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  1. The entire California coast is beautiful. My wife and I drive HWY 1 every once in a while, its easy to loose track of how many miles you drive with such scenery!
  2. Distributor Cap > Check the contact points on the cap and rotor. Examine the condition of the spark plug electrodes. If it is running lean right after starting it you might want to check the fuel system and carburetor as well. Just throwing ideas out there.
  3. Has it "always" stalled after a couple minutes or is this recent? Does it misfire before stalling or it is a sudden stall? Does the bay get too hot when it stalls? heat can cause issues when it is not regulated like vapor lock or coil overheating. Does it crank after it stalls? Keep us updated, good luck.
  4. This pic deserves 5 stars. Beautiful setting.
  5. Seems like they are doing repair on the roof, or at least they were at the time the satellite took these pictures.
  6. hahaha I saw this yesterday on Motortrend too
  7. I will be at Santa Cruz that day, I'll see you there!
  8. That is such a neat detail.
  9. Not sure if they are interchangeable. The Autolite part numbers are different for the Starter motors. For the 1946-1948 Chrysler C38 6cyl and C39 8cyl are both MAX-4050. The bendix part number is MAX-3098A. For the 1946-1948 P15 Plymouth, the Starter Motor part number is MZ-4133 and the Bendix is EBB-8. Sorry for not answering the question, thought I would just post the info I found.
  10. Man, that is a hot ride!
  11. The characters on the 3rd picture were done by "King" He does these characters randomly across the bay area under old bridges and inside ran-down buildings.
  12. Solid color!
  13. Solid Ride!
  14. I rebuilt;t my started for this reason, it would not crank fast enough to get the engine running. When I opened it up I found my brushes and bushings were severely worn. My armature was making contact with the field coils as well, the armature as scratched all around. I got a new armature, new bushings and brushes. It cranks over like a champ ever since.
  15. As crappy as it may look, 21 have sold so far haha