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    Chrysler products, farm machinery, off grid power
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    in process 52 Dodge convertible . Finished : 35 Ply. coupe, 40 Ply. coupe 50 Ply sedan, 51 Ply Convertible 52 Fargo half ton , 28 Chrys roadster

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    have never been without a Plymouth or Dodge six since 1956
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    Vancouver Island BC Canada
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    Old Farm machinery, Off grid power, Chrysler's products

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  1. dpollo

    37 Plymouth Sedan Resto- New Member

    I drove a 37 Plymouth for 30 years and was always impressed by the way it handled. It was all stock except I changed the differential ratio to 3.9 to 1 and used 15 inch wheels from an early 50s Plymouth. I traded it away to get a 35 PJ coupe no regrets but the PJ handles like a buckboard compared to the 37.
  2. I ran a 225 automatic in a 50 Plymouth for years. It needed the rear sump pan . No ball of fire for power but was very reliable and economical as a to and from work driver.
  3. dpollo

    1937 Plymouth bad fuel sender

    Chrysler part # 2240729 is a sender for auxiliary tanks and was available through the 80s and 90s. It fits and works perfectly with only a float arm adjustment. It would be worth a try to see if any are still available. I have one in my 35 and used one in a 38 with good results.
  4. dpollo

    230 Crankshaft source

    Go is in Dusseldorf has a 51 Plymouth convertible and often contributes to the Old Plymouth forum
  5. Thank you. The metric speedometer suggests that your car was originally intended for sale in Europe. Interesting.
  6. dpollo

    Engine decode anyone?

    1950 Dodge 230 manufactured Nov 7 1950. USA
  7. dpollo

    Mystery hole R10 overdrive

    what you show in the picture is the solenoid, which does not use a gasket. The governor, on the other side does not use a gasket except under ifs cover. as for the hole shown in the picture, I really do not know what its purpose is.but have never had any leakage problems in this area. Check the long bolt ar the top. it needs a seal. A small O ring will work.
  8. dpollo

    Updates on my 1940 Windsor!

    I hope it runs as impressive(ly) as it looks.
  9. dpollo

    New truck arrive yesterday

    All of my early Chrysler products including a truck very much like yours are 6 volt. All start and run just fine winter and summer.
  10. dpollo

    Fuel sender gasket

    it should not need any sealer but if you want to be certain , a little permatex "form a gasket" will do the job. avoid silicones as bits of it may get into the tank and cause other problems.
  11. Have a look at the little jumper wire inside the distributor. Very likely it is grounding out on the case. If the car ran satisfactorily up to the time it quit , there is no major issue with how it is wired.
  12. knowledge of that "hidden " number has been of great value to many people over the years. Thank you for posting this. It also applies to other Chrysler products of the era.
  13. dpollo

    Youtube : Chrysler Flathead rebuild part 1

    I hope he is not going to expect that 201 to do what a 230 needed to do. If he is, crankshaft troubles will bring it back before the warrantee is up.
  14. dpollo

    Tip on how to remove valve guides..230CID

    when I was first shown how to remove guides I knew that I never would have dared to use as big a hammer on cast iron. Since then, no fears. and that was 50 years ago.

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