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    My first car ride home from the hospital was in Dad's '52 Plymouth Belvedere - MoPar ever since!
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    Family, jazz, building model cars, all things MoPar

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  1. RNR1957NYer

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Sent you a PM
  2. RNR1957NYer

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Well, I managed to coordinate another trip to see my wife's family in CNY with the Syracuse Nationals - I'm going as a spectator (the '41 isn't up to the task yet); will any forum members be there?
  3. RNR1957NYer

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    Great post - love what you've done! (and count this as another vote for almond wheels, but I couldn't fault you for picking up the red from the stripe!)
  4. RNR1957NYer

    Look what I found!

    Very nice, Mark!
  5. RNR1957NYer

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    As DJ notes, it's the quality of the works that's been done, be it stock or modified, that is the big determiner of its worth. Stock '53 Suburbans aren't everybody's cup of tea as it is, and it could be argued that there is a bigger market for nicely modified wagons, if not "over the top". I would enjoy this car (a lot!) as is, and I could afford it that way. That said, I've also much admired "shiny" '53 wagons, stock and custom, far out of my price range. Some relatively low dollar mods could increase it's "curb appeal" - Silverdome's suggestion to add some chrome powder coat is something I'd do if it were mine. If the flat black paint is well done, a little more pizzaz can be had by just painting the roof a bright, contrasting metal flake - a time honored custom touch. Not cheap, but it would look bitchin' with a set of MoPar wire wheels on it. But, as the Good Doctor points out, opinions are like Small Block Chevies (I mean bellybuttons)... Good luck to your friend in his efforts to sell his car fairly.
  6. RNR1957NYer

    Happy 4th

    The New England Honda Dealers are currently running a radio spot that "humorously" refers to that regional delicacy, the lobster roll, as "...a giant boiled bug sandwich." I'm not originally from around here and confess to enjoying an occasional lobster tail on special occasions while growing up in WNY, but it does give me pause every time I hear that commercial.
  7. RNR1957NYer

    1962 Dodge Polora D-500 Seen on PBS Series "Endeavour"

    The first brand new car I was ever smitten with was a red '62 Polara 500 two door hardtop that was parked out in front of the local Dodge dealer (Funke & Hawley's - "Dodge Since 1918", it was the oldest family owned Dodge dealer in the US until they sold around 2006). I was eight years old and loved the '62's ever since. I'm also fond of Lancers - those are two nice cars!
  8. RNR1957NYer

    1968 Plymouth Barracuda

    Looks like it's outfitted with the rare "Plymouth Rock" emergency brake option...
  9. RNR1957NYer


    Wow! I am envious of the opportunity you have to keep your Dad's memory alive through his old rod! Even if you someday do a "frame off" (maybe with MoPar power?) I'd put the body and interior back as is! Good luck with the build!
  10. A few years ago I visited an old friend's basement shop. He was/is a meticulous sort, and had dozens of Hellman's mayo jars with the caps neatly screwed to the floor joists above his bench filled with fasteners and the like all nicely sorted in each. I had to give him some grief, though: Hellman's didn't consistently use the same shade blue in their lids over time. He admitted that bugged him!
  11. RNR1957NYer

    Movie Plymouth

    In "The Blob" Steve McQueen drives a '53 Plymouth convert.
  12. RNR1957NYer

    New to me 1947 WD-21

    Many years ago a friend picked up a hot rodded WD pick up with a small block Ford in it. Right away he did the right thing and swapped in a LA series MoPar. 'Course any "will it fit?" conversation must include the Cessna powered '39 Plymouth pick up....
  13. RNR1957NYer

    crankshaft question

    With regard to the difference in flange dimension off the block between the 218 and 230 noted by Wayfarer, as I understand it the issue could be that the 230 crank pushes the flywheel out of full engagement of the starter gear when reusing the 4 bolt 218 bell housing and transmission. Don Coatney posted a slick photo of some bell housing machine work he did in 51 Meadowbrook's post "Engine and Trany Swap" - I made note of this because I believe I will be up against the same issue when I swap an 8 bolt 230 into my 4 bolt 201 P12.
  14. RNR1957NYer

    Shop Art

    Night in the shop...
  15. RNR1957NYer

    Why? Or why not?

    "Hold my beer while I light the torch...."

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