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    I'm a 19 yr. Military Vet. and I'm an Instructor at a local Technical College
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  1. Wrong Differential?

    This sounds like what I discovered, when restoring the frame and axle I ordered the bearings from Timken and they didn't fit. Turns out the car was totaled in the fifties and an axle from a 47 Plymouth truck was put in. I had good luck with matching bearing part numbers to find the axle make and model. Hope the lil bit helps. Vince
  2. 49 P15C off frame resoration

    This an update for the last couple years. My work solowed down after my secound son was born in January. And an accident at work left me with a broken leg and months of recovery.
  3. radio model 606

    Thanks for the information, I have feeling that this business is most likely part time. Or a "when I get to it" kind of job.
  4. radio model 606

    Hi everyone, It's almost time for me to get my radio restored for the 49 P15C, anyone know a place to send it? I remember someone saying the radio guy wasn't in business any more? I think he also put a hidden input jack? Thanks, Vince
  5. "Willma"

    Dave, Great work on the fabrication, being in Kent there is most likely are not too many of these around. There is a UK P15 club on facebook I think. I wish Plymouth had the Desoto grill. Keep the photos going Sir!
  6. 51 Meadowbrook engine rebuild

    Just got mine back last week. With a .040 bore, balanced and decked .020.
  7. 49 P15C update

    Almost ready for the body to be put back onto the frame.
  8. 1949 & 1950 Chrysler & Desoto Radiator Photo Request

    If your in the Northwest or want to send it to them, Seattle Radiator Works does anitque radiators for a resonable price. They can get cores as well. My heater core & radiator where twisted & clogged $425.00 plus free pressure check.
  9. Painting my floor mat

    anyone know where to get the original mat front & back? For a 1949 1st series P15? Great idea, by the way.
  10. first try at wide whites

    Doesn't Kanter have some no name wide whites??
  11. Chrysler build sheet questions

    This might help for that info http://www.pwchryslerclub.org/Judging%20Guide.pdf Maybe? A lot of info on here for Dodge and Chrysler even though it is Plymouth club.
  12. ready for 2016

    body off frame restoration
  13. Preventing rust on bare metal parts waiting for paint

    The bags are a great idea. There is some Dry-Z Air products that keep the moisture down to almost zero if you use enough and have the holder they sell with it. I know that LeMay used it before they built the museum in Tacoma, Washington.
  14. Rust Convertors

    Rust inhibitor by loctite is what the military uses, it is called Extend. I was a chemist at one time and a Navy Aviation corrosion specialist, I like the fact that you can see the rust turn a dark purple. I,m applying DP50 primer tomorrow. I have the bady on the rottiserie so its a great time to prime before I let it sit while I sand blast the frame and finish the frame restoration. I saw the Plymouth owners club show guide, and it has the specs for eco sheen or they call the under side color gray. Plymouth says its eco sheen, which I think was primer that had a satin finish. Any thoughts?
  15. P15C fuel & brake lines?

    Great info thanks Dave & Earl. Knuckleharley I got that idea from a fellow instructor were I teach. Great handling on hwy, I took it to the sand blaster just like that. Thanks again, I will go ahead and put plain steel lines back in after the frame is restored in a couple months.