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  1. I have scored a couple of the cable lift type from newer trucks and bolt into the crossmember. Crank up and down. Saves the eyes and body. Brian
  2. Welcome JE I’m over in Winchester KY got a few old Plymouth’s and Dodge. Lots of great friendly advice and opinions here. I never stop learning things. Brian
  3. I have a mustang 2 in my 40 pt105 they sell univeral front kits. You just have to trim to fit your frame then weld it up. The front crossmember has to come out. You have to fab radiator support and engine mounts. I like the heidts style which surrounds the frame better than fatmans Brian
  4. Got a few Mopars and a Chevelle. 33PD coupe, 31PA 2 door, 89W150. The Chevelle was my first car at 13, owned since 1983 Brian
  5. Finally got my 8” rims. Thinking about removing the clips for blasting and painting. What rivits to use to reinstall? Brian
  6. Uncles home built from 2 cabs with cummins
  7. I met Wray in Illinois through metalmeet.com , all those guys are very good and helpful to new guys. Yeah I got 4 fenders to make,2 kids to send to college and 9 vehicles to maintain + work. Brian
  8. Chris Looking good! I need to make fenders for my Plymouth pt105. I have the tools but not the time. Too many cars the wife says. I have met Wray and you are right. Master craftsman and all around great guy. Brian
  9. sleepy


    I used lizardskin when it first came out. Stuff was amazing on sound and heat blocking. Then they separated sound deadner and heat insulation,the price is 4 times now. I found some Industrial stuff that is the same for a affordable price. It is used to insulate steam pipes, chilled water tanks and building roofs. Brian
  10. My wall cabinets from a vocational school with my layout. Drawers from my fathers filled with hardware.
  11. My wife bought me a lift which I love them both. Here is my home built power hammer for my sheet metal repairs
  12. I have ran a pair of Langdon's carbs on non mopar(gm) with adapters. I liked how they ran and had no problems. Will probably look into them for my 25" later on a homemade intake. If I remember they were on ford escort.
  13. Few of my projects 



  14. I was wondering about the crank damper also. My industrial just has a hub with 2 pulleys, one wide and small narrow for the governor. Can I use it or need to find a dampener?
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