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  1. Never mind I couldn't help myself lol Upon closer look I seen that the mounting bracket is actually color matched to the cab, so I decided not to paint it black. I also sent in for my build card so I'm looking forward to getting that.
  2. Thank you for that. I've got It back together now but still not installed I decided I want to paint the mounting bracket black as well so once I get that done I will reinstall the horn and add some pictures.
  3. Also can anyone help me out in what order all these pieces go back together for the horn mount?
  4. So I guess I didn't do my self any favors in taking the horn apart and not paying attention to how it would go back together. Does the tab I pointed at in the first picture go in the gap I pointed at in the second picture?
  5. Yes indeed it will be a slow process
  6. I love freshly painted parts
  7. Tried to do a bit of research to find out what the difference in model numbers is. I seen that the model 75 is 12v. Can anyone verify this?
  8. What is the difference in these heaters if they will all fit?
  9. Does anyone know if a model 75 would work? One on eBay right now
  10. I got the new stickers for the air cleaner and crankcase breather. They look nice but I'm unsure about the air cleaner one. It's an oval shape, but the remnants of the sticker that remains on my cleaner is a curved shape as shown in the picture. Is the curved one what's actually supposed to be on there? And does anyone know if these are reproduced?
  11. Next thing is to see if I can get my hands on a load tester then. Thank you
  12. So I will try to charge it some more tonight to see what I can get it to. But if I can only get it to 6.15v would that indicate bad battery?
  13. Next thing, I posted awhile back about having battery issues and never really got to the bottom of it. So I will start working on that again. I pulled the battery out of the truck and let it charge overnight on the trickle charger. It shut off the next day so it should of been fully charged. I put a meter on it and it showed 6.17v it dropped to 6.15v and has been staying there for the last 3 days. Is this the voltage a fully charged 6v battery should show? Or should it show more?
  14. Thanks for the responses everyone. I will be planning on cleaning up and painting the horn and air cleaner soon. I also ordered those stickers you posted Dav so thanks for that.