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  1. Ok thank you for the info I think I’ll order some seals from Steele.
  2. Also follow up question. Did you install the glass in the frame yourself? If so any trick? I seen a video of someone doing it and they were smacking it with a rubber hammer pretty hard. That would make me a bit nervous. Did you use the sash channel filler from Steele to install the glass?
  3. Ok where did you get your seals from? Are they good quality?
  4. Ok that makes sense. What are the spacers?
  5. yes there was holes in it but not in my window channel on my door. Just wanted to make sure that those were indeed mounting holes before I went drilling holes in my door. if this install all as one unit then the screws go through the seal?
  6. Well I have most of the parts I need except for glass and some seals, but I got them all cleaned up and painted and I’m just doing a trial install. How do the frames mount into the door? I see on the bottom where it would fasten but it would be pretty loose on the top. There are a few holes on the top of the frame that I could put a screw in the secure it and there are tabs on my door in those locations, just no hold drilled. Would this be the correct way to mount it?
  7. Anybody know what the correct hand brake for this transmission would be? I think with the standard transmission I would need the pull handle under the dash. But mine has the lever on the floor, and the tranny cover plate is hacked up to make room for the lever and a larger shifter.
  8. Also changing direction for a bit here. How can I positively identify my transmission? I have a PTO on mine. By the looks of the diagram I have, it says that the drain hole plug goes in at a 30 degree angle to bottom of case (which is what mine looks like) and that would make it a 4 speed spur gear transmission (by the way my transmission is definitely a 4 speed). if this is indeed what I have, would this be stock for my truck? Or was this a factory option?
  9. I think I will just get some rubber to sandwich in between there just to be safe.
  10. Finally got the last piece I need to put the heater in the truck just need to clean it up and paint it. Should there be a gasket between the flange and the firewall? Maybe a rubber sheet type?
  11. Yes that is what I did. Knocked off the weld nut I guess I just called it a collar. But I will have to check that out. I was kind of considering going without the set screw but ill have to see how that goes. It’s a tight enough fit that I have to pound the lock in so I know it will not fall out.
  12. Happy to say that I got it out. I ended up knocking the whole collar off that the set screw goes into to.
  13. Well I looked in the hole and seen what looks like remainder of a small bolt head. I don’t think this will come out without a fight. I guess I’ll have to try to drill.
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