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  1. Try having a helper honk the horn while you put your finger on the 'mystery box'. If you feel it click, you've found its purpose. Same for headlights/ dimmer switch. Your horn may not honk with the ignition key in the off position.
  2. In my experience, the way the paint has flaked-off the car indicates a repaint. Is there a paint ridge under the moldings (or paint on the trim itself) where a second coat was applied? The car may have been hit head-on at some point and the back part of the front fenders spread out a little bit due to the impact, causing the rocker moldings to kink. Just my .02.....
  3. My son lives in Seattle and it's 'on the radar' for us to move there in a few years. I'm not looking forward to the cloudiness and rain. Hopefully I'll get used to it.
  4. I'd bet GM could have solved their piston-slap issues with a set of these babies.... These are the Thexton version....
  5. Piston expanders. They're small U-shaped pieces of steel. I'll put up a picture later. EDIT: I did some online browsing and found the attached patent: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/2442834.pdf From what I read, the expander reduces piston slap and decreases bore wear, which (I guess) reduces the need for re-boring. Interesting.
  6. I found a box of Thexton piston expanders while going through a box of stuff in the garage. Never heard of them. What is their purpose? Any enlightenment appreciated! Harold
  7. Something else to think about if you're arcing old shoes....the linings may contain asbestos.
  8. Looks great! Where do you get granite-working tools?
  9. Have you tried the Dorman 'Help' rack in your local parts store? They usually have carded linkage clips that would work.
  10. Looks good. The next time you're in Jersey maybe you could visit and weld-up my P23 floors. Kinda like Garage Squad for Plymouths.....
  11. The heat riser valve on the manifold may be stuck shut That would cause hot running as well.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Nice looking car! I have a '52 Cambridge as well. Keep us posted on your progress.
  13. Agreed they are tie-down points. Especially true if the car was transported by ship to Europe.
  14. Been into P23's my whole life. My father had a '52 Cambridge that he bought new and that brought me home from the hospital. Lots of good memories associated with that car. I have one just like it, only about 1200 VIN's away from the original one. I also have a '51 business coupe that's just like one owned by a local business when I was very young. Now if I could only get them roadworthy.....
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