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  1. I just threw an extra 10 ft piece away for my 49. No bites from classifieds. Good luck.
  2. My carpet has a "flap" on the passenger side of the hump to access the tranny parts. One place I checked did not have this "flap" in the carpet. If I cut the hole it would leave ragged edges, so declined to purchase.
  3. Part of the chore of my new terminal condition is digging thru every corner of this castle pulling out stuff and junk and the like. Everything must go. It took a daily effort for 7 weeks but am finally prepared for a giant yard/estate sale. I view that part as fun party days. Will be happy to see stuff disappear. In the cleaning process I came across a small bag of silver coins stashed away. The best option here was to trot off to a coin dealer. There were no rare or valuable coins, it was the value of the silver there. Face value of the coins was $35. No need to dispute the dealer, and happy to get rid of them, I walked out with $350. That was a nice surprise. By the way, the '49 Chrysler is still for sale, you can see it in the classifieds.
  4. I'm coming up right behind you.
  5. That's worse than a junk yard Thanks for not showing the "bad" ones.
  6. Nice car, great start. Driving is the most fun.
  7. My looking/dreaming days are over. Time to sell everything.
  8. A steady hand and a small brush got my recessed letters black. Same on the trunk chrome for "Fluid Drive".
  9. Your title says 39, the ad says 36.
  10. Hit the classified button above and put in For Sale.
  11. Have fun. Toot them big horns.
  12. I don't think it opens or is fixable. My mistake, the governor has the points under the cover. Start searching.
  13. Best of my knowledge that chrome assembly on the trunk probably has 4 nuts on the inside to be removed. Pulling the lock cylinder wouldn't help. Guessing the shaft is broken. Getting in there is the challenge. Keep posting on your findings/success.
  14. It's the original faceplate, deal with it. That will look better than an oddball radio. Some people need/want radios to repair. Value is difficult.
  15. Has he found a 6v-12V adapter to make it work? Not sure about existing speakers.