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  1. RNR1957NYer

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Good point - I just used the dictionary to look up "Polis", but Google "Valiant Police Cars" and low and behold, our beloved Leaning Tower of Power was apparently popular as a squad car in Sweden in the 1960's.
  2. RNR1957NYer

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Nobody notice the export '67 Valiant police car? Per my trusty search engine, "Polis" is the Scottish/Irish variant of "Police"
  3. RNR1957NYer

    "Ol Blue" Build

    I was considering one of the systems where you slosh around a cleaner, etch, then slosh some material that creates a membrane inside the tank. I thought I had read a post on that where someone tried that and was very unhappy with it, I can't seem to find it again though. I know folks that have used this type of system on motorcycle tanks with success... One of the posts I found talked about "Tanks Inc." I'm headed there to research next. all input welcome. About twenty years ago I used the tank etch and sealer sold by Bill Hirsch Auto in my '64 Barracuda and have had no problems to date. While you may have read of Bill Hirsch's recent passing, Hirsch Auto is still in business. The sealer is sold as 'Alcohol Resistant".
  4. RNR1957NYer

    License plate restoration

    If the intention is to register the restored plates, check with your state's RMV regulations. For some reason Massachusetts only allows Year of Manufacture plates in good, original condition - no restored plates. When I took my YOM plates to the Registry for my P12, the clerk handed them to the Trooper behind the counter to see if they were "ok"...they passed muster.
  5. RNR1957NYer

    1941 Plymouth coupe

    Wow - the answer to the question I hadn't asked....yet! Now I'll be able to retrieve my registration without the Law reaching for his side arm as I fumble around under the dash! Thanks guys!
  6. RNR1957NYer

    Red Ram Hemi engine size

    Hi Andy, dug thru my "motor" drawer and pulled out the resin flathead - I picked it up on Ebay recently for a '54 Suburban project I started 10 years ago - it is from The Parts Box. The finned head is available separately (I placed it on top of the block for the pic) - I picked up a couple (also on Ebay) and one will go in a planned model of my P12 (Motor City Resin '41 four door body that I'm modifying to a 2 dr sedan). Too bad the KEW motor comes with a Torqueflite and not a R10!
  7. RNR1957NYer

    Red Ram Hemi engine size

    I'm the original anal modeller, an example is the 1957/58 318 DV800 Poly I mastered in resin and sold thru the sold thru the shop, Andy - is the resin poly kit still available somewhere? Are you also responsible for the resin MoPar flathead stuff that I have purchased a couple of from Oz? (I picked up separate heads and the full hopped up flathead)
  8. RNR1957NYer

    The Gathering of the Faithful

    Well, the rain stayed away Saturday and there was a good turn out for the 2018 edition of the Gathering of the Faithful. It was good to meet member Moose and jaw a bit about flathead MoPars. Attached are pics of this year's attendees of our favorite persuasion.
  9. RNR1957NYer

    Red Ram Hemi engine size

    Andy, I don't have access to an actual Red Ram, but I am a modeler. If you are talking about the engine in AMT's most recent release Ala Kart, when that kit came out all the reviewers thought the engine was out-of-scale (too small). The Red Ram from the original early '60's AMT Trophy Series Ala Kart / 29 Ford double kit (which I bought way back when, and still have the block, heads and valve covers of) "looks right". i'd be interested in seeing how your math turns out.
  10. RNR1957NYer

    The purple people eater is slowly disintegrating

    Dan, never thought I'd read "Tonawanda Creek" (or as we used to call it "the Crick") in a post. I grew up 50 yards from the Tonawanda, in Batavia.
  11. RNR1957NYer

    The Gathering of the Faithful

    19th Annual New England Speed Meeting Flyer.pdf The Gathering of the Faithful will take place on 20 October this year - hope to see some members there.
  12. RNR1957NYer

    "Ol Blue" Build

    Good for you! I'm stoked that you decided to tough it out and was able toshare the journey with your son!
  13. RNR1957NYer

    Ty-Rods Old Timers Reunion

    I did make it to Ty-Rods and offer the following pics of our favorite cars. The signboard for the '50 Doges tells a nice story of keeping it in the family!
  14. RNR1957NYer

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    I'm a well adjusted artiste - who knew!!
  15. RNR1957NYer

    Ty-Rods Old Timers Reunion

    Sounds like a plan - bring me back a '66 Valiant Wayfarer!

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