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  1. Mine must be 23" (because it fits in my plymouth as replacement for the original 201 23"). I will measure but it must be true. Rebecca
  2. I think that my 230 is from 53 Dodge power wagon. This would mean that it is not set up for fluid drive right? it seems to fit my orig 3 speed. Will search for a spare. thanks for the tips. Rebecca
  3. I see. It is marked std. but as noted, i my recent post we are giving up on any hacks and pulling the engine. Rebecca
  4. I think that the issue is that the bearing is correct but the endcap was from other engine (needs line boring to this engine). Anyway, enough anomalies that we think that we wasted enough time. time to pull it. thanks for your comments.
  5. It is standard. Time to pull the engine. Needs to be line bored to right size. Rebecca
  6. Lets say that I decide that my 230 has to come out. What if I can make the car drive-able for now (have a little more fun) but in the meanwhile get another core and overhaul that so that i can make a quick swap. I have two questions: Are all 230 CI the same (mine is from 53 Dodge)? In other words, if I want to find another one do I care what vehicle it came from? Does it need to be a car engine? I assume yes. Are there any that are definitely different from mine that I just avoid (I have the 36 transmission). Is there anyone out there that sells these engines overhauled ready to go (I am under the impression that this is a very common engine because they were built for so many years)? Possibly I should just overhaul the one that I have but am thinking that there is some value in having a spare. Rebecca
  7. Because I have too many projects and because I suspected that the oil leak issue on my 1936 Plymouth (with A 52 Dodge 230) is a can of worms I hired a good mechanic solve it for me. My suspicion was that I did not have a simple leaking rear main seal (leak was getting too large). Upon inspection he discovered that the previous owner added a copper shim at each side of the end-cap. He removed these shims and confirmed that without them it fits too tight. I think that this end cap is from another car (parts bin build?). Anyway, it appears that the leak is caused by the shim creating a gap in the seal fitment. He is going to check the fitment with some plastigage and get back to me (it could be adjusted depending on where it is too tight - one side or everywhere). If it cannot be made to fit without machine shop then we are done I and I pull the engine. Question: Has anyone ever discovered a hack to at least fix this temporarily (knowing that it needs to be fixed right later)? I have another question. Lets say that i did not have this end cap/bearing fitment issue and I just had a leaking rear main seal. It appears that it is just about impossible to change the top half of the seal with the engine in the car. If you remove the transmission and flywheel it would be easier but there is not a lot of clearance to get to the three bolts that hold in the upper seal. Even with these things out the crankshaft flange clearance and getting at the top bolt might still be hard. Here is my question: Do most people just change the bottom half because it is where most of the oil will leak (due to gravity) and wait to change the top half next time the engine is out? Thanks, Rebecca
  8. yes my 36 has a 230 instead of the 201. Rebecca
  9. nice car. thanks for the inspection tip. Rebecca
  10. I look forward to seeing more pics. Rebecca
  11. looks good. I like your shiny air cleaner cover. I have a pie pan top on mine. Rebecca
  12. thanks. I will aim to keep the column cable shifter and no overdrive for now. I am still learning about this car and am assuming that the transmission and rear end are the same as my 36 (max highway speed about 50-55 MPH with no overdrive). Am I right about this? If I experiment with overdrive I was thinking of trying it in my 36 first and keep the 39 stock. Rebecca
  13. don't forget that the engine will shake a little (need more clearance than appears then it is just sitting not running). Rebecca
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