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  1. dpollo

    35’ Plymouth PJ Rear Outer Axle Seals

    The hub must be tight, also the axle bearings and end play must be on specs. Check the surface on the hub where the keyway could interfere with the seal.
  2. dpollo

    The purple people eater is slowly disintegrating

    In 1939, the Royal tour across Canada had 3 "39 McLaughlin Buick limousines ( parade phaetons ) very heavy with truck style rims and special hub caps which looked like regular Buick Caps. Only 3 of these cars were made and since they had side mounted spares there would have been 18 such caps in all. One car lost a hub cap on the cross Canada trip. I first saw this car in 1958 when its owner brought it our for participation in another royal tour on Vancouver Island. It was missing one cap. Many years later (maybe 50) the missing cap turned up at a swap meet but was found to be too large for the regular Buick. The purchaser knew what it was for, the current owner of the limo was contacted and the cap reunited. It had hung on someone's barn wall for most of the time it was missing. So there is hope for your missing cap to be returned however, D24 caps are easy to get. I have several sets on my wall.
  3. dpollo

    electric wipers

    no, but the Dodge did and they are easy to adapt to the slightly smaller Plymouth. The problem with the electric wipers of that era is that they are relatively slow and mostly single speed. On my own car, I added a vacuum storage tank (57 Olds brake reservoir) which worked very well. We get a lot of rain where I am and lots of hills too.
  4. dpollo

    Gyromatic Tranny 1951 Coronet

    if it is indeed a Gyromatic you will find only 4 positions on the gearshift, Reverse back and upward, low range up , high range down and of course , neutral. To operate, depress clutch and start engine. select either high range low range or reverse. Release clutch. depress accelerator and the car will move, To operate in a forward direction depress clutch and select either high range or low range. Release clutch. Depress accelerator and start moving. at about 20 mph, let off on the gas and the transmission should shift into the higher gear of the range selected. A noticeable clunk will be felt. Re apply power and continue to drive. Only use the clutch when it is necessary to move the gear selector. You may change ranges while moving by depressing the clutch and moving the selector. To avoid the temptation of needlessly using the clutch hook your left foot behind the right one. As Don mentioned above, the glove box manual gives full instructions and tells how to get a "kick down" if needed. You need not be shy or tentative. These transmissions are almost bullet proof and will work very well for you, unless you are competing in drag racing. ( even back in the day, it was said that the Gyromatic could outperform a Powerflite in a race but we may be talking about tortoise and hare situations. My technique for get up and go was..... select low range (up) release clutch floor the accelerator and wind the engine up tight. quickly depress the clutch and pull the selector down so fast that the internal shift cannot occur. depress the accelerator hard down again and when maximum (prudent) speed is attained, release the accelerator and allow the internal shift to put you in high gear. Keep driving all day. ( This technique comes with 4 pages of disclaimers and may not be for the faint of heart. Parental guidance is recommended.)
  5. dpollo

    1940 2 door Front end question

    The 40 frame is quite different from 42 to 48 but the bodies are very similar except in the area below the doors. I remember seeing a 40 body sitting on a 48 frame and it appeared to match up very well. If you have both frames you may find it more practical to set the 40 on the 48 frame. Front end parts are easier to get for the later models too.
  6. dpollo

    Drivability in the mountains

    My 50 and 51 Plymouths do very well in the mountains. Second gear Overdrive is great for long uphill grades. I always lock the overdrive out for long downhill grades so I do not have to be on the brakes too much. Western grades include Malahat Highway, Duffy Lake Road, Coquihalla, Stevens Pass Rogers Pass and the road up to Lake Tahoe,
  7. dpollo

    46 dodge oil pressure

    specs call for 40 lbs at 30 mph hot. You may have issues such as a plugged inlet screen, worn oil pump and worn bearings.
  8. dpollo

    1952 Coronet Transmission Question

    I have a friend in Bucyrus Jerry Elwood who could offer advice. PM if you need further contact info.
  9. dpollo

    1935 Plymouth P6 engine $175

    a P6 is a 38 engine but the space are the same for a PJ 35. 201 cubic inch
  10. dpollo

    Partial rebuild

    It is amazing that they run so well when in this condition. The piston Don has shown has had new rings installed at some point. It could have given more service (maybe) if a Hastings GL spacer was placed above the top ring bringing the top groove back to ideal specs. when the bore is tapered the top ring is vastly overworked and needs all the support it can get.
  11. dpollo

    Compression test results

    Bad gasket between 5 and 6. not into a water passage. It would be a good idea to resurface the head.
  12. dpollo

    1941 Plymouth Starter MZ-4089 parts needed

    If John Reddie's suggestion works, go for it.
  13. dpollo

    1941 Plymouth Starter MZ-4089 parts needed

    I have a mountain of starters from the 30s 40s and 50s and probably have the part you need but this is a busy time of year for me (farmer) and shipping a starter from western Canada would be prohibitively expensive. I can tell you this, however. Most starters will interchange so if you are not unwilling to give up the foot starter in exchange for one operated by a dashboard button and a solenoid almost any later starter will work. Also starters from trucks will work. It may be necessary to change the lever. Flywheel tooth count is the same from 34 to 56. If you still come up stuck send me a PM and I will see what I can do for you.
  14. dpollo

    ENGINE compression issue

    It is possible that the head gasket has been leaking for a long time and finally failed at #5 but I agree with PA and KH that you had better have a look at the pistons and rings.
  15. dpollo

    Help with ID of Motor and Trans 37 Plymouth

    The engine is a 51 or 52 and likely carries engineering code P23 at the front corner above the generator. The trans and bell housing are typical 1937 units. The intake and exhaust appear to be from 1951.
  16. dpollo

    Oil filter canister

    This is not usually a problem check your work carefully and look for a cracked or damaged fitting.
  17. dpollo

    Door Lettering Anybody?

    Two ranchers, one from Manitoba, the other from Texas were comparing the size of their spreads. " It takes me all day just to drive all the way around my place in my pickup truck! "drawls the Texan. " You must have a Fargo too. " says the Manitoban.
  18. dpollo

    White top

    My personal choice would be to leave the entire door blue. Use the gutter as your cut off and do as others have advised on the A pillar. If you are going to add a sun visor, it will disguise the paint transition line.
  19. dpollo

    3:73 vs 3:90 rear end.

    go with the 3.73 it is an ideal ratio. If you have the speedometer drive gear from the wayfarer it will keep your speedo accurate.
  20. dpollo

    It’s an addiction

    Good projects... but two very different cars.
  21. dpollo

    1940 P10 Speedo Rebuild

    the disc in the middle is just a clear plastic of some sort.... whatever was available in 1940..... easy to improve upon, I am sure. My experience with 1940 speedometers goes back 60 years and if a generalization is valid, they all tended to indicate a speed slower than what was being traveled. My current 40 registers a speed which is half the actual speed in kilometers. So if it indicates 30 mph the car's actual speed is 60 kph ! at 50 mph the speed is 100 kph. . Since Canada's speeds are in Kph, I find this to be convenient. The odometer is accurate in miles. Confusing. You bet.
  22. dpollo

    24 Dodge Brothers tours a park

    all you really need is a check valve in the line from the manifold to the vacuum tank. Then, when climbing a hill you only need to "blip" the throttle to restore full vacuum in the tank. This also helps when trying to start up when the tank has gone dry. Not all cars using vacuum tanks had this feature, but Hudson did. Greatly improved my 28 Chrysler ( which originally used vacuum created by the oil pump )
  23. dpollo

    I am at a cross road

    My 51 Plymouth Convertible, 50 Plymouth sedan and 51 Fargo all have R10 Overdrives all use 3.9 to 1 rear gears. The truck and the convert tip the scale at 3600 pounds each. Performance is excellent and we have a lot of hills here in BC. as for your fuse problem..... you are not trying to use 12 volts on a 6 volt solenoid are you ? In any event the solenoid is likely the culprit.
  24. dpollo

    Wheel cylinders and parts

    I thought you were looking for complete cylinders. Here are the Raybestos numbers WC 10580 10581 10582 10583 rear 10588 front hose BH 10595 the original cylinders have a doughnut shaped cup 1 1/8 #9700 replacement cylinders use a standard 1 1/8 cup refer to Dodge B4ya's remarks.
  25. dpollo

    '52 Plymouth Suburban swaybar

    The sway bar from any P23 will make a difference for sure. It was an option on P22. 49 to 52 are all alike.

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