I bought it a couple of months ago.. The correct hubcaps are in the trunk.. about 10 of them. I actually have twice as much duplicate items as missing ones... including a complete spare flathead 6 if anyone needs anything.
  4. Parting Out A 1954 Chrysler

    Hey there, Do you still have this parts car? I will send you a pm. Kent,
  5. Below is a picture of my 1954 Chrysler Windsor that is now and running driving car again. Thankfully, it was always straight and rust free so painting it came on budget. I bought the car as a basket case, having been pulled all apart to restore many years ago by the previous owner before being abandoned. Very soon, I will start to reassemble the stainless and chrome trim, but know some stuff is missing like the scripts, some window trim, etc. Anyone here have a parts car I could send a list to shortly and buy the missing links to my completed car?