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  1. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Chrysler "52"
  2. 36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Merle has it right. The exhaust system is full of unburned oil. It can take up to 10 miles of driving to burn this off. The solution would be to remove the muffler and wash it out. The oil coating the header pipe will burn off more quickly due to higher heat.
  3. What flathead is this?

    A closer look at your picture reveals several things. It is a Chrysler Method rebuilt, The blue color was typical. It has the O ring groove at the back of the oil gallery for the Hydrive option. The return passage is there too. It has had a truck front sump oil pan installed. The rear sump dipstick tube is still in place. not a sign of a mechanic who cares It does not have the full flow filter so is intended for use in Canadian Plymouth or Dodge and with a 3 7/16 bore that would suggest 55 up. The temperature gauge opening is not typical of 57-59 nor is the plate behind the timing cover. I think this engine, whatever its merits, has had what might be called a chequered past. On the up side, Chrysler Method rebuilds often used new crankshafts some of which were 010.to start with.
  4. What flathead is this?

    The rebuilder's tag is stamped O instead of C C 14 is 1937 but I am not sure about CR 14
  5. WPC Newa ( newsletter of the WPC Club ) did a feature on the 51 Dodge within the last year. Volume 7 #2 Oct-Nov 2016. It reprints an article, with pictures from August '51 Motorama entitled DODGE MOTOR TRIAL "a safe sane stylish car"
  6. P23 engine head

    Yes, it will work but as noted above there is an extra water passage in the block which can be easily plugged in one of two ways. Tap the hole 9/16 NF and make a threaded plug from a wheel bolt of the same size.... cut and cross-cut a screwdriver slot in the bolt stub. Or : remove the water pump and make up a gasket which blocks the hole behind the pump.
  7. The 54 was made longer by extending the bumpers and headlight rims. In 54, the Powerflite and Power steering were offered for the first time although you could still get Hydrive and Overdrive. I had a 54 Belvedere sedan with Powerflite and Power steering. A very nice car which I should have kept. I also had a 54 Mayfair Dodge 2dr ht which I put a small block Chev into but that is another story.
  8. P15 OEM Gas Pedal & Napa Ball Stud fitment

    WD 40 works well on the rubber. It makes it possible to attach the pedal with a light bump from a fist or better still, a rubber hammer.
  9. Timing Chain Question

    I had a 55 Plymouth, nice car, (75000 miles, 1970) the timing chain skipped a tooth while starting the engine. It ran smoothly but had absolutely no power. A timing light revealed the problem. In a pinch, you could advance the timing and run some distance but my car decided to act up right in my driveway. In over 50 years I have encountered a skipped chain on our favorite flatheads only twice. Usually you can hear the chain hitting the cover at idle, long before a tooth is skipped.
  10. Looks about right to me. It is a certainty the engine has been there for a long while. At some point the cylinder head has been off * but no one has been into the timing chest. Nice to see the heat shield is still in place over the fuel pump. * later model gasket with extra passage not needed on your engine
  11. Leave it or paint

    It looks worthy of a good paint job, but I really like the rear bumper, someone really did a nice job on it.
  12. 1940 Mopar Interior Questions

    Just a stray thought and not to suggest your car was once a taxicab but extra lighting might have been available and found its way into your car through the accessory catalogues of the era.
  13. Head Removal

    With spark plugs in, ignition coil unplugged and all bolts loose, crank it over with the starter.
  14. Quarter and rocker replacement panels

    Wayne Brandon, The Plymouth Doctor. Or find a GOOD sheet metal shop who can bend them up for you.
  15. 1938 Canadian Dodge Clutch Replacement

    There are a number of different parts but they are interchangeable as complete units.