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  1. Bigphillip79

    1 ton to 1/2 ton front end swap

    Excellent. Just what I was hoping. Now to find a front axle. Not gonna be easy.
  2. Looking to make my 52 1 Ton more drivable. Like to put a Cherokee rear end under it for better gearing. For the front end to match I was thinking I could drop the one ton unit altogether and just bolt up the 1/2 ton beam and spindles. Is it that easy. Will the half tone beam bolt up to the 1 ton springs?
  3. Bigphillip79

    Inherited B3D

    Finally not too busy to get some pics. Here we go.
  4. Bigphillip79

    Inherited B3D

    I guess either would be fine for this truck. If theres any power or throttle response difference it won't matter with this truck and the gearing. Between the low range tranny and rear gear top speed is 45. Gears like that any power will move it.
  5. Bigphillip79

    Inherited B3D

    Thanks for the welcome. I'll rebuild the carb then just gotta get the linkages. Looks like it's missing a couple. For the hood might just make the side removable rather than hinged. Should be easy enough. Unless there's some other hack you guys have figured out.
  6. Bigphillip79

    Inherited B3D

    Hey guys. How goes it? I just recently inherited my Pop's B3D. He didn't have it very and didn't drive it too much but the guy he bought it from drove it everyday. The starter died on it a couple years ago and my dad got it rebuilt but didn't get it back together and running do to illness. He's passed away a month ago and Id like to get it back up and running for him and do what he planned with it. The truck is a big rusted farm truck with a 9 foot bed and a house paint brush job. its way past a full restoration and he new it. His plans were to keep it mostly that way but fix the paint a little put a farm sign on the doors, hay bales and feed sacks in the bed, throw on some over-alls and cruise the shows in it. Over the 2 years it sat here's where i'm at now: make sure the motor's still free new battery and install the starter and make sure it cranks oil change rebuild carb- think its the wrong one but it worked before dump and clean fuel tank and new hoses and maybe electric fuel pump Tune up and new belts and hoses. Flush radiator and new coolant New water dist. tube (not looking forward to that) absolutely no brakes- i'll rebuild all wheel cylinders and master cylinder Hood? Hinges are gone and there some junk cabinet hinges on it and there shot too. I gotta do better than that Carb question. According to the manual It should have a Stromberg but it has a carter b&b and I have a spare in a parts box. Any advantage to going back to the stromberg? Thoughts? Any thing I'm missing? I'll get some pics up when i can.

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