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  1. JerseyHarold

    Anti-theft devices

    I wired a relay into the starter circuit on an automatic transmission car so that the engine wouldn't crank unless the cigarette lighter was pushed-in. It drove the repair shop guys crazy. You could also take the lighter with you for added security.
  2. JerseyHarold

    Need Ideas for Converting Coins into Paper Money

    Very clever!
  3. JerseyHarold

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    I knew someone years ago who fixed car floors using multiple layers of window screening and roofing tar. It took a while for the tar odor to dissipate, but the repair was sturdy and long-lasting.
  4. JerseyHarold


    Welcome to the forum. Beautiful Plymouth! Does the engine crank faster after it is warmed-up? If so, you may have a heavy weight oil in the crankcase that slows the starter when it's cold.
  5. JerseyHarold

    Need Ideas for Converting Coins into Paper Money

    The only place we consistently shop at is the supermarket and they have one of those ripoff coin counter machines (about 12% fee!). They won't want rolled coins from me. I've seen those coin-roller devices and they're a good idea. We've like to count and roll the coins by hand on the kitchen table. On a somewhat related note, when is the last time anyone found a real silver dime or quarter in your change? We got a silver quarter about 3 months ago and it was the first one in several years.
  6. JerseyHarold

    Need Ideas for Converting Coins into Paper Money

    Lately we've been carrying change and are splitting our smaller purchases into a few singles and the rest in coins. The cashiers may not like it, but the change jar is getting emptier.
  7. JerseyHarold

    An Immodest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

    I'd join the AAA or similar organization that has road service and towing. One mishap and the membership pays for itself.
  8. JerseyHarold

    Need Ideas for Converting Coins into Paper Money

    My wife asked and there is a fee even if you deposit the coins into your account.
  9. JerseyHarold

    Need Ideas for Converting Coins into Paper Money

    Seems to be the norm here in Jersey. The bank we deal with was originally free for customers, then they got rid of the coin machines in most branches, and now they charge everybody to use them. We get a discounted ripoff fee because we're customers. Whoopee!
  10. I have about $50.00 worth of coins and none of the places I've tried (bank, Wal-Mart, supermarket) will take them without charging a fee, whether rolled or loose. This really bothers me since you are essentially selling your coins to a bank/store at a loss. Are there alternatives besides paying for everyday purchases with coins? Does anyone know banks that don't charge for taking coins (especially in New Jersey)? Any ideas appreciated. Harold
  11. JerseyHarold

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    Watch out about donating to a museum. I've heard that many of them stipulate that they have the right to sell the vehicle after a few years, so your car ends-up with a 'buyer' anyway, except you don't see any money.
  12. JerseyHarold

    Almost totaled the '37 last night

    A thoughtless imbecile almost ruined your night. Glad you dodged the bullet.
  13. JerseyHarold

    Head Manufacture Date

    The casting date is December 10,1954, which would be correct for a '55 engine. The D and N refer to day shift or night shift, and the 1616823 is the casting number (which may or may not correspond to the part number), and '-4' refers to which mold was used in the foundry (#4, in this case). HTH
  14. JerseyHarold

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Would hitting the area you want to weld with a heat gun have any positive effect?
  15. JerseyHarold

    Bob Drown

    I met Bob once or twice at the Rhinebeck show in New York, and communicated occasionally over the years. Sorry to hear he's declining this way. My thoughts are with him and his family. Harold

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