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  1. rallyace

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    Well, all I can say is this has made for some interesting reading with my morning cup of coffee.
  2. rallyace

    changing pinion seal P15

    Check you manual for the proper setup as it is how you adjust the gear lash between the ring and pinion.
  3. rallyace

    How Much Should I Pay For A Decent Torque Wrench

    If you are using a spring 'clicker' torque wrench, you have to release the spring after use. The spring will take a set and really screw up your calibration.
  4. rallyace

    front crankshaft bolt size

    Summit Racing sells a flywheel turning tool. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-900178?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-summit-racing&gclid=CjwKCAiAlb_fBRBHEiwAzMeEdm4kzjEBCJlyU2IatyRNILBUqQYpgkGnnEJjjdzmkUsdoPpa54h1ZxoCAUwQAvD_BwE
  5. rallyace

    What is this??

    As much as I respect knuckleharley's experience, advice and opinions he is wrong on this one. It is "ultra cool".
  6. rallyace

    Should I Attempt Carb Rebuild?

    Be very careful with the two balls. They are NOT the same size!!
  7. rallyace

    46 dodge exhaust manifold gasket replacement

    Bernstein's sells a full kit of studs, nuts and washers. I think it is about $60, about what you would pay at the hardware store but you get the heavy washers in the kit. You definitely want to use some sort of sealer on the studs where they go into the block.
  8. rallyace

    The 4th Annual P-15 Picnic in the UK (pictures)

    Mark, let us know the next time you plan a trip for the picnic.
  9. rallyace

    Dual Carbs on 218

    I would stay away from Pertronix right now. Too many war stories of the new units failing. Check on some of the British car forums and you will find many folks who have had issues, me included. It started about 4 years ago when Pertronix changed the company that was making their modules. Just my two cents worth.
  10. rallyace

    6V Battery Cables

    When I made my post I suspected I would see this as a comment. Here is the technical reply. The torque (and associated power) produced by an electric motor is a direct function of the flux density created by the coils in the motor. The flux density is a function of the construction of the motor. Motor speed and torque produced are inversely proportional. Maximum torque occurs at what is known as Locked Rotor conditions (zero RPM). As the speed increases, the torque decreases. and the resultant power created will decrease. The motor will attempt to spin faster under load on 12 volts but will be limited by the torque it can produce and the loads created by the internal friction of the moving parts in the engine.
  11. rallyace

    Tranny In or Out

    I am getting ready to swap out my tired 230 with a slipping clutch for a fresh 218 and new clutch on my 51 P23 Cambridge. Is it easier to pull the transmission or leave it in?
  12. rallyace

    6V Battery Cables

    Power is measured in watts. Your starter motor delivers a specific amount of power that can be measured in watts. One watt = 1 volt x 1 amp. The amperage for any specific wattage is directly proportional to the voltage. For example, 600 watts at 6 volts = 100 amps and 600 watts at 12 volts = 50 amps. Wire size determines its current, or amperage, capacity. The wire size for 6 volts needs to have twice the current carrying capacity of wire that is intended for 12 volts. The wire sold at just about every auto parts house is sized for 12 volts. You should use a minimum of a 0 gauge wire (that is zero gauge) from the battery to the solenoid, from the solenoid to the starter and from the block to the battery for a 6 volt system. Yes, I am an electrical engineer.
  13. rallyace

    Gauge Water Temperature

    Those wrenches are also known as flare nut wrenches in the USA. If you cannot find one at your local tool purveyor, try a plumbing supply house or a refrigeration supply house.
  14. rallyace

    To install new window sweeps - 1950 Ply 4dr

    I like the hints, the one I most want to get answered is how do you get permission to rebuild a door on the dining room table?
  15. rallyace

    Oil Additive To Fix Leaky Rear Seal

    No, I would need to pull the transmission, bell housing, clutch, flywheel, and oil pan, loosen the main caps and change the seal. I was looking for a stop gap method to get me through until I put in the new engine this fall.

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