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  1. JerseyHarold

    Cranbrook Sedan vs convertible similarities

    The seats are completely different from sedan to convertible. The nose (fenders/hood/etc), rear fenders, trunk lid, rocker panel moldings, and rear bumper will swap. Also, FWIW, the convertible has a different chassis than the sedan.
  2. JerseyHarold

    Movie Plymouth

    As many of you know, my favorite cars are the '51-'52 Plymouths, and they appeared in many movies over the years, some in 'starring' roles. Here are a few notable ones: 99 River Street: Main character is a cab driver; guess what kind of cab he drives. Also have 'garage' scenes with several P23 cabs in the background. The Hitch Hiker: Two guys and their '52 Cranbrook get hijacked by a murderer. Split Second: (spoiler alert) '52 business coupe gets destroyed in a nuclear explosion. Looks to me like they used a model Plymouth in some scenes. Come Back Little Sheba: Ray Milland gets driven around in a '51 Cranbrook sedan Jailhouse Rock: Elvis's paymaster drives a '51 business coupe. And who can forget....The Godfather and the famous windshield kick-out scene If anyone can add to the list I'd appreciate it!
  3. JerseyHarold

    1939 business coupe build

    The car is shaping-up very nicely. Where is the car show you're going to? I'm in Freehold.
  4. JerseyHarold

    Received approval for 1947 plate!!

    That's a beautiful Plymouth. The license plate is the icing on the cake!
  5. JerseyHarold

    Gas gauge quit working

    Check to see that the fuel gauge sender wire isn't getting shorted-out by the round cover in the trunk over the gas tank.
  6. JerseyHarold

    1951 Dodge 5 Years Later

    Beautiful job. The car has come a long way since you got it.
  7. JerseyHarold

    1954 Starter Motor

    Are there any starter/alternator rebuilders in your area? They should be able to refurbish your old one easily.
  8. JerseyHarold

    My old '52 Cranbrook

    I've had my '66 SF listed for sale on-and-off for about a year. Typical lowballers and flakes have responded so far.
  9. JerseyHarold

    My old '52 Cranbrook

    It's a great car. Hopefully it will go to an appreciative owner. I've got a '52 Cambridge and a '51 business coupe (as well as a '66 Sport Fury convertible) that all need restoration, so no more old cars for me right now.
  10. JerseyHarold

    My old '52 Cranbrook

    Any idea what the car sold for at the auction after you donated it?
  11. JerseyHarold

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Just a thought....I'd be careful with that plastic fuel filter being near the exhaust manifold. A metal one might be a better idea.
  12. JerseyHarold

    Clutch pedal doesn't return all the way

    Have you tried lubing the linkage pivots? They have zerks, as I recall. My father's original '52 did the same issue (which is weird, since '51 and '52 Plymouths had different clutch linkages.
  13. JerseyHarold

    found in car

    I bought an ex-DEA '75 Ford Torino at a government surplus auction and found 4 different current New York registrations in the glove box. One was for the DEA in Manhattan, and the three other ones had different 'ethnic' names and bogus addresses. Probably came in handy for undercover work.
  14. JerseyHarold

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Ya gotta love California when it comes to rust (or lack thereof)!
  15. JerseyHarold

    Large hole in floor

    I once got a rubber floor mat from a van conversion place that they removed when upgrading to carpet. Easy to cut down to fit a car.

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