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  1. ' cuz I am, and when I start putting my opened cans of Por 15 in a 'fridge (a terrific tip, BTW), it better be the one in the garage with my 'adult beverages'!
  2. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Hey! I play the trombone! (come to think of it, my neighbor has been giving me the skunk eye.....)
  3. "Ol Blue" Build

    Jay - here's another vote of confidence on the color! It looks like "Brilliant Blue" - I ordered my '97 Dakota when they stated painting them that color mid year. I've thought a Pilot House would look good that shade - your truck proves it!
  4. 48 Desoto Project

    Looks excellent!! I've been blocking my '66 Satellite (like, forever!!) and it will get shot this spring. I see you are using a fairly rigid flat sanding block - while a bit softer than the old rubber blocks, it's easy to sand flat spots into the primer/filler on high crown panels, like your front fenders. If I may make a suggestion (I know how excited we get the closer it gets to painting time!), get a soft block and make your final sanding pass with that. Being very flexible, it will put a curve back in the panel and will knock off any facets the hard block left. Remember the old rodder's saying: "If it's perfect, paint it black!" Have fun!
  5. glass floor in my 47

    Truly amazing, Kendall! Gorgeous!
  6. An alternative to getting custom filled spray cans is buying a quart of the color you want from an auto paint store and using a refillable "Preval" sprayer. If you aren't familiar with it, the Preval consists of a glass jar that takes 12 oz of reduced paint with a replaceable container of propellant that screws on the top and sprays like a spray can. I get mine from the local Ace Hardware, and the full jar+propellant unit goes for $6.95, and replacement propellant cartridge goes for $5.95 (each cartridge will spray at least 16 oz of thinned paint). I use these a lot for small jobs when I don't feel like cleaning a spray gun afterward. I painted my P12 rims with a $5 quart of Ace International Red off their close-out shelf, and the rims on my '09 Challenger with a quart of Nason Tor-Red enamel with a hardener, so you can spend as little or as much on the paint as you like without needing a compressor or having extra reduced paint with a short pot-life.
  7. Show your tools.

    While not as finely made (and illustrated!) as PT81Jan's bearing tool, this is my 10 minute MoPar bolt circle gauge / locating pin template. (let's call it a "proof of concept" model). It's a (very) quickly (crudely?) cut disk of artist's "foam core" board sized to fit flat against the bold circle of a typical wheel. Using a 14 inch steel wheel from a '67 Coronet as a template, I glued short pieces of wood dowel to the disk, and gave them a couple turns of duct tape to snug them up into the wheel's bolt holes. I then traced the locator pin holes from the Dodge wheel and carefully marked the centers with a 1/16" pilot hole. I use this this to quickly verify the bolt circle of wheels of unknown lineage, and in the case of the Ford 15" steelies I put on the rear of my P12, it was used to drill pilot holes for the locator pins, nicely matching the 14" Coronet wheels on the front. Eventually I may duplicate this using more robust materials (1/4 inch Masonite, maybe) but for now it's fitting the bill.
  8. 1941 Headlight trim ring, what years fit???

    Hi Andy - yes, the reinforcement (which is sheet metal also) has four threaded lugs on the back that are bolted to the fender from the backside (like the chromed pot metal version does on my car) and the chromed sheet metal headlight door (the correct term) screws to the reinforcement with three exposed chrome Philips screws. In the top picture on the right, the chrome door is screwed to the reinforcement, and the bare reinforcement is on the left. The same pot metal parking light piece fits both (you got me second guessing myself so I when out to the garage and checked! I'm happy with the sheet metal versions - repairing pitted pot metal and chroming is getting pretty dear around here. I figure I can strip and polish out the surface rust on the sheet metal and have somebody chrome powder coat them for far less and they will be plenty nice for my purposes. - Rick
  9. 1941 Headlight trim ring, what years fit???

    I had a ring that turned up missing, also, but as I looked for replacements, I found a pair of one piece chromed sheetmetal bezels that accepted the same pot metal turn signal housing. Don't know if this was a plant variation or a early part (in being one piece, it is similar to the '40 part).. Sorry, I don't have spares of either - just wanted to let you know what's out there.
  10. F-headed Mopar sixes

    Channeling the ghost of Bill Harrah, Pete? He put a Ferrari V12 in his '77 Wagoneer. Don't think he was much concerned about return on investment, either (at least with his cars). Sure was fun for us poor folk to look at them, though. Please keep the posts coming.
  11. Beer and Dodge Trucks

    My wife and I met friends at a craft beer tasting this afternoon. I couldn't resist a Dodge truck themed IPA! PS - It tastes good, too (but I favor IPA's) Insert other media !
  12. F-headed Mopar sixes

    Just sent you a message - thanks!
  13. F-headed Mopar sixes

    I bought a head from Earl a year ago and can't wait to rebuild the 230 motor I picked up and install it. We MoPar folk don't have many places to turn for speed parts and I wish all the best to you and Earl in this new endeavor - I'll be contacting you about a cam and some other goodies. One immediate question: the Montana Dodge Boys used to sell a decal on your web site that was in the style of the '60's Dodge Boys salesmen blazer patch; I recently went to buy a pair for the quarter windows of my P12 and the listing was gone - are they available?
  14. air cleaner conversion

    Here's a conversion I saw on an otherwise stock restored truck at a show last August - a pair of oil baths welded together for use on an Offy dual carb intake - the decals are a nice touch!