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  1. If steam comes out of the radiator it is too hot.If there isn't any steam its fine. Easy to overthink these issues.
  2. I drove my 48 new yorker 400 miles this weekend ,as long as the fd fluid level is correct it has never been a problem.Vapour lock is the enemy here but only after driving for 3 hours or so!
  3. hi yes ,but am running 6 volt electric fuel also as prime pump ,nothing worked! Just not enough vacuum
  4. My 41 Chrysler with fluid drive has triple carbs ,one of which is connected to work the trans ,HOWEVER after much head scratching there is never enough vacuum to work the kick down ,so i have a small button to electrically operate that.Works fine and MUCH quicker!
  5. my rubber boots disintegrated to such an extent the photo would be of melted rubber bits!
  6. I had my 41 convertible chrysler top rewired ,works well now BUT where to buy the rubber boots for the top motors?
  7. I drive both of these every weekend ,unless its snowing!
  8. my 41 on boxing day ,BUT before all the modifications!
  9. my 41 windsor has a split manifold ,twin large bore twin exhausts and triple carbs .I can assure you it has made a very noticeable difference to the original cars performance.
  10. dash pot in the carb not working properly?
  11. WOW!! thank you all gentleman ,now the fun begins! Will let you know how we get onion thing i do know is the rubber boots protecting the motors are completely disintegrated.Am also sure they are completely unobtainable!
  12. does anyone have the electrical wiring diagram for a 41 chrysler windsor convertible that includes the power top wiring?
  13. HA! I am also missing the right rear gravel mould trim ,they are the rarest of the rare ,in 4 years i have seen one for sale AS part of a set that went for $750!
  14. The only hard part on mine was getting the kick down to work ,with the original carb in the centre ,there isn't enough vacuum for the kick down to work ,so put in a switch ,like a shift right to make the car shift down from 4th to third .Works perfectly
  15. I have a 41 windsor with a triple carb set up ,the centre carb is the original ,with the fluid drive it was essential, the outer two are standard b and b.Runs like a champ with the twin exhaust pipes and split manifold.The only problem was insufficient vacuum to work the kick down but that is now working with an electric switch to kick it down.
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