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  1. Ranger


    Sure sounds like a leak in the system that is blowing coolant back over the engine. Clean it up, dry it off then run it and watch for any leaks to reappear. Sure doesn't look like a head gasket. Probably an easy fix but if its a radiator leak could be a little spendy.
  2. Ranger

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    If you're on the West Coast the Les Schwab tire company (as stated above) will blast and powder coat. They quoted me $30 a wheel last year. Not every color but a good selection.
  3. Ranger

    1939 business coupe build

    The car is looking good. I was skeptical of the color choice but after putting it back together I like it.
  4. Ranger

    Another 230 build thread

    I'm following along. Good job!
  5. Ranger

    Vehicle ID Tag Numbers Upside Down

    "If you can read this....turn me over!"
  6. Ranger

    Wi-Fi Security Cam In My Garage

    I recently invested in an Arlo wireless wi-fi system from Netgear. Easy to set up and has been flawless for a few months now. Cameras in the house, the barn and the garage. Plan to add one outside covering the drive as well. My son has a system that also shows room temp and air quality. Says he'll get an alert when the dog farts. Amazing stuff!
  7. Ranger

    Off topic hobbies

    Just opened this thread again. Great work on the maps. My wife and I traveled much of the Route 66 trip in March. Hope to go back and catch more of it soon.
  8. Ranger

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome! Spent a week in Scotland last summer. Wonderful country, wonderful people.
  9. Ranger

    Meadowbrook Project

    Welcome! Great looking car. Have fun. Lots of knowledge here.
  10. Ranger

    1939 Plymouth Coupe

    Welcome! No experience with your question but I'll follow along. My '36 is also very low geared and would benefit from an overdrive. Great looking car.
  11. Ranger

    Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    Great looking motor. Hope he chimes in with more info.
  12. Ranger

    '50 Plymouth arrived

    Looks like a great find. Wouldn't mind bringing one like that home. More pics when you can please.
  13. Ranger

    Plymouth Sighting!

    Trucker Tim, good to read your posts. Grew up in Iowa but gave it up for Oregon many years ago. Good folks back there. Stay busy, enjoy retirement.
  14. Ranger

    scarebird brake conversion

    I'm a disc brake believer. Have converted other rigs that pulled sideways. In todays traffic you need good brakes. Ready to put front disks on a 36 Plymouth but having trouble finding a bolt on kit.
  15. Ranger

    Cranbrook Stumbled Upon - Now What?

    I think Larry ( or his brother Larry) could become a good friend. Today only sounds like a blue light special. Spend some time to check it out a little closer. I like to know what I'm buying.

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