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  1. Have you checked with local Maaco's? There must be at least one in your area. Dent and rust repair is well within their scope of work, but weatherstripping and window fuzzies may be beyond their comfort zone. I'd ask to see some completed jobs because quality varies shop-to-shop. A number of collectible cars in my area (Monmouth County, NJ, about 50 miles from Brooklyn) were done by Maaco and they look good.
  2. JerseyHarold

    garage sale bargain.

    NIce lantern at a bargain price.
  3. JerseyHarold


    Many happy returns!
  4. JerseyHarold

    rear axle swap

    This car was for sale in Connecticut several years ago. The gas tank door is a unique modification.
  5. JerseyHarold

    rear axle swap

    Are the flywheel-to-crankshaft mounting bolts properly torqued? If they gradually loosen-up that would cause shuddering. Also, the '52 Plymouth used an Auburn clutch with a 'lift spring' instead of the Borg & Beck clutch with an over-center return spring used through '51. That may also be a factor.
  6. JerseyHarold

    Another Mopar joins the family. My latest purchase.

    Is that an anti-chip coating on the hood and fenders?
  7. JerseyHarold

    Any information on this body number?

    Believe it or not, my 1991 Steele Rubber catalog has body codes for many older cars. A '201' decodes to a 1940 Plymouth P10 2-door sedan. Hope this helps.
  8. JerseyHarold

    rubber parts

    If I recall correctly, the 'C0' in the part number denotes 1960 as the model year.
  9. JerseyHarold

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Have you checked the exhaust for restrictions? The flow might get choked-off after a certain RPM.
  10. JerseyHarold

    I am at a cross road

    The Imperial Club website has Chrysler training books with filmstrips online. Several deal with the then-new overdrive and might help. Here's a link to the index page: http://imperialclub.org/Repair/Lit/Films/index49.htm#1952
  11. JerseyHarold

    Snap on tool search

    Another good tool site is papawswrench.com
  12. Very true. The ballast resistor in the photo has only 2 terminals so the points always see reduced voltage. That's why I think the pushbutton is a bypass. There are '4-terminal' ballast resistors (beginning around 1972 for Mopar with electronic ignition) that allowed full voltage during cranking.
  13. The under-dash pushbutton may be a ballast-resistor bypass to give the coil a full shot of 12V during cold cranking.
  14. JerseyHarold

    Ecodiesel Files

    The truck is a beauty. Enjoy it!
  15. JerseyHarold

    New Member!

    Welcome to the forum. I'm very partial to '52 Plymouths (have had several) and yours is a beauty. It's actually a Belvedere 2-door hardtop, the top of the line in the Cranbrook series. Is there still a flathead six lurking under the hood?

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