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  1. Not yet. I think that's next on my list even before the tune up, meaning I'm hoping to be able to save what is already on the truck. If I need new wheel cylinders and everything else that goes with it, I might have to wait till a little bit. At least I'll get it diagnosed. Is it safe for me to take the wheels off? I'm worried about those split rims. Do I even dare put air in them if they are low? What dangers am I looking at in handling them? Is it only if someone tries to remove the tire from the rim itself? Also, are the driver's side lug nuts opposite threads?
  2. I need to start working on either shining up that oxidized paint, or trying to get down to the original paint. Yeah I know, that would be a hell of a project. I also have some ideas for distressed lettering for the doors that I know is going to be really awesome. I'll do it myself. πŸ˜‰
  3. My son wanted to put the license plate on, so I let him do that.
  4. I also removed the dome light from that mess of a headliner. I had unhooked the wires yesterday. I have no idea if its original or not. The lens is missing. 😐
  5. June 17: My son and I took a quick spin. I was going to go by myself but then I seen him running down the driveway in his socks haha! So then he ran back and got his shoes on and we went down the road. He made a comment that the gears sound like my John Deere loader. Pic 2: somebody's homemade exhaust patch job. I'll be pulling that apart soon.
  6. I do double clutch the upshifts, but I always have trouble between first and second because it's impossible to gain speed in first gear. 😊 Better to save granny gear for something else and just start off in second.
  7. You could argue the point with them that it was unissued. Doesn't matter what condition it's in.
  8. That is super cool! Congrats on the find. Why were you looking under there to begin with?
  9. Short video for you guys. I started off in first gear and ground it when I shifted to second. 🀭 I know, better to start off in 2nd gear. shifting from 2nd to 3rd to 4th and then downshifting went pretty well since I hadn't double clutched anything since the late-90s.
  10. Here's the headliner, door panel and complimentary mouse nest 😐
  11. Door panel gone. I put the arm rest back on....
  12. Headliner-lessπŸ˜„. The sun visors are gone, but I might have a pair I can use.
  13. I don't believe the wood in the bed is original. It's in pretty darn good shape though, and should do just fine with anything I want to haul. I also found out my headlights don't work, neither do the blinkers. But when I turn the parking lights on, the tiny little lights in the front lit up along with the tail lights. Going to have some electrical work to do. The original AMP gauge is missing. Someone wired in an after-market one which I'm going to tear out of there.
  14. I removed all the extra parts/junk from inside the cab and things I had thrown into the bed. I let the tailgate hang by the chains just because. I put a bungee cord over the battery until I can get the proper threaded bolts to secure it. Took it for several rides down the gravel road about a mile. To hear the gears whine while smelling that "old truck" scent was true bliss. I was impressed with the ride. It wasn't bumpy at all, and our gravel road is not smooth. The seat is very comfortable and it was just a joy to drive!
  15. Father's Day: I got to do some work on the '48 today. Got my lawn mowed too; which takes about 4 hours. The kids helped with some of that. 😊 Anyway, I removed the nasty headliner that somebody put in there which was just horrible, and those homemade door panels which were equally as horrible. I also took off the license plates because I'm going to run a year of manufacture plate. Found out that the truck really needs a tune-up badly; it just spits and sputters after you get to about 1/3 throttle. But I was able to drive it and shift all the way to 4th gear on the gravel roads by our house. I just had to be extra cautious because I only have the emergency brake 😁. I tried adjusting the idle on the carburetor but the truck really needs the choke closed about 1/3 in order to run somewhat better. Exhaust has a big hole in it as well. I'm going to get a pertronix kit, new plugs, wires, cap, etc.
  16. They love the old cars/trucks. They have both driven the Meadowbrook. It's in their blood. As far as riding shotgun, that usually involves bickering and racing to the car!
  17. Got my 48 running again and hauled home yesterday.
  18. Hmm... interesting. I'll have to look at mine in the morning.
  19. Just remind the DMV when you go in there that you know the rules and you have a plate with one letter on it as you lay it in front of them.
  20. One more pic from inside the shed. I'll unload it in the morning and drive it around for a bit and then park it in my garage and get it ready for some updates 😊
  21. We drove 55 miles an hour across the interstate on the way home with no problems. Here's a picture of everything parked in the big shed. I also have an aluminum trailer, my Cadillac, and my John Deere 444 loader parked in there. Sorry the picture wasn't better but I have no power in the shed and had to rely just on the flash of my phone. The EcoDiesel did really well pulling it. No problems at all.
  22. I borrowed another friend's trailer and my older daughter and I headed over there to load it up. I'm no expert at loading things onto a trailer but I got it squared up pretty good and chained down really well. Here's a picture of us leaving Houston Minnesota where it was stored.
  23. I was going to borrow a trailer from the guy whom owns the building it was stored in. He's a business owner and was occupied with some clients, so I headed out to his place after I got the truck running to get his trailer. It was buried in the dirt from the rains and I couldn't crank it up. Also, I couldn't find his chains and binders; he has so much stuff....you wouldn't believe it. I was running late and had to pick up my daughter from daycare so I had to abandon all of that.
  24. I'll be back to get you later, I promise 😁
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