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  1. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/d/auburn-dodge-plymouth-desoto-230ci/6821232302.html
  2. Try gravity bleeding it. I've never had to do it on a car or truck but it worked for me on a clutch slave on my Ducati. Top it off,crack the bleeder and let it sit. Just make sure to not let it run dry.
  3. That's like telling a doctor you have a headache and asking him what's the cause. Hard to diagnose without seeing what's going on, cleaning the tranny and watching for the leak. Not trying to sound like an a hole but it can be from anywhere. Good luck, hope you find it.
  4. Ignition kill is always good. I've worked in body shops for 25 years. Every theft recovery I've worked on had an alarm. Steering wheel locks like the club are useless, easy to get around. My 12 gauge or .45 barrel poking out the window is a great deterrent as well but you have to be awake to catch them for that to work.
  5. 6 cyl auto cherokees had 3:55 gears. Weld on new perches and throw it in. Perfect for what you are doing.
  6. Bought the whole deal ready to rock. Ended up with a spare. Actually, I will be ending up with quite a few parts that I don't want or need. Not sure where I should post them but I'd like to give them away for the cost of shipping. Original 3 speed, driveline, a complete rear end, intake and exhaust manifolds. I will be at the big Turlock swap meet in January too if anybody else is going. I'm willing to hold parts if somebody needs anything I have.
  7. I have one from my 49 that is getting a t5. I will give it to you for the cost of shipping if you want it.
  8. Rusty Hope, keep your factory wheels if you want to.
  9. My daily driver 59 F100 is on it's 3rd set of coker bias wide whites. Have never had any issues with the bias cokers. I drive it everywhere. Freeway, mountains, backroads, no issues. I've been getting roughly 30k miles out of a set. I make sure the pressure is always good and I also rotate them regularly. Never had a problem.
  10. Rimstrips for a bicycle wheel will work. Or cut an old tube apart, wrap it tight around the wheel and tape the end.
  11. I like shoeboxes, don't get me wrong, but around here, dime a dozen.
  12. There are no kits, that's the beauty of building an old mopar, you HAVE to build it. It's not a cookie cutter shoebox.......I have no problem with cutting and modifying any car. Free country and it's your car to do what you want to it. The biggest issue I see with your build is that you have no fab skills. You are at the mercy of a shop. Front disc brakes are easy, swap in a Cherokee rear. Pretty much looking at dropping it off at a shop and leaving a blank check. If I couldn't personally build my cars and bikes, I'd quit and take up golf. That's 80% of the fun.
  13. If you calculate how much time you are going to spend making pans, 800 bucks isn't bad. I'm not sure how many cars you have built, but this is damn expensive addiction.
  14. 10% of 10 projects equals 100% of unfinished cars.............
  15. Powdercoat sticks like mad. Not sure what your experience with it is but from someone that has had to remove it, it sticks.
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