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  1. thebeebe5

    Led tail/brake lights

    I installed the white version of these in my ‘37. Work fine. Cheap. Not sure what the watsses are, but they’re much brighter than the original filament bulbs. https://www.ledlight.com/g18-s25-2_6-watt-58-ba15d-6-to-24-volt-ac-or-dc-non-polarity.aspx
  2. thebeebe5

    Another 230 build thread

    Looks like yes.
  3. thebeebe5

    Another 230 build thread

    This is the best I have.... Didn’t ever thunk to measure the hole while the engine was apart... But it looks roughly 1/2 the diamater of the tube.
  4. thebeebe5

    What is it?

    I’ve never seen possum-on-the-half-shell used as wheel chock before. In Georgia or otherwise.
  5. thebeebe5

    How Much Should I Pay For A Decent Torque Wrench

    Craftsman makes good wrenches if you're on a budget. I have several Snap On here at home and that's all that is used at the shop. I've really gotten to like the dial variety.... Click wrenches are all fine too. Whatever you get used have calibrated (as mentioned already). I have all my wrenches calibrated at Washington Calibration in Tempe, AZ. Great outfit to work with.
  6. thebeebe5

    How Much Should I Pay For A Decent Torque Wrench

    Why does this not surprise me....
  7. thebeebe5

    Bypass " Bump " Head

    Thank you! I guess if the deck seemed like it needed a cut I would have, but I didn’t relish the idea of removing 21 head studs... 😂
  8. thebeebe5

    Bypass " Bump " Head

    A repair at the thermo housing mount shouldn’t be an issue if the repair is right. Read about mine here:
  9. thebeebe5

    Lost A Good Man

    Indeed sad to hear.
  10. thebeebe5

    Time for an overhaul...

    The threads for the fittings are pipe thread. The thread into the oil passage are standard. The ID of the fitting was very similar to the oil passage, but I don’t remember if I measured them. I’ll have a look back though my photo documents and see.
  11. thebeebe5

    Time for an overhaul...

    There should be several images in the thread scattered throughout. Make sure you aim carefully so you don’t hit the center hole or the righthand bolt hole. 1/2” drill is