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    Kirkland, WA
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    Mechanical projects, researching family history and learning new tech.
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    Only one currently: 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe P15.<br />
    I've had several MOPAR muscle cars that I have owned.

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    I'm a 19 yr. Military Vet. and I'm an Instructor at a local Technical College
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    Metrology Instructor


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    Kirkland, WA
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    family history and restoring mopars

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  1. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Hi Everyone, Here is my work in progress and another I found that I like the stance.
  2. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    49 P15C off frame resoration

    This an update for the last couple years. My work solowed down after my secound son was born in January. And an accident at work left me with a broken leg and months of recovery. Now three years later after saving my marriage. I'm starting to prep for paint, matte finish gunmetal. Look close at the fenders, I creased them to look like trim. I will use the original color on the firewall and roof, in gloss. I'm thinking of no bumpers, but murphy's law tells me to install them, maybe custom fit.
  3. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    Antifreeze and your car

    Good Idea, This is one reason why I chose Evans Coolant. The perfect time to switch is during a restoration.
  4. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    Body Mounts on P15

    Can you take a photo of the original or are you missing them completely? I restored mine and took a few photos, but mine was totaled in the fifties and different parts were added. Like an axle from a 47 Plymouth truck and only one body mount in the trunk above the rear axle.
  5. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    rubber sill plate removal

    If you would like to drill any hard metal cobalt bits at slow rpm with some lube. I teach my students this after drilling out screws when I was in the navy on P-3 Orions. And studs are the original fasteners. Mine looked like they were on the titanic, they had fused together.
  6. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    F-headed Mopar sixes

    Beautiful photo, my great grandfather started the first Montana state fish hatchery. Their lake was just north Kalispell and fed into flathead lake. Here is a photo of my grandfather in the hatchery truck in the late 1920's.
  7. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    First restoration project

    If you are going to recover your seat in the original wool as I did, you will need a pattern. The top stitches from the 40's are a bit tricky to learn. also the arm rests in back are very important to keep.
  8. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    First restoration project

    This looks like the poor dodge had been sitting in the weather for a long time. Time for the Navy/ Marine Corps corrosion control manual! My experience with these metals tells me that heat is not going to do much, other than change the hardness. So I recommend (for the broken plug) easy-out and let it crumble so you can dig it out with a scribe. The rest of the motor use an impact socket with a breaker bar (very very slowly) so you can feel the threads and bolt twist. I learned my lesson with my P15, that being patient is important, but I got too excited to get the damn thing apart.
  9. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    First restoration project

    We live very close, & my restoration project is 3/4 done. If you want to stop in and check out my project, it's in Granite falls. So you can get a grasp on what your in for, also check out my photos on my profile. I'm a weekend only guy, with a family the project sometimes takes a backseat. I will be there this Sunday, it is at my brothers house. I live in a condo in Kirkland. Welcome to the club! Vince
  10. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    51 coronet d42 dash refinishing?

    I was looking in my P15 maintenance book and found a section on trim codes. If you still have the original tags under the seat like I did and look at the build sheet, the book tells you the color of the trim package. One thing I noticed about the photo of your door trim, is that the color is distorted because of spider cracks in the finish.
  11. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    1949 Plymouth super deluxe 4 doors

    I had taken the body off the rotisserie in November or so. Here is another view from the side. Triple carbs and painted fire wall matching the 1948 Airwing grey.
  12. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    1949 Plymouth super deluxe 4 doors

    I do have a photo from the front after sand blasting. And my resent photo I will include as well.
  13. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    1949 Plymouth super deluxe 4 doors

    I have a 49 1st series and completely restored the frame. I will include some photos.
  14. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    Bronze bushing/ spacer for flywheel bolts, Help!

    Thanks D' That is very generous of you! I work a technical college and one of the faculty has an extra one as well. When I get it finished we will definitely have to drive across the border and meet up.
  15. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    Bronze bushing/ spacer for flywheel bolts, Help!

    Well this weekend I got the engine, flywheel, clutch, pressure plate and bell housing installed. But as you can see from the photo the step in the flywheel is too far away from the bolt heads to do its job. Any thoughts?

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