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  1. They don't seem to have anything that will work...and the CS reps are not very helpful as they have no other information than what is on line
  2. LazyK the listing shows that these are 32” long and what is left of mine -the metal which should give the correct length is 30”. Since there are tabs for the screws on the ends, it doesn’t seem that trimming is an option. 49roadster I’ll look at Steele on line but can you tell me the length of yours?
  3. My '49 Plymouth Woody is out of paint and I will be starting to put it back together. My Hinge pillar weatherstrip is badly deteriorated and not usable. According to Andy B, it is no longer made and they do not have anything to replace it with. It looks to be a triangular section mounted on a metal strip that has tabs for screws. Any ideas of where to find NOS or what to use? Here are some pics of what I have left and where it goes. Thank you.
  4. JSabah

    Paint details

    Been working on it on and off for about 2 1/2 years (it is a hobby, so I'm trying to keep it fun and not frustrating). As for the metal work, I had a little bit of rust on the floor pan in the front and some inner rockers that needed replacing. I bought the front floor-pans as they were pressed to match (close) and just needed a bit of tweaking/extending. As for the inner rockers, the supplier that I got the floor-pans from had me waiting an eternity for them, so I ended up just making them myself - they are straight sheet metal with some bends that I could do on a small brake that I have. I hope to have the car complete sometime this summer.
  5. JSabah

    Paint details

    Never late ...always like to learn. Josh
  6. I was planning on getting rid of all fumes by filling with water and using a vacuum (blowing air), using a reciprocating saw (to avoid sparks) to cut along the existing weld and remove the bottom. Then take it to a sandblaster to have cleaned and remove the rust, after which make a new bottom and baffles if necessary and braze - there should then be no risk of fire. Finally, I may have it zinc plated in the interior since it wont be a daily driver and may sit for periods.... Oh, sorry Im doing 2 cars and my explanation was for the other...I will not be opening this one. I may take it to the ReNu vender near me as this looks like the best process out there and will take care of the pin holes.
  7. JSabah

    Paint details

    Getting closer (color doesnt look right in the pic - it is a bone color)
  8. JSabah

    Paint details

    off to paint shop...
  9. JSabah

    Paint details

    Thank you Joecoozie for the information and pictures. And congrats on acquiring a nice, unique car. From the pictures, it looks like your wood is in good shape which is important. I bought myself a project (on line) and later found out that about 1/2 the wood was damaged or rotted, so I spent at least a year making templates and replacement parts. My car was Rio Maroon (an original color for '49) but being in So Cal, I thought the off white was more "beachy".
  10. JSabah

    Paint details

    Thank you. Please let me know about the Underhood color.... and do you think the seat frame color is a match for the exterior? Would love to see pics of your car (where are you located?). Josh
  11. My 49 Plymouth woody is just about out of the paint shop and I can’t tell from my old pics (and my memory is failing me) if the under hood is to be painted car color or black (car is bone white). Also, the tubular seat frames for the rear and 3rd row looked to be the old car color (Rio Red/maroon) and I was planning on painting them the new car color. Now I’m thinking that there may be too much contrast with the original vinyl color. Here is a pic of another white car (not mine) that looks to have brown frames... anyone know what was original?
  12. I suppose the good news is that I was able to clean all the rust from my fuel tank (first with lacquer thinner and acetone added, then with muratic acid). I'd say that it is now 100% clean. However, getting all the road grime off the outside revealed a few pin holes and then the rust removal revealed quite a bit more. So, I have 3 options (advice sought) and 2 questions. (1) I can solder the holes, (2) I can epoxy seal it (here is Q #1 - is there something that needs to be done with the fuel pick up line/can on the bottom of the tank?), or (3) buy a new tank (Q2 who sells the most accurate reproduction). Here are some pics of what I'm dealing with....
  13. Is adding A/C a realistic option? Engine is out of the car. Probably going with a machined head to get the compression up, duel carbs and electronic ignition....
  14. I've been restoring a '49 Plymouth Woody and have now started to think about the engine. While I've thought about putting a newer modern crate engine in, I think I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to keep the original look to the car and engine bay (ie flathead) but Id like a bit more power than the stock 6 cyl Flathead has. Does anyone have any recommendations for a engine builder in the Van Nuys/Los Angeles are who could give me some ideas of what is able to be done and that can take on the work? Also any suggestions as to how far (or not too far) to go with it is appreciated. Im just looking to be able to comfortably get on freeways and travel the hills/canyons. I realize that this may also affect the trans and rearend. Ive already decided to change to a 12 volt system. Thank you.
  15. Working on my '49 Ply Woody and am in need of both front floor supports AND middle floor supports. Ply Dr. has been unable to get them out for over 6 weeks and C2C only has fronts listed in there catalog (not the middle). Where can I get them from? Also C2C states that theirs are 19Ga ... is that what they were originally (seems pretty light)? FYI the fronts have an angle to them and the middle are basically the same but straight. Thanks, Josh
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