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  1. 41-51 front upper shock stud source?

    Nice one!
  2. 41-51 front upper shock stud source?

    alright ... alright ... you guys twisted my arm. Just ordered the PU style brackets to move the upper mounts. The dodge 1/2 ton brackets. Was thinking about this as a future project ... but seeing as I'm doing the entire front end, springs, bushing, king pins, rubber everything, new disc brakes and master cylinder ... I'll throw these in too! Looks pretty straight-forward ... just align and punch holes through frame and bolt up with a backer plate to support? At least that's what I've read on here. Any gotchya's on these?
  3. Anyone know a source to replace the the upper shock mounting stud on the 41-51 front end? Getting my old ones out and bent the 9/16 threaded end and would rather replace these than try to fix. As far as I can see, none of the main mopar sources carry them ... might have to fab one up or have one turned. But thought I would see if you folks knew.
  4. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Just a quick update on the front end. Progress is slow ... there was so much to clean. But, I finally got it all cleaned up and painted. The the parts I took off/replacements waiting to go on are all painted too. Scarebird conversion is here as well as the new ECI master and pedal bracket. I'll keep everyone posted, with pics of course, of the re-assembly and disk brakes.
  5. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    The dash is definitely repainted at some time. The original color of the car was black. If you look closer at the dash, it has a texture on it ... not sure if this is from age/deterioration/poor coating or original yet as I'm focused on the front end right now. However, I plan to woodgrain the dash and interior trim when I get that far.
  6. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    I believe this was meant to mean grabbing the 218 vs making a 230 is no real difference.
  7. quick clutch help!

    the original and newer are both 10 inch plates. I'm going to call TN clutch today and see what they can do. I've read good things.
  8. quick clutch help!

    I'm moving over the trans from my original '40 flattie to the new rebuilt motor prepping before laying her into her new home. Just replaced the pilot bearing on the rebuilt motor and was looking at the pressure plate that came with the rebuilt ... mocked up the TO bearing and it looks like it's too small when compared to my original. Also looks like the new one comes from a truck ... but I don't think that matters, correct me if I'm wrong. I added some pics that compare how the TO bearing lines up with the fingers. It looks almost like there is a larger TO available? Or do the fingers adjust in? If they do ... can this be done without a special shop/miller tool? 1st pic ... original pressure plate and bearing 2nd pic ... rebuilt pressure plate 3rd pic ... rebuilt on left, original on left I've got my original disc out to TN clutch and supply for resurfacing ... If need be, I can send out my original pressure plate/cover too. hopefully I'm just missing something obvious.
  9. Front Suspension

    @Andydodge you're spot on!
  10. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Well just a quick update since it's been a while ... I've been scraping, wire wheeling crud off and de-greasing like crazy ... lots to clean. Small suspension parts are painted, ready to back onto car. Except for the inner bars ... need to get creative to get these in and spaced right. I'm also cleaning, painting and moving over the bellhousing, clutch parts, trans and starter over to the rebuilt motor in anticipation of painting the front end. I have the pedal assembly out for better cleaning and talked myself into the ECI bracket and dual cylinder master ... scarebird is on backorder so I have a few weeks before all of that arrives. Left on the to-do ... degrease frame, paint, install suspension, new brakes and pedal bracket, drop motor into it's new home. ... hope the snow hold off this year, I only get a few hours a night!
  11. Front Suspension

    I sent him my 2 spare nuts from the front end work I've been doing.
  12. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Easy @40plyguy have the old off the car next to the new ones getting ready to go on the car. 40 on left, 41-52+ On right.
  13. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    @40plyguy the interchange shows the uorihhtd have the same PN. Andy has done it and I'll confirm for sure once my assembly happens, post painting.
  14. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    No performance advantage I could imagine ... I decided to do this just for parts availability. The service kits for the 39-40 uppers are harder to find and while its off, wanted to think forward. I found a pair of these uppers for $50 off a 48 Plymouth, they are a drop in replacement so it was easy insurance moving forward ... also, since those arms are more prevalent, the service kits are much easier to find, I was able to snag 2 sets of upper arm service packages (inner and outer) for only 25. SO all in on the upper control arms I'm at 75 ... that's the cost of one 39-40 service kit.
  15. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    here is where i ended last night. I'm in the groove now and we have some nice weather ahead. I've got a lot parts stocking up ... king pins, new uppers, all new rubber (bumpers, stops, seals), new pins and shafts, springs, tie rod ends ... been a rough week on the wallet Got a flamethrower coil, new fuel pump (prior owner was going electric) and some cheap gauges to hook up to the motor as I time/test/tune it out of the car. motor still needs to be oil primed, start researching that next.