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  1. Sweet! Congrats. Please keep us updated 🙂
  2. Put whatever damn plate you want on your car. The cops won't even notice 😉
  3. Wow that's a great little story. I have a crank for my 48 B1D. I'm anxious to try it once it's tuned up....and I actually learn to do it without getting hurt! 😂
  4. 8-1-19: I'm still here fellas! Been super busy at work and with the sale of our home. The closing is over, now I should have more time to do the things I really want to do, like work on the Meadowbrook and the 48 B1D. Anyway, tonight was another driving lesson for my daughter. I worked the accelerator while she did the clutch pedal and shifted through the gears to get us going. Then she traveled about 40 to 45 miles an hour for about 8 Miles and then came to a stop on the side of the road, pushed in the clutch pedal, put the car in neutral, and pulled the ebrake. She's doing better each time. She doesn't want to drive any of our other cars. Just the Meadowbrook!
  5. Thank you for sharing! Keep us updated 👍
  6. Looks good! And welcome. Keep us updated on your progress 👍
  7. Looking good man! You've given me inspiration to take my time on my '48 B-1-D. Been so stupid busy with other things that I've stepped away from it. Love the necker knob 😆
  8. That's the way to do it!! Looking good 👍
  9. Welcome! I'm really liking your truck. Keep us posted. We like pics of progress 😉
  10. 6-29: Drove by a friend's house and he had his Caddy Hearse out, which he drives quite often. It's a 1970 model. We started talking about caskets and death, and I told my kids that in my written will I'm leaving the Meadowbrook to my youngest daughter (she's just 4 months). They both got mad and I just roared with laughter! 😆
  11. 6-29: On the way home I let my daughter drive. She's 13. She did surprisingly well and kept the car at about 45mph. I helped her shift to get us going, and sat next to her just in case we needed an emergency stop or steer. This was the second time she has driven the Meadowbrook. 👍
  12. 6-29-19: The kids and I took a cruise on the highway tonight. We stopped at the car wash first, then on to Amish Ovens (truck stop owned by a friend) for gas and snacks. It was super hot and muggy today, but the cowl vent did a nice job.😊
  13. Wow! It looks fantastic! Congrats 👍
  14. Tucked away for the night. It ran good 👍
  15. A pic before we left home....
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