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  1. Dave Armstrong

    Front spring removal

    Hi Conn, I have a spring compressor but can't get it in there as the is not enough space between the chassis and lower arm. Is there a special type of spring compressor for this? Ta Dave
  2. Dave Armstrong

    Front spring removal

    Hi all, Starting to strip the chassis down on the 47 desoto. What is the best way t0o remove the front springs as they seem to be under quite a bit of tension. Thanks Dave
  3. Dave Armstrong

    Too far gone?

    Here's the link to my 47 desoto project. Had no floor or rockers. Lots of work, but enjoyable a c satisfying
  4. Dave Armstrong

    48 Desoto Project

    Was a lot of work, but enjoyable with still a long way to go. I think that there are only a couple of 3 window Desotos over here in the UK.
  5. Dave Armstrong

    48 Desoto Project

    Great work. When i got mine the floor was missing both sides, complete with the sill ( i think you call then rocker panels). But, although not original, I hand fabricated sills and the complete floor. It now looks like this.
  6. Dave Armstrong

    Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Could work with the wrap. I do wrapping as part of my business. A couple of tips. Wipe well with acetone, then wipe again to remove residue. Secure the bumper, or you could soon be chasing it around the bench. Allow a fair bit of waste to start with to allow you to manulipulate the material, and when it becomes tricky remove waste. If heating to form, don't just heat the small area, heat a larger area to allow movement through out the material. Apply from inside to out when squeging on. Post heat after so the vinyl gets its memory. What material are you looking to use? Should be good. Probably going to wrap a few bits on mine. Dave
  7. Dave Armstrong

    Help for a crash course in types of engine

    Hi Thanks for the replies . Been offered an engine which is 25" long. How do you tell what size it is. It has the firing order stamp on the head, as is apparently from a dodge. Is there decoding in the engine number . Thanks Dave
  8. Hi All , I gather that there are different types of flat six engines and gearboxes across the models . Could someone maybe tell me the differences between them and how they are marked/numbered, or where I can find them on the Internet . Thanks dave
  9. Dave Armstrong


    The main fabrication of the floor is finished, made a bolt in gearbox cover. Back on its wheels. Now for the boot floor and rear of the bodywork .
  10. Dave Armstrong


    Hi. I used the step/flange dies, mark the lines to form the shape, be it rectangle /triangle etc and radius the corners. Then follow the lines with light pressure, and follow again with more pressure each time. It will distort the panel but put it on a flat surface and beat it with a mallet to flatten
  11. Dave Armstrong


    Hi Flatie46 All panels made myself with hand tools and a manual bead roller. I folded main outer rocker on a friends press brake to get the straightness over the length and sharpness in the bend.
  12. Dave Armstrong


    Other parts of the center of the car together with the a and B posts were repaired The pedals have been fabricated onto a modern 7"servo and better master cylinder assembly and fitted order the floor The floor was framed and panelled over. So this is where it's at now. Still a long way to go , but very enjoyable . I will endeavour to try and keep the progress updated as I go. I'm in need of the external chrome fittings that bolt through the windscreen scuttle to the wiper motors. If anyone has any . Will post again soon Ta Dave ( UK)
  13. Dave Armstrong


    This is a post about the work to my on going '47 Desoto business coupe project. It is just over a year now since I collected Wilma. Part dismantled, with the previous owner having removed quite a bit of the floor complete with the rockers each side. So what was left of the floor was removed with a few quick cuts with a grinder. Together with expanding foam, pop riveted aluminium, fibreglass and cabinet drawers . A frame was bolted to the chassis and adjustable fixings were connected to the a and B posts to enable the door gaps to be held whilst the repairs started . Then after some folding , bending , welding and grinding, new rockers were fabricated and welded in. These are not to the original shaping, but having nothing to go by for a reference a redesign was needed Continued on next post........
  14. Dave Armstrong

    Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    Looks really great, a lot of hard work in that Hopefully I will start putting the floor in mine over this weekend, as finally sorted out the pedals, brakes and seat with runners.
  15. Need to go a long way to beat the shape of these cars. My Desoto had no floor on rockers, but now 8 months on, doing a bit when time allows, it has rockers and floor going in. Another couple of years and I'll have a car worth having,

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