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  1. rallyace

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    I have been to the Syracuse Nationals about a dozen times as it is only about 10 miles from our house. Normally I show my '51 Cambridge but not this year. My sister picked Nationals weekend to get married so I guess I will be doing the hotel parking lot tour If you plan on going, Friday is the best day. The cars will all be there and the spectator crowd is smaller. Saturday will be a zoo as there will be about 50,000 spectators on top of the 8,000+ cars. Sunday is really not worth going. Most folks leave for home on Sunday morning.
  2. rallyace

    my first project car at 16

    Lots of good advice here Seth. We all started working on cars when they were tuned with gauges and tools instead of a smartphone. Start slow, one system at a time. I suggest under the hood first, (make it run), then the brakes (make it stop), the drivetrain (make it drive), the rest of the electrical system concentrating on the lighting system (make it safe), then make it pretty. Carb rebuilds are simple, figure a couple of hours if it is fairly clean inside. If you go the rebuild route pay strict attention to the two little balls. They are NOT the same size!!! If you put the big one in the hole for the small one you will not be able to get it out without making up a lot of new four letter words. Like Greg G said, get the shop manual. It is invaluable. Get the paper copy, not the one on a CD. Nothing better than to be able to read and look at pictures in a book while looking at the parts when working on them. Take lots of pictures for reference. You won't be able to remember exactly how everything goes back together two weeks later. Right now your best tools will be a 5 gallon bucket of kerosene or diesel fuel for parts cleaner and a good selection of brushes and scrapers to remove 70+ years of built up grime. We are all here to help you and remember, the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask. One more piece of advice.....don't use the dishwasher for a parts cleaner. They do a great job but your mother will not appreciate it. Mike
  3. rallyace

    D24 Shock Absorbers

    You need to go to Hershey in the fall.
  4. rallyace

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    Baseball glove conditioning oil is basically a form of neatsfoot oil.
  5. rallyace

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    The fitting should be a 1/8" NPT male by female flare. It is something that NAPA stocks. I just got 4 of them for my engine rebuild project. I am using 3/16" brake line tubing to plumb up the oil filter.
  6. rallyace

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    I made this post so I could collect data and inform NAPA of the issue. The local NAPA gang has reported the issue but told me they doubted it went anywhere. They suggested that I collect a lot of complaints and pass it along to NAPAs Atlanta HQ.
  7. rallyace

    Temp needle adjustment

    Or you can go the easy way and get an Equus temp gauge at AutoZone for $20.
  8. rallyace

    Anybody going to POC meet

    We are going and hope to be following a black 46 Plymouth Business Coupe.
  9. rallyace

    Easy things are getting difficult

    My problem is that I keep having to buy a jack that lifts the car higher than the previous jack. Tall jack stands are getting expensive too.
  10. rallyace

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    Has anyone else found that the pilot terminal of a NAPA 535 signal flasher does not work. I have been through two of them. The pilot terminal, the one in the middle that is angled 90 degrees to the other two, is the feed for the dash indicator lamp.
  11. rallyace

    Cowl Vent Gasket

    Other than price, I have had no issues with Steele. They always have a large display at the Syracuse Nationals and they have folks that know their products and will take information from you and send you a catalog that is just for parts for your car. I have only ordered from them once but was quite satisfied with the result. AndyDodge, I don't doubt your experiences as when dealing with a big company like Steele, the rep you talk to makes a huge difference in how the deal goes down. When I had my MG, I had a similar experience with the worlds largest British car parts supplier. The rep did not want to know anything about shipping the wrong electrical part (correct part number on box, wrong part in box) and would not accept a return.
  12. rallyace

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    I do not have any experience with Mopar mechanical fuel pumps but the experience that I do have with other makes has shown that if the diaphragm is intact, then the culprit is almost always with the check valves. One trick I learned from an old mechanic to bench test a suspicious pump is to clamp the pump in a vise, run a clear piece of tubing from the inlet and discharge ports and put the other ends in jars with a little gas in them. Move the actuating lever and watch the motion of the fuel. No flow, bad diaphragm or blocked check valve. Fuel moving backwards in one of the lines, bad check valves. Once the pump is confirmed to be working and the problem still exists, start looking for obstructions in the fuel lines.
  13. rallyace

    52 cranbrook ?

    I would start cheap. Offer $1,500 and see what he says. He may be motivated. Are you mechanically inclined? A full engine rebuild can easily run you between $3,500 and $5,000 depending on how much of the work you are capable of doing. Can you do the floor repairs or will you have to pay someone to do it? All of this has to be weighed against the anticipated value when completed. Cars are money pits so the real question is the same one you ask yourself when you enter a casino, how much can I afford to lose and still have fun.
  14. rallyace

    Electric fuel pump

    One easy way to use an electric pump with a oil pressure safety shutoff is to have a three position switch mounted under the dash. The best switch to use is a momentary on/ off/ on switch. Wire the momentary on position so it will bypass the oil pressure switch and the on position to provide power through the oil pressure switch and then to the pump. Use the momentary on to start the engine then switch it over to the on position with the oil pressure switch wired in series with the pump. If there is no oil pressure the fuel pump will shut off.
  15. rallyace

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Greg G. Powder coat 'paint' is actually a plastic coating and is is much more tolerant to flexing than paint. It must be applied to a clean, dry surface and under controlled conditions. Sandblasting wheels is a good prep as it creates the needed texture for the paint to adhere. Done properly, which means that the part is properly grounded and the person applying the paint knows what they are doing, is critical. Unlike a liquid paint, you cannot put on multiple coats with drying between coats as the powder paint attracted to the part by via an electric charge . The second part that must be done correctly is the heat curing of the paint. Again, you only get one chance to get it right. A good powder coating shop will know how to do it right. I am considering having my wheels powder coated over the winter.

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