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  1. Thanks for sharing - incredible modeling skills!! I
  2. .....get a real search engine....lol I drew a blank too - my search came up with "Daisy Dukes" as a synonym - that paint a mental picture?
  3. Flu meds, or... .....you shouldn't need to mess with the(m) gin...? actually helpful, though.
  4. As much as i'd love to have your Suburban, if I bought it my long suffering wife would neither be long suffering or my wife!
  5. Paul - pictures please; I'm a fan of "bigs and littles"! I hear you on the warmth; makes what I call my "garage yoga" sessions a bit less of a pain! Awhile back, did you say you were heading east in April?
  6. This is currently on ebay - I did the same thing with my P12. NEW Wheel Hub Grease Cap for 1933-1954 Plymouth Dodge Desoto Chrysler | eBay.html
  7. I've put a WD 40 nozzle with the tubing extension on a can of the Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer and sprayed the heck out of the crimp inside doors and behind fender reinforcements, etc.
  8. I dunno - since you've got it all apart again, maybe it's time to slip in that 6.1 you're keeping at the end of the driveway....
  9. I've used POR 15 in the past, even using it with fiberglass mat to rebuild small areas of rust out in floor pans, but they recommend top coating it as it is not UV resistant (it also dries so glossy I think you need to sand it to get a top coat to stick). And when I use POR 15, I manage to get it on myself so you clearly are neater than I! For a more paint -type product I like Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator - it comes in black, grey or silver, in spray cans, quarts and gallons, and can be sprayed or brushed and does not need to be top coated. Check out Eastwood's website for more info. I keep a spray can of gray around to use as a primer when I can't completely grind away all traces of rust.
  10. . Would you have shared the video if that was the moment you discovered a brake problem? It's up and runnin'! Exciting times!
  11. Old rodder's quote: "If it's perfect, paint it black" (my P12 is black, and ain't perfect). In doing prep work, if there is one thing to remember it's this: If you can feel it, you'll see it - in spades!
  12. I think that's wise. If the Dak was going to be a 'forever' paint job, the answer to the paint failure problem would be to take it down to bare metal and start over. Since it's your practice "canvas", your concession is not wasting the time taking all the paint off - maybe it peels some more under your new paint later on, maybe it doesn't. But you will have honed some skills, and be stylin' on the way to the dump in the meantime! I actually have more patience for body work than mechanical work. I also have the rustiest '97 Dakota in metro Boston.
  13. Looking at your pictures and not knowing firsthand of the details of the paint recall you mention, I suggest the the problem was not with the primer, but the adhesion of the color base coat to the primer. If the primer failed I'd expect to see bare, rusty steel, and I think I just see primer. I would recommend you sand and feather the loose and peeling areas to factory primer, wipe it down with Prep sol, and scuff the whole truck and wipe it down again. Then start with the primer you intend to use on your pilot house. My point is, learning how to spray paint is less than half the experience you need - paint hides nothing; you need to practice prep work, too, if you care about how your "good" truck turns out. I've been hobby painting for more than 50 years and I am still (un)pleasantly surprised by what ham-handed prep work shows through the color.
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