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  1. fede

    manufacturer tag location

    thanks for the help!
  2. I recently purchased this tag from ebay, because the one original to the car was totally faded. It was removed years ago, when we started with the restoration/recovery. The issue is that we now don't really know where it should go on the firewall... anyone has some pic of where it goes? Thanks!
  3. fede

    Wiper arms

    @DrDoctor Thanks for the tip! I didn't knew about Mac's. The owner of a 46 Ford had recommended Bob Drake, but I will definitely check the website. @Adam H P15 D30 I guess that the shafts for the wipers did not change from 46 to 49 (I know that 46-48 cars are the same, but I'm not sure of 49). Thanks for the info!
  4. fede

    Wiper arms

    Hello everyone! My car has two different shape wiper arms, and they are not in great shape, so I want to change both of them. I looked into summit or speedway, but they are all straight, and I think the ones that have an angle look better. Some time ago I saw these on bobdrake.com, which does things for Fords. https://www.bobdrake.com/FordItem.aspx?Item=11A-17527 https://www.bobdrake.com/FordItem.aspx?Item=11A-17526%2f7-NKS&amp;ReturnURL=/4248wiperarmsandblades&amp;Category=637855d6-f912-42d5-a41c-24d46a67f09f Has anyone tried them? Any idea if they'd be compatible? Thanks!
  5. fede

    doors interior trim

    Are your DeSoto's the american models? I have to redo the panels because the car was reupholstered on the late 70s, so the originals are long gone. And the ones they made were pretty bad. Luckly, the design was pretty much kept, so the curved chrome bar was retained (I assume it was placed more or less on the same place). I have no idea were to find used door panels really. The few DeSotos (or Plymouths or Dodges) like this that exists here are in quite bad shape. We looked into a couple of junkyards, but all the interiors were pretty (or totally) gone. About old car parts here... there are not many options. some mechanical bits, like the gaskets, can be found on old stores, and other little things I bought online in USA and then have it shipped. The car has been in the family since the late 50s, and it was complete and in good shape, so there were not many parts really needed.
  6. fede

    doors interior trim

    I guess it could work, I'll have it mind in case I can't find enough of the color ones, or they get too expensive.
  7. fede

    doors interior trim

    Thanks! I made a bid on a pair that seem to be equal to mine, now let's hope I'm the only one
  8. fede

    doors interior trim

    Hello everyone! The car is finally getting closer to being complete. New tires and tubes went in, the seats are done and istalled and on monday the car goes back to the upholstery shop for the doors and floor, and after that alignment and a couple of electrical details. But, about the door trim, are the things in the pic called "escutcheons"? (asking to know what to seach on ebay) Any tip on where to get them? Some of the ones on the car are quite damaged and I would like to get new ones. Thanks!
  9. fede


    Thanks Bob! that is just what I was looking for. By the way, your car looks beautiful! congrats!
  10. fede


    Hello everyone, I'm again asking for your help. A few weeks ago I finally bought the "steering column and gearshift boot" from oldmoparts.com, and while the interior car is being redone, it's time to install it. As far as I know, to do it I have to remove the steering wheel to pass the boot through. But it's also needed to disassemble the gearshift. So, I get to the question. Does anyone have some kind of exploded view of both ends of the gearshift? (similar to the attached). I tried google, but nothing useful showed up. Best Regards and thanks!
  11. fede


    Thanks! I just checked the link. The shoulder belts seem quite a bit more expensive, although I think the mounting hardware is better (it at least looks better)
  12. fede


    @DonaldSmith will do, thanks!
  13. fede


    @Plymouthy Adams I had not checked about them meeting the regulations, thanks! @bones44 what type of latch did you choose?
  14. fede


    Hello, quick question: does anybody here have any experience with seatbeltsplus.com? I forgot where I got the link, I'm about to buy seatbelts and would like to know if anyone has used their products (speedway parts didn't have anything, summit racing was expensive). A side question, has anyone used retractable seatbelts? not sure if they will fit...
  15. @medium_jon, I had assumed that the connector would be the same. Is it smaller? or is it a different pattern? I know it's kind of nit pick, but I don't really want them to be too flat (we are also adding auxiliary lights to add a bit, so there's that)

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