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  1. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Hey fellas got my car running again (it was a faulty fuel pump) and I wanted to start a new thread and leave my engine rebuild thread as something separate. In this thread I'm going to post pics of me and my family's trips/shows/gatherings and anything else fun that we do with the car. Tonight we went out for a cruise over to a neighboring town. It was sunny and 70s here today with hardly a cloud. Perfect evening for a drive. Mostly I drove just 40mph because that's what felt good Its so much fun to drive the old Dodge; our new cars simply have no soul. There's a bunch of shows and gatherings coming up soon around here, we hope to hit all of them. Here's some pics from today: I guess only the first pic is from us being out and about. The other 3 are when we got back home LOL. The back roads around here are really fun, but you have to watch out for deer!
  2. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Its a new one Keith. Guess I will be sending it back. Thanks for the help, much appreciated
  3. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    July 14: Finally got around to replacing that damn leaking brake line. So the new line is fine, but now the master cylinder leaks. I need some help with this fellas. The 2 lines go into the master cylinder through that huge brass bolt that faces the rear of the car. Its 1 1/2 inches (I measured with my caliper because I ended up buying a crescent wrench large enough to fit on it), and I tightened it down. It leaked less, but there's NO way I can get it any tighter. I'm assuming the gasket is shot, otherwise why in the hell would it leak? So here's my question: can I remove the lines, and then that bolt and replace the gasket? Or will the removal of that bolt spill the guts of the master cylinder? Is that whole mess spring loaded behind that bolt? I'm super frustrated with this as I was hoping to get the car back on the road today, only to be set back once again. I feel the summer slipping by and it makes me sick to my stomach. Please help me out if you can fellas. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Worden18

    New 1936 Chrysler

    Wow, congrats! Love it...more pics please
  5. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    July 2: I installed the new master cylinder and hooked all the linkage up. Ran into some snags like always, but got it all together. Thought I had it made but then realized the upper line coming out of the master cylinder leaks. I’ll be back under there tomorrow night. Man, I’m way behind schedule....
  6. That PW that was shown earlier. I had a 56 C-3 in the mid 90s. What a fool I was to sell it.
  7. Wife and I were there that Saturday. Didn’t take the Meadowbrook because I still haven’t finished installing the new master cylinder. Here’s a 52 Coronet I thought was nice.
  8. Worden18

    1949 New Yorker...Worth Parting Out?

    If it was me Keith, I’d snag that thing, start taking things off the engine, clean em up and ebay them starting at $1 each, no reserve. You’ll get your bidding wars that way. Its when you list the manifold for a buy it now of $500 that your sale turns cold.
  9. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    June 13: Finally got around to taking the master cylinder out. Wasn’t too terrible (like some of you mentioned) except for the lines were pretty much already stripped and I had to crack them loose with a vice grip. Developed a nice migraine in the process, so I’ll put the new one in tomorrow. Do I have to bench bleed the new one?
  10. Worden18

    Received approval for 1947 plate!!

    Awesome! Drive and enjoy!
  11. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    5-30-18: Well, I was attempting to get the car ready for Mopars in the Park in Farmington, MN this weekend but ran into a snag. I think my master cylinder took a sh*t. After bleeding my brakes again I took it out for a cruise and had a little bit of brakes on my way out, then on my way back the pedal went all the way to the floor and wouldn't pump up at all. Good thing my e-brake works good, but it was still scary. Master cyl is full of fluid, no leaks underneath. I believe its been on the fritz for a while. I should've changed it when I had the engine and tranny out last year; it would've been a lot easier. I've never changed out a master cyl that's under the floor boards before, and well, it ain't gonna happen before we go to Mopars in the Park. Sometimes I wish some of you guys were closer, I would at least ask for some help. I have a feeling its going to be a terrible bugger to swap in the new one. Kinda pissed right now. 😠
  12. Worden18

    1951 Dodge 5 Years Later

    Please post more pics!
  13. Worden18

    50 230 flathead fuel pump woes

    I would just buy a new replacement. Those old ones may have quit drawing fuel decades ago, who knows?
  14. Worden18

    finally ..265 build runs

    Looks and sounds really nice! Congrats on getting it running.
  15. Worden18

    New 37

    Wow, sweet! Congrats on the purchase. Have fun with it!
  16. Worden18

    Thermostat housing

    http://m.oldmoparts.com/parts-cooling.aspx#thermostathousing start here; might be the right one for you.
  17. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    May 21: Drove the Meadowbrook to work this morning not only because my newer cars aren’t reliable, but also because its more fun. Rained all the way home. Had a sock on the dash to catch the water leaking through. 😂 Will seal up the windshield soon. Stopped at the market for a few groceries.
  18. Worden18

    We and the Windsor 2018

    All the pics are back. Glad you were able to find the problem with the carb/linkage/screw etc. At least we can work on these cars when there's a problem. One of my newer cars the other day started acting up in the worst way. It was shifting really hard, then not at all, speedometer not working, and then finally check engine light came on. It only has 110K. So how do I react to that? I drove something reliable to work instead....my Meadowbrook!!
  19. Worden18

    '53 Meadowbrook

    Looks good man! I wish you luck on getting it running. Glad you’re going to leave the original paint. 😀
  20. Worden18

    Grinding Gears or Clashing

    This is exactly what I do with my car as well.
  21. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Sounds good. Post up pics, tell us your story, etc. That's what people want to see/read.
  22. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    May 17: Drove into town for my son’s spring concert at the school. After that to Kwik Trip for a snack and then an evening cruise. It was a great night, 70s, no clouds, no bugs, no wind. I could’ve kept driving all night. Guess I’ll have to drive it to work again tomorrow morning!
  23. Worden18

    Cooling System Techie Talk

    I’m sure one of the factors was likely yesteryear’s coolant. We all know modern oil is much better than what they had in the 50’s. So the antifreeze probably falls in the same category. I know the coolant in my car is better than, well, yesterday’s coolant let alone anything from decades ago.
  24. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    May 16: Took a 30 mile cruise this evening after yard work. Filled up in a neighboring town; averaged just over 16mpg this past tank. Final pic is just before I checked the master cylinder fluid level. Driving it to work again tomorrow!
  25. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook


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