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  1. Fuel Sender

    Thanks for the replies. I do have a manual, but like others have said, the part numbers don't always cross reference to todays parts. I even called Atwater-Kent to verify the info I had. Just thought I would ask the experts before making yet another mistake.
  2. Fuel Sender

    Need a fuel sender for 1947 Chrysler 8 cylinder. Have searched and called people but still don't get a definitive answer. Are they different for a 6 cylinder? Bernbaum says length of arm is different, others say they are the same, yet listings at Roberts and Bernbaum only say "6 cylinder". Can anyone help?
  3. 47 Chrysler wiring

    Thank you very much!
  4. 47 Chrysler wiring

    Kind of an obscure question, but here goes anyway. Rewiring a 47 Chrysler and there's a brown wire that goes from the generator to starter solenoid. Anyone know it's purpose?
  5. Hi Mark, Am doing a 12 volt conversion on a 47 Chrysler and have most things covered. Read your post on a 12 volt horn relay. Anything special? Where did you purchase one? Thanks for any help. Dave

  6. Cluch pedal return spring

    Don't know how to post a picture, but It's on ebay. Ben's Auto Parts (benher58) 17" long, 3 1/2" coil length. $5.96 free shipping
  7. Hi Bob,  Saw one of your posts about dropping voltage on an electrically operated trans. Am converting a 47 Chrysler to 12 volts and need to know best way to drop voltage to trans.  Thank you, Dave

  8. Cluch pedal return spring

    Found a "universal" one with the right amount of coils and length, just have to make my own loop on one end. $6 I can make my own loop for $64 !
  9. Cluch pedal return spring

    $70 for a spring. They sure aren't bashful!
  10. Cluch pedal return spring

    That's the one!
  11. Cluch pedal return spring

    Finally got the picture to load. Yes, the spring I need is very similar to that. 10" long, coil area a bit shorter. "Clutch pedal pullback spring"
  12. Cluch pedal return spring

    Thanks for the reply Don, but for whatever reason I can't open the link
  13. Cluch pedal return spring

    This is for a 47 Chrysler New Yorker. Have looked everywhere, including extension spring manufacturers with no luck. 10" long spring with coils all on one side. Anyone have any sources?
  14. Hub cap skins

    Anyone know where to get wider beauty rings that only allow about 1/4" to show between hub cap and beauty ring? All I see are the narrow ones.
  15. Hub cap skins

    Thanks for the tips. Skins are already off the caps. New skins are available.