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  1. Glove Box Door ?

    What I noticed if I use the outer screws, that is the one to the far left and far right and leave out the middle two, everything works great. If I install all four then the door doesn’t close well. Just what I see on my truck. Best of luck.
  2. Glove Box Door ?

    Does the door hinge go over or under cardboard insert?
  3. Hi, I need to haul two ~14’ kayaks in the back of my shortbed B2B. I was thinking of using 1” pipe 8’ long stuffed into bed tube on top of bed connecting the two pipes with crossmember and 90 degree elbows. When stuffed in they would be flush with tailgate and stick out of front of bed enough to use a pin to keep it from falling out. Then I would pull out 4’ and pin mid bed. I could the slide in kayaks and attach nose of kayak to extended pipe from underneath. I think it should work well, even good for lumber. Has anyone tried this? What am I missing? Thanks for your consideration.
  4. Wheel Size

    I am not a tire guy, so you don’t measure from lip of the rim?
  5. My truck has both a door with a vent and one without, looking to create a match. If you have one, I am interested.
  6. Door Question

    There is a tab that is welded to the door sill that the vent pillar bolts to. If it is there a non vent window would hit it. So I think there were two doors. As for the custom features, yes I have both driver and passenger side sun visor, heater, seat ride comfort damper, and radio. A real rich mans truck, ha ha.
  7. Door Question

    Sorry Here is whole truck pic
  8. When I salvaged my truck from its previous owner, who had it buried in a side hill, it came with two different doors. So the question I have is which is right. As you can see the drivers side door has no vent and the passanger side does. Not sure which is original, too many coats of paint to tell. I heard on a another truck line (Chevy) that vent windows didn't come out till 1952, well this is a '50 B2B. So I was wondering is this the same for Dodge. As you can see this is a driver, I use it as my farm truck, so no parades or shows, just original 218 and all stock as much as I can afford, or else I use what I can get away with, used tires from a Jeep in the rear, Napa mirrors, this list goes on. Again just wondering. Presentation1.pdf
  9. I added one a while back on my ‘50. I don’t use vacuum advance, and installed per instruction, no issues. I ran the wires through vacuum advance hole. Good luck.
  10. Thought I had enough trucks!

    It is your duty to buy it. This is a gift from the gods.
  11. JD&COKE, I am sure you'll get lots of ideas but seems like could be a block crack. The oil runs 40psi and the water coolant is low pressure,so the driving force is from the oil to the water. A test would be to pressurize the water side at high pressure and see if you get water in your oil. This will confirm that you have a crack somewhere. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Clements BBQ raffle.

    Tim, for those of us who can’t attend, and have a ‘50 so ‘51 clusters do us no good, but love the videos and pictures that come from the bbq, I think $25. Would be a great contribution from those of us too busy or not brave enough to make the drive. Will Paypal work??
  13. Talked with Andy B and bought left and right spring shackles for rear of front springs. So they arrived unlabeled. Which goes where right hand thread on right side and left on left side, like lug nuts? Oh I have 1950 B2B 1/2 ton. Thanks
  14. So my B2B is a all year round driver. Have tough time on traction with ice and snow. Do you guys add weight? How much? Thanks.