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  1. Thank you for informing us about the show.
  2. I really want to see what you do with it.
  3. Chebbie guys do funny things... A lot of them give up when they realize that they have to re-engineer the entire truck. I had one idiot do a number on my Forklift before I bought it(230 flathead in a 1969 Pettibone). They cut off all the linkage to install a Fuurd Carburetor. I put a Carter back on it and fabricated linkage back to it using a piece of threaded stock and two heim joints. Now everything works again!!! Yay.
  4. When I was in the Army, and if I didn't have access to a safety cage to inflate the split rims, I would then inflate them with the ring facing down while putting all my weight on the back side. That way if it popped off, the ring wouldn't hit me and get trapped between the tire and the ground. I changed many tires and never had one issue. But they are scary until the rim seats with the tire... I think that I will weld a safety cage together, so when I change the tires on my 1937 1.5Ton, I won't be terrified...
  5. I saved a Dakota Chassis for 15 years. I finally gave it away last year. I dreamed of using the chassis with a 1957-60 cab and bed. Family life said... No! LOL I am enjoying watching you figure it all out. Not always easy to fabricate stuff. I will try to stay tuned, just busy trying to get my new building up... Not much time to good off online.
  6. I forgot to mention, you are doing an amazing job.
  7. Too bad I am so late, I have like 31 or 32 Flathead engines here... No extra 265's or 251's(I WISH)... The 360 is a awesome engine. I ran one in my 1959 D100. I used the flathead six/Poly V8 bell housing. I was able to run the original driveline that way to keep things simple. I hand fabricated motor mount brackets that bolted to the frame. Later I found a Industrial 318 timing cover with the high mounted water pump, so I could use a mechanical fan. To set the timing mark, while using this type of timing cover, just put the engine at TDC on #1, and scribe a line where the pointer is. Then remove the balancer, and make a groove with a cut off wheel. It will look just like a factory line in the balancer. I use flourescent yellow marker or white to color the groove to make setting timing easy. I just traded off my last high water pump cover towards a poly 318 4 BBL intake. So I no longer have it. Sorry...
  8. I am so glad that you are OK.... If my 1937 Plymouth Panel got smooshed, I would cry. I am still collecting parts for it. I really don't want to go through the searching thing again... I am short hood sides, rear fenders, a complete grille, and 4 "Plymouth" rims. This has been a long wait, I hope to find these parts someday, so I can finish the car and start driving it!!! I just hope that some idiot on a cell phone doesn't ruin it for me when the project is finished.
  9. Hmmmm.. I am going to have to try that trick someday! Makes sense too...
  10. I have a Snyder Cam and I love it!!!
  11. I love seeing that Aluminum Head!!! As long as regular service is performed, no worries about corrosion. Another thing that I have seen, is a piece of zinc dropped into the radiator, that way the zinc gets corroded, and the other metals are left alone....
  12. BTW... Welcome to the Forum!
  13. My wife and I were in La Mess(San Diego) and sighted a 1955 Dodge 2 Door with a hemi and a automatic with the one year only shifter on the dash. The car was parked In front of Soup Plantation. It was satin black with flames on the nose. A really awesome car!!! It appeared to be a grandpa taking his grandson and granddaughter out on a cruise. I wish I took pics of it....
  14. I have modified broom handles to work, and I also have gotten the transmission close, then had my wife release the clutch, so I could push the transmission in. Otherwise it's impossible to fit the transmission in if you don't have a tool, or a spare input shaft to align the clutch. I once did it by eyeball and got lucky!!! LOL
  15. I know that List Angeles had a plant in the late 1930's... Figured that one out while researching my 1938 Plymouth Truck.
  16. For what it's worth, I am keeping my flatheads. I plan on driving back and forth between my properties in Kansas and California. Not concerned about dependability, at all...
  17. Your flathead is very dependable. The whole concept of "modernizing" your car to make it dependable makes sense if you own a vintage chevy six or Ford Flathead V8. Those engines had lots of issues that can be addressed with lots of $$$, so guys would toss in a 350 chebbie to address it cost effectively. A strong running 230 or 265 will run another 50 years if done right using a quality machinist for machining and quality parts. The go fast goodies or "speed parts" can be found. You just have to look for them. Otherwise buy them new from a Edgy dealer or Langdon Stovebolt... Keep us posted on your choice, and show pics!!!!
  18. Neat link, never seen it before, thanks!
  19. Blue71c, Are you on the HAMB? A double dipper just like myself? Hmmmm 🙄
  20. Andy is on to something here. I had a distributor that would lose spark as the advance engaged. Ended up being the wire to the points. I rewired it utilizing a multimeter lead. Problem solved!
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