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  1. I have a 1952 dodge school bus, 2 ton. I am missing one of the brake anchor bolts for the rear brakes. The one at the bottom of the brake pad that it pivots on. Somehow i lost it since working on it last summer. I have drums turned , brakes relined and brake cylinders re-sleeved. Now i'm stuck. Does anyone have one they would sell? Thanks Brent
  2. Akdn

    powder coated

    From the album: 52 school bus w/64poly

    5 lockrings and one split rim
  3. Akdn


    From the album: 52 school bus w/64poly

    brake job time
  4. Akdn


    From the album: 52 school bus w/64poly

    sandblasted, powder coat and radials put on
  5. Akdn

    2 ton of fun

    Hi Brent, When you did your brakes did you have the drums turned? I also have a 2 ton 1952 , doing the brakes now and cant find specs on the drums. I found one forum that said fronts were 14 1/8 and rears are 16" Hagens rebuilt my master cylinder. I have thr drums ready to turn but the shop cant figure out the size it is supposed to be. I have had this since 1977, it sat for the last 10 years now my daughter wants to fix it up.
  6. Akdn

    1952 school bus

    1952 dodge school bus, full size, 2 speed rear end

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