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  1. The return I believe.
  2. Yup. Pretty darn similar to that. See I don’t like clutter and unneeded things, so I was going to remove it. But I guess I better leave it. Darn.
  3. So my 40 does have “dual climate control”. (2 heaters in the cab). So I suppose I better leave it.
  4. So it’s not needed?
  5. 1940 Chrysler Windsor. I’m guessing some kind of pressure bleed.
  6. Can anyone tell me what this is for? Dont think I’ve ever seen one on another vehicle before thanks
  7. I do! But I plan on running them on a belt sander a bit for piece of mind. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I will go downtown and check. I seemed to be striking out online. I’ve found several. But they sure don’t look right
  9. Thanks. Anyone know a good place to get manifold gaskets from??
  10. I like it. Did you braise it?
  11. Looking for tips , tricks, and pictures of splitting stock exhaust manifolds. I’m splitting a stock Chrysler 25” 230. I got my cuts mapped out, I’m going to braise the caps and 2nd dump on. But I’d like to see how others have done it, and catch their dos and don’ts. Thanks In advance!
  12. Updated picture of mine. 3” leafs, 2” blocks. Aerostar coils with a 1/2 of a coil snipped off.
  13. Looking for a good source for inner and outer tie rods. I have a 40 Chrysler, but would imagine all are the same. Found a set for $199 on eBay. Checking for other sources. Anyone check with local parts stores?? Thanks in advance
  14. Ah. Mine must be the early version. Thanks
  15. Thanks guys. Gets me closer
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