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  1. which engine would be best

    a 23 inch 218 uses a 4 bolt flywheel. so does the 201. These will fit the 8 bolt flywheel but you may have a situation where you get only partial engagement of the starter drive.. there are several relatively easy remedies which have been covered on this forum.
  2. which engine would be best

    I would do a 230 or a short 218 rather than the 201. The parts are easier to get and the 201 is a little light in the bearing area. The truck engine may be the best bet but it depends on its overall condition and how many times it has been rebuilt already. The passenger car engine is a lot newer and may have had an easier life. Both engines can be bored as much as .o80 and the crankshafts can be ground to .030 but my personal preference would be .040 on the bore and .010 on the crank. Costs would be the same for both. The 201 was last built in 1941 and pistons and bearings will be harder to source.
  3. First restoration project

    You can often turn it with the fan blades if the belt is good. I would blow the dirt off the head and remove the plugs and put some light oil in each cylinder . Put the plugs back in and leave it for a few days. Then remove the plugs again and with a good battery in place , see if it will wind over. The gas tank will need to be cleaned but you can always rig up a temporary tank. Look on line for Coldwarmotors. He has lots of adventures getting derelict cars running and he seems to favour Chrysler's products of this era.
  4. air cleaner conversion

    Do not overlook that the original filter was designed as part of the induction system , extending the column of air moving through the carburetor and tuned to reduce noise. Oil bath filters can be messy but are pretty effective. Even on my two carb setup I run two stock filters. (the type used on dual carb trucks)
  5. Front seat question

    DrDr is absolutely correct.
  6. Saw this on FB. MOPAR option or custom?

    I remember seeing that car in Victoria BC. In the Oak Bay district (fairly affluent) The portholes were marine items. It was written up in either Popular Science or Popular Mechanics back in the day. I wonder if he got a new deck lid installed when it was traded in.
  7. Heater duct 1949/ 1950 Plymouth

    Paul Taylor's reproduction is first class . I have used several of them $149 plus shipping is not a bad price when you consider it fits right and looks right and even comes with screws for attachment. Paul advertises in the Plymoutb Bulletin and is known to me. pwjitaylor @ msn .com 805 4897822 California
  8. 1953 Plymouth crankshaft

    You will encounter no problems. The seals for your 50 engine will work. So also will the 53s but it was about this time there were variations in design. JV 134 -3 bolts on JV 134-9 spins in and there are several others. The best one I ever saw made the complete circle with only one end gap. It was used on a 49 Chrysler. Many can be interchanged but later blocks and end cap are not drilled for the earlier seal.
  9. drain rear axle

    I have encountered several ways to drain the rear axle When bolts are used, (37 maybe all pre war) remove the lowest one. Many in the 49 to 56 era have a pipe plug with a recessed square socket for removal but it is not right at the bottom ! I have seen some with an allan head plug facing forward but I suspect these were added later by drilling the casting Until 1948, fill plugs were in the housing facing the rear. 49 and up had the plug on the side of the gear carrier. The date and ratio can often be found on a flat section of the carrier. Hand stamped and hard to read.
  10. 51 coronet d42 dash refinishing?

    google search Grain it this will provide answers to all your questions and more. The 50 Plymouth technique and colours is called Sapela.
  11. Andydodge could live with one of these. Seems to me I could live IN one !
  12. Me and the Meadowbrook

    google grain it if memory serves me and you will learn a lot about woodgraining and how it is done to match the original .
  13. 52 carb help

    Ball and Ball Carter 49 to 52 46 to 48 and light trucks if you want a hand choke
  14. 1949 550 heater operating instructions

    If this is the heater with 4 push pull knobs left to right Fan Temperature Defrost Air the odd thing is that Air when you pull it out shuts off all incoming air The others are self explanatory and the temp control operates a valve at the back of the cylinder head.
  15. How Many Drive Their Old Mopars In Rain

    If I did not drive my cars in the rain, I would not get to drive them at all. When I licensed my 52 Fargo last March, I am certain it rained every day I drove it for the next three months ! I discovered to my delight that the electric wipers are two speed and to my dismay the windshield leaked a lot ! I don't take the cars out if the roads have been salted. Rain washes most of this away so it is a mixed blessing. Looking out the window today I am going to consider building an ark .