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    puttering on the Plymouth
    flying the model helicopter
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    just the 1938 Plymouth truck PT 57

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    60 y/o & I bought 1938 plm tk in 1972
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  1. 1938 plymouth truck PT57 amp gauge wiring

    Yes I do have the amp gauge with the fuse thus 3 terminals to connect to. Appears if too many electrical draws are connected to the fuse side the gauge pegs out .
  2. 1938 plymouth truck PT57 amp gauge wiring

    Thanks for the tips. I did get it finally.
  3. Hi Classic Moose, I am restoring a 1938 Plymouth Truck also!  If you would like to swap photos and discuss projects, please keep me in mind.  Thank you for getting one more rare PT57 back on the road.


    -Jack H.

    1. Classic Moose

      Classic Moose

      Yes, hello, Jack.

      I have some parts

      Let's talk. Where are u located?

      I'm in walnut creek ca.


    2. classiccarjack


      Sorry I missed this post.  

      I am located in Jamul, Ca.

      My ph# is (619)454-1396

  4. i have installed a new wiring harness all original and i can't find out which wires go to the positive and neg. terminals on the amp. gauge. dose anyone know which side of the gauge (+ or -) the BATT trem on the voltage reg goes to and which the negative battery hooks up to? thanks, bruce moose
  5. Tk 4-speed upgrade

    I have a 1938 Plymouth truck that i put a 4 speed crash box out of a 1948 ish dodge tk. I'm wondering if theres an upgrade to a synchromesh 4 speed that bolts to the truck bell. I'm new here in fact this is my first post and I'm still learning my way around the site. classic moose