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  1. sp15cspecial

    electric wipers

    6 volt electric wiper motor was standard on Australian built plymouths but the linkage is different and set up for RHD . very slow on 6 volt
  2. sp15cspecial

    24 Dodge Brothers tours a park

    I run a electric pump on my 23 Dodge brothers for over 20 years have only had a few times where it flooded the carburetor . Filled up the lower section of the carb and would not allow the sliding section to rise. Only thing i would suggest is to put a pressure regulator in as these old girls don't like much over about 1 1/2 pound .
  3. sp15cspecial

    As a curosity

    Yes i have them on my car had them still on and all the wrecks i bought still had them
  4. sp15cspecial

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Cool project looking foward to reading this as i have a 33 TJ Richards body sedan Cheers Gareth
  5. sp15cspecial

    1946 Chrysler Desoto Hubcap and badge red paint

    I painted my caps with the same paint as the car it was holden commodore red firethorn in acrylic laquer think it was about a vb model it was very close to sumac red the color for those years been on 15 years and havent touched them up .
  6. Sorry i havent got back before now just got back in the shed here is a couple of pictures of vent rubers there is also a place called scotts old auto rrubber in Melbourne they supply the rubber as well be sure it isfor TJ richards body
  7. gday Zoran i had to make mine from an extrusion from Peter Jackson rub ber it came with both sides and you cut off the side you didnt need . At work at moment will try and post pics later tonight cheers gareth
  8. sp15cspecial

    Finally finished! 1949 Coronet my way

    Looks fantastic love the color
  9. sp15cspecial

    1930 Dodge "off road" promo video

    Great video Reminds me when a group of us would drive over to the bay to birdwood run took two days to get to Adelaide from Geelong . Great roadtrips All cars from early 20s two late thirties
  10. sp15cspecial

    Aussie 47 dodge d25

    Gday Shaneo i have the original motor in my Desoto same body as Plymouth and Dodge just different grills front fenders are different on parking lamps for plymouth. Im running a holden carb on my flathead much easier for spares than original performance is not bad good for about 85km can go faster but just watch the tank guage drop . Have another club member who has a plymouth with overdrive in it can do highway speeds at about 650 rpm less than me . Being that we have the 25" block you can Put the Kew Motors from the later cars was going to put a 250 cubic inch in in my plymouth and auto from a 54 plymouth save the changing in traffic but thats a pipe dream at moment. too many projects on the go. Cheers Gareth
  11. sp15cspecial

    ANSWERED 1933 dodge freewheel gearbox

    Thanks Tod thats perfect just what i needed Cheers Gareth
  12. sp15cspecial

    ANSWERED 1933 dodge freewheel gearbox

    Thanks Tod the book i have is for a comercial car where could i find thease books as im in Australia
  13. Has anybody got a1933 dodge cutaway diagram of a freewheeling gearbox or a exploded diagram my manual only shows normal box. I have two spare boxes in parts looking to see if ive got everything as i want to build up a box before i take out of car cheers Gareth
  14. sp15cspecial

    A few from the Photo shoot

    Great pics they look fantastic

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