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  1. Whereabouts in MN are you? I'm in the Southeast corner, 20 minutes south of Rochester. Nice twosome!
  2. Thank goodness I've gotten through to somebody. Been telling my wife the same things for 17 years now... she's just starting to understand. I don't live in desperation thinking of my dying moment at all times. But I'll be damned if I'm going to waste the time God has given me, especially since I've been here half a century already. Drive, have fun, love your family and your neighbor, cherish the little things, get that ice cream at Dairy Queen, don't fret when your car gets a scratch in it. Live. Sorry I got off topic fellas, just wanted to throw in my 2 cents😊
  3. Keith, that's a direct drive starter. My 56 flat fender Power Wagon had the same. Also had the same "heat" labeled temp guage.
  4. Awesome!! I knew you'd pull the trigger Keith! Happy that you're going to leave it as is. What a great acquisition for you. I'd love to see it in person someday and ride shotgun. The pre-war cars are truly special. Congrats, and keep us updated πŸ‘
  5. Save your extra money for stocks; but buy the car anyway and drive it as is. Just the minimum amount of $$ to make it roadworthy 😊
  6. May 16: Took the kids out for a ride around town. It was a perfect evening! We had the windows down, and I stayed in 2nd gear most of the time, utilizing fluid drive. That's our barn in the background 😊
  7. May 15: Been a while since I seen my truck. Was able to get into my friend's shop/shed and snap a few pics. Not very good ones, but it's something to look at anyway. Next visit I'll be bringing the rebuilt carb and a new battery and cables. I'll get it fired up and hauled to my new place!
  8. Don't sweat too much the money spent on your car. I spent twice as much to purchase my car than what it was worth and I stuck a whole mess of money into it. I could have bought a really nice car for what I have into it. but the experience thus far has been priceless with its original paint and interior and all of the people I have talked to just because of the car. Just drive it and have fun. We don't know when our last day on Earth will be, but it could be here sooner than you think, so live it up!
  9. Sounds perfect! That's what it's all about man. You're making great memories with your family, and including the Windsor. Love that pic! My car needs a full tune-up, oil change, lube, etc. I need to add one more seatbelt as well 😊
  10. Looking good! Love that plate. So did someone from the car club let you take the Dodge for the brake maintenance? did they specifically asked you to work on it? Or did you volunteer?
  11. April 25: After unpacking my enclosed trailer of garage stuff into the barn, my son and I decided to fire up the Meadowbrook and drive into town for a snack. Once I get my garage squared away I'll need to give it a tune-up, oil change, lube, etc. Sure was a fun ride tonight 😊.
  12. Looks great! I've enjoyed your thread so far. Keep us updated 😊
  13. Another morning after pic; moon in the background
  14. The morning after 😊
  15. April 20: Took the Meadowbrook out for a short spin to drop off my daughter and a friend at a party. I stopped at the market on the way home and some guy was checking out my car when I came out. I told him the whole story. It was fun. Got a few thumbs up, too. Pic 1: The one time my flag wasn't waving. Pic 2: Ready to pull back into the shed for the night.
  16. Perfect night for a fire. We roasted marshmallows, had a few drinks and some snacks, had good friends over, and me and my son are still at it!
  17. Sweet! Congrats. More pics when you can....
  18. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  19. Amco tool would be nice, but I did mine with a 12" caliper. I got them very close; after that it was super easy to set the minor adjustments. And just adding to this a little bit. I measured from the OD of the shaft to the opposite side corners of each brake shoe until I was within .005
  20. Looks like I'll be buying this 😊
  21. Go get that truck Keith! We are only here for a short time, and God wants us to be happy 😊 Can't wait to bring mine home. We need to get settled in first.
  22. Not insulated. But I'm going to insulate the garage and install in-floor heat on the side that's going to be cemented. Only half is currently cemented.
  23. A little closer. 20 minutes south of Rochester on Hwy 52. I hope to organize a big shindig for this forum. This property is perfect for it!
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