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  1. dpollo

    From a Generator to an Alternator.

    the biggest challenge to putting an alternator of any type on engines before 1951 is the wide belt pulley that is needed. although I have done such conversions , my own cars all use Autolite units as originally equipped. Entirely satisfactory under most circumstances. A minor problem with converting the Chrysler of that era is the ground for the starter solenoid must be changed. During start up, the generator armature completes the ground for the starter solenoid....... when the generator is up to speed, this cannot happen which prevents accidental engagement of the starter )
  2. dpollo

    Shim at bell housing

    most pressed steel braces that I have dis assembled have the shim on both sides. Cast iron braces such as those on the fluid drive did not. Rule of thumb here is nothing needs to be overtightened of forced. Ever.
  3. dpollo

    Engine identification

    Plymouth generally received hand -me-down engines from Dodge. My first 40 was a Canadian built car, the engine was the longer 3 3/8 bore 218. engine # P10C 1481. I replaced it with a 251 from a Canadian 57 Dodge Regent. That engine's # began with the letter K. Great performer in the 40 !
  4. dpollo

    Engine identification

    The mains and rods are smaller in the 201 as noted above. If you want a 230 it is easiest to start with one however, 230 crank and rods can be used in a 217.
  5. dpollo

    1950 Plymouth special deluxe from Canada

    Always one of my favorites, I have not been without a 50 Plymouth since 1965. When a teen age driver starts rolling up 20 000 miles a year on a car that was already 15 years old, the weak spots soon make themselves known. My first 50 was such a good car I drove it for 14 years . My present 50 which I have had since 1993 leads a much more sheltered life. One of the in-between ones was treated to a small block chev and later a slant six, but I always preferred the originals, especially when fitted with Overdrive. Happy Motoring.
  6. dpollo

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    when deceleration is happening, and especially when the brakes are applied, the snout of the differential is forced downward enough to require the driveshaft to extend itself via the slip yoke or, in the case of ball and trunnion (sealed) joints , the trunnion balls are pulled toward the dust boot end. even If the joints are still good, it is possible that dried or hardened grease is interfering with smooth action. It can make a dreadful noise.
  7. dpollo

    Engine oil gage rubber hose

    The gauge end of the fitting is not your regular inverted flare, in fact it is kind of ball shaped and when they were still available I bought several. They were meant to be used only once. However, I have had no trouble reusing them. I hope you kept the steel line that ran from your gauge to the engine side of the firewall. On Chryslers, a flexible hose ran to the gauge which allowed the instrument cluster to be pulled out for bulb replacement. It is possible to use a coupling with double flares to make a serviceable connection. The all important item to have is the original connection for the gauge end. I had a hydraulic shop make flex hoses for me at $ 20 each so Bernbaum's $15 item seems to be a bargain.
  8. dpollo

    Australian 1949 P18 Build

    just some observations . I notice that the engine is the 25 inch (measured along the head ) and is newer than '49. ( there is a bolt hole on the pan rail both sides which is used for a brace for the Powerflite which did not appear until 54.) Your engine has a rebuilder's tag near the fuel pump. The pump is like the one used on trucks of that era. It must be awfully tight at the rear with the exhaust , pedals throttle and steering all so close together ! I worked on a Kiwi '38 and as I recall the exhaust was a little further forward. If you order gaskets and seals for the 251 engine, you will avoid any confusion with the USA 217 ...... 251s use the same gaskets and front seal as the 3 3/8 bore engine originally found in your car. The rear seal may be different. As for the clutch, it looks like the larger of the two offered and does not appear to be badly worn.
  9. dpollo

    Gyromatic fluid

    This topic was covered very thoroughly on this forum some digging will turn it up. Dodgeb4ya has the best info. Myself, I would leave the Fluid Drive unit alone and use Atf in the .transmission
  10. dpollo

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    absolutely gorgeous . Congratulations on a job well done.
  11. dpollo

    230 plymouth

    All of the cylinder studs except three go into the water jacket . all of the manifold studs go into the water jacket same with the water pump
  12. dpollo

    A bunch a new P15's

    My grandad bought a new 48 Deluxe Coach (2 dr sedan) The dealer dressed it up a bit to clinch the sale. Included were the white trim rings, fog lights and back up light a cigarette lighter and an odd plastic wind deflector on the door window but behind the driver. Perhaps it was to protect the rear seat passengers from drafts.
  13. dpollo

    Transmission parts

    Mike is quite correct but I think it is a good chance that yours is an R10 which was used from 52 to 56 . The overdrive part shares service parts with Studebaker, Ford, Kaiser Frazer and even Chevrolet. The gearbox ahead of it uses the same internals from 41 to 56. (40 had a different second gear ratio). I do not think it would be difficult to come up with a standard three speed for parts. I have lots of them but shipping into the USA is likely to be prohibitive. The front case is slightly different with the overdrive but the bearings are all standard issue, the numbers are engraved on the outer race. I got my first OD in 1966. Still have it. Treated right, they are very reliable and a real benefit in a car operating at highway speeds.
  14. dpollo

    Gas tank outlet barb fitting

    Mike is correct. What you can do is take a piece of 5/16 ready made tubing. One of the flare nuts will be longer than the other. If needs be, lathe off some of the leading threads. Then make a "bubble" flare by using a double flaring tool but performing only half the procedure. You can then connect this to your original gas line.
  15. dpollo

    30 amp circuit breaker

    The circuit breaker is on the headlight switch and protects the headlight circuit. The stop lights and the dome light are on the protected side. The ignition has no protection and accessories like the radio have in-line fuses. On later models the circuit breaker was fastened near to the ammeter. The breaker is of the self closing type and will open and close until the heavier than 30 amp load is removed or the battery goes dead. You will find the same type of breaker on power window circuits in later cars.

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