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  1. I have a 1939 Plymouth P7 business coupe. The wiper arm for the original motor is very flimsy. The wiper motor has a stud with a hole in it and the wiper arm slides through that stud and then its pushed downward and locks into place. Problem is that it is SUPER flimsy. Is there an adapter kit that can change the stud into a later type fitting where the arm is pushed down into a slotted fitting? Below is my motor. Nick
  2. Nick:


    This is rich Hartung from valley Forge PA. i also own a 1939 Desoto 4 door sedan.  You have a great looking coupe is it the opera coupe with the fold down jumpseats or the full rear seat. I know it is not the Hayes Coupe.


    Are you a member of the National desoto club?


    Contact me at my cellphone 484-431-8157 home 610-630-9188 or email at desoto1939@aol.com  Send me some pictures of your car.  I have a look of cross reference catalogs when looking for parts and I have scanned the catalogs on to CD's to save the paper catalogs.  Also have alot of 39 Desoto parts.


  3. Just bought this 39 DeSoto a few weeks ago from Washington state. Had it delivered to San Francisco. Drive it almost every day. Need to adjust the emergency brake a bit but other than that, it’s a great driver. Nick
  4. The car had 600R x 16 tires on it. Those are the ones that are radial but made to look like bias ply. I switched those tires with another car that had regular 600 x 16 bias ply tires. Problem solved!! The Dodge steers effortlessly now!! I was surprised how much of a difference the switch made.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I have mostly have late 50s Mopar vehicles that have power steering so I may just have to get used to manual steering. Two of the previous owners of this vehicle didn’t notice any problem with the steering. So do these cars from this era typically have tight steering? For now, I’m just going to drive it and try to get used to it before I do any adjustments of any kind. It has Coker classic 600R x 16 tires. Would regular non radial bias ply tires improve steering? Thank you. Nick
  6. I just bought a gorgeous 47 Dodge Business Coupe. It is in awesome shape. There is one issue though, the steering is quite firm and hard to turn from a stop. The previous owner rebuilt the entire front end: king pins, gear box, ball joins, etc. Can adjusting the gear box at the top help the problem? Also, does the Pittman arm need to come off before the adjustment? I’m not going to do anything until I can get a shop manual. Any info greatly appreciated. Nick
  7. The threads are larger on my original seat. I'll check out the other needle and seat you mention. Maybe someone drilled a larger hole cuz of stripped threads.
  8. I'm trying to get the correct carb rebuild kit for this carb but having trouble. Every kit I've looked at offers two different types of needle and seat assemblies. The male threading is the same on both assemblies. My carb opening where the needle and seat fit into is slightly larger. I have yet to find the correct needle and seat in any kit. Any info greatly appreciated. Nick
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