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  1. dpollo

    With great inheritance........

    Given the number you have provided is an engine number, I do not think you will get far. Many states and provinces used engine numbers for titling purposes. It can be found over the left rear axle as well as on the engine, of course. The serial number is found on the left A pillar and will begin with a 1, 2, 3, or 9 depending on which assembly plant the car came from.
  2. dpollo

    1950 P20 218 put a 1956 P28 Head on it.

    The subject of Cylinder head swapping has been pretty thoroughly discussed on this forum . It should not take too long to uncover the threads.
  3. dpollo

    1946 Plymouth interior

    My grandfather's P15S was the same as pictured. He bought it new in Feb. 49.
  4. I have been saving axle shims for years and have a good assortment. Also I live in BC send me a PM if you get stuck but first, there is a reasonable chance if you reinstall the shims as they were, it will come out right,
  5. when you go to re install make sure the bearings have .... look it up but I think it is .003 endplay. that is what the shims are for. This allows for the axle shaft to expand.
  6. dpollo

    Oh, what to do? AND Are these wheels stock?

    Those wheels were indeed a high clearance option but I am not certain that was still available in 51. The transmission looks like a 4 speed truck unit. Very interesting.
  7. like you, KH I have improved with age ( there is more of me too) and as for the early 60s cars, cataracts make them look a lot better.
  8. dpollo

    Rear axle question

    I doubt if you would break the original rear but there is some good advice given above, especially about the parking brake. Also, the axles in the 49 are one year only so if you do break one a replacement may be hard to find.
  9. dpollo

    Choke Cable Clamp

    That carburetor is made for the automatic choke. Tops will (for the most part) interchange so you do not need a complete new carb. The choke cable setup is on the other side and is typical of all light trucks and Plymouths from 46 to 48. I also notice that your vacuum advance is not connected and perhaps more important is the link from the bell crank to the carb is incorrectly installed. The swivel end with the nut should be at the carb end and on the outer part of the throttle lever to avoid binding. A throttle stuck in the open position is no laughing matter. ( I learned this the hard way back in '62 )
  10. dpollo

    '53 Plymouth Brake Drums

    with so many people converting to disc brakes, there have to be a number of forum members with their old drums taking up space under the workbench. If you are on Vancouver Island I could easily help you but freight rates into the USA are prohibitive.
  11. dpollo

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    without re reading the whole thread I will offer this advice : check the little jumper wires in your distributor to see that the insulation has not grounded out the lead that connects the points to the outside terminal. This is the first place to look if ignition trouble happens on the road. If trouble occurs after new points have been installed check to see that the terminal on the side of the distributor has not been grounded out in any way.
  12. dpollo

    Signal Lights

    Most turn signal sets split the stop lights between left and right and the original stop light on your car can be left as the "high mount" light. All you have to do is put a double pin socket in each of the tail lights and also, if you want to retain your park lights these will need double pin sockets as well. If you can get an earlier set with the self canceling feature so much the better.
  13. dpollo

    E brake light switch?

    49 and 50 Chrysler had an e-brake switch and it was offered as an option on other makes. It was placed on the studs which hold the handle and ratchet to the body and was wired to the turn signal flasher. A light located in the lower panel of the dash would then flash rapidly on the handle. Other variations had a light located on the dashboard to the left of the instruments. Easy to install, hard to find. If you happened to engage the turn signal, the whole works would flash in unison.
  14. dpollo

    What was my original engine?

    Canada had a 228. long block. a 230 (23 inch) will fit into your car with a minor mod to the front mounts. just a plate bolted to the original frame holes on each side which hooks up with the front mount support. Performance, if it is a later 230 , will be adequate. certainly better than a worn out engine.
  15. Hydramatic is a trade name for Oldsmobile. Nothing comparable was offered for Plymouth. Dodge used a transmission called Gyromatic but it will not fit under the Plymouth's smaller floor. If you really need an automatic in your 50 Ply, then I would suggest a GM 350 which you can buy an adapter kit for. I like the 50 Plymouth just the way it was built. Retrofit an R10 Overdrive and it will go anywhere at any legal speed.
  16. dpollo

