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  1. New to forum

    Welcome! Car looks really solid. You're gonna love it here!
  2. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Hey fellas got my car running again (it was a faulty fuel pump) and I wanted to start a new thread and leave my engine rebuild thread as something separate. In this thread I'm going to post pics of me and my family's trips/shows/gatherings and anything else fun that we do with the car. Tonight we went out for a cruise over to a neighboring town. It was sunny and 70s here today with hardly a cloud. Perfect evening for a drive. Mostly I drove just 40mph because that's what felt good Its so much fun to drive the old Dodge; our new cars simply have no soul. There's a bunch of shows and gatherings coming up soon around here, we hope to hit all of them. Here's some pics from today: I guess only the first pic is from us being out and about. The other 3 are when we got back home LOL. The back roads around here are really fun, but you have to watch out for deer!
  3. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Jan 20, 2018: The Meadowbrook's grandson showed up and requested to share a space with his elder.... Yes, I'm posting this here because it now shares a space with the Meadowbrook. Any adventures we have with it will not be posted here. And don't worry fellas, the '51 will not be sold or tucked away forever. We plan on surpassing last year's mileage tally of 6,200+ once spring weather rolls around again, which could be in 6 weeks, or it could be 3+ months. We'll just be mixing in the Challenger once in a while, too. This is my first ever new car purchase. Wife was totally onboard; God bless her. Her first car was a Nova, and since then she's always wanted a canary yellow "muscle car" Nova '68-'72 vintage. Now, when I take her picture next to this beast, the caption below will read: "WHAT NOVA?"
  4. Me and the Meadowbrook

    I have not; gonna check it out though.
  5. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Jan. 9 The dogs were lulled as usual. So was I.
  6. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Jan. 9 I drove through the cemetery just outside of Spring Grove. For no reason other than I felt like it.
  7. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Jan. 9 This creamery was built in 1903. It was recently fixed up inside and out, and there's a certain time during the summer that they open it to the public. I'd like to check it out this year.
  8. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Jan. 9 Before we left. Car warming up...
  9. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Jan. 9, 2018 First ride of the year! The dogs and I couldn't resist as the roads were pretty clear and we've been blessed with a 43F afternoon. It had been -10F at night with highs in the single digits, so this has been nice. Not much for sand and salt on the road either. I hooked up the battery and it took maybe 8 or 10 cranks and it started up. Drove to Spring Grove and back; roughly a 35 mile round trip. Man, it was a great drive!
  10. Hi Keith, this one is a 1950, not in the range you're looking for but at least you get a good walk around of it. I'm sure there's many similarities. Also, this one has been FS on CL for quite some time...not a Chrysler, but my favorite: a Dodge! At least its a little bit of eye candy for you to look at anyway https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/1948-vintage-dodge-4-door/6417910259.html Also, here's a 1950 straight 8 running nicely; not in a limo, but a straight 8 nonetheless.
  11. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    I figured it was something like that; sorry the whole thing is a pain in the a**. Getting car parts shouldn't have to cost so much. Hope you can find a way man
  12. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    Hi Franky, can you not order an oil pan gasket set from here? Scroll down about 3/4 of the page. They have many other parts for your Plymouth it seems. http://www.oldmoparts.com/parts-engine.aspx
  13. Me and the Meadowbrook

    That finish has been the topic of discussion between myself and many people, young and old. I have yet to hear a solid answer on how they did it. Its driving me nuts
  14. Sub Zero Challenge

    I'd do it in a heartbeat if our roads weren't plastered with salt and sand. And they just spread a fresh batch this morning after a dusting of snow.
  15. My 54 Cranbrook

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the work you plan on doing to it. Keep us updated.
  16. The other day we were driving through Winona, MN (just 35 min from my home) and my son spotted this Pilothouse truck in the alley behind a small car dealer. I swung the car around so we could take a closer look. Not sure if it is for sale or not as the area where it sat had other old cars/trucks there, including 2 pre-war Mopars (one was a Desoto). Don't ask me why I didn't take pics of those as well; I wasn't thinking. The lean-to where the pre-war cars were was attached to the dealership, so all the cars might be his personal stash, not sure. The last time the truck was licensed was 1990. Looked like it had the typical rust and wear and tear, but overall it has potential. I'm gonna try and get back there and find out the story behind it. Can anyone tell me what year it is? My first guess was 1949 but I'm still learning about the grill differences, etc. on these trucks. Also, is that bumper factory? I guess I was excited to see it because you just never see these trucks around here....
  17. Me and the Meadowbrook

