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  1. 1939 Plymouth Coupe

    Welcome! No experience with your question but I'll follow along. My '36 is also very low geared and would benefit from an overdrive. Great looking car.
  2. Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    Great looking motor. Hope he chimes in with more info.
  3. '50 Plymouth arrived

    Looks like a great find. Wouldn't mind bringing one like that home. More pics when you can please.
  4. Plymouth Sighting!

    Trucker Tim, good to read your posts. Grew up in Iowa but gave it up for Oregon many years ago. Good folks back there. Stay busy, enjoy retirement.
  5. scarebird brake conversion

    I'm a disc brake believer. Have converted other rigs that pulled sideways. In todays traffic you need good brakes. Ready to put front disks on a 36 Plymouth but having trouble finding a bolt on kit.
  6. Cranbrook Stumbled Upon - Now What?

    I think Larry ( or his brother Larry) could become a good friend. Today only sounds like a blue light special. Spend some time to check it out a little closer. I like to know what I'm buying.
  7. Camping

    Just returned from a trip around Arizonia through California from Oregon. It would look cool but on the freeways no one would notice. Most were posted 55 when pulling a trailer. I ran about 60 with a pickup camper. Big rigs ( and lots of them) were running and least 65, cars 75. Things slowed down on secondary roads. Route 66 was great in Arizona. Your car can handle it but avoid the freeways if possible. There are more cars than there were in the 50's and folks sre in a hurry. Rural America is great if you can take your time.
  8. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Glad to see you're able to get the Meadowbrook out and about. We've had a surprisingly dry winter here so took the coupe out for a short drive. Pulled over and took a pic of the mountains through the windshield.
  9. 50 Coronet project

    Dang! Wish I would have read this earlier.
  10. My wife's gotta be the absolute best :)

    My wife of 44 years is very supportive as well but we have an agreement, my cars stay in the shop and her horses stay in the barn! So far, so good!
  11. Cold cold, John Keats.

    Keats says it all. Winter just sucks! Not much snow this year in Central Oregon but the ice got me. Nursing broken ribs from a fall. Be careful out there.
  12. Recycling?

    That's just wrong! A lot of things we used to do but now know old mother earth needs all the help she can get.
  13. Off topic hobbies

    Mack tT Wow! Amazing work. I wouldn't know where to start on that. Here's another cigarbox guitar with amp. A much simpler amp than yours. Uses a 9volt battery.
  14. Mystery project

    When's the roof going up? Waiting anxiously.
  15. My truck at Cheatham Street Warehouse

    Cool pictures! Nice truck! Great memories!