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  1. Sweet! I like that you made use of the oil bath.πŸ‘
  2. Center of the picture; the rear end is above the hood of the red Chevy station wagon. πŸ˜‚
  3. Mayhem: Pic 1:. We stopped at "Mangos" in Winona, MN for dinner. We were starved! Pic 2:. Finally home. It was about a 200 mile round trip. Car ran great, got lots of looks. Talked to a few people about it when we weren't walking around. People always seem to like the hood ornament, and the originality of the car. While at the event we enjoyed home made ice cream, fresh kettle corn, browsing through the vendors' things, seeing folks dressed up rockabilly style, and talking to people. The vintage campers were going to have trick-or-treating through their area later in the evening. I'm embarrassed to admit I forgot to snap even one photo of the campers. Must've been 25+ of them.
  4. Mayhem: The Meadowbrook is in one of the two pics. Can you find it?
  5. Mayhem: One guy had this awesome GM bus with a diesel engine. He let us sit in it. What a cool thing to drive to the event! It still had a change/coin thingy up by the driver, and he could cycle the destination banner on the front above the windshield.
  6. Mayhem: Pic 1: Nice Plymouth Pic 2: Wife changing baby between our car and a Chevy station wagon.
  7. I liked his creativity with an old piston. Pic 2: this car said "Highlander" on the fender and had that awesome interior and funky flaked steering wheel.
  8. Mayhem: I liked the Dodge truck. 1960 I believe. I talked to the owner of the 1950 Chrysler. He sold the original flattie and replaced it with a 302 Ford 😐
  9. Mayhem: All settled in to our spot. It rained all the way there, but settled down after about half an hour and then turned sunny. There were a number of unique Mopars, but we had the only Meadowbrook πŸ˜‰
  10. 9-14-19: Mississippi Mayhem! in West Salem, WI the whole weekend. Cars, bikes, vintage campers, pin-up contest, swap meet, drag races, burn out contest, food vendors, etc. Nothing judged. Pre- '64 separate from all other cars. Left home about 11am and got home around 8:30pm. Wish I could've towed a vintage camper behind the Meadowbrook and stayed there the entire weekend. Pic: Got the stroller and lawn chairs packed. Tool box was in there too😊
  11. Awesome!! Congrats on the purchase. I'm very happy to hear that you're going to drive the wheels off of it πŸ‘ Wherever you drive it and whatever you do with it post your adventures right here!
  12. 9-10-19: Kids and I cruised (or creeped as I usually sayπŸ˜†) around town for about an hour. 2nd gear, no clutch at stop signs. Lots of stares and waves as always. We have so much fun just putzing around! My son asked me if I had the only Meadowbrook left in the country. πŸ˜‚ I told him there were likely hundreds, maybe even a couple thousand. He asked why we never see any around? I told him we have the only one around here. πŸ˜‰ He seemed satisfied with that. Pics when I was putting it away:
  13. I hope that you can bring it home. It's beautiful!
  14. You're right, the battery cable mounts on top of the head. It was like that when I bought it, I guess I never thought any different of it. I did change both cables out to the 00 type. Now I'm wondering where everyone else has their cable mountedπŸ˜†
  15. 9-7-19: I took it on a 25 mile round trip at 11pm. My son had long since zonked out! It was really nice to cruise in the Meadowbrook. It sure gave me the peace I was looking for πŸ˜‰
  16. 9-7-19: After the rings I changed the oil and filter, adjusted the front brakes, tightened the oil pan and valve cover bolts, installed a new clutch pedal return spring, tightened up the carb and screws on all the hoses. It ain't pretty under the hood or anywhere else, but it sure cruises nice. I used Rotella 15W-40.
  17. 9-7-19: My son mounted both rings. Good job young man! He turns 10 tomorrow 😊.
  18. 9-7-19: The tab mount on the ring was bent up likely from someone being careless when removing it. I used a flat headed punch and hammered it straight on my anvil. It mounted nicely after that.
  19. 9-7-19: I had some extra rings that came with a large number of parts I got with my 48 B-1-D. I used 2 rings from that lot and set aside the one original ring that was still on the Meadowbrook. The original one is much shinier than either of these two. My son is showing you guys one of the rings he is going to mount, and the tools we needed to get a hole in there to mount the ring. Center punch, center drill, drill, hammer, and machine screw. I opted not to tap the hole because #1 there's no meat to it at all, and #2 I didn't have the right size tap on hand. The machine screws snugged up nicely. The hole(s) were about .025 smaller than the body of the screws. We used one on the passenger side as well.
  20. Sept. 7, 2019: Finally got the headlight rings back on the car. I lost one on the way to work this past winter when it was -30F. I think I know why it fell off. There never was a bottom screw because there was never a hole (or tapped hole) for the driver's side ring for a standard screw, or a machine screw, whatever it is supposed to be. Weird, right? Look at my pics. I must've hit a bump and the ring popped up out of the tab-slot on top and flew off. Pic #1: driver's side lower mount...no hole at all. Pic #2: passenger side lower mount. Hole for the screw.
  21. I would snatch that thing up in a second. They are somewhat rare, and there always seems to be a lot of interest in them because it's not something you see often. If it was me I would make it mechanically sound and leave the patina as is. Some other guys here would completely restore it and put a more modern drivetrain in it like a 318 and a torqueflite transmission. It's all a matter of what you like. I hope that you bring it home and take more pictures of it for us!
  22. Welcome! I love that style of car, and yours looks really nice. Keep us updated and post more pictures!
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