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  1. new guy

    I had some success freeing up a 230 using that new WD-40 Rust Inhibitor Stuff. I was impressed! I ran out of Kroil and tried it out of desperation. It has unlocked 4 engines now. All of which have been left outdoors. Perhaps I got lucky?
  2. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Hi Kev, Thank you for sharing your progress. This topic is inspiring me. I use Redline to restore my gauges, Shannon does great work. If you have someone else in mind, please let us know how it turns out. -Jack H.
  3. New Guy In The House.

    Welcome to the forum! Your car is lovely.
  4. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    Hello Westphal, I think that is a good suggestion. I have a slant six that puts a lot of V8's to shame. It runs so good, I can't see any reason to pull it out.... I am afraid that I can't do batter for my application, not to mention the great gas mileage I get. I have a A833 OD behind it. I just removed the 3.73's to put in 3.55's because I sheared the sure grip housing bolts and had to repair it. Before that, I tore out the center of my clutch. Don't underestimate the power of a slant six! LOL The engine is in my, huhummm, 1969 Valiant. But if I ever hemi my Valiant, the slant is going into my 1937 pile of parts Dodge. It will motivate me to do the project should I do the latter...
  5. more engine ID help

    At some point, I want one of those engines.... It's a novelty thing for me. I think that they look nice. I find Hemi's nice looking too.... Perhaps I have a early engine fetish? LOL
  6. New Tachometer

    Hi Moose, What was your "by the ear" redline before you shifted at? Some day I will get around to putting tachometers in all my vehicles. I actually have the tachometers, just never seem to get around to installing them.... LOL
  7. Old and newer

    Once I finish my 1938 Plymouth. I will enjoy all what the 201 can deliver. But my 1969 Valiant, it's all about going fast! I respect and cherish the difference between the old and the new-er cars. Both have purpose, and both bring me a lot of joy. And I am the guy who builds them... Even better!
  8. New Tachometer

    That looks fantastic Moose! Love it... Tachs are great tools to have. I shift my later slant six on steroids by ear, but I don't have worries of over revving that beast. Our flatheads aren't like that.
  9. more engine ID help

    Dpollo is correct, that is a early engine. Machining can accommodate some parts to swap, but it's not something you want unless you have a pre 1935 car. It's close in dimensions of a 23", but the port spacing on the intake and exhaust are different. I sold a gentleman near me a 230. He managed to make adapters with his Bridgeport to swap a lot of parts over to get the 230 to work in his 1930 Dodge. I got to learn a thing or two. Really good experience.
  10. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    For sleeving try: http://whitepost.com/ I personally use this Company: http://www.karpspb.com/ I sleeve my Master Cylinder and my Wheel Cylinders with stainless steel. I have also used bronze in the past with success on a Power Wagon. I tried the Taiwan parts, and they leaked. So that is why I prefer sleeving. I hope this helps.
  11. Anyone 'yabadadoo' their truck?

    I think it will look cool. A Truck that nice could totally pull it off.
  12. 230 Flathead

    I wish that I hadn't missed this post. I just returned from Kansas last week.
  13. National DeSoto convention in San Diego Awesome!

    Was the truck Grey colored? He attends Cuizin Grand in Escondido alot...
  14. 230 Flathead

    I have a extra 230 that I could probably part with. I will be driving to Kansas next week...
  15. What year and model of Plymouth was this?

    One day while driving a 1933 Cadillac, I heard a loud "Bang" while applying the brakes. The pedal went to the floor as I idled between cars while running a red light. I was terrified! Needless to say, I don't care for mechanical brakes either. I don't blame you one bit! The pivot to the front brake rods broke.... It's dragging on the ground really didn't aid in stopping me. It seemed to somehow affect the leverage to the rears, they really didn't seem to be useful.