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  1. plymouth

    Didn't another recently-joined member have the same unusual front bumper guard on his '49? Never saw one like that until the earlier posting. Must have been aftermarket.
  2. Do you mean Philipsburg, NJ and was this junkyard on a hill near the fairgrounds outside of town off Route 57? If so, I was there in the late 1980's and it was probably the best old car yard I've ever seen. They had a whole section for 1951-52 Plymouths (my favorites). There must have been 50 of them parked in rows. Amazing!
  3. If your Pertronix ignition has a separate 'box', try putting a plastic bag with ice cubes on it when it acts up. If the troubles go away with a cooled-off control box, that's where your problem lies.
  4. I've seen Alex's car and I can tell you it looks even better in person!
  5. Can you put a wt-n-dry vacuum cleaner hose on the tailpipe and suck the coolant out of the exhaust system?
  6. I've seen Plymouth fastbacks (P19, P22) referred-to as a 'coach'. Don't know if that was an official designation or just local usage.
  7. I'd hesitate about installing a driver's-side courtesy light switch for the front door because the procedure involves moving the VIN plate. It may not have been a big deal when these cars were new, but nowadays things are different and you could get into trouble for it.
  8. Might not be a bad idea to cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to the proper size and tie it onto the radiator core to protect it while maneuvering.
  9. TIA's are not fun. Good to hear you're OK. Did they put you on blood thinners?
  10. FWIW, the original location for the stoplight switch is in the brake line going to the rear of the car, near the left rear door. That's where it is on my '52 Cambridge.
  11. Plymouth P23's are my favorite and I've compiled a good-sized list of movies and TV shows that had them. It's fun to see them in their original settings.
  12. Good to hear you're on the road to recovery. Do what the doctors say and have a positive attitude and you'll be firing on all 6 cylinders before you know it. Harold
  13. I think Warshaw sold the Plymouth (or at least advertised it) on eBay a few years ago. He's now a big-time classic car parts vendor on eBay....'American Classic' parts or something to that effect.
  14. I think that if the car were a Plymouth you wouldn't find a build card in the car because the bodies were made by Briggs and trucked to the assembly plants; the other car lines had Chrysler-built bodies.
  15. Try wrapping a small plastic bag filled with ice cubes around the coil the next time it acts up. If the issue goes away, the coil is at fault, as mentioned earlier by Greg G.