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  1. Along the roadside sits this late 50s GMC near what looked to me like an abandoned quarry. It is in sorry shape with the windows broken out and animal feces all over the interior. The engine was still in it along with an old battery. I wonder when the last time it was used? Decades likely.
  2. Did a little maintenance on the Meadowbrook today. Changed the oil and filter, and while I was under there I snugged up the oil pan bolts (they needed it again; and yes I did it very gently), tightened the bowl on the fuel pump (was seeping a bit), tightened all the clamps on the fuel line, and wiped off a bunch of excess oil that looked like it came from around a couple of pan bolts. I also zip-tied up a few hanging wires under the dash. After that we took an evening ride on some of the local roads. One of them (from Rushford to Mabel, MN) we hadn't been on in quite some time. I had forgotten how long and curvy it was; perfect for our drive. We put on 63 miles and stayed ahead of this storm until about 6 or 7 miles from home.
  3. Meadowbrook resting in the garage when we got home. Ran flawlessly, no problems whatsoever. When we stopped in Lansing at the BP station for fuel, a gentleman in his 70s (I would guess) asked me, "Is it a 49?" I told him it was a 51. He said he owned a 49 Dodge with Fluid Drive back in 1963. He said some guy sold it to him for $15! He said it was $15 or it was going to the junkyard. I guess they were cars that nobody wanted too badly at the time, so they were cheap if you went that route. There was nothing wrong with the car. The guy told me he now owns a 55 Pontiac, a 55 Buick, and a 57 Chevy. He admitted they keep him busy. I forgot to ask him why he didn't have any of those 3 cars out on such an awesome day. Maybe he's waiting for the weekend He stepped over to my side of the pumps and checked out the interior and everything. He bid me a good day and then we were off. Still averaging 17mpg. We drove 167 miles today. We passed over the 2,000 mile mark (somewhere in IA) on the engine rebuild.
  4. Pooches getting a drink before we went in to Mabe's for pizza. Highly recommend this place! The waiter said they have 400-600 carryouts per day! The place was packed when we were in there.
  5. Back to the Meadowbrook for a bit after our walk.
  6. Once we made it back to Decorah we went for a short walk. This is the Porter House, which was built in 1867 and is now a museum. I want to go back and tour it as the house is filled with the Porter's personal items as they left them decades ago. They were not the original owners.
  7. We also saw plenty of abandoned homes. Here's one of them that was right on the highway.
  8. We saw three old abandoned schools along the way.
  9. View of the '51 coming up from the riverbank.
  10. There was a mowed path that led down to the river bank. The water was actually flowing fairly fast. Upper Iowa River I believe. The dark areas under the upper part of the pillars is actually hundreds of barn swallow's nests!
  11. Wifey took the afternoon off work (Thursday June 29) so we decided to go cruisin' in the Meadowbrook. We picked up a ton of brochures on our last trip to Decorah, IA, and I looked them over to see what might be fun. We decided on the "Driftless Area Scenic Byway" that runs through NE Iowa. We didn't travel the whole thing, but instead took a detour back across through Lansing and eventually back to Decorah. I drove 40-45mph with the exception of when we left Decorah and headed north on Hwy 52, then I drove 55mph. This was a little rest area along the way where we stopped to stretch and let the dogs out.
  12. I realize this, just a spur of the moment pipe dream I had
  13. Glad they got it out of there. Can't believe someone would "time capsule" an awesome car like that. To hell with the museum, someone needs to drive it!!
  14. And one more of the truck. Driving home after our visit to Iowa was awesome. There wasn't much traffic and it was nice and cool. The car ran perfect. Sometimes I drove 55, sometimes I drove 40. But at any speed I was happy it was the Meadowbrook I was driving
  15. On the way home I spotted these 2 classics just off the main road. I had seen them before (they are just outside of Mabel, MN) but hadn't stopped to take a pic or two until today. Of course the truck is a Ford, but I'm not quite sure what make the car is. I think its a Buick? I didn't get close enough because I think they are someone's lawn ornaments and I didn't want to trespass.
  16. Ground view looking up at one of the churches near the courthouse. There are four enormous churches within one block of the courthouse. This one was erected in 1917. While looking up I wondered how the bricklayers did their job with such precision at those heights!
  17. Here's the courthouse (1904) which was erected after the old courthouse from 1857 was demolished. They had numerous pictures of the previous courthouse and the demolition of it as well. The building to the left is the jail, which was erected in 1878 when they realized they needed more room away from the courthouse for prisoners. Only one person ever escaped. There is still bars across the windows on the upper floor.
  18. The old train Depot downtown. Not sure if its a museum now or not. Looked taken care of, but nobody was around. The tracks are long gone.
  19. The Meadowbrook resting in a parking lot in Decorah while we walked around. I always like taking pics of it in parking lots among modern vehicles; looks so out of place
  20. This building is directly across the street from the old hotel. It is one of the oldest buildings in Decorah, erected in 1855 as a grocery store. The old pics showed limestone gutters back then, and the street was quite a bit lower than what it is now.
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