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  1. Hi,

    I was reading the post on early Warner overdrives and seen your comment.  I have a 39 Ply. with stock engine and have been looking for a R7 transmission / overdrive for it.  I am currently in the process of converting the stock transmission to a floor shift as the shift cable has been causing issues.  I recently installed a Mitchel's overdrive, however having vibration issues.   I believe the 39 Chrysler / Desota transmission with overdrive can also be converted to a floor shift and will bolt to my bell housing.  To use the 1940 R7, I would have to change the steering column and use a column shift and at that point the R10 would probably be more practical.  If you are considering selling the unit, I am definitely interested in purchasing.   Shipping will be expensive, however willing to pay.  If you consider selling, kindly forward photos and your price.


    Richard Cope

    39 Pine Valley Rd.

    Jackson, N.J. 08527



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    2. dpollo


      I got mine in a wrecking yard in Springfield Illinois back in 1990  $35 !  Cost almost $200 to ship it west.

      I was glad to have it but never likely to use it so I passed it on to a good home ( a 30 Dodge powered by a 251 Chrysler)

    3. Richard Cope

      Richard Cope

      Sounds like your friend has a nice set up, the 251 engine and overdrive shouldn't have any problem keep up with traffic.  I am expecting to pay at least a $1,000 for the correct R7, they are very difficult to locate here on the east coast.   Thinking of putting an add on the forum

    4. dpollo


      good luck with your quest.  I installed a 3.7 -1 rear end ratio in my 35 Plymouth.  Simple and effective.

  2. 1940 to 1956 transmissions s will interchange as complete units However, the gear ratios in 1940 are different from those that follow.
  3. the Plymouth your engine came out of had electric wipers. Usually the port would be near to the carburetor but some had it on the runner to 5 and 6 Pilot bushings do not cause much trouble.
  4. 20 inches of mercury is an excellent vacuum reading. the engine, if you recall what I told you probably came out of a low mileage wreck as Murray, the long term owner, and Hugh, the fellow who installed the engine, had a friend who was an auto wrecker. and the swap was done in 68 or so. Lots of low mileage cars in Victoria then. The transmission noise will be the input shaft bearing. easy to change without having to disassemble the trans itself, just the front . These transmissions s have all helical gears and needle bearing countershaft s . They run very quietly in all gears. The bearing is easy to obtain, I can give you the number.
  5. both stampings, assuming that are authentic are from 201 engines, 1935 PJ and 1937 P4.
  6. you cannot use a 218 or a 230 crankshaft in a 201 because the main bearings are significantly larger in the 218 and 230 The 34 engine stands alone because of the water jacket issue and the cylinder head and gasket is narrower too, The 34 engine can use pistons ,crankshaft, valves , chain and camshaft from other 201s, not sure about the oil pump but it is a good bet that it will fit. I agree with the advice from thebeebe5 above
  7. dpollo

    49 royal

    The royal shares its body with all others but Plymouth
  8. It has been my pleasure to share what I have learned, sometimes through the school of hard knocks. Calgary treated us well. My traveling companion was Jim Blondell of Gold Bar Washington . He died of a heart attack in January 91. only 52 years old. I subsequently bought his 50 Plymouth sedan. I still have both the convertible.....since re restored and the sedan which is much the same as when I bought it. Incidentally, Jim's parents were from Riley Alberta and later moved to Bellingham. In retrospect, I wish we had gone to Riley for a look around.
  9. Looking at Don Coatney's Ford axle tube stands : I have had 2 for years then more recently fished 4 out of a scrap bin. Great find I would say. A good sturdy stand, non adjustable and with a bit of nostalgia. These axle tubes were used on all Fords up to '48 so there should still be some around for conversion into stands. Save the ones with a good axle bearing surface for the Ford guys. The axle shafts make excellent tethers for young cattle as the gear keeps the rope from slipping off.... heavy but effective tent pegs but not so good for horse shoes
  10. since I am not that fond of sitting in front of a computer, I am content to let things stand as they are for now. I will keep it in mind though.
  11. Different Jack. ......... I am very fond of " Yukon Jack"
  12. I remember Jack , didn't like him.... always the last to buy a round of beer.
  13. I am the tech advisor for 1950 with the Plymouth Owners' Club , my contact information is in the Plymouth Bulletin, the journal of the POC. Since forums like this one have become popular, the volume of correspondence to me as tech advisor has been greatly reduced. I may answer about six inquiries per year . I have also contacted the advisor for another year (1935 ) and received a prompt and courteous reply. While I am pleased to answer questions, I am frustrated by inquiries from people who might have found the information they needed by consulting the glovebox manual or a shop manual.
  14. Here is a problem that beset many 49 Plymouths back in the day and I have had the same problem myself with a 37. The bushing on the point moveable arm needs to be reamed before installation otherwise, as the engine warms up it will start to bind causing missing and stalling. For some reason, the pivot pin is about .001 too large. Many later replacement point sets had there own bushing but you may have an OEM set . This is the first place I would look on a 49 with this problem and I am speaking from over 50 years experience.
  15. you can use almost any Plymouth clutch and pressure plate from 35 to 56. The ten inch clutch could also be found in light trucks. The flywheel is drilled for both 9 1/4 and ten inch pressure plates. The clutch used in a V8 could be used so far as I know.
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