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  1. Valve guides on intake side

    For this I want to bypass the electrical fuel pump with a check valve in the line of the tank to the mechanical fuel pump.
  2. Valve guides on intake side

    Car is running great. First 1200mls are on the odo. Just came back from a 300mls trip this weekend. No issues except with gasoline. Looks like the gas pump can't deliver enough but is new. A deeper investigation is necessary. I asume the extra electrical pump is the problem because is directly in line with the mechanical one. Oil consumption is normal. Everything else working perfect. Thanks for asking. Andre
  3. Happy to announce...

    Thanks to all. My son and daughter (three & six yrs old) smiling the whole time when they are on a trip with me.
  4. Happy to announce...

    ...that I got my car back to road. Want to say thank you for this great forum and the help of all posts while looking for information during restoration and the answered questions I ask. First 250 mls I drove and hope a lot more will be added... Andre
  5. KingPin Saga DONE

    Did a king pin and bushing replacement last week and had the same issues to get the king pin through the support. The pins were .03mm too big in diameter. Bought on same place. Took me two hours to grind them down to fit in the supports. Also the "pocket" for the pin which keep the king pin in place is not equal compared to the old one. Must drive the pin deeper to get a thight king pin in the support. I can not recomend to buy the king pin set from A.Bernbaum.
  6. Another brake story

    I used this MC with bracket I made myself. http://www.wilwood.com/MasterCylinders/MasterCylinderProd.aspx?itemno=260-7563 Not tried yet beacuse of winter here and some isues with the rear end.... Andre
  7. Sealing with JB Weld

    The speedi-sleeve is exactly for this purpose. Wall-thicknes is 0.28mm ~ .011" of the SKF ones. Oil seals usually can handle this. I see you said you get a nos leather one but se no reason why it should not work with those too if do the same procedure as described in the shop manual for new leather oil seals.
  8. Sealing with JB Weld

    Did it last week on the diff. hub. The best you can do, as Dodgeb4ya said and dead easy. They recommend to use some kind of metal filler and then install the sleve, if the grooves are to deep,
  9. Outer Rear Axle Bearing Seat Issue

    Oh yes you are right. It took some time but it was it worth. I learned a lot. Now solving the bearing seat issue and I am ready for a test drive this spring.
  10. Outer Rear Axle Bearing Seat Issue

    Thanks for the replies. I will try to find somebody around me who can build up the seat by metal spraying or at least by welding and milling back to the diameter necessary. If I have no luck I will try the "punching method" with some "bearing glue" until I find a replacement axle. @Plymouthy Adamsb.t.w. I found replacement rear drums from a Jeep Cheerokee which fit to the rear axle with some work to the drums and also with new studs which I did myself on a lathe. The goal was, that the drums are available here in Germany so I ordered them, took some messurements and found out these drums are good to go. Now I ended up with the problem as described above (Solved one and digged up the next..., but I am almost at the end with restauration... rear axle was the last piece I didn't touch so far). Regards Andre
  11. I wantetd to replace the outer rear axle bearings as well as the seals. Unfortunately the outer ring on the right side came out with out pulling force, I meassuared the seat and there is approx. 0.02" of play between outer bering ring and the seat. Does anybody know how I can repair the seat or had somebody the same issue an can give me some advice? Thanks in advance! Andre
  12. Routing of emergency brake cable

    Thanks dpollo, installed the wipers today. A little bit shaky but should work.
  13. Routing of emergency brake cable

    It's a Wilwood tandem remote master cylinder. Below the link with the specs. http://www.wilwood.com/MasterCylinders/MasterCylinderProd.aspx?itemno=260-7563 And yes I made my own bracket for the mc. It's not yet tested but it should work. Advantage of this cylinder is the use for both brake applications disc and drum brakes. It contains the residual pressure valves for drum brakes. I have somewhere the drawing of the components for the bracket but have to look for it. Andre
  14. Put the emergency brake with cable back in the car. Unfortunatly I didn't make a photograph of the routing of the brake cable. On the photograph attached you see the cable going to the brake above rear motor mount crossmember and bell housing but it is bend because it is touching the lower part of the bell housing. Looks not right to me but working... The next problem and the most of you will laughing about it but I have no idea how to attach the wiper blade to the arm . Never had to do with such a mechanism. It is a 1950 Dodge Wayfarer with Fluiddrive. Thanks in advance. Andre
  15. Valve guides on intake side

    They picked the engine up today and will install the intake guides the right way. Hopefully no other surprises.... It was expensive enough to let the engine overhaul here in Germany. Thanks guys. I will keep you updated. Andre