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  1. dpollo

    Movie Plymouth

    in The Long Long Trailer there is a 53 Suburban wagon in the rainy scene at the trailer park but has anyone else noticed that while in most scenes the yellow convertible is a Mercury but on the mountain grades it is a Lincoln ?
  2. dpollo

    Movie Plymouth

    An episode of M*A*S*H* featured a 51 Plymouth which was later traded off for a cow. A number of Chrysler's products appeared in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World ....a 62 Ply. wagon, an Imperial convertible, a red convertible Dodge, a Chrysler 300 and police cruisers both Plymouth and Dodge all 62s I think, the 59 Plymouth taxis and the nose of a 53 Plymouth appears entering the coast highway. Not to forget the Power Wagon tow truck and then there was Algernon Hawthorne's Willys 4wd, (not a Chrysler product but now a relative) also a cameo with Jack Benny and what might have been a Maxwell. The Beverly Hillbillies featured Chrysler's cars although the old truck was an Oldsmobile and didn't Ward Cleaver drive a Plymouth ? The opening scenes of Back to the Future show a 53 Plymouth in a gas station. We get a ride in a 47 Desoto in The Bishop's Wife and in Happy Days there was Mr Cunningham's 48 Desoto Traveller which was featured with its nose through the wall of Arnold's restaurant. It is nice to see movies where the cars are presented as they were. Darn few Model A-s came with white wall tires.
  3. dpollo

    Movie Plymouth

    The Day The Earth Stood Still: Mr Carpenter , the man from space, rides in a 50 Plymouth taxi which morphs into a 49 Dodge. Kind of like Bogart's 38 Plymouth which is occasionally a 37.
  4. dpollo

    She's broke!

    I agree with PA, pull the head and pan and remove #4 and see what you've got. There is a very good chance the top ring has broken, chewed up its groove and is letting small fragments into the combustion chamber which makes a lot of noise. If it is feasible to put a new piston in that hole, then remove the rest of them and see what you have. Used to be, you would take the pistons to a machine shop and have the top grooves trued up and a (Hastings) GL spacer put in, restoring the groove. New rings all round, and put it back together. Quick, relatively cheap and will give good, if not lasting , results. Might run for years .
  5. dpollo

    Vacuum Booster fuel pump NOISE

    I encountered this on a 50 Plymouth. The owner was on vacation and 500 miles from home. It certainly sounded like a bad rod but the collateral clue was that the windshield wipers did not work well. Turned out that the pump's top cover was loose. Rather than risk further trouble we replaced the pump with a conventional one and hooked the wipers directly to the manifold.
  6. dpollo

    Engine stalls and misfires

    Have you tried another condenser in the distributor ? You would be surprised to find how a faulty condenser mimics fuel problems.
  7. dpollo

    where are the timing marks on the timing chain set?

    each gear has a small dot. Line up the dots when they are close to each other. and the line will pass through the center of both shafts. There are no marks on the chain.
  8. dpollo

    Starter Solenoid 1949 Chry Windsor

    on 49 to 52 the brake light switch is on the frame just forward of the left rear wheel !
  9. dpollo

    676337 head

    Only the Spitfire (25 inch 251) in 51 and possibly 52.
  10. dpollo

    676337 head

    I can say with certainty the extra "bump" for the bypass first appeared in 1951 on all engines except the Spitfire series. For proof, go to a listing of head gaskets. While you can use the 51 and newer gasket on an earlier engine, you cannot use the earlier gasket on a later engine unless you block the bypass hole(s). What has likely been seen are a mixture of newer and older components .
  11. dpollo

    How many keys were issued with new vehicle?

    Note above, each car came with 2 sets of the necessary keys.
  12. dpollo

    676337 head

    The bump for the water passage is between the front of the head and the back of the water pump. If you have not seen this then your head is likely 1950 or earlier. The only exception to my knowledge is on the 51 and possibly later Spitfire engine
  13. dpollo

    676337 head

    57 to 59 230s had 7.7 to 1 compression and the 2 barrel engines were 8.2 to 1. These heads can be easily recognized by the small hole fror the electrical temperature gauge sender. part #s are 1822839 and 1821845 The number you cited predates 1950 and this could be confirmed if it does not have the extra water passage at the front edge for the bypass.
  14. dpollo

    676337 head

    My take on it is the chamber on a 218 head would be smaller than the same year's 230 to achieve the same compression ratio. So keeping your 218 head on what is now a 230 would be ideal. This is what I have on my 50 Plymouth and it works very well.
  15. dpollo

    Optium battery in parallel, Powermaster alternator

    Have you checked to see if the moisture is acidic ? Most unusual !

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