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  1. Please Help Me with My 1950 Windsor

    I'd be very careful about making my own clutch-operating tool. If there were ever an accident, the lawyers would zero-in on an 'unproven' design and it could cost a lot of money if the jury agrees.
  2. help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    FWIW, in New Jersey the only thing that's checked for a state inspection is the check-engine light. If it's off, you pass!
  3. New owner, 51 Plymouth Cambridge

    Welcome to the forum. Your car is a '52 judging by the trim. I have a '52 Cambridge and '51 business coupe. They're great cars!
  4. 1946 dodge coupe rear window

    There is a NAGS number (National Auto Glass Standard) for every piece of car glass. Maybe a local glass shop can look up your number and advise interchanges. I also saw a veteran glass man on TV eye-up the curve of an old windshield and then find a modern one with the same curvatures and cut it down to fit the older car.
  5. Battery not charging

    Maybe the ammeter wasn't changed when the car was converted to 12V. Easy way to check: Turn everything off in the car, shut the engine, then turn on headlights only and see if the dashboard ammeter goes to 'charge' or 'discharge'. If it goes to 'charge', you have a reversed connection someplace.
  6. Song and video about 6 inline.

    Nice song and nice car. Welcome to the forum!
  7. 1946 Plymouth Coupe Rear Brake Upgrade

    Interesting approach. Thanks for the info.
  8. Song and video about 6 inline.

    Where was the video produced? I've never seen a RHD '51 Plymouth business coupe.
  9. 1946 Plymouth Coupe Rear Brake Upgrade

    Did you retain the original rear axle and just upgrade the backing plates/shoes? How did you handle the emergency brake?
  10. New to forum

    Welcome to the forum from a fellow P23 owner. I have a "51 business coupe and a '52 Cambridge sedan. Great cars. What part of the country are you in?
  11. Finally a day above freezing

    It was around 50 and sunny here today so I topped-off fluids and vacuumed our three daily drivers. It felt good to be outdoors doing something auto related.
  12. 1954 Chrysler Trim Clips? Help!

    Several years ago I started a thread on trim clips I wanted to identify. I still have most of them, although they may be for older cars than yours. Here's the link if you want to take a look:
  13. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    I'd suggest 9-foot wide doors rather than 8-foot. Makes getting into / out of garage much easier. Not much more money, either.
  14. 52 Cambridge help

    If you don't have one already, a factory shop manual, as well as a Motor's Manual, is a very wise investment. The Motor's Manual has repair advice that isn't found in the factory manual. These books are available on eBay and from other sources. The factory issued shop manuals covering several years at a time (1946-51, 1946-52, etc) The '46-54 book has been reprinted and is available from several vendors. I'd try to find an original '46-'52 shop manual if I were you, because the body section of the manual covers the newest year that the manual covers (in addition, the clutch linkage changed from '51-'52). I've also heard that the reprints have fuzzy pictures but haven't seen one to verify. Don't forget to check 'everyday' parts suppliers like NAPA and rockauto.com because there is still a huge amount of mechanical parts available from them at better prices than the 'collector' vendors. Hope this helps. Harold
  15. 52 Cambridge help

    Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of knowledge and experience here. Just keep asking questions and you'll get answers! PS--I have a '52 Cambridge as well. Great cars!