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  1. JerseyHarold

    Thoughts on Flat-towing?

    I've towed several '51-'52 Plymouths with a tow bar. I clamped onto the front bumpers with no trouble at all. They follow easily and aren't real heavy. Don't forget safety chain. I wrote "In Tow" using pieces of masking tape on the rear window to alert people following me. If your car has been sitting, make sure the tires are not dry-rotted and hold air well. You may also want to check the rear end for grease in the differential.
  2. JerseyHarold

    plymouth three speed removal

    I found that making a couple of guide pins makes it much easier to install the trans. Get a couple of bolts with the same thread as the original mounting bolts, then cut the heads off the longer bolts and screw them into two diagonally-located mounting holes on the bell housing. Slide the trans into position on the pins you just made, put in two regular mounting bolts, then remove the 'pin-bolts' and replace them with the correct ones. You can also cut a slot into the end of each guide pin to make removal by screwdriver easy.
  3. JerseyHarold

    Hood Release of my 49 B Coupe

    Get a helper and have them pull out the hood release while you bang on the hood or try to lift it. Sometimes a little jolt is all it takes.
  4. JerseyHarold

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Don't be surprised if it magically re-appears in the near future. Lots of shill bidding and deadbeat bidders make eBay interesting.
  5. JerseyHarold


    FWIW, the '55 Imperial was 12V positive ground. I once had an NORS voltage regulator for one.
  6. JerseyHarold

    Seat Covers

    Try this guy. Has been selling seat covers for a long time: Ken Weinstein, WPC #6159, 44 Valleybrook Lane, East Amherst,NY 14051, 716-689-6888, carpartsken@yahoo.com
  7. JerseyHarold

    Where is my back up switch - 51 Coronet

    I used a '53 ignition switch in my '52 Plymouth. Same switch body but no armored cable. Made wiring much easier.
  8. JerseyHarold

    After market 1950 rocker mouldings

    Who was the vendor? Do they have them for '51-'52 as well?
  9. JerseyHarold

    52 cranbrook flathead 6

    Pull out a headlight and see what voltage it is.
  10. JerseyHarold

    I am back to square zero

    If your Dodge fenders are attached the same as Plymouth, the rear of the fender has bolts accessible from inside the trunk, and the bolts for the front half of the fender (towards the rear door) are reached from the outside in the wheelwell. Don't forget to disconnect the taillight wires and if it's the driver's side you may have to wiggle the fender off the gas filler pipe grommet. Those free Harbor Freight flashlights come in very handy for looking around!
  11. Posting to alert any '53 Plymouth fans out there. I watched the movie 'The Founder' on video last night. It is the story of Ray Kroc, who transformed a local hamburger stand into the McDonald's chain we have today. His car was a '53 Belvedere and it was on-screen a lot. The movie itself was well done and entertaining (IMHO). Worth watching if you have the time. Harold
  12. JerseyHarold

    1950 Plymouth Suburban - Jay Leno's Garage

    The wagon video really captures the essence of the car. I, too, came home from the hospital in one (well, almost...it was a '52 Cambridge)
  13. JerseyHarold

    Need help identifying my new project

    The horn button and rubber gasket all the way around the windshield makes it a Cambridge. The Mayflower emblem above the ash tray makes it a '51. The sure-fire way to pin it down is by the Vehicle Number located near the hinge on the driver's door post.
  14. JerseyHarold

    ignition switch question

    FWIW, the ignition lock cylinder is the same from about 1947-1967. Any parts store can get you one.
  15. JerseyHarold

    Anti-theft devices

    I wired a relay into the starter circuit on an automatic transmission car so that the engine wouldn't crank unless the cigarette lighter was pushed-in. It drove the repair shop guys crazy. You could also take the lighter with you for added security.

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