    Lets talk oil bath oil filters

    The other chambers are to help silence the noise of the air induction. I do not see any reason why they should be sealed or not, but if they are modified in any way, they likely will not do their intended job.
  17. What you are wanting to do will be very straightforward. The Plymouth input shaft should work in the Chrysler so long as it does not have Fluid Drive. 1940 had different gear ratios within the transmission so that year's input shaft may not be compatible with a later transmission unless the gears were swapped as well. btw, the 230 was not used in the Chrysler. your car's engine should be the longer block 241. Makes no difference at the transmission end though.
  18. dpollo

    1934 Fargo 23" engine question

    The 34 Plymouth 201 used a head which was narrower than the Dodge and all later engines. If the engine has cylinders which are visible, that is, does not have full length water jackets, then it likely has the narrower head. A gasket application book would give further evidence. However, Fargo did not reappear until 35 or maybe 36 here in Canada so is it really a 34 ?
  19. dpollo

    Time to clean the workbench.

    I call it a Piling system and if you have any ambitions toward becoming an archaeologist now is your chance. Several times over the past ten years I have taken a plastic tote tray and put everything on the bench into it except paper and old rags . I then wrote the date on the tote and put it in the attic of another building where the whole upstairs looks like your bench. The reasoning was that I would know where anything of importance was and could easily go back and find it. I have never needed to look as of this date. However, I greatly fear that the totes will now be M I A . dp
  20. dpollo

    Movie Plymouth

    in The Long Long Trailer there is a 53 Suburban wagon in the rainy scene at the trailer park but has anyone else noticed that while in most scenes the yellow convertible is a Mercury but on the mountain grades it is a Lincoln ?
  21. dpollo

    Movie Plymouth

    An episode of M*A*S*H* featured a 51 Plymouth which was later traded off for a cow. A number of Chrysler's products appeared in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World ....a 62 Ply. wagon, an Imperial convertible, a red convertible Dodge, a Chrysler 300 and police cruisers both Plymouth and Dodge all 62s I think, the 59 Plymouth taxis and the nose of a 53 Plymouth appears entering the coast highway. Not to forget the Power Wagon tow truck and then there was Algernon Hawthorne's Willys 4wd, (not a Chrysler product but now a relative) also a cameo with Jack Benny and what might have been a Maxwell. The Beverly Hillbillies featured Chrysler's cars although the old truck was an Oldsmobile and didn't Ward Cleaver drive a Plymouth ? The opening scenes of Back to the Future show a 53 Plymouth in a gas station. We get a ride in a 47 Desoto in The Bishop's Wife and in Happy Days there was Mr Cunningham's 48 Desoto Traveller which was featured with its nose through the wall of Arnold's restaurant. It is nice to see movies where the cars are presented as they were. Darn few Model A-s came with white wall tires.
  22. dpollo

    Movie Plymouth

    The Day The Earth Stood Still: Mr Carpenter , the man from space, rides in a 50 Plymouth taxi which morphs into a 49 Dodge. Kind of like Bogart's 38 Plymouth which is occasionally a 37.
  23. dpollo

    She's broke!

    I agree with PA, pull the head and pan and remove #4 and see what you've got. There is a very good chance the top ring has broken, chewed up its groove and is letting small fragments into the combustion chamber which makes a lot of noise. If it is feasible to put a new piston in that hole, then remove the rest of them and see what you have. Used to be, you would take the pistons to a machine shop and have the top grooves trued up and a (Hastings) GL spacer put in, restoring the groove. New rings all round, and put it back together. Quick, relatively cheap and will give good, if not lasting , results. Might run for years .
  24. dpollo

    Vacuum Booster fuel pump NOISE

    I encountered this on a 50 Plymouth. The owner was on vacation and 500 miles from home. It certainly sounded like a bad rod but the collateral clue was that the windshield wipers did not work well. Turned out that the pump's top cover was loose. Rather than risk further trouble we replaced the pump with a conventional one and hooked the wipers directly to the manifold.
  25. dpollo

    Engine stalls and misfires

    Have you tried another condenser in the distributor ? You would be surprised to find how a faulty condenser mimics fuel problems.

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