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  1. A brief update: I ordered two different led bulbs to try out, as I'm convinced that is the best way forward. But I was checking the bulb that was in the stop light, and it was a 5w! Now it has a 15w, and it's much better. Still, I think the led will be even better.
  2. @Frank Elder thanks for the advice and that possible workaround for the flashers. It makes sense that the old glass lenses are darker than new thin plastics I generally try to avoid calling shops in the US because my English is not quite ready for tech support conversations yet and international calls aren't that cheap (I'm in Uruguay), but I might give it a shot. thanks!
  3. I guess I'll have to check that distance, or if they are as cheap as I hope, just order both and try them
  4. @thebeebe5, @DJ194950, @Jerry Roberts, @belvedere666 Thanks for the links and the tip about the flasher, I hadn't thought about that. I think I'll start with the brake light, and then see what happens (long term, I'd like the tail lights to do all 3 functions)
  5. This is the reason I want to go led. The lenses are all the original glasses, but I don't really want any more temperature. The cooler the better. From what I saw, the led bulbs are about $5
  6. @Ward Duffield, I'd love to get a copy of the MoPar 802 manual (the email is fbarbieri@gmail.com). My car doesn't have that condenser, but the original fuel gauge was changed years ago, so maybe that's when it lost it. Thanks in advance!
  7. Has anyone tried to use led light bulbs for the brake light or tail lights? The idea is to get brighter lights with as little change as possible. Some time ago I found a company that makes the complete tail light assembly, but I don't really want to change it all. And there is a big difference in price from led bulbs to this. http://www.cool-leds.com/led-taillights-plymouth.htm So, if anyone has tried, two main questions, - which lights did you use? (size, watss, lumens, etc) - white or red ones? (white should work, but maybe reds look better?) They seem to be quite cheap, so if nobody has tried this I might give it a shot and report back with results.
  8. thanks @desoto1939!! I'll sure read the article! I found the measurements of a filter I had taken some time ago and will try one local business first
  9. Hello everyone, kind of a basic question here.It's time to change the oil, so I need to get a new filter. My issue is that there seems to be a lot of options, and I'm not really confident that I'm getting the correct one. Since I'll be buying online in USA shops (summit? speedway?) and sending it to Uruguay, there is no return option if I get it wrong.Can someone point me to the exact filter I should get for a 23 inch 218ci flathead 6? A link would be great. I attach a photo of the engine in case it helps.Thanks!
  10. This is the case. When my father was there nobody seem to be there, and that meant that other photos or angles were not possible. I will try to go again (it's not close to where I live) and be back with more info sometime soon thanks everyone!
  11. Hello everybody, My father took this picture a couple months ago, and I can't really tell if it's a real convertible or a two door car with the roof cut at some time... Is there any sure way to tell? Not only from the photo, but in person (I might go to check it out) Convertibles weren't common here at that time, don't think there is any one restored or in good condition.
  12. I recently purchased this tag from ebay, because the one original to the car was totally faded. It was removed years ago, when we started with the restoration/recovery. The issue is that we now don't really know where it should go on the firewall... anyone has some pic of where it goes? Thanks!
  13. fede

    Wiper arms

    @DrDoctor Thanks for the tip! I didn't knew about Mac's. The owner of a 46 Ford had recommended Bob Drake, but I will definitely check the website. @Adam H P15 D30 I guess that the shafts for the wipers did not change from 46 to 49 (I know that 46-48 cars are the same, but I'm not sure of 49). Thanks for the info!
  14. fede

    Wiper arms

    Hello everyone! My car has two different shape wiper arms, and they are not in great shape, so I want to change both of them. I looked into summit or speedway, but they are all straight, and I think the ones that have an angle look better. Some time ago I saw these on bobdrake.com, which does things for Fords. https://www.bobdrake.com/FordItem.aspx?Item=11A-17527 https://www.bobdrake.com/FordItem.aspx?Item=11A-17526%2f7-NKS&ReturnURL=/4248wiperarmsandblades&Category=637855d6-f912-42d5-a41c-24d46a67f09f Has anyone tried them? Any idea if they'd be compatible? Thanks!
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