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  1. etzmolch

    next on the list... improve braking

    I do have a AAJ Brake kit using the following parts for front brake: Rotors, bearing & seals: 76 Dodge Dart Calipers & pads: 72 Charger Hoses :76 Monte Carlo To find this parts here in Europe shouldn't be a problem. For caliper bracket I can send a drawing for cutting because didn't installed the disc brake yet.
  2. etzmolch

    230 Crankshaft source

    Thanks guys for your offers. This will help no question. Fortunately I bought last year a complete drive unit from a forum member from Sweden. (Was a really nice trip btw.) So at least did not see the car in the garage only. Swapped the engine and can drive this summer. But the other was the original one (same number as on the chassis) and I want this one back in the car. @Andy You are absolutely right, trust nobody. Unfortunately the plan from the beginning was to let the workshop do all the machining and assemble the engine my self. The opportunity I have.... So wrong decision I made at this point... But I thought when they do I can focus to all the other things. Will not happen again. Regards Andre
  3. etzmolch

    230 Crankshaft source

    Thanks guys for all of the suggestions. I am aware about the high shipping cost and the possibility to get a scrap crankshaft. I did also check some companies who are able to build up the journals by welding but all said me the risk is on my side because they don't know the material composition of the crankshaft. Will investigate further to see what is possible. The engine was rebuilt in a "professional" workshop. After high oil consumption I decided to remove the head and the surprise: I didn't find any honed cylinder walls (after ~2500mls), honed surface completely gone. Contacted the workshop, they removed one connecting rod and the connecting rod journal is rutted. Unfortunately the crankshaft was grinded to the last possible value. First answer from them.: Engine got dust... I ask how dust can enter the engine? After a lot of discussion I made an oil analysis. Really less silicate was found but a lot of metal residues. Now the components, I bought are the problem, or the wrong oil or, or.... They did all right. I did wrong. Still in "fight" with them...
  4. etzmolch

    230 Crankshaft source

    Can anybody tell me where I can find a good usd crankshaft for a 230 Dodge Engine with fluid drive? My was grinded to the last possible value and can't be used any further. Thanks Andre
  5. etzmolch

    Has anyone ordered parts from rock auto?

    Fastest shop for shipping to Germany. 4-5dys with the lowest shipping cost. Other shops need 2wks and more. And no issues with customs clearance.
  6. etzmolch

    Bellhousing to transmission gasket

    After a engine change I had a noise from my old transmission which wasn't there before. The only difference was to put this seal (approx. .03) in between. Today I added additional shims and the noise gone. So my thinking was maybe this gasket is really thick(.08 or more). There must be a a difference between the bell housing lengths from a '49s to a '50s engine. Both are fluid drives and I used the bell housing came with the '49s.
  7. etzmolch

    Bellhousing to transmission gasket

    Can anyone tell me the thickness of this gasket? Thanks, Andre
  8. etzmolch

    Openings in Fenders

    Thanks. Looks not bad for this was asking.
  9. etzmolch

    Openings in Fenders

    Can anybody tell me what’s the name of the openings in the fender as seen on the picture? Do they have a deeper meaning or just show? Thanks André
  10. etzmolch

    Valve guides on intake side

    For this I want to bypass the electrical fuel pump with a check valve in the line of the tank to the mechanical fuel pump.
  11. etzmolch

    Valve guides on intake side

    Car is running great. First 1200mls are on the odo. Just came back from a 300mls trip this weekend. No issues except with gasoline. Looks like the gas pump can't deliver enough but is new. A deeper investigation is necessary. I asume the extra electrical pump is the problem because is directly in line with the mechanical one. Oil consumption is normal. Everything else working perfect. Thanks for asking. Andre
  12. etzmolch

    Happy to announce...

    Thanks to all. My son and daughter (three & six yrs old) smiling the whole time when they are on a trip with me.
  13. etzmolch

    Happy to announce...

    ...that I got my car back to road. Want to say thank you for this great forum and the help of all posts while looking for information during restoration and the answered questions I ask. First 250 mls I drove and hope a lot more will be added... Andre
  14. etzmolch

    KingPin Saga DONE

    Did a king pin and bushing replacement last week and had the same issues to get the king pin through the support. The pins were .03mm too big in diameter. Bought on same place. Took me two hours to grind them down to fit in the supports. Also the "pocket" for the pin which keep the king pin in place is not equal compared to the old one. Must drive the pin deeper to get a thight king pin in the support. I can not recomend to buy the king pin set from A.Bernbaum.
  15. etzmolch

    Another brake story

    I used this MC with bracket I made myself. http://www.wilwood.com/MasterCylinders/MasterCylinderProd.aspx?itemno=260-7563 Not tried yet beacuse of winter here and some isues with the rear end.... Andre

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