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  1. 1941 Chrysler C28 Wiring Harness

    Hi Kevin I Think i will remove the dashboard and i do a lot of photos :-) Thank`s Alex
  2. 1941 Chrysler C28 Wiring Harness

    Happy New Year I have ordered from YnZ the complete wiring Harness ! ( Main , Taillight, Headlight,Vacamatic) The Harness is very authentic looking ! They've been very helpful and supportive - terrific people to work with. I highly recommend YnZ! What`s the best to start rewiring a car ? What is best to start ? Front to back or from inside to outside ? First remove the existing harness or part for part ? Remove the Dashboard and other parts of the car ? Can you tell me your experience to rewire the whole car? What you think how long does it takes to rewire the car? Thank`s Alex
  3. 1941 Chrysler C28 Wiring Harness

    Thank`s i will check this companie too !!
  4. 1941 Chrysler C28 Wiring Harness

    Thank`s for your info . I have read a lot of positive opinions about Rhode Island Wiring :-) I have to check the shipping and tax prices because thats a big part of the bill !
  5. Has somebody experience with this companies ? Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc. Wiring Harnesses - Narragansett Reproductions - Wiring Harnesses and car restoration supplies Harnesses Unlimited - custom auto wiring harness YnZs Yesterdays Parts; Manufacturer of Classic and Antique Automotive Wiring Harnesses
  6. fluid drive downshifts

    i know this Video !
  7. fluid drive downshifts

    Thank`s this is perfect ! And about the wiring harness do you know a place to buy ?
  8. fluid drive downshifts

    i will check this parts if they work correct ! Has someone of you an explosion view drawing of the governor ? i have bought a NOS U-Drive Kickdown switch plate and will change it ! I Think it is better to see on the drawing how the parts are correct ! And i think my wiring is awful ! Does knows someone of you where i can get a complete wiring harness ?
  9. fluid drive downshifts

    Thank`s for your tips / 1949 Goat & 1941 Chrysler This weekend i have changed the Voltage Regulator , because i have a overload at the batterie ! Now it is between 7,2 & 7,4 Volt . Bevor it was at 8,2 Volt !!!! I thought that could also be a reason that I had no upshifting ! But it`s still no upshifting !I think i have to change the Transmission Solenoid Relay too !What do you think about that ?I Think the problem with the column shift will not move out of that position is common on this transmission ! When you drive reverse up it is very heavy to move the car with the foot and than is it a big problem to move out the shift lever !!!!!
  10. fluid drive downshifts

    Thanks for the explanation I have removed the fuse that I can drive at all ! With the fuse ,they have no upshift automatic ! I Think the problem can be that the Governor not works well ! And an other problem that i have is when the reverse is inserted ,jammed the lever and I can not switch back ! Do you know this problem ?
  11. fluid drive downshifts

    I have the same problem with the Fluid Drive ! i can only drive in 2nd and 4th gear ! There is no upshifting ! is it possible that the voltage regulator has an influence on the switching of the fluid drive ?
  12. This wonderfull 1941 Chrysler Royal Business coupe is now located in switzerland !!!! Alex