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  1. TomP

    Bob Drown

    Latest update from Josh Hey folks I just want everyone to know that dad's RC Drown grave side service will be at 10am Friday after Thanksgiving at the Grahamsville cemetery all are welcome thank you all so very much.
  2. TomP

    Bob Drown

    Hi gents, this is a message I received from Josh, Bobs son that he stayed with for his last 3 months. Please if you know of other thread out there could please give me a link to them, the only other link I have is on the Plymouth Bulletin forum. Thanks. https://www.plymouthowners.club/talk/index.php?topic=3653.msg19147#new Tom this was so heartwarming and sad at the same time thank you all so very much. Josh
  3. TomP

    Bob Drown

    With a heavy heart our good friend Bob lost his fight with cancer in the evening of Halloween, just 5 month, 156 days after loosing his bride Patty, by him moving to Fletcher OK with Josh and his family solved the fear of what would happen to his co-pilot Cooper, which I know gave him much stress while in Neversink. Rest easy my friend, miss you loads. God Bless You.
  4. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    Job Done, in the end I removed the 4 screws which hold the right hand rear floating mount, within an hour the bracket was aligned to the mounting and bolted back into the frame. Didn't even break a nail. Now to get ready to firer it up.
  5. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    Hi Ed, yes the longest way is usually the quickest, my problem was that I couldn’t get the split pin out, short of cutting the head off and I didn’t have a spare. The drivers side I took the bottom nut & bolt back out and the did the treaded top one first, the bottom hole you can get a good view of so put a pry bar to twist the bracket. Did the same on the other side but it would not play. There’s always tomorrow.
  6. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    It's in all bar one 9/16unf bolt which screws into the rear floating bracket, will need to remove the lower bolt which is a nut & bolt fixing, then wedge the gape to see when the holes aligned, I will try the mirror on a stick with a torch but there's not alot of room. Getting to old for this rockin n rolling on the floor.
  7. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    Thanks for your support gents, nice to know fellow Mopar guys find the time to browse the threads, here in the UK space for lock-up are a premium, already have 500 sq ft an ex farmers barn which is not suitable for modern farming. I bought my container as an over spill then had the opportunity to buy my 41 Plymouth PT125 and lost my surplus space. None of the photos show the fact that the floor of the container is 2 ft above ground level, fortunately I have a large flatbed trailer tiltbed so getting the truck out will be a dream, here's today's helping.
  8. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    Been a while since posting here, moved along a little with this 41, have stripped the bodywork off of the front end so that I could prepare it for a 1947 T142 engine trans that has been de-coked and tidied in readiness for fitting.Still can't embed Photos into text Primed, Frame with 2 coats of Rust-Oleum, 2 Coates John Deere Green in keeping with it's former life, plus the engine waiting to be fired up.
  9. TomP

    1934 DS Convertible

    Working with a family in Holland that have a 1934 Dodge Eight series DS Convertible Sedan, this is a 4 Door Rag Top with a wheel base of 121". Somehow the windshield frame has been lost and I am trying to find one, I am fairly confident that this frame is the same as 33 PD, 34 PE and possible the Dodge equivalent models. We have done a measurement comparison with my PD and the dimension just above the belt line is 47" on both cars. Hopefully one of you good people can help . Thank you Tom
  10. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    Working in the front end of a container is pants, trying to shotblast the frame rails is proving too slow, so have another piece of kit on it's way to me.
  11. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    Thanks for your kind comments, regs are getting easier all the time, from May next Vehicles over 40 yrs old wont even need an MOT, as I understand it stock as long as roadworthy will automatically receive a ticket once registered, none stock will get 1 point deducted for each change to a max. of 10, over 10 will have to go for SVA (Single Vehicle Appraisal) plus be put on a Q plate.
  12. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    Few more updates from last week, engine trans is ready to go in, just got to clean up the frame, blast & spray, 3 coats Rustoleum, Firewall will be John Deere Green as it was in service. Rust repair to be completed on both sides of the cab, did they all go there?
  13. TomP

    T142 engine

    Thank you sir for your thoughts on what's possible, I think I will put this on the back boiler for another day when closer to completion. The spares I have will stay where they are, I have both a BMW and Audi servo I could use both mid nineties which might be a little too strong for drums.
  14. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    You want dirt this is the T142 before and during, after is complete color wise but will have to wait for photos
  15. TomP

    PT125 Rebuild

    Thanks Merle, this one spent most of it's life in Utah in and around Tooele, it was 1 of 601 built in the LA plant. Rust is an enemy to us all here in the UK is one of the worst, bare metal rusts for a past time. I did have some bolts that sheared straight off with very little pressure they will have to be drilled out and unscrewed with the easy-outs.

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