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    Restoration of vintage machinery and teaching others what I have learned. Other than that, a dedicated family man.
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    1937 Dodge 1.5 Ton, 1938 Plymouth Commercial Car, 1939 Dodge 1.5 Ton, 1969 Plymouth Valiant with a modified slant 6, 1975 Duster slant six with 4 speed OD, and a 1992 Dodge D350 Dually with a Cummins.

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  1. classiccarjack

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    Please keep us in the loop...
  2. classiccarjack

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I love seeing that Aluminum Head!!! As long as regular service is performed, no worries about corrosion. Another thing that I have seen, is a piece of zinc dropped into the radiator, that way the zinc gets corroded, and the other metals are left alone....
  3. classiccarjack

    1955 Coronet

    BTW... Welcome to the Forum!
  4. classiccarjack

    1955 Coronet

    My wife and I were in La Mess(San Diego) and sighted a 1955 Dodge 2 Door with a hemi and a automatic with the one year only shifter on the dash. The car was parked In front of Soup Plantation. It was satin black with flames on the nose. A really awesome car!!! It appeared to be a grandpa taking his grandson and granddaughter out on a cruise. I wish I took pics of it....
  5. classiccarjack

    Clutch disc aligning arbor

    I have modified broom handles to work, and I also have gotten the transmission close, then had my wife release the clutch, so I could push the transmission in. Otherwise it's impossible to fit the transmission in if you don't have a tool, or a spare input shaft to align the clutch. I once did it by eyeball and got lucky!!! LOL
  6. classiccarjack

    Where did they come from?

    I know that List Angeles had a plant in the late 1930's... Figured that one out while researching my 1938 Plymouth Truck.
  7. classiccarjack

    Where did they come from?

    It must be your destiny.....
  8. classiccarjack

    engine swap

    For what it's worth, I am keeping my flatheads. I plan on driving back and forth between my properties in Kansas and California. Not concerned about dependability, at all...
  9. classiccarjack

    engine swap

    Your flathead is very dependable. The whole concept of "modernizing" your car to make it dependable makes sense if you own a vintage chevy six or Ford Flathead V8. Those engines had lots of issues that can be addressed with lots of $$$, so guys would toss in a 350 chebbie to address it cost effectively. A strong running 230 or 265 will run another 50 years if done right using a quality machinist for machining and quality parts. The go fast goodies or "speed parts" can be found. You just have to look for them. Otherwise buy them new from a Edgy dealer or Langdon Stovebolt... Keep us posted on your choice, and show pics!!!!
  10. classiccarjack

    engine swap

    Neat link, never seen it before, thanks!
  11. classiccarjack

    '53 Dodge Junkyard Project

    Blue71c, Are you on the HAMB? A double dipper just like myself? Hmmmm 🙄
  12. classiccarjack

    Distributor Cap Trouble

    Andy is on to something here. I had a distributor that would lose spark as the advance engaged. Ended up being the wire to the points. I rewired it utilizing a multimeter lead. Problem solved!
  13. classiccarjack

    '53 Dodge Junkyard Project

    I know that more affordable brands are out there, as well as smaller bore brushes. But worth every penny....
  14. classiccarjack

    Synthetic oil

    You are spot on Doctor! If anyone prefers to not take heed to protecting their engines perhaps will cry a river later when the ticking, sputtering, and power loss occurs from losing the use of a valve due to a lifter and lobe wearing away. It seems some folks know it better than the rest of us. Including engine builders like myself that have seen this destruction happen. And by the way "stock non high revving engines" were some of the few that perished. To each there own. I only give advise based upon in the field experiences, not based on what I "feel"....
  15. classiccarjack

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Great read! Thank you for providing us some really cool products to up the performance of the flatheads.

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