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  1. Worden18

    Jerry's "New" car

    Wow it looks great!
  2. Worden18

    I need help about manuals / service books

    Not too sure, but first guess would be that it must have come out of a Service Manual. I could be way off. Check out this link and description: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Plymouth-Dodge-De-Soto-1946-53-Service-Manual-/252334999749?hash=item3ac05688c5:g:3ycAAOSwpDdVSEFo You could certainly ask the seller if the manual shows that exploded view you're after....
  3. Worden18

    New guy here

    Very cool car; congrats on the purchase! I'm new here, too
  4. Worden18

    Interior Fabric

    Wow, your Meadowbrook sure looks a lot nicer than mine! I would agree with some of the other guys that if its not the original interior it sure is a very close match, and nice looking too. Here's a couple of pics of the seat fabric in my '51, which for sure is original. The mannequin in the back seat is part of my gameroom decor; I moved him into the car for some creepy pics for a friend LOL, pay no attention
  5. Worden18

    1948 Canadian P15 SD project Pictures

    Wow, just wow! I like to see this kind of photo documentation. To take a car apart like that, restore and fix everything and put it back together is amazing to me. Thanks for sharing, its looking great!
  6. Worden18

    What Are Your Reasons For Restoring An Old Car?

    I've owned almost 50 old cars since I was 16 (I'm 46 now). My first one was a '59 Studebaker Lark VI with a 3 on the tree. Some were more memorable than others. But one thing I enjoyed no matter the make, model, or year was just sampling each one to see what it was all about. I'm not restoring my 51 Meadowbrook, but I'm getting it reliable and roadworthy again, and fixing what previous owners have neglected over time. When I bought the car I felt that it was slowly working its way toward that everlasting "its been sitting for 20+ years" thing, and then the owner dies, leaves the car to his unappreciative children whom call the junkyard to come get it so the eyesore is removed from their property. At least I'll be driving it again soon (currently working on the brakes). I'll do other things to it like rebuild the carb, remove the radiator and have it boiled or recore it if needed. Tune-up, new radials, fluids changed, everything greased, etc. is probably the most I will do to it. The car is basically all original, so I plan to just leave the original paint and interior and all of the scuffs, scrapes and dents that go with it. As long as its mechanically sound, and not dangerous to drive its ok with me. Even though I'm no great mechanic (I usually get help from others), I enjoy working on these old pieces of history because their design was fairly simple. NO COMPUTERS or any extra-complicated BS is what attracts me. I always wish that the car could speak to me and tell me it's history. I also like the feeling of accomplishment when I work hard to get something fixed right.
  7. Worden18

    Finishing up a 1941 P11 as WWII staff car.

    Thank you for sharing the pics and story. The work you have done is amazing; wish I could see it in person
  8. Worden18

    New from Minnesota

    Hi Everyone, my name is John. I'm new to these forums but not to old Dodges. My new ride is the oldest Dodge I've owned thus far. I just HAD to have it. It's a 1951 Dodge Meadowbrook with Fluid Drive. It is all original, including the paint and interior. I'm going to leave it as-is and just drive it. It has 59K original miles with less than 1,000 of those miles in the last 40 years. One of the front wheel cylinders blew out on my drive home a couple of weeks ago, so right now I'm replacing the front brake cylinders, shoes, and lines. I'll tackle the rear after that. I also ordered a carb kit and a fuel pump for it, and I'll probably have the radiator reconditioned (re-cored if needed) before too long. I will leave the entire system 6 volt. The car looks better in the pictures than it actually is; the rockers are shot and there is some rust holes in the body, but it is what it is. I love working on it and driving it, so that's what matters to me. I am the 4th owner. The original owner's name is stamped on the back of an original Dodge medallion that is attached to the key ring along with the original keys. I'll post pics of those keys later; they are really cool! Doing some online research along with some information passed on to me from the guy I bought the car from, the original owner was a professor at Winona State University here in Winona, MN BITD. He purchased the car (new obviously) in 1951 when he was 37 years old from Seifert-Baldwin Motors (Chrysler Plymouth Dodge) in Winona MN. I'm not sure when he sold it to owner #2, but the original owner died in 1996 according to an old obituary. One of the bias-ply tires still has his name written on it (Sebo). The tires must be 40, or more than like 50 years old. They're shot so I will be replacing them with radials soon. I guess radios were an option in those days; mine does not have one. But the second owner found and original one and left it in the trunk, never installing it. Not sure if I will hook it up or not. Something to think about anyway. I was surprised how nice the car rides/steers, and how easy the Fluid Drive operates. Also, the 230 flathead isn't a dog like I thought it might be. It has really good power and easily cruises along with modern traffic. It's certainly not a flashy show car, nor an Imperial or anything, but I love it. Hope you guys do, too! Couple more things: I really like the hubcaps, and I found a 1951 MN license plate that I will use in place of the collector plates. link to my photobucket page with more pics: http://s1142.photobucket.com/user/gorfmaster/library/1951%20Dodge%20Meadowbrook?sort=3&page=1
  9. Worden18

    New from Minnesota

    That'd be awesome Harold. I'm only 15 minutes from Minnieska. If you get to that point shoot me a PM!
  10. Worden18

    New from Minnesota

    Hey fellas here's a couple pics of the original keys. On the front of each key you can see the "T" and "I" for trunk and ignition. The little Dodge medallion is just plain awesome. One the back of it the original owner's name is stamped, and he put his address on the backs of the keys: 1859 W 5th St. Winona MN 55987. Pretty cool! And oh, the background is a Champion Spark Plug ad from a March 1949 Life Magazine I happen to be paging through LOL
  11. Worden18

    New Build

    Open up a Photobucket account (its free), transfer the pictures from your computer to Photobucket, then copy/paste them from Photobucket to here. Its pretty easy.
  12. Worden18

    New from Minnesota

    Ok, thanks for the info
  13. Worden18

    New from Minnesota

    Hey fellas I do have one quick important question I'm hoping someone can answer. Can the oil pan be dropped without removing the swaybar (I think that's what is underneath it)? I want to take it off and clean it inside and out, put a new gasket set on, etc. Just curious as to what I might be up against if it doesn't just drop down without removing other things first....
  14. Worden18

    New from Minnesota

    I'm in the southeastern corner near Rochester and Winona, about 2 hours south of the Twin Cities. I'm kinda looking forward to taking the car to some shows this year; I suppose it could be entered in the all original class, or the "what the hell did you bring that here for?" class LOL. I'll have fun with it either way. Thanks for having me here on the forums.
  15. Worden18

    New from Minnesota

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I appreciate it; I just wanna have fun.... The hubcaps are actually Dodge; I believe them to be original! They say Dodge above and below the center. I'll have to snap a closer pic so you can get a better look at them. I'm no expert with this stuff, but I can say I haven't seen a set like the ones on my car before. Dog-dish-like....they don't cover the whole wheel.

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