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  1. 1-2 Shift Clunk

    Check the fluid drive reservoir and top up as needed
  2. Lurker.

    Nice ,i have a convertible 1941 windsor ! I am in Essex ,do you mean you have 1st and 2snd or 3rd and fourth ,I'm assuming its a fluid drive semi auto?
  3. Hendrick's Shriner's Christmas for Kids - Best of Show

    Well done ,a beautiful Chrysler!
  4. What some of us got up to in England, today

    All we needed was a Desoto! Oh,and a woody or wagon to complete the line up.maybe next year! I had a great time ,roll on next year!
  5. Look what I found!

    Wrapped the oak bow in fabric? Photo please ,I don't really understand!
  6. This Evening's Cruise...With Running Updates

    Great post Keith ,nice to hear all the news and will be very interested to see the comparison tests ,hard to track those down online!
  7. Car shows

    A general question ,in the Uk most (nearly all) car shows ask for 5 or 10 pounds admission or charge for a car to enter a show. One I asked about today said if I paid 20 on the gate I would be ALLOWED in!!! Surely if its a car show ,the cars ARE the show ,without us ,they have nothing! Whats the protocol in the states?
  8. P-15 Convertible tacking strip

    they are indeed oem ,and they work ,just need adjusting answering into the switch ,a job for autumn. Still 6 volt of course ,not much choice with fluid drive!
  9. P-15 Convertible tacking strip

    I wonder why my Chrysler has twin electric motors and not vacuum? Price? Selling point?
  10. Chrysler 1941 parts needed!!"

    I spoke to him about 3 months ago ,he was in Kent and was parting out a 41 sedan having taken what he needed to rebuilt a convertible.Sadly I then lost his number!
  11. seat dismantling

    Many thanks ,I will let you know how I get on!
  12. seat dismantling

    Does anyone know how to remove the back off the split front seat in my1941 windsor convertible .There is a large phillips type screw on the outside of the seat but I am damned iff i can budge it!
  13. fluid drive downshifts

    i have a 41 Windsor with exactly the same transmission ,i changed the vacuum diaphragm recently .You have to remove the floor ,only about 12 bolts and then its relatively easy to swap for the NOS unit ,mine was from eBay and cost $50.Could also be the wiring is grounding ,its a confusing wiring diagram to use!
  14. '40 Chrysler Engine questions

    My 1941 now has a triple carb set up . and headers running into a twin large bore system. Its probably the identical motor to yours.
  15. Fuel and headers!

    I have just fitted split headers to my 41 windsor and they are a bit close to the fuel line from the mechanical pump.Am going to route the pipe away but will still put a wrap or similar on the headers,has anyone used Zircotec 3 for this purpose?