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  1. No problems with that no corner windows although maybe that should be a frowny face I would love to have them.
  2. Cool thank you. I was debating on bringing this to a glass shop or doing it myself. I bought some glass setting tape and tried it myself and turns out it was pretty easy
  3. Can anyone take a measurement for me? Looking for how much glass should be sticking out of the vent window frame on the top and bottom. Like in the attached picture. I have about 3/8” top and bottom.
  4. Great thank you. A quick trip to the hardware store today then to find the thinnest one possible
  5. Anyone know how think the brass washers should be? There is not much left of mine.
  6. Ran across this last night while browsing. auction in dresser WI. Couple of b series COEs. A 46 firetruck and a 47 flatbed. and tons of other stuff. https://bid.hansenauctiongroup.com/bid/39521?section=items
  7. I brought my plates to dmv on Friday and they told me they had to call the state. They called and came back and told me the swap was not possible. I guess I did not have the same luck as you guys I might see if I can call the state myself and see what the deal really is.
  8. Yes thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Thank you for the picture I will set mine up like that.
  10. On another note... trying to reassemble the frame vent windows. I have a hole pile of shims/washers that came off the pivot bolt. Anyone have a picture of how this should look assembled? The parts diagram just shows two washers, not a bunch of shims.
  11. Here is the vent window seal update. i returned my Steele seals and ordered the seals from roberts. I received them today and put them in. A perfect fit turns out the ones from Steele are about an inch too long. The Steele seals were a very high quality nice seal but just did not fit right. I strongly recommend the seals from Roberts if anyone is looking in the future.
  12. Ok so I don’t need to use it. Thanks for the input.
  13. Also just noticed these. If I was standing at the front of the truck looking towards the back these are in the upper right corner of the firewall in the engine bay. A small plate with some numbers and what appears to be a knockout. Any ideas?
  14. I am in Minnesota as well. It does have a letter, starts with a T. Love the truck by the way!
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