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  1. Straight 6 Engine 218 CI - Rebuild

    My 218 is at the machine shop now. I am waiting for them to advise me on the pistons and bearings that I will need. Plenty of sources for parts for these engines.
  2. My first classic

    Who did your machine work?
  3. My first classic

    Lots of support in Central NY. I am just down the road in Baldwinsville and there are several other folks with old Mopars in the area.
  4. Vacuum Wiper Motor Help...

    Trico is still in business. They left Buffalo in 2002 and auctioned off the tooling and NOS parts that were still left in their old 'Plant #1'.
  5. Summer fall Plymouth trips

    We are in (except for the trip across the pond) but you already knew that.
  6. Replacement Rod Bolts

    Thanks, Greg. They show them in their online catalog. I will call them tomorrow.
  7. Replacement Rod Bolts

    Greg. I am all set with head bolts, they are a stock item with Summit Racing. I am trying to locate a source for new rod bolts. They have a unique lock washer that fits into a recess in the rod cap.
  8. Replacement Rod Bolts

    This has probably been answered a dozen times but I could not find anything about it. I am looking for a source for replacement connecting rod bolts, nuts and the special lock washers for a 218 CI flathead. Thanks in advance. Mike
  9. Look what I found!

    Road trip! Sign us up!
  10. leather tie rod ends

    If you cannot find neetsfoot oil you can use baseball glove conditioning oil. It is basically the same stuff.
  11. Charging Issues.

    You should see at least 13 volts while charging, 14 or 15 is not abnormal with a generator charging system. My immediate guesses are improperly polarized generator or bad voltage regulator. Do you have an ammeter on the dash? If so it should show a decent amount of charge immediately after starting the engine.
  12. Grease..........is the word.

    Some jobs are just made to be done on a lift. I am fortunate that a friend has a lift in his shop and I can schedule time on it. I lubed my 51 Cambridge on Monday. It took me about 20 minutes to lube every fitting and a half an hour per corner to change out the shocks.
  13. List of spares to carry on a long trip

    I usually travel with greg g so I don't bring anything. He has it all.
  14. Years ago I was told that the Europeans determined that if you do not have to remove the headlight from the mount then the alignment would not drastically change with a bulb change, thus the replaceable bulbs. FWIW, it is easier to change the headlight bulb on a European manufactured car than any Asian or US designed car that I have worked on.
  15. Concerete Slab Question

    The angle of the floor is less than 1 degree. It will not pose any type of issues. When using jack stands, I always block the wheels still on the ground and keep the jack about 1/4" under a frame rail if possible when working under a car.