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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!

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    Working on and driving vintage Dodges
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    1951 Dodge Meadowbrook<br />
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  1. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    Pic 5 (lower brackets) and 9 are still up for grabs. 😊
  2. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    The possible pedal bushing.... I could maybe fit my thumb through it. It's maybe an inch and a half long.
  3. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    7, 8, and 9
  4. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    4, 5, and 6
  5. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    Okay fellas, let's play "what are these parts?" We'll just go pic 1, 2, 3, etc. Continuing to the next post.
  6. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    Starters, generators, carburetors, distributors, oil baths, oil filter canisters, brackets, oil pumps, flywheel, seals, and a whole bunch of other stuff, some of which I have no idea what they are. I will post pictures of those in a little while to see if you guys can identify them
  7. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    I sorted through all the parts that came with the truck. Lots of useful things, and a number of useless junk as well. Pretty good score though.
  8. Worden18

    1977 JD loader at work

    That's my 68 Dodge D-700 sitting there. Poor beast!
  9. Worden18

    1977 JD loader at work

    Pic 1: passing by the granery. Pic 2: our barn is 1880s.
  10. Worden18

    1977 JD loader at work

    Pic 1: the sun was coming up behind the bluff and was shooting a beam of light straight up.
  11. Worden18

    1977 JD loader at work

    Jan. 19, 2019: First big snowfall of the season here in Southeastern Minnesota. Got around 6 inches. First time I've used the John Deere 444 to plow snow since last April. I keep it plugged in, and it starts right up. I installed a good heater about 3 years ago, so the cab gets nice and toasty. It has a 90hp six cylinder diesel. GVW 20,000lbs. The second picture was after I finished plowing. Video to follow soon.
  12. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    Very nice. Looks good! Before I fab anything I need to sort through all those extra parts I got with the truck. What I need might be in there. 😊
  13. Worden18

    Me and the B-1-D

    When you're downshifting from 4th to 3rd you push in the clutch go to neutral, rev the engine a little bit, push in the clutch again and then shift to third. It's a matter of revving the engine just the right amount.

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