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  1. Body work

    I do paint and body for a living so this is regular every day stuff for me. If you are removing panels like rockers, a spot weld cutter is nice. Drill bits work too, depends on how much you money want to invest in tools. Cut off wheels on either electric or air operated tools are best for cutting out ares of rust. Also, get some tech clamps for when welding the panels back together. I buy them from Eastwood but I believe harbor freight sells them too. They hold the pieces together great and give you a perfect gap. Good luck and remember not to rush your welding. Move around and allow the metal to cool in between.
  2. wet blasting

    I do paint and body for a living. We typically use pladtic chips to blast the paint off. Then all seam sealer/fillers are removed by hand. After all metal work is done, we glass blast then straight to epoxy primer. Many years and many card done this way with great results.
  3. 1948 Plymouth Rat Rod

    What's a rat rod rod...............All I see is an old Plymouth.
  4. And ironically, your name is nonstop, haha.
  5. New to the group

    Depends on what strict budget means. Anything you do is going to cost a lot. Building a flat six isn't cheap either. An inline chevy in that car just doesn't seem right, but if it can be made to run, I'd stick with that. It will be your cheapest option. I ride too but I'm partial to Italian machines. I have yet to see a Harley go around a corner like my Ducs and Aprilias.
  6. Need help

    T5 and cherokee 3:55 rear end.
  7. Running without inner/outer fenders

    I always move the battery in every car I do to the trunk. Nothing cleans an engine compartment up like relocating the battery. As far as the solenoid goes, maybe make a temporary bracket and mount it to the engine.
  8. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    One of those to each his own things. Personally, I dig it but I build custom cars and motorcycles so I can appreciate the work. Not a big fan of skirts but the owner must like them. Would be a boring world if everybody drove the same car. I don't think anybody is lucky to have their car stolen.........
  9. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    California definitely has it's problems. I kinda laugh though when I hear about people in other states storing their cars for winter. Man, that would suck! Guess I'll be here til we get tossed into the Pacific.
  10. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    Will never happen. My newest car is a 1959......No way in hell I'll ever drive an electric anything. I'm sure there is more to that law than no more internal combustion engines. Will probably be more like no more manufacturing or selling of internal combustion engine powered cars.
  11. New here. Seized '53 Dodge flathead 6 motor

    I've been doing some work on a 53 meadowbrook for a friend. Small block mopar sure fits nicely in these cars. This one has a 273/904 out of a 68 dart in it. Just another option besides the stock motor.
  12. R10 for cheap

    Shoot, I didn't see the edit. Good for you, I'm sure it's going to a good home.
  13. R10 for cheap

    If I wasn't putting a t5 in my 49, I would have driven down to get it. He's only 3 hours south of me. He didn't know what it was, I told him it is an overdrive. He also told me he will sell it seperate. Good luck, hope somebody here buys it.
  14. R10 for cheap

  15. rings/smoke

    White smoke is oil, steam is water. Blue is oil too. Black is usually fuel, too rich.