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  1. One more pic just before we took off.
  2. Saturday October 19: Out for an evening cruise with the kids. They were really excited to go (as was I); fall smells were in the air and colors have been so brilliant lately. We didn't go far (just around town), but to have my kids with enjoying the moment is priceless. Warming up at home. It got chilly so we cranked the heat 😊
  3. Those are some fantastic photos! I like how he puts it all together. Thanks for sharing πŸ‘
  4. If that isn't postcard material....
  5. Later wifey asked me to drop off some books at the library. What better car to run an errand with. At the library parking lot in this pic.
  6. Car ran good as usual. I might take it out later for a night ride πŸ‘
  7. Friday October 18: Drove my son and I downtown for a haircut. My barber likes the Meadowbrook. I'd say our maple is at peak color today 😊
  8. Looking good! Hope you had fun cruising. Someday I'm going to ride shotgun with you πŸ˜‰
  9. Oct. 12: Back at home. Will likely take the car out for a fall colors cruise later on.
  10. Oct.12: At the recycling place. Hauling stuff in the backseat reminded me of some guy I ran into that told me back in the 50s his dad had a Meadowbrook or a Coronet when they lived on a farm. Since they didn't have a truck they removed the back seat and hauled their milk cans into town with the car! Yes that's a big hunk of rust hanging down. πŸ˜‹
  11. Oct. 12: On my way out with the recyclables. I found out my emergency brake needs a little adjustment.
  12. Saturday, October 12, 2019: Chilly 28F this morningπŸ₯Ά Meadowbrook fired right up. I cranked the heat. Had to use the car for a little work this morning. Hauled recyclables. The back doors actually open far enough to stuff in the huge plastic tub we use. Fall colors are about at peak around here. Warming up by the awesome maple.
  13. 10-7-19: Sitting in my garage gazing down at the highway while enjoying a pair of Hostess Cupcakes. πŸ˜‹ The 48 is sitting comfortably behind me. The sound of the traffic mixed with moments of silence is calming.
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