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  1. So my B2B is a all year round driver. Have tough time on traction with ice and snow. Do you guys add weight? How much? Thanks.
  2. tie rod

    I replaced my tie rod ends yesterday and the tie rod had a small bend 10' from the ends on both sides, it looked intentional. I think the tie rod should be straight so as to allow for alignment when on the truck, lossen the clamp bolts and rotate shaft in or out depending on alignment. Is this true?
  3. Hey Merle,  I was wondering if back in the day the tie rod end ball joints were the same dimension as the drag link ball joints?  Could one buy tie rod end fittings from AutoZone and fit the ball joint to the old drag link?  I find it har to believe they would have engineered a new part.  What napa wants fro the drag link, I might as well buy another truck.....

    1. Merle Coggins

      Merle Coggins

      The drag link is a one piece unit. The ends are not replaceable like on the tie rods. 

  4. https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1952-dodgeton-cab-and-chassis/6399898446.html
  5. I have recently got my truck going and so have had the pleasure of filling up at the gas station. I have noticed that when I open the cap, a vacuum is released, is this normal, or should I vent the cap? Thanks
  6. Hesitation woes continue

    I had a similar issue, and as you did chased everything, fuel pump, vacuum, carb, plugs, plug wires and while this never improved anything it was worth getting everything right. So what I did was chase the electrical aspects. Look at your voltage getting to points, should be 6.4 volts for 6V system. Turned out I had a loose ignition wire under dash. No more hesitation. Good luck.
  7. Oil pressure Gauge fitting

    I have bought after market gauges and they use the same line as my standard gauge, I swap them for calibration purposes. Never seemed so difficult to match.
  8. Andy Bernbaum is where I got mine. http://m.oldmoparts.com/.
  9. Seat Belts installed?

    I got lap belts from Napa. Driver and passenger side.
  10. I have a battery reading 6.32 volts. I have "00" battery cables going to starter. I have 6.32 volts reading at starter stud post. When I push starter button, I get no or little rotation of the starter, worked fine up till today. The starter appears original. What is the minimum voltage required to turn starter? Push the truck, drop clutch starts and runs fine. Checked my battery ground, no problem, again "00" cable to frame. Thanks for any and all responses. Best
  11. Don’t remember this being a big problem but I would get that starter out of the way first then the rest will seem simple.
  12. Ok great thanks, probably easier as tranny is four bolts, and the U joint. Correct?
  13. 52 Work Truck, not sure what you mean, I plan to swap top plate and forks as a unit. Does this not just swap? I can't imagine they made 2 different transmissions, the print is identical with exception of top plate and linkage, is drawing wrong?
  14. Hi All, I currently have a B2B with a three speed on the floor and am looking to swap a column shifter out of a '51 B3B. Any watch outs looks straight forward. I plan to remove the top plate from the B2B with the forks and simply place it in the B3B. I then will do the same with the column shifter top plate then work out all the linkage, am I missing something? By the looks of the pictures I have seen , I can keep my floor ebrake in place as the column top plate have mount positions for floor lever. Thanks in advancefor your support.
  15. Where is reverse b2b

    Yes Home Depot closet liner. Need to drill out for window and door crank, cause material too thick. Use lacquer finish so touch ups are fast.