    That's a good idea. Ultimately, if I want to use the building then I will have to make the bats vacate. I think that the soffit on the building is nonexistent. I'd have to seal it up tight. Lots of possibilities I guess. I keep thinking about a NEW building though. Premier makes several different garage-type sheds. I looked at some last summer and liked them a lot. If I knew a damn thing about carpentry I'd build my own I guess. I've got some time to think about it all. For now the Meadowbrook is in the garage safe and sound. Ain't pretty in there, but the roof doesn't leak, etc.
  18. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Mike 36 and Pflaming, I agree that the granary is in pretty good shape. The foundation needs work, which wouldn't be too terrible because its only raised up on a few blocks, which are tipping off to one side and starting to crumble. The lowest part of the exterior boards have seen better days, but again, those could be replaced easily enough. The roof is solid, the building doesn't leak. The interior boards/floor/support beams are in excellent shape. Here's my concern: the bats have sh*t in there an enormous amount. I didn't know it at first, but bat sh*t is super toxic and can make you really really sick, even just breathing in the dust if you sweep it up. I have thought about having it professionally cleaned and then yes, modify the building to put an overhead door in (I was originally thinking about putting my 1977 JD loader in there since the building is tall enough to accommodate it). I just don't really know what to do, and I don't want to deal with the bat sh*t. But I do understand your comments for sure. I guess I'll rethink the whole thing. Maybe it would be cheaper for me to have someone clean it and then a guy could modify it to his liking. We shall see...
  19. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Dec. 20, 2017 continued: I drove about a 30 mile round trip to visit a guy that tears down old barns and repurposes the wood. I'm probably going to tear down the granary and replace it with a new garage for the Meadowbrook. The foundation is shot, and its just time for it to go. Pic #1: On County 4 enroute Pic #2: Leaving that guy's place; his barn was built in 1880 and has had recent work, i.e. replaced some old rotten boards, new plexiglass windows, etc. Pic #3: My granary to be torn down or moved
  20. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Dec. 20, 2017: Tomorrow's forecast calls for about 3 inches of snow, and the salt and sand that was spread on the roads on Dec. 9 has mostly disappeared, so I took the opportunity to drive the Meadowbrook today. After not starting it for almost 2 weeks it was almost like driving it for the first time again. The smell of the interior and the purr of the engine were extra special today.
  21. 50 Coronet first start and drive.

    Looking good man! Have fun with it
  22. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Thanks for the well wishes, Andy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Minnesota is part of the "rust belt". The plows haul a mixture of sand and salt; you can always tell that salt was spread because the road turns white in spots. I will admit though, southeastern Minnesota's plows (and the men who drive them of course) do a superb job during the winter months. Its amazing how thorough they are. I'm just not going to drive my Meadowbrook on these winter roads LOL. As long as I can keep my car maintained and road ready, and nothing out of the ordinary happens (accident, blown engine, etc.) we will keep driving it and sharing stories here. We should be able to keep going for many years. I might even be able to get it back on the road in March. Around here winter can end in early March, or it can go to the middle of May. So we will see. This off-season I have to do the rear brakes, change all the fluids and give it a good tune-up. I will also have someone patch a small hole in the rear floor (driver's side). I already miss not giving any real updates. The car is just sitting in the garage looking lonely. Maybe this week I'll jack it up and tear into those brakes....
  23. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Thanks for thinking of me Keith, and awesome picture btw. I like the looks of it. Surely its just a lawn ornament now, but I guess that's better than the scrap heap. I'd haul that sucker home and get it running! Fellas, turns out that I made the right decision putting the Meadowbrook away the other day. Although we didn't get hardly any snow at all, the County decided it would be a good idea to sand AND salt the roads. I don't want any of that mess splattering up underneath my car. Its already rusty enough.
  24. What the hell is the rag and duct tape on the gas line by the carb? Cool looking rig...
  25. $50,000 Pilot House?

    Asking price is just a number. What someone actually pays is reality.