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  1. Red Rams are cute little Hemi's.... What a great find!
  2. The 1937-1938 trucks are just as expensive... Hard to find good ones.
  3. I hate to admit this, but you are not alone! My wife called me into the house after I did a tune up. I closed the hood, and forgot about it. The next morning I was perplexed as to why it wouldn't start so I could get to work... I finished everything except installing the spark plug wires... Sigh. Quick fix at least! LOL. Six wires are easy to install back, so I was fine and made it to work on time. It seems that family life = Distractions, so yeah, start to finish can be a challenge.
  4. Too bad it's small block chebbied! Boo! I have saved much worse cars. And yes, I can spell Chevrolet, I just like to poke fun at this terrible trend.
  5. LOL... Boy ain't that the truth!
  6. I might have a spare, please PM me if you like.
  7. What a great day, and you got to see some great cars and meet some down to earth people too! Very cool! I take my oldest son to car shows also.
  8. I seen something similar in Poway. Strange looking cars for sure. I never really felt like asking the guy about it...
  9. I hope that they sell you a piston, I am bummed that this happened to you.
  10. That is a relief! I think that I will save up and buy a set soon...
  11. Whenever I work on my friends 1949 Coronet, I have to be really cautious, as I have "scalped" my bald head a time or two. I wish that they opened more also, being tall brings on this dilemma.
  12. Definitely a new exhaust seat required. If the crack is wider than the new replacement seat, you can use a Lock-in-Stich kit from Turlock, CA. There are some you tube videos that show this repair being performed. I have personally used this product with complete success.
  13. I certainly hope that he hangs in there....
  14. Due to occasional 18+ hour work days, I can totally relate to this. Especially when your totally exhausted and can't find the right words! LOL
  15. Exactly... This is why I scratched my head on the pushrod bearing reference. I was questioning the meaning and wanted to know what exactly he meant by it. The term "pushrod bearing" did not originate from me, just in case some folks have misread something here....
  16. You have a great looking car Blaine, welcome to the forum.
  17. Me too... Had some surprises come up. I have to lay low for a while. It is too bad that I am having no success at selling anything so I can buy some parts I need...
  18. Tell you what Knuckleharley, how about you beat him until you get tired, then I will beat him until I get tired, then I can hand the cane back to you to finish the job! Muhahahaha
  19. I remember the Keihin, non CV Carb! Those things leaked! They would not seal well at the needle and seat, causing the cylinders to fill up with gas if the petcock wasn't shut off. Yeah, I scrapped a lot of those in favor of a quality S&S carburetor. I ran a Super G on my last one, worked really well.
  20. LOL... Oh how I wish you could do that!
  21. Me too... It's being sacrificed to save 3 other trucks. So it is for a good cause.
  22. Hello 48D, I wasn't aware of the chat option here. How do I get ahold of you Tim? I was so busy being distracted by my kids at your BBQ, that I really didn't get an opportunity to speak with you. We both build vehicles, and I really hope that we can build a relationship between us. Or at the least, share the trials and tribulations of building machinery... LOL I hope to hear back from you.
  23. Congrats Ed! I seem to try to add another truck to our addition to pass along to our little ones(at least that's what I tell my wife! LOL). I think that in another year, the misses may be ready for #3... Oh my..
  24. What a great truck! Makes me sad that I must part with my 1939 1.5 Ton.
  25. When I owned my 1959, I want to say that I replaced one of mine with the Jeep one you shown. It looked identical in appearance. But this was 17 years ago... I may not be 100% correct.