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  1. dpollo

    A bunch a new P15's

    My grandad bought a new 48 Deluxe Coach (2 dr sedan) The dealer dressed it up a bit to clinch the sale. Included were the white trim rings, fog lights and back up light a cigarette lighter and an odd plastic wind deflector on the door window but behind the driver. Perhaps it was to protect the rear seat passengers from drafts.
  2. dpollo

    Transmission parts

    Mike is quite correct but I think it is a good chance that yours is an R10 which was used from 52 to 56 . The overdrive part shares service parts with Studebaker, Ford, Kaiser Frazer and even Chevrolet. The gearbox ahead of it uses the same internals from 41 to 56. (40 had a different second gear ratio). I do not think it would be difficult to come up with a standard three speed for parts. I have lots of them but shipping into the USA is likely to be prohibitive. The front case is slightly different with the overdrive but the bearings are all standard issue, the numbers are engraved on the outer race. I got my first OD in 1966. Still have it. Treated right, they are very reliable and a real benefit in a car operating at highway speeds.
  3. dpollo

    Gas tank outlet barb fitting

    Mike is correct. What you can do is take a piece of 5/16 ready made tubing. One of the flare nuts will be longer than the other. If needs be, lathe off some of the leading threads. Then make a "bubble" flare by using a double flaring tool but performing only half the procedure. You can then connect this to your original gas line.
  4. dpollo

    30 amp circuit breaker

    The circuit breaker is on the headlight switch and protects the headlight circuit. The stop lights and the dome light are on the protected side. The ignition has no protection and accessories like the radio have in-line fuses. On later models the circuit breaker was fastened near to the ammeter. The breaker is of the self closing type and will open and close until the heavier than 30 amp load is removed or the battery goes dead. You will find the same type of breaker on power window circuits in later cars.
  5. dpollo

    ANSWERED 1940 Plymouth P9 Access Door

    my P10 has a solid door hinged at the bottom with a latch behind the passenger seat. It is not very convenient to use. It has a canvas cover over the spare tire which is behind the driver's seat
  6. dpollo

    Parts ID Needed D-24

    I think PA nailed it.
  7. dpollo

    Hubcaps/center caps

    I recently acquired two of these. good shape and definitely fit the Plymouth wheel there must be two more out there somewhere.
  8. dpollo

    P2 steering wheel

    no secret, but you will probably need to fabricate a puller which will come up under the wheel hub without causing damage . Hooks on a typical gear puller will damage the hub.
  9. dpollo

    a quick overdrive question

    The solenoid for kick down is amidships. I recently gave a 39 unit to a friend in Oregon who will be making good use of it. I wish I had studied it to see how the solenoid actually kicked it down. I suspect it somehow defeated the centrifugal motion by pushing against the rotating part. I may get another look at it in January but I do have pages copied from a Motors manual which shows the unit and its internals. Send me a PM with your full name and mailing address and I will mail you a copy...... right up the street and across the strait. Once, while traveling north, I saw the snow line as it went right across Peace Arch Park. Snow on the North side, of course.
  10. dpollo

    a quick overdrive question

    your overdrive does not have a kick down, that was introduced in '39. You have to slow down to disengage the overdrive since the control is entirely centrifugal I believe yours is designated R6. Later overdrive, R10 as used in many cars of the 50s has electrical controls and is quite different. These can be locked out while in motion PROVIDED the car is not actually in overdrive. Kick down to direct drive and pull the handle. It should be possible to lock yours out while the car is in motion provided that you are accelerating but not actually in overdrive ( below normal overdrive engagement speeds)
  11. Short answer is No, The bodies share no stampings at all. 49 to 52 however, while not identical share many of the stampings including the transmission tunnel.
  12. dpollo

    Freshening up a 230

    If you want to use a bell housing from a 35....( up to39) you will need to use the transmission as well. The bell housing is made so the shifting forks can extend out the front of the trans. Whatever you choose to do, before you make any major tear-ups, check for compatibility of the starter and the offset of the ring gear. A 230 has an 8 bolt flywheel. The 217 has a 4 bolt . The offsets for the ring gear are different . Measure how far the starter pinion must move to make full contact with the ring gear. It can all be done but be careful. The front mount is easy to deal with but when a 35 bell housing is used, a new rear crossmember will need to be fabricated unless you can get the crossmember from the car that gave up its bell housing. 35 6 and 7 use 2 saddle type mounts at the rear. Sometime during 38 the donut type made its debut and with a few minor changes was used up to 56. Other people on this forum have done the very same swap and I am sure they will be willing to help out with advice.
  13. dpollo

    Plumbing- Oil

    Looks like we ( I ) have started something here however, in my defense, I have been familiar with these engines for over 50 years . All the bypass filters I have seen have had the return line at the bottom with the inlet at the top or near the top on the side. Except for the one I removed from a 59 Dodge with the filter hooked up so the oil was delivered to the bottom and the return from the side. This engine had failed at just under 3000 miles , Material from the filter was in the pan and some of it had worked its way back into the oiling system. It had the consistency of wet toilet paper. The cartridge looked typical with a perforated metal frame sealed around the center tubular post .
  14. dpollo

    Hubcaps/center caps

    Nash used a baldy cap that fit the Plymouth wheels but they were hard to get back in the 50s let alone now.
  15. dpollo

    Plumbing- Oil

    Good point, Merle but if I were CB, I would check it out since he said he is in there anyways. Nobody needs the expense of changing a crankshaft for such an obvious mistake.

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