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  1. Bill, Thanks for searching out the photos. The maroon business coupe picture you found clearly shows the tilted-face lenses. It also looks like the passenger side and driver side lenses have opposite tilts, so both my tilted lenses are for the passenger side.
  2. Was one side of a fastback have a tilted lens and the other a flat-face lens? If it did, which side gets what style?
  3. I have 4 Plymouth taillight lenses marked 'PLYAD' that I've pinned -down to second-series '49 business coupe and/or fastback. Two of them have a tilted face and the other two don't. I can't find a part number anywhere on them. Is flat-face fastback and tiled-face business coupe, or the other way around? Does a pair consist of one flat-face lens and one tilted face lens? I've attached pictures that may help. Any clarification appreciated. Thanks, Harold
  4. According to my '46-51 service manual, P15 overall width is 73-5/8"
  5. I've had several P23's, all from New York, that were registered with the motor number. I did the 'pencil tracing' thing with the DMV and switched them all over to the Vehicle Number on the doorpost. Very easy process in NY.
  6. On another thread here many years ago, it was discovered that the fuel tank sending unit cover in the trunk floor was made out of the round speedometer cutout leftovers. You may be able to get a match by scanning the cover.
  7. It could be that somebody found a 'near match' from some other application that they are now selling as correct for your car. That's why the lower mounts are wrong. Are there any part numbers on the new motor mounts or packaging? If yes, Google the numbers to try and find out what they actually fit.
  8. I think I have what you need. Check your Private Messages. Harold
  9. Take a look at the links that go into the wheel cylinders that push the shoes out when your foot is on the pedal. Some links have a much deeper slot than others, so when the cylinder pushes out the links they do not move the shoes. If the pistons move too far out (another possibility with incorrect links) they can leak brake fluid.
  10. The North American P18 sedans had a flat rear glass to my knowledge. I believe that the Australian P18's were manufactured with Richards' bodies of local manufacture so the rear window may be unique to Australian-built cars. Check flatness by holding a small ruler against the glass. I'd visit glass shops in your area and see if they have catalog info going back that far.
  11. If your car still has its original rear license plate bracket they are adjustable to accommodate many different sizes. License plate sizes weren't standardized until 1958 or thereabouts.
  12. Maybe a big-truck supply house has the rivets you need.
  13. Sorry to hear things went sideways with the restoration. It will all work out eventually.
  14. What prompted you to take the car from the shop it was in?
  15. The seller is a former(?) member of this forum who has gone into business selling NOS parts at what some might consider to be highly inflated prices.
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