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    My first car ride home from the hospital was in Dad's '52 Plymouth Belvedere - MoPar ever since!
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  1. RNR1957NYer

    Why? Or why not?

    "Hold my beer while I light the torch...."
  2. Personally I would stay away from water-based polyurethane, even if it says it's for exterior use; an old school approach would be good old spar varnish. Or you could go high tech and find the best brush-on clear the wooden boat guys are using these days.
  3. Varnish the heck out of it?? It worked for Town and Country's.
  4. RNR1957NYer

    Ford to quit NASCAR?

    NASCAR's race cars of today remind me of the vacuformed bodied slot cars of the 60's. I'm sure that, to keep the butts in seats, they will allow Ford to slap a Mustang grille decal on some vaguely shaped body that fits their template and the chassis of the day, as has been the norm for decades now (remember the v8 powered rear drive two door Taurus?). I like my race cars to have doors, and lost interest in Nascar when the the cars stopped being based on at least a body-in-white. I do regularly attend a local short track, and my favorites are the hobby class cars.
  5. RNR1957NYer

    finned valve covers

    Try vintagespeed.com - they list them for both the 23" and 25" motors (I have a set for my future 230 build). These are finned and unpolished. Often polished Thickstun repops will turn up on ebay. Finally, Edgy's Speed Shop offered them, but I think The Montana Dodge Boys are now marketing Edgy's stuff.
  6. RNR1957NYer

    Show your Goodies!

    I got it a year or so ago from Earl; haven't started the 230 build it's going on yet - did you order yours from the Montana Dodge Boys? I just saw a recent Facebook post from them that said something to the effect that they just cast the first few 'Gen II' 25" heads, and another post that the heads would ship no later than July 1.
  7. RNR1957NYer

    Show your Goodies!

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours!
  8. RNR1957NYer

    Show your Goodies!

    Webmaster must have been at lunch - "Show You Goodies" ?????
  9. RNR1957NYer

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    The same transmission was used for column and console shifted cars; as Andy noted, it looks like somebody did the easy part, removed the "buddy seat" Dodge typically put between the buckets in a console delete car and set a console in place without the shifting mechanism. Switching out the steering column to get rid of the shifter is the hard part - sometimes you'd see someone remove the lever but keep the column with the gear selector on it back in the days when Kendall bought his for $150.
  10. RNR1957NYer

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    I think the car is worth saving, but I don't think it's a 273 HiPo - the fender emblems would be "273 4BBL" and not "V8", and the engine would have a AFB on it; more likely somebody put the Commando valve covers on a 2 barrel 273 (like I did to my '64 'cuda), probably the same person who put an automatic console in a column shift car, but didn't finish the job. Get a picture of the data tag on the drivers's inner fender - it's easy to decode '60's MoPar tags online. Seeing leaves on the floor is a good sign (at least there is a floor for leaves to collect on), but at minimum, the am-fm radio is a $500 piece.
  11. RNR1957NYer

    Casting trim

    Very impressive - both the end product and the tutorial - thanks for sharing!
  12. RNR1957NYer

    48 Desoto Project

    You should be very proud of your accomplishments - well done!
  13. RNR1957NYer

    1942 Business Coupe Victory model

    Like the car - my vote would be to restore it. I think a by-product of the wartime cease in production is that there there is a surprising amount of NOS sheet metal out there for '42's (as in what didn't make it onto a car ended up in the parts warehouse ). A friend who vends at a big local swap meet got sick of loading and unloading three NOS '42 Plymouth front fenders for years with no takers - he threatened to scrap them if I didn't take them . I did (he even brought them over to my house!), even though I had no use for them and even though I don't try to sell parts, because I figured somewhere, some day, somebody would need them, and something that lasted this long deserved not to become a tomato can. Since then I don't think there has ever been a time when there wasn't at least one '42 front fender on ebay!
  14. RNR1957NYer

    48 Desoto Project

    Looks sweet! I always thought putting the chrome back on was the home stretch in a project.
  15. RNR1957NYer

    R10 overdrive

    Not only am I old enough to know what it means, I'm old enough to have done it! In '68 a friend's older brother took delivery of a new '68 Charger (383 4bbl, 4 speed, steel wheels with dog dish caps - a Charger Super Bee ahead of it's time!) and he gave my friend the '53 Belvedere he drove in college rather than try to trade it in. It was the most solid '53 in Western New York, having been a California car, and it was a full boat hardtop - pink paint with white top, overdrive (there's one connection to the post) wire wheels and a continental kit. It just wasn't 1968's version of cool to a MoPar fan not quite old enough to drive (my friend and I were the neighborhood MoPar guys) - so we ripped off the continental kit (and I mean "ripped" - no patience for rusty bolts for these youngsters) and we laid on a thick coat of grey DuPont Fil and Sand using his mom's Electrolux with the air brush attachment (early HVLP tech!) out in the driveway. Performance mods consisted of a new Cherry Bomb on the single exhaust. Sure wouldn't do that today , but at the time, as has been said, it was his car....