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  1. Ive got B1b truck with a 3 speed I need to replace I have a B1C that has a 4 speed The b1b tranny is a typical B1 series according to Mopar parts list book the the emergency break is on the floor with a bracket on the side of the shifters cone on the side. The B1C is a four speed Spur type it has a has a emergency brake under the dash has a break cable that connect to a bracket on the side of the case keeping in mind a 4 speed was offered in the 1949 B1Bs I think according to the book Bunn. My question is will the 4 speed work in the B1B including the E brake and do I need to change the bell housing thanks
  2. Guess ill get by with one until I find one guess there like hen teeth
  3. Webmaster I see you up graded to electric I have elect. wipers on my 49 b1b one of the transmission doesn work I was wondering if the one on a vacuum will work ?
  4. that must be why you see the ones for sale the steering box and the steering shaft all one piece ?
  5. can someone tell the secret to pulling the steering wheel and also the steering box on 1949 b1c and have one swap one with 1949 b1b thanks
  6. thanks anyway Dozer I just found a company in ohio that has most all the parts That's what they said there name is North West Transmission ph# 800 327 1955

    Need transmission info

    thanks if you want here's my ph .number 727 534 8689 thanks again Ray
  8. is the trany different on the 50 than 48 49

    Need transmission info

    any chance getting your friends ph # I need a tranny for a 1949 b1b 1/2 ton pilothouse thanks you can also email me rayan@gte.net
  10. I think the site will good Im doing the same finding parts is a problem mines a 1949 b1b Ive got a bad tranny been trying to find a source for parts also trying find a replacement I thought mine was almost done When the oil pressure droped and tranny started acting up?
  11. I have a 1949 dodge b1b 108 The tranny sometimes doesn't go into 1st or reverse and also pops out of gear does anyone have a source for parts to repair and anyone know what all year tranny will work Im thinking only 48 and 49 thanks
  12. well I watched the videos on taking the front clip off that looked do able. After that I take that you would pull the tranny .Since I don't have a lift I guess I pull the shifter up thru floor floor. I assume I leave the bell housing on the motor. remove exhaust ,remove brake and clutch from the bell housing disconnect starter pedal bracket and any misc wires throttle choke cable ,remove bolts from both rear motor mounts and the front mount than slide motor forward and lift does anyone have any suggestions never done this before. thanks happy new year
  13. I did the jpg and site said it was to big and I didn't know how to make it smaller
  14. Merry Chistmas to all the members and there family Ray

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