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  1. Seller doesn't seem to know he has a Town Sedan.......
  2. I recall reading that legally you're entitled to a refund if the seller can't ship a mail order item within 30 days.
  3. A car magazine once ran a feature article on a customized '51 Belvedere with a 1950 dash, so I guess it can be made to work.
  4. The car is definitely a '51..I have one too. If it's a '51 dashboard, the ignition switch is on right side of the steering wheel. In 1950 it was on the left. I had a similar identity situation when I got my '51. The seller claimed to have a '50 and a '51 Plymouth business coupe. When I got to his place, I saw two 1950's. Turns out someone managed to get a '50 front clip onto the '51. The front edge of both doors was bent in a little bit in one spot for the doors to be able to open. Best of luck with the car!
  5. My condolences to you and your family.
  6. Spark plug wire terminal puller?
  7. Can a worn intake valve guide or seal allow just that cylinder to suck in more air than it needs, creating a lean condition?
  8. We average 5-6 bogus phone number calls a day. If the calling number is not familiar to us, we don't answer. A legit caller will leave a voicemail.
  9. A leaking intake gasket can cause the cylinder it's near to run lean.
  10. With all the recent interest in trim clips I thought I'd bring back this thread I started several years ago. I haven't made progress pinning down any more applications and still have about 95% of what I started with. Any help appreciated!
  11. Thanks!
  12. My '52 Cambridge may need a sender. Did the new one come with a gasket that fits?
  13. How about electric, driverless cars? That day is coming as well. Cars with steering wheels will be banned from major highways. Yuck!
  14. It's great to see that you're getting use and enjoyment from the car. That's what they were meant to do. Other people have the same idea.....My daughter saw a Meadowbrook today minding its business parked at the curb in lower Manhatttan. It had current plates and is serving its owner in NYC.
  15. Another good manual to have is the Motor's Parts and Time Guide (they have red covers instead of blue like the repair manuals). These books contain exploded-view diagrams and part number listings, as well as labor times for various repair operations.