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  1. I don't know how to get the step plates out without damage. Will be watching this thread for clever ideas. If the Cranbrook is a 4-door, the front doors are shorter than the wagon doors and the rubber step plates are different.
  2. Second-series '49 and 1950 Plymouth radiators are different than 1951-52. I found that out first-hand when I bought a '49 radiator for my '52.
  3. Long shot: Stuck float? Try tapping the carburetor bowl to free it up.
  4. You may want to look into a service such as Gas Tank Renu to refurbish your existing tank. I believe the station wagon tanks are unique to that body style and not being reproduced. Your other alternatives are finding an NOS wagon tank (big $$), adapting another tank to make it work, or locating a good used one.
  5. The wheelcovers are 2nd-series '49 and early 1950.
  6. An incredible deal at that price, and with a title too. GO FOR IT!
  7. A couple of ways the models differ... The Special Deluxe had a horn ring instead of a button. The windshield in a Special Deluxe had stainless steel trim around the windshield and the Deluxe had plain black rubber surrounding the windshield. Hope this helps. Harold
  8. The part numbers are 85-0139 (wheel cylinder kit) and 85-0108 (master cylinder kit). I think I bought them for my '52 Plymouth many years ago and want to confirm that's what they fit. I haven't had any success researching online so I hope someone with a Hy-Brake catalog will chime in. Thanks in advance....Harold
  9. Welcome to the forum. The car has lots of potential. I'd straighten out the title paperwork before spending money on parts or repairs. It'll save headaches later.
  10. Those 'boatless' '51-'52 caps were used well into the sixties on Plymouth police cars and taxicabs. I remember seeing them on '67 and '68 Fury squad cars. Here's a couple of pictures I got online. Not the clearest but you get the idea.
  11. Would it be a good idea to smear a little silicone sealer around the perimeter of each wheel rivet to help seal against air leaks?
  12. There is a sheet metal bar behind the plastic letters to hold them in-place against the chrome part of the nameplate. I've seen them rust out and be ineffective. If this is the case, you can pack rope caulk around the letters from the back to hold them in place.
  13. Nice picture. The NYPD kept the tri-tone green, white, and black paint color scheme until 1972 when they went over to a blue lower body with white roof. I've seen pictures of 1950 Plymouth NYPD squad cars (they used a lot of business coupes) and have always wondered if they used any '51-'52 Plymouths.
  14. Great to hear. I'd notify the police that you got it back because it still may show as stolen in their files.
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