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  1. Edgy heads being poured now

    Thanks. Missed the deadline for early/pre order.
  2. Edgy heads being poured now

    Where do you go to order/buy or find information?
  3. help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    Edit: I'll leave my comment but just noticed Adam H had the same thoughts. The HAMB might be the best place for the topic, but if it's the only place it might be time to change the header image and forum description.... Certainly not what I would do unless the car had been previously modified, but it's ultimately up to the owner.
  4. Time for an overhaul...

    okay... images up! Got the head mounted and shaved 8mil off the top to achieve a nice, level surface for all the head bolts and water neck. Not a necessary step except that there was a fair bit of brass to level for the water neck mating surface and that had to be machined. Just did the whole thing.... Then flipped it over to surface the gasket mating surface. Took a total of 11.2 mil to get completely level.
  5. Time for an overhaul...

    Sincerely appreciated, @dpollo. The brazing was free. The machine work is being done by me, so that's hard to beat.
  6. Time for an overhaul...

    Final look before surfacing the top of the head and re-blasting to make it all look nice. It appears I've uploaded my max for the day.... 3mb per day and all I want to share to the thread would mean postage stamp size images. I'll wait to upload more progress tomorrow.
  7. Time for an overhaul...

    Here's the brass "weld" to the cracked areas off the water passage. I used a die grinder to shape the plug hole area.
  8. Time for an overhaul...

    Yesterday's images. Fresh blast on the head with old media.
  9. Time for an overhaul...

    Good question, @Dodgeb4ya, and it's quite flat by straight edge, but I'll have an exact number later today once we cut it. We did a '37 Auburn motor about 1.5 years ago. 8cyl flat head. THAT head came back warped and had to be sent back for straightening. Dropped this head off and gave explicit instructions. Braze it and make sure it's still straight. Nice thing about the brazing process is the temp they heat the head to prior is much lower than welding. So far today I've got it cleaned up in the bead blast cab, used a die grinder to shape the spark plug hole, and surfaced the top of the head. Ended up taking about 0.014" off to get to this point, and I'll just use some silicone on the gasket for the water neck. De-burred the holes and used the die grinder again to clean up outside edges that were cut. Don't want any cut fingers....! Edit: Unable to upload more photos today for whatever reason. I'll check back later and post more progress.
  10. Time for an overhaul...

    Remember how nice my cylinder head looked after I'd glass beaded it...? Well, it's back from the welder...
  11. Time for an overhaul...

    I've had the chain on and off a couple times just checking I have all the right parts etc, but I will certainly document the final installation with pictures. Was even thinking of degreeing the cam for fun and practice. The pistons are uncoated. Any info you may want to borrow should be on the spec card back in this thread. If it's not there I'll try to answer. They're a basic aluminum forging, nothing fancy, but propper for the application. I think I had the first set in a week. They took almost three weeks after returning them to send the correct spec'd pistons.
  12. Time for an overhaul...

    I tried to do a "shade tree" rebuild on my '67 F250 and ended up getting the machine work done at this shop. The owner only does full-on custom work, even if he basically assembles a kit for a customer. Custom meaning each part sourced is carefully measured before use and machine work is meticulous. He wouldn't even take my job if I was going to ball-hone the cylinders (which were in fantastic shape as they were). Through the course of that project in 2013 I learned a LOT about doing careful work. I'm sure it would have run my way, but I sure felt better about having gone through it with such care. Besides, as it's not my real vocation the excersies were fun and I got a great sense of pride in the learning process. Truck runs like a top. I expect the P4 to as well. Definitely anxious to finish up and drive it!!!
  13. Time for an overhaul...

    Couldn't think of any other way to properly clean these tubes for the oil pickup..... Necessity is the Mother of invention they say. Everything for the front is sorted out. I'll get it all installed next Saturday. Still plenty to do though....
  14. Time for an overhaul...

    Some progress yesterday. Still waiting to get the head back from the welder's, but had time to get the pistons inatalled and rod caps torqued up, and was also able to get started sorting the front plate parts, gaskets, timing chain bits etc....
  15. Are all Spitfire heads 25"?

    No more than 5-6lbs. I'll post in my overhaul thread and in the turbo thread.