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    My first car ride home from the hospital was in Dad's '52 Plymouth Belvedere - MoPar ever since!
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    Family, jazz, building model cars, all things MoPar

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  1. RNR1957NYer

    "Ol Blue" Build

    Good for you! I'm stoked that you decided to tough it out and was able toshare the journey with your son!
  2. RNR1957NYer

    Ty-Rods Old Timers Reunion

    I did make it to Ty-Rods and offer the following pics of our favorite cars. The signboard for the '50 Doges tells a nice story of keeping it in the family!
  3. RNR1957NYer

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    I'm a well adjusted artiste - who knew!!
  4. RNR1957NYer

    Ty-Rods Old Timers Reunion

    Sounds like a plan - bring me back a '66 Valiant Wayfarer!
  5. RNR1957NYer

    Ty-Rods Old Timers Reunion

    Hi Mark - maybe we'll meet up this year! I'm going "modern" (look for the baby blue '57 New Yorker convert).
  6. RNR1957NYer

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Sweet stance!!!
  7. RNR1957NYer

    Pictures from Macungie Show in PA

    Thanks for the post, and if anyone has more pictures, let's see them, please! Back in the early-mid 80's my wife and I made the trip from Boston to the Macungie show every year in our '57 New Yorker. I've been meaning to return; it's a beautiful venue for a show, and on "club day" you could count on a couple hundred MoPars. Is the old Mack Truck museum still in town?
  8. RNR1957NYer

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Don't know when you took the pic of the '39 Plymouth, Mike, but they were struggling with that shelter when I walked by in the AM!
  9. RNR1957NYer

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Okay, saved the controversial subject matter for last - some are "traditional", some are "rats", but all are drivers with good metal work if not good (or any) paint (even the Pilot House roadster), and some showing a great deal of creativity. Hope you enjoy the pic!
  10. RNR1957NYer

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Next up are some very nicely finished hot rods - all MoPar powered (as is my habit, I thanked those owners for keeping it "all in the family"
  11. RNR1957NYer

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    I finally got some time (and enough bandwidth on my dicey home internet connection) to upload some MoPar photos from the 2018 Syracuse Nationals. The weather at the NTS Fairgrounds cooperated during my Saturday visit, and there were many interesting examples of our favorite vehicles that this years event. The first group is of stock restored flathead powered Mope's, and I want to give a special shout out to the gentleman who owns the beautiful Job Rated truck. As I was speaking to him he saw a young boy take a picture of his truck and start to walk away - the proud owner got up and went after the boy, asking him if he'd like a picture of himself in the truck. Well, the answer was Yes! and he boy was all smiles and his dad was very appreciative. That's one way to get the young-ins interested!!!
  12. RNR1957NYer

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    Saw this set up on a '41 Dodge at the Syracuse Nationals last weekend - looks like it really flows!
  13. RNR1957NYer

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Sent you a PM
  14. RNR1957NYer

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Well, I managed to coordinate another trip to see my wife's family in CNY with the Syracuse Nationals - I'm going as a spectator (the '41 isn't up to the task yet); will any forum members be there?
  15. RNR1957NYer

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    Great post - love what you've done! (and count this as another vote for almond wheels, but I couldn't fault you for picking up the red from the stripe!)

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