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  1. allbizz49

    Why are parts crap???

  2. allbizz49

    1949 Plymouth Business Coupe

    I think they all have a belt moulding/trim. I've never seen one without it. The difference in the fender trim is deluxe or super deluxe. Mine is a bare bones deluxe, has trim only on the front fenders.
  3. allbizz49

    52 meadowbrook ?

    54. I'd hold off for a 2 door unless you are getting it dirt cheap. I paid 2k for a 53 2 door with a 273 and 904 last year. Another few bucks and a little time had it on the road. Still under 4k in a running driving 2 door.
  4. allbizz49

    Wheel cylinders

    If you are up for rebuilding yours, I have kits for all wheel cylinders and the master I will send you for the cost of shipping. I swapped my rear end to a 8 1/4 and went with discs in the front.
  5. allbizz49

    I bought another old dodge !

    Nothing wrong with 6 or 12 volt. Do what you feel works for you and your car. If you want a nice stereo, just go 12 and be done. I'm going 12v but I'm running a Langdon hei and going to add a/c for my girlfriend. Otherwise, I would have stuck with 6.
  6. allbizz49

    Does anyone have a dustless blaster to clean parts and cars

    Pretty sure you use baking soda as a media for dustless blasting. Also, rust inhibitors are added to the water. It dies work but have fun getting the media out of the jambs and crevices. I do cars full on rotisserie and getting all if the media out is a pain fully disassembled.
  7. allbizz49

    A Matter Of Exhaust Decibels

    A lot depends in where the exhaust dumps.
  8. allbizz49

    Spring startup

    For those of you that have to store their cars for winter, why don't you just fire it up once every week or two? That way there is no worry or issues come spring.
  9. allbizz49

    Where to find parts question.

  10. allbizz49

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    He's getting it for free
  11. allbizz49

    So whattya think of this--P18 with a /6

    I would ssy that's about a 3,500 dollar overpriced P-17. Also, unless someone here actually knows your mechanic and his abilities, we can't say 100% if he can wotk on it for you.
  12. allbizz49

    Rear end choices for the Airflow

    Cherokee 3.55. Easy swap, I wouldn't be too hung up on rear discs. Rear drum front disc would be more than enough for a daily.
  13. allbizz49

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    68 340 4 speed gts I helped my buddy do a few years ago for some motivation!
  14. allbizz49

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    V8, factory air GT, snatch it up. Definitely a good car.
  15. allbizz49

    I'm not really a 4 door guy but.....

    Chrome is cherry. Paint is nice but it is driver quality. I saw some imperfections but I do paint and body for a living. Notice a little more than most. That is my rusty truck sitting next to it, haha. No time to paint my driver. Either was, bitchin' car!!

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