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    Working on and driving vintage Dodges
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    1951 Dodge Meadowbrook<br />
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  1. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    March 22: It had been a long while since I had the Meadowbrook out for a ride. She fired right up and I took her to town for gas. After that I drove my daughter and her friends around town for about an hour. It gave me great peace to hold the wheel and hear the engine. Around town I kept her in second gear and utilized fluid drive. It was awesome. Pic 1: Warming up behind the bushes Pic 2: Gassing up at BP I still need to take care of the headlight ring. Soon...
  2. Worden18

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Looks fantastic! Wow! I'm happy you left the paint as is...
  3. Worden18

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Do you plan on painting it, or leave as is? Motor looks awesome, nice work.
  4. Worden18

    The ole' 218 got a make-over...

    Nice work!
  5. Worden18

    pertronix for Dodge

    I've had the Pertronix kit in my 51 Meadowbrook (230) for almost 2 years now and close to 10,000 miles. Not one single problem. car even started up and ran perfectly when it was minus 33 degrees Fahrenheit. I know I have the box somewhere in my garage but I am not home right now. best thing for you to do is to call them and make sure you get the right kit if that's the way you want to go.
  6. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Thanks for the responses fellas. I just may have an extra ring that came with all of the parts I got with my 48 B1D. I'll do some digging...
  7. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    I think a call to French Lake Auto parts here in MN is in order. No way I'm going aftermarket on that. How does the ring actually attach?
  8. Worden18

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    March 5, 2019: Drove Meadowbrook to work since my brand new truck is not reliable, that's the very truth. there's something to be said about the simplicity of these old cars. Zero degrees F, no problems. The only issue I had was I lost the driver side headlight ring somewhere on the way to work. I'll have to hunt around for a replacement. Pic 1: at work Pic 2: warming up in the driveway at home
  9. Worden18

    Little detailing

    Looking good! Yep, resize in paint program
  10. Worden18

    Life Changers

    Get well Don!
  11. Worden18

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Looking great 👍. Love to see the progression. Thanks for sharing! I agree with you...leave that paint and drive it.
  12. Worden18

    Finished my 41 Plymouth

    Amazing work. I'm always stunned by the talent some people have. I wish I could admire it in person!
  13. Love it! That's some really nice work you did there; impressive. Its just where I would want to sit and sip on my rum and coke...
  14. Worden18

    International Tractor on deck of Hornet

    Thanks for posting 👍
  15. Awesome! That's some nice work 👍

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