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    My first car ride home from the hospital was in Dad's '52 Plymouth Belvedere - MoPar ever since!
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  1. The Gathering of the Faithful

    I started out the show season in June by attending The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) in NJ wearing my The Gathering of the Faithful tee shirt, and yesterday I ended my show season at The Gathering of the Faithful wearing my TROG tee shirt! The Gathering draws vintage race cars and "traditional" (not "rat") rods and customs. It has been organized for nearly twenty years here in south east Massachusetts by a group of people committed to vintage speed. While there was rain in the forecast, there was still a good turn out. They lined the flatheads up along a stone wall (including my P12 and a couple other Plymouths pictured here). While we've never met, I do believe that's Member Moose's '54 Belvedere, and the P15 is a real road warrior, having made the trip out to the Syracuse Nationals a few times. In keeping with my interests, everything pictured below is MoPar powered, with the nice '34 Dodge sedan having a Mercedes Benz mill! (it was all in the family - once!). Enjoy the pics!
  2. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    I've been thinking about driving for one of those on line ride sharing apps so I could become uber rich.... Sorry - I'll go back to my room now.
  3. Let's see your other rides

    Here are my other rides: I bought the '57 New Yorker in '78 - cosmetically it hasn't been touched since top/paint touch up/interior work in '79. I bought the '66 Satellite in '81 as a daily driver, did it all over five years later, been doing it over again since '91 (time flies - don't keep a covertible outside under a car cover) - it will be painted this winter and put up for sale in the spring to fund my '41 engine swap and the other old cars. I ordered the Dakota as my first new vehicle (late '97 model year 'Brilliant Blue' paint) - both my kids drove it to school and it now has 295K on it. The '09 R/T is my second new vehicle and my daily driver - now has 165K on it. I put the red Charger police rims on it with my first set of new tires - they get a lot of comments (most get it, some young-in's don't).
  4. How to keep the mice away?

    I responded at the time to "Of Mice and Men", extolling the virtues of shredded Irish Spring bar soap distributed throughout my cars in potpourri bags. A friend put me on to it, and for a couple winters I would switch out the bags with fresh soap. Then this summer I fount this in the trunk of my New Yorker. When I told my friend, he said "Yeah, but I bet they felt sick afterwards!" At least they haven't eaten the "Bounce" drier sheets - yet.
  5. Ty-Rods Hot Rod Reunion

    Chris, as Dave mentioned in his first post above, this is one of the few shows I attend where you must preregister. They are a bit selective as to the types of cars being shown (to the point of requiring you to obtain permission to drive a car to the show other than the preregistered car). That said, on line registration is easy, they take PayPal, and the time my registered car wouldn't make it out of the garage, i dropped them an email telling them what I was bringing instead, and got an immediate OK. I've been attending for at least twelve years - it's a good show put on by good people, and I hope to see some forum members out there next year (Dave and Mark - I'm disappointed that we didn't finally meet up this year.). Rick
  6. Me and the Meadowbrook

    I think it's a Model 52 - the four cylinder model. The Chrysler 62's and 72's had sixes.
  7. Ty-Rods Hot Rod Reunion

    The show season is beginning to wind down here in New England, and one of my favorites is the show put on by the Ty-Rods, a hot rod club that got it's start in 1952. Being a hot rod based club, most attendees are modified cars, many in the traditional manner, but there are also stock restored cars as well. The '68 Power Wagon Brush truck, T&C convert and '55 Dodge were gorgeous stockers. There were several finely finished hot rodded early MoPars present, but pictured here are those that escaped the dreaded "belly button" motor swap: the Green P15 has a LA 318, the '40 Plymouth a 440 six pack under it's flip nose, and the '32 Dodge coupe a early Hemi. Rat rods were represented by an unusual '60 Savoy 2 door post sedan with a built up slant six! I like to bring my '57 New Yorker to show the rodders a 392 in it's nature habitat! Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 3MB
  8. Interesting photos I have run across.

    It does look like a caddy fin from this angle, but it's actually the heel of an anatomically correct rat's foot!
  9. Interesting photos I have run across.

    Along the same vein....
  10. Didn't know pot was legal in Montana....http://r.ebay.com/9qOAXk
  11. '37 Plymouth

    Stupid stuff like putting lug nuts in the socket on an impact wrench and trying to start threading them with the impact on a customer car. I know of at least two times he did this and got the nuts started cross-threaded after doing it the first time and being told to not do it again. To be fair, "stupid" isn't a recent phenomenon. Back in '68 a kid in my neighborhood got a job as a "gopher" in the local Dodge dealership. Remember those Dodge "mag" wheel covers with the fake lug nuts? The kid was fired after he took an impact wrench and removed the nuts. All twenty of them.
  12. 56 dodge c3 jobrated build thread

    Sounds like you made the right decision - sometimes it is hard to let go, even (especially?) if its "just an old Dodge truck". Good luck as you work towards completion!
  13. MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    They have a "Show within a Show" for what some call 'Old Skool 'rods, others (often derisively) 'Rat Rods'. While workmanship is often not a priority, creativity usually is, and I for one enjoy viewing this subset of our hobby as "rolling folk art". Rat's are often look barely operable, but the well patina'ed Fargo is a real driver - modern aftermarket chassis with 5.7 Hemi power. The unpainted Dodge truck with '60 Plymouth fins and a slant six was last year's winner of the Backyard Build-Off: the rules, simply put, are that the car must be documented home made for less than $5000, with no professional help. Four or five cars enter each year, with the winner chosen by spectator vote over the three days of the Nats. The guy put the leftover roof from the '60 Fury on his entry for this year, but he had to widen the '52 Chevy 8 inches to accept it! Enjoy!
  14. MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    Lots of modified trucks, which while very well done, often seemed to get "Brand X' power. These are all MoPar - if the owner is with his vehicle, I usually thank him for keeping it "all in the family". The white D100 has a slant six, the Town Panel later B/RB power, the brown Dodge features a Durango frame swap (and can be your for $40K) and the green Dodge a 5.7 Hemi.
  15. MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    There were several nice MoPar Hot rods - The Suede Suburban and Hemi Plymouth 'coupe escaped the dreaded belly-button motor swap, and I believe the Plymouth Sedan and chopped P15 did as well.