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    Had a 50 Plymouth in Jr College. Later I thought it would be fun to find another and fix it up.
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    Fresno CA
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    Restored 1950 Plymouth four door, 1947 coupe with 318 engine conversion.


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    Old Plymouths, photography, running.
  1. After missing a couple of years I am looking forward to returning this year. Today I gassed up my 1950 Plymouth, checked the tire pressure and oil level. Saturday morning I will drive up from Fresno with a grin upon my face.
  2. New Route For '41?

    I will say this in jest but other owners who have done it may agree in spirit. Carefully list the dollar cost of all your drivetrain upgrade parts. Multiply by three. Calculate the number of weeks for the complete upgrade project. Multiply that by ten.
  3. New Route For '41?

    A dual reservoir master cylinder and disk brakes will be a big safety improvement. You can take your time to decide all the other stuff, according to your own schedule, fabrication skills, and budget.
  4. Holy crap! Glass prices

    If the glass is too big because the shop traced around your blanks and cut on the wider traced line the glass may not fit. That happened to me.
  5. P20 fender welting shape

    My gray 50 Plymouth had black welting on the rear fenders. I think I got replacement welting from Andy Berbaum but that was 15 years ago. It was a little tricky getting it in straight during the fender tightening but it looked good at the end. I had the car painted first and put in the black welting afterward.
  6. Energizer Bunny arrested...!

    Clickbait. I should have known better. I just wasted three perfectly good groans from my lifetime allotment.
  7. P15 dash install / rattle prevention tips / help

    On my P15 there were some anti rattle cloth type strips between the sides of the dash and the side of the frame near the door openings. I may have reused them, I don't remember. I don't have any dash rattles, I think the strips were a little bit of "good practices" overkill. The purpose of the piping under the front of the window garnish may have been to prevent air leaks from the defroster channels in the garnish.
  8. 1950 Plymouth heaters

    I have a 50 Plymouth Special Deluxe with a heater. The heater core was moved to the engine compartment about 49 to prevent a dangerous core failure next to the front passenger's feet. The Special Deluxe had a second blower motor under the dash to drive the defroster vents. The old heater worked well for me when the temps were below 32 degrees in Western Maryland. I did not have to run it on "high" to be warm. The repo duct should work fine, the originals were some kind of pressed and stapled fiber material. After all, it is just an air duct, so any fiber or metal duct should work if you do not need an original look. Make sure to keep the duct sealed well at the firewall or you may get carb smells.
  9. Update on the 1947 Deluxe and some questions!

    It is not unusual for a water pump seal to fail after a car has not run in years. These engines were used for cars, trucks, agricultural equipment, and forklifts. So you can probably get one at NAPA or your local store. Get a pump, don't bother with a repair kit.
  10. Hi Mark, Am doing a 12 volt conversion on a 47 Chrysler and have most things covered. Read your post on a 12 volt horn relay. Anything special? Where did you purchase one? Thanks for any help. Dave

  11. 1950 Meadowbrook Out of Storage

    That is a good looking Meadowbrook, a good example of a 1950. Don't try too hard to fix the fuel evaporation because it is a common symptom and they all tend to do that to a certain extent. Oh sure, you can get a six volt fuel pump, and it is a good idea to install a tip-over or collision switch so it stops pumping after a collision. This info can be found with a forum search. OR, you can do NOTHING about it. You will have a few extra seconds of cranking the first time you start it after a week. Can you live with that? The car will start reliably like this for decades to come.
  12. It ain't broke so don't fix it. I am in California. Yep, they used the P15 engine serial number for registration back then. My local CHP understood this when I took mine in to get it registered and safety inspected so don't assume they are all dumb and you are going to get the run around. I think you are in a good position, you really don't have to change anything. Your have all matching numbers on your vehicle which is pretty cool.
  13. ? Of Mopar Flathead Reliability

    I had the 217 flathead rebuilt when I restored my 1950 Plymouth in 1998. I have driven it as a hobby car mostly around town, but with some occasional 200 or 300 mile round trips. I even drove it every day to work for a year. Over the past 16,000 miles I have done some maintenance and garage repairs like most owners, but it always brought me home on its own power and I never needed a tow. I feel this engine would take me anywhere. It is in stock condition, with generator, four blade fan, distributor, mechanical fuel pump, partial flow oil filter and other stock stuff. Reliable, not fragile.
  14. Gas tank drain plug leaking

    I had a leak from the fuel sender gasket on top of the tank after filling up all the way. The overflow came down and dripped off the low parts of the tank. ..... I also have experienced a leak from the drain plug after fooling with it. After trying all sorts of things to tighten it I found, as DonaldSmith suggests, that a square 1/2 inch drive fit those funny corners perfectly.
  15. If you had a choice

    While running new wires, run some extra wires from the dash area to the trunk, in case you want to install sound speakers in the package tray under the rear window. Or you can use them for other future accessories.