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  1. There it is! Right between those two old cars.
  2. Good project, good advice from the gang. You asked about rubber early on. Might try Steele rubber company. Find them on line and they will send you a listing of all the rubber they carry for your car. I sure agree with trying to bring the six back to life. They’re tough engines. Get it running, then upgrade as you learn.
  3. What! 16K into the body??? Can’t see it. Are you sure it isn’t $1,600? At this this point, as Chrysler1942 said, it’s parts.
  4. After changing tire size I questioned the accuracy of my speedometer. My cell phone was great for dialing in the correction.
  5. I'm about a week late to the party but I'll jump in. Sell it as a complete car. Sold and gone. Parting it out would take all your time and many busted knuckles. Parts of it would be around for years. Good project for someone who can do the work themselves. I'd take a look if I were closer but, realistically, from the photos, not running, 4 doors, rusty floor, it's about a $500 car.
  6. Glad this thread is back on track. I was starting to get a headache.
  7. Baling wire has got me home more than one time. Should be in every toolbox right beside the duct tape.😁
  8. Cleaned mine up when I had the dash out. It had years of old stiff black grease in it. Used the white lithium to re-grease. It made a noticeable difference. Prior to that I shot WD-40 down it, cranked it up and down and wiped the black off the metal strip each time. It did help loosen it up. I’ll pick up a replacement if I ever see one.
  9. I also wondered what happened to the classified for sale ads. didn't realize there was a charge to list.
  10. They will never fund your retirement so just help a fellow enthusiast out with a low price. Now if it's someone looking to resell at a profit that's another story. If the buyer needs them for his project, I'd go $10 to $20 each.
  11. Not to highjack Doug&Debs thread here but with all the fuel pump experience thought I might get an answer to a concern. I run only an electric pump. My old electric pump would build up pressure and stop but it was very noisy. When turned on, my new one runs quieter but runs all the time. Even if the engine is not running. I’ve monitored the carb for any signs of overflow and there is not. Seems it should also stop as pressure is built up. Any ideas?
  12. Just saved yourself a bunch of work. Now you can concentrate on your other projects with a clear conscience.
  13. Thanks Plymouth, knew you’d be on that. I’ve got a little vibration I’m trying to locate. Guess I’ll look to Ujoints next.
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