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  1. allbizz49

    Best Way to Replace Floor Panels

    If you calculate how much time you are going to spend making pans, 800 bucks isn't bad. I'm not sure how many cars you have built, but this is damn expensive addiction.
  2. allbizz49


    10% of 10 projects equals 100% of unfinished cars.............
  3. allbizz49

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Powdercoat sticks like mad. Not sure what your experience with it is but from someone that has had to remove it, it sticks.
  4. allbizz49

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    I'm a painter by trade and think everything should be painted except for frames, wheels and suspension parts. Can't beat the durability of powdercoat.
  5. allbizz49

    P18 Plymouth 1949 carb alternative in Europe

    Why even use the "primitive" flathead then? Just throw a way better, more advanced 70s or 80s engine in it. Nothing wrong with the Carter carbs, half the fun of owning these old cars is fixing what is there.
  6. allbizz49

    Are ALL 49-52 Dodge fenders alike?

    Use your hammer and dollies. Don't heat the metal at all, let alone cherry red unless you are trying to shrink it. Best to support the low spots with a dolly and tap the highs down gently. Metal has a memory, it wants to go back where it belongs. If you do have some stretching, it's ok to heat it then quench it with a wet rag.
  7. allbizz49

    Who's used a Rebel Wire 6Volt kit?

    I've used their 12v kits, as easy as any other I've used. My biggest complaint about any of the kits is how they mark each wire every 6 inches where it goes. Sacramento vintage ford sells nice cloth loom in various sizes. Simple fix for me to cover the writing and it really makes for a nice neat job. I also solder and heat shrink everything. Makes it less overwhelming to split all of the circuits into sections and tackle each one instead of having a mess of wires everywhere too. Good luck.
  8. allbizz49

    52 meadowbrook ?

    2500! Seller is smoking crack. It's a good 500 dollar parts car at best. Good luck with your search., the right one will pop up. They always do.
  9. allbizz49

    Why are parts crap???

    What's wrong with that? I do them all except for cushmans. I try to build 1 nice bike every year. Occasionally an old boat. I do full on nut and bolt stuff though, not oakie rattle can restos. Good to take a break from cars every now and then. I even do vintage bicycles to fill in the gaps of time and space.
  10. allbizz49

    Why are parts crap???

  11. allbizz49

    1949 Plymouth Business Coupe

    I think they all have a belt moulding/trim. I've never seen one without it. The difference in the fender trim is deluxe or super deluxe. Mine is a bare bones deluxe, has trim only on the front fenders.
  12. allbizz49

    52 meadowbrook ?

    54. I'd hold off for a 2 door unless you are getting it dirt cheap. I paid 2k for a 53 2 door with a 273 and 904 last year. Another few bucks and a little time had it on the road. Still under 4k in a running driving 2 door.
  13. allbizz49

    Wheel cylinders

    If you are up for rebuilding yours, I have kits for all wheel cylinders and the master I will send you for the cost of shipping. I swapped my rear end to a 8 1/4 and went with discs in the front.
  14. allbizz49

    I bought another old dodge !

    Nothing wrong with 6 or 12 volt. Do what you feel works for you and your car. If you want a nice stereo, just go 12 and be done. I'm going 12v but I'm running a Langdon hei and going to add a/c for my girlfriend. Otherwise, I would have stuck with 6.
  15. allbizz49

    Does anyone have a dustless blaster to clean parts and cars

    Pretty sure you use baking soda as a media for dustless blasting. Also, rust inhibitors are added to the water. It dies work but have fun getting the media out of the jambs and crevices. I do cars full on rotisserie and getting all if the media out is a pain fully disassembled.

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