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  1. How to keep the mice away?

    I had a cat that would bring me 'presents' on occasion. I read somewhere that it's a sign of affection from the cat.
  2. someone call the paint police

    Good looking car. Haven't seen a Lancer like that in a long time. My college room-mate's girlfriend had one in the early 1970's. Black with a red interior....
  3. New here. Seized '53 Dodge flathead 6 motor

    My idea (just a theory, really) for unseizing an engine is to connect a coolant heater into a radiator hose and let it warm the coolant for a few days. The expansion and then contraction of the block may free things up. Again, just a theory.....
  4. Look what I found!

    The black bar on the left is the air cleaner 'steadying' bracket.
  5. My son has started our Scarebird conversation

    If I have a saved photo I want to upload, I first make a copy, then open it with 'Paint'. Paint allows you to easily resize the image; use the resized image for uploading. HTH.
  6. 1946-48 Interior Cabin Colors

    The trunk lids of Evansville-built Plymouths were body color inside and out (at least the P23's...)
  7. oil price

    I buy oil and filters at Pep Boys when they run a coupon rebate special of 5 quarts of oil and a filter for $9.99-12.99 (prices vary). The oil choices are usually Pennzoil, Quaker State, or Castrol. It's an online rebate so no paperwork to fiddle with. Been doing this for many years.
  8. Seller doesn't seem to know he has a Town Sedan....... https://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/cto/d/1948-dodge-deluxe-sedan-fluid/6220270115.html
  9. First Experience With Scarebird

    I recall reading that legally you're entitled to a refund if the seller can't ship a mail order item within 30 days.
  10. New to the Forum

    A car magazine once ran a feature article on a customized '51 Belvedere with a 1950 dash, so I guess it can be made to work.
  11. New to the Forum

    The car is definitely a '51..I have one too. If it's a '51 dashboard, the ignition switch is on right side of the steering wheel. In 1950 it was on the left. I had a similar identity situation when I got my '51. The seller claimed to have a '50 and a '51 Plymouth business coupe. When I got to his place, I saw two 1950's. Turns out someone managed to get a '50 front clip onto the '51. The front edge of both doors was bent in a little bit in one spot for the doors to be able to open. Best of luck with the car!
  12. 1000 post

    My condolences to you and your family.
  13. The tool ID test

    Spark plug wire terminal puller?
  14. Damaged piston

    Can a worn intake valve guide or seal allow just that cylinder to suck in more air than it needs, creating a lean condition?
  15. how low can you go...is nothing sacred

    We average 5-6 bogus phone number calls a day. If the calling number is not familiar to us, we don't answer. A legit caller will leave a voicemail.