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  1. Very nice! It’s hard to find that vintage that isn’t all beat up. Congrats! My brother in law bought a 98 new with a 360, kept it for 15+ years before trading it in. I should’ve bought it from him. Had less than 50k miles.
  2. Worden18

    My new truck!

    I’ve never had a nice truck in my life. Many capable and enjoyable ones, but never a nice one. So I picked up this 2018 Ram 1500 crewcab with the 240HP Ecodiesel. Man...what an awesome truck guys. I absolutely love it! Anyone else here have one with an Ecodiesel?
  3. Worden18

    fuel pump question

    Here’s what I would do before I would start swapping out fuel pumps or anything like that: Hook your line back up to the carburetor and dump some gas down the carb to get the engine started for a bit. That will cycle your fuel pump a lot faster. Do that a few times if it doesn’t stay running. Otherwise if there’s no fuel in the line it takes a long time for 6 V to crank up the fuel from the tank to the carb. Not saying this is your problem, but it’s a start without tearing off the fuel pump .
  4. Thank you for sharing this; I enjoyed your post. My uncle flew a bomber in the European theater in WWII.
  5. Worden18

    My new truck!

    Mine is a Bighorn, not the Laramie, so I don’t have the “cooled” seats. Those are a nice option. They keep your butt from sweating!
  6. Worden18

    Put My Dog Down Today...Been A Rough Day

    Yes, he took xrays; no obstruction. But she’d need an MRI to see everything. He said she could have a ball of cancer in there that is causing the problem that the xray can’t see. He doesn’t have the equipment.
  7. Worden18

    Put My Dog Down Today...Been A Rough Day

    Sorry for your loss Keith, and sorry it took so long for me to respond. I normally don’t read the off-topic section. Our boxer Brandi has been quite sick lately. I’m not so sure she’s gonna make it. We’ve taken her to the vet and he hasn’t found anything except that she has a large stomach. She’s been throwing up a lot and has lost almost 10lbs. Not sure what else to say. Makes me sad that there’s not much I can do.
  8. Worden18

    New truck arrive yesterday

    Nice truck, love it! Just so you know, there’s a number of us here that are against 12v conversions. IMO it’s totally unnecessary. Keep your truck tuned up, rebuild the generator and put on the biggest battery cables you can. My Meadowbrook starts right up whether it’s 95F or 0F. And I’ve used all the accessories at once with no problem. I have a 6v tractor battery in it.
  9. Worden18

    We and the Windsor 2018

    Do you have heat shields in place? Electric fuel pump might be the way to go, like you said. Keep us posted!
  10. Worden18

    '58 Ute - Rare?

    Wow, cool. I’ve never seen such a thing, either. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Hey fellas got my car running again (it was a faulty fuel pump) and I wanted to start a new thread and leave my engine rebuild thread as something separate. In this thread I'm going to post pics of me and my family's trips/shows/gatherings and anything else fun that we do with the car. Tonight we went out for a cruise over to a neighboring town. It was sunny and 70s here today with hardly a cloud. Perfect evening for a drive. Mostly I drove just 40mph because that's what felt good Its so much fun to drive the old Dodge; our new cars simply have no soul. There's a bunch of shows and gatherings coming up soon around here, we hope to hit all of them. Here's some pics from today: I guess only the first pic is from us being out and about. The other 3 are when we got back home LOL. The back roads around here are really fun, but you have to watch out for deer!
  12. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Aug. 6: Back home in the garage, safe and sound.
  13. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Aug 6: I said to the fam, “who wants to go for a ride?” and all their heads popped up and they smiled (including the dogs), so we took off on the Meadowbrook for about a 35 mile round trip. 40mph felt good. The cowl vent was open, the cool breeze was coming in, the car ran great, and it lulled everyone nearly to sleep. Life is good. 😉
  14. Worden18

    Anyone fix fluid drive in Chicago?

    It’s not likely a problem with your fluid drive. Sounds to me like your clutch is not disengaging. Check that first!
  15. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Monday August 6: 4am; warming up for the drive to work. Love driving it to and from work. Makes it a little more pleasant to get up at 3am LOL
  16. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Hmm...good question. Let’s see what some of the guys think.
  17. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    August 5: Warming up before we left...
  18. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    August 5: Just a quick drive into town today for some mini pizzas and breadsticks. My son rode along. I was a true Sunday driver with my 45mph speed limit. I was feeling kinda restless today, and driving the Meadowbrook put me at ease.
  19. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    She had thrown up some blood, and we were pretty scared. But the vet said it was likely an aspirin (given to her for arthritis) lodged in her stomach and caused the bleed. We should have been grinding them up. So no aspirin at all now, and she’s been pretty chipper; even running around outside, which she normally doesn’t do much of because she’s getting pretty old.
  20. They keep lowering the price too. I want that damn thing....
  21. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Aug. 2: Last pic is just after we got home. We cruised 40-45mph and never had one car behind us. Life is good!
  22. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Aug. 2: Took the fam (and dogs) out for an evening cruise. The weather was perfect (upper 60s) and the meadowbrook ran great. We stopped in a neighboring town for gas and snacks. On the way back we met a group of cyclists on the highway. They gave us the thumbs up and waved.
  23. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Aug. 2: Drove the Meadowbrook into work again today. I like driving it in the dark! The car ran exceptionally well considering the carb could use some work. On my way home I stopped at the market for some groceries. Passed two tractors on the highway....the only things my car has enough power to pass! Gonna go out and clean my garage now. There’s still tools all over the place from my brakes extravaganza.
  24. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Aug 1: 4am, warming up for the drive to work. I think I will repeat the process this morning.
  25. Worden18

    Fulton visor? No thanks!

    Nice work!

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