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  1. Nice score. What a deal!
  2. Ranger

    An Immodest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

    Sure, I believe that commute is a very modest request of a daily driver. Especially with the mods you suggest. After all, they were built to be driven. I've used similar rides on a daily basis to and from work for years till distance and speed became a factor. My Plymouth is relegated to drives in the country now as anything slower than 65MPH creates a traffic jam on a drive into the "city." Too many crazies on the main roads. Enjoy your commute! Also, lacking mechanical experience, I'd find an independent mechanic shop you can trust to check it over from time to time.
  3. Ranger

    Electronic ignition again

    I converted over to 12 volts negative ground and a single wire alternator. All my wiring needed to be replaced anyway so I switched anticipating future upgrades. I'm using a HEI distributor from Tom Landon. Easy installation and working great.
  4. Ranger

    1955 Coronet

    Welcome aboard! Great looking car but the wheels definitely have to go. Look forward to more pics and progress.
  5. Ranger

    2018 HAMB Drags

    Thanks! Need to put that event on the schedule.
  6. Ranger

    Starter button firewall cover”?”

    steele rubber lists a couple of options. Steelrubber.com 800-230-5816 and they'll send a free catalog. My '36 has the same hole but the rubber is missing too.
  7. Ranger

    24 Dodge Brothers tours a park

    No help on the fuel issue other than maybe an electric pump but sure sounds like a great trip. More pictures would be great.
  8. Google says tubeless were patented in 1952. By 1955 they were standard.
  9. Bought a 1999 2500 diesel 3 years ago with 117,000 miles. Amazing truck. Bone stock in great condition. I use it mostly with a cabover camper. Just passed 130,000 with no problems. Great fuel mileage and plenty of power. Plan to keep it forever.
  10. Ranger

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Quite the project. Keep posting the progress. I'll enjoy following along for the ride.
  11. Ranger

    Starter key for a '51 pickup

    I'm impressed! That's what it's all about.
  12. Ranger

    1937 Plymouth bad fuel sender

    I replaced mine in a '36 Plymouth but also replaced the tank with a poly unit from Tanks Inc. I doubt a sender can be repaired. My original was pretty crusty and the cork float was water (gas) logged as well. Just didn't look like a good candidate to try and salvage when replacements are available.
  13. Ranger

    New Member!

    Great looking ride. Have fun!
  14. Ranger

    Vintage Dodge?

    Does it still taste salty?
  15. Ranger

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Glad the dog is feeling better and able to go cruising again.

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