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  1. Did you ever end up finding a shroud? also I found a nos ignition switch on eBayand bought it but it doesn't have a key. Am I able to take the lock cylinder out of it without the key?
  2. When i replaced all the fuel lines in my truck I had to prime the whole system, it was taking forever. I ended up disconnecting the line off the carb and putting a air gun in the tank and wrapped a rag around it to make sure most the air went in. And just pulled the trigger till gas shot out of the line at the carb. Maybe a bit crude but seemed effective. Just have to be a bit careful about how much pressure you put into the tank if you have a good seal.
  3. Ok no worries just wondering
  4. Hey Mark did you come up with anything?
  5. I had a problem just like this. The short section of rubber hose that goes from the end of the hard fuel line to the fuel pump was so dry that it had cracks in it and was sucking in to much air. I replaced that and also the accelerator pump (carb rebuild) and no more fuel system problems.
  6. I check eBay everyday so hopefully I catch one when it comes up. Or if Mark has one I don't need to watch for one
  7. Well if you do I'm definately interested.
  8. Thank you. Now the hunt begins for that piece
  9. I don't have this piece but looks like I need it for the fresh air package. Where does it go?
  10. Perfect that's exactly what I needed thank you.
  11. Also a couple of rubber pieces fell out of the heater when I was disassembling it, I didn't get a chance to see where they came from. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  12. Well aparently I decided I needed a drone lol so there is a bit of a hold on buying any new parts. However I did manage to get the heater all blasted and ready for paint. Also powder coated a few of the internal parts. I found a color that I think is pretty darn close so I'm going with it. Hopefully will have that done soon, then get some pictures up. As for the heater core, would it be worth it to bring it to a radiator shop and have them go through it before I put the heater in the truck?
  13. The carb has been removed and rebuilt but didn't pay attention to weather or not there was a plate in the governor
  14. So as of now I am planning on removing it then, is there anything else I will have to change besides the things already mentioned? Like play around with adjustment screws? Also thank you for the picture/measurement dodgeb4ya, I failed to mention that Davin beat you to it, he sent me the measurement in an email, and also found a spare linkage, so I'm getting that from him. Thanks again Davin. My truck currently has pretty poor throttle response and falls on it's face a bit if you give it too much throttle to quickly, could this be related to the governor, or does this just mean carb adjustments are needed? Or is it just because it's old?
  15. The things top speed is maybe 45 maybe push 50 down a hill lol