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    1952 dodge full size school bus, 1973 FMC 2900R

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    i have owned a 1952 dodge full size school bus since i was 17,, 1977
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  1. I have a 1952 dodge school bus, 2 ton. I am missing one of the brake anchor bolts for the rear brakes. The one at the bottom of the brake pad that it pivots on. Somehow i lost it since working on it last summer. I have drums turned , brakes relined and brake cylinders re-sleeved. Now i'm stuck. Does anyone have one they would sell? Thanks Brent
  2. 2 ton of fun

    Hi Brent, When you did your brakes did you have the drums turned? I also have a 2 ton 1952 , doing the brakes now and cant find specs on the drums. I found one forum that said fronts were 14 1/8 and rears are 16" Hagens rebuilt my master cylinder. I have thr drums ready to turn but the shop cant figure out the size it is supposed to be. I have had this since 1977, it sat for the last 10 years now my daughter wants to fix it up.
  3. 1952 school bus

    1952 dodge school bus, full size, 2 speed rear end