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  1. normanpitkin

    Optium battery in parallel, Powermaster alternator

    i have a 48 new yorker with 2 OPTIMA batteries in parallel ,it turns over very quickly,I also have a 41 Windsor with a single OPTIMA ,it seems to be fine but not as quick as the new yorker with two .Both cars are generator equipped .Seems like the smaller 6 cylinder engine is fine with just one.
  2. normanpitkin

    Big Jim's fender skirts

    i i used them for skirts for my 41 windsor ,they are really nice ,would use them again!
  3. I have 97s outside pair but the middle carb is the original B and B as I needed it to handle the fluid drive Anti stall feature,seems to work pretty well when warmed up after about 5 minute .Not sure if the gas consumption is much better or worse!
  4. normanpitkin

    A Matter Of Exhaust Decibels

    I too have dual exhaust with headers and glass pack mufflers ,quite loud when i put my foot down but cruising at 60 is ok ,bearing in mind its a convertible so pretty noisy anyway!
  5. normanpitkin

    Highlander material cloth

    Expect to pay about $100 a yard for the correct plaid
  6. normanpitkin

    Been a while: My '49 Coronet

    Great seat covers!!
  7. normanpitkin

    Fuelling multiple carbs

    Rebuilt factory pump with a 6 volt electric pump to prime when cold, running triple carbs on a chrysler 1941
  8. normanpitkin

    Dat Bodge

    I have been to all of them ,they are excellent ! This year we are going to a very cool museum a s well .Do come ,the more the merrier.
  9. normanpitkin


    A little bit of everything ,trips of up to 120 miles on a combination of motorways ,b roads and country lanes.The weight of the Chrysler is such that I don't really notice the caravan!
  10. normanpitkin


    I tow this with my 1948 17,000 mile New Yorker with standard brakes and tyres.Its not been difficult.
  11. normanpitkin

    Weather vent leaking

    No option but to take the whole damn thing apart ,clean it and replace! Buy a new vent seal and you are good to go.
  12. normanpitkin

    everdry kit

    I have the kit on my 41 with a split hood and it really works! I don't have them on my 48 with alligator hood which still fills up with water in the plug recesses when it rains HARD!
  13. normanpitkin

    Rebuilding Carb...need help with strange part

    only the ball goes in that hole ,the pin is for the dash pot i think
  14. normanpitkin

    How Many Drive Their Old Mopars In Rain

    ENGLAND=RAIN. They are built to be driven in all weathers

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