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    Restoration of vintage machinery and teaching others what I have learned. Other than that, a dedicated family man.
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    1937 Dodge 1.5 Ton, 1938 Plymouth Commercial Car, 1939 Dodge 1.5 Ton, 1969 Plymouth Valiant with a modified slant 6, 1975 Duster slant six with 4 speed OD, and a 1992 Dodge D350 Dually with a Cummins.

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  1. classiccarjack

    She's broke!

    I second the Vintage Power Wagons idea. Lots of good prices there.... Sometimes you can find deals on eBay, but not often.... I am bummed to hear about your troubles. I hope that after you repair it, it will give you many years of good service.
  2. classiccarjack

    11 inch drum brakes

    I have only 10" spares... Sorry
  3. classiccarjack

    676337 head

    I purchased my burret from a medical supply store. The funny thing is, it's like buying a gun, I had to wait 72 hours to pick it up.... Got to love California!!! LOL I also read that the later Heads had better chambers.... .
  4. classiccarjack

    318 Poly info help

    Absolutely! I will PM my #
  5. classiccarjack

    engine studs and gearbox gasket set

    Send in some pictures, one of us here may be able to help you identify the transmission.
  6. classiccarjack

    ‘37 air cleaner decal question

    All my 1930's air cleaner's are have no stickers....(probably fell off). I am not sure if my 1938 Plymouth truck has a sticker or not. Hmmm
  7. classiccarjack

    engine studs and gearbox gasket set

    http://www.bestgasket.com/drive_train_part_info.asp?DriveTrainType=Transmission Set (standard) Try this Franky...
  8. classiccarjack

    engine studs and gearbox gasket set

    As far as transmission gaskets go... I am trying to remember if it was a company named "north" or "best"... Hmmm. I will try to find that for you if I can.
  9. classiccarjack

    engine studs and gearbox gasket set

    Hi Franky, The last 230 I built, I pulled out the head bolts, measured them, then contacted ARP to get the head/block fully fitted with studs. If I had more time, I would tear an engine down for you to get the correct sizes researched. I kinda need to do it anyway. And this time, WRITE IT DOWN.... I am silly for not doing that in the first place.
  10. classiccarjack

    318 Poly info help

    I spoke with Mike Harding today. He is going to reach out to find a intake. He was involved too... Roland was the biggest inspiration. After his death, Mike has kept his Plymouth going with that same intake manifold. Roland is still missed... I met Gary some time ago, I admire his drive in keeping the Poly alive. Wayfarer, do you know Mike? He used to do Hot Rod TV. When I first began my old shop back in 2002, Mike and I worked together. He and I still have our old Plymouth's with the same engines in them. Man time flys!
  11. classiccarjack

    1929 DeSoto transmission replacement

    Hi Skip, I had this saved... I hope this helps.
  12. classiccarjack

    318 Poly info help

    My buddy Mike Harding has a fancy 4 BBL on his Poly... Should I ask him about it? Could be the same folks that made the one your inquiring about.
  13. classiccarjack

    1939 business coupe build

    The more you put it together, the more the color is growing on me too. I can't wait to see it in all its Glory....
  14. classiccarjack

    1940 Windsor Coupe Triple Carb Manifolds-Which carbs to use?

    I want to see this thing in action. It looks amazing. If you were to build a radical six, like the Montana boys for example, perhaps this would be beneficial.... Life is full of risks, sometimes you just got to go for it. Trial and error is what makes things better.... I own AOK manifolds, and am going to use them. But if I build one more project, I will need an option. Offenhouser Manifold doesn't suit well with me, and buying a welded up broken Edmunds from eBay doesn't seem the way to go either.... I totally like it that there is one more guy out there trying to help us make a Flathead go!
  15. classiccarjack

    1940 Windsor Coupe Triple Carb Manifolds-Which carbs to use?

    Bump.... Am I the last person to comment?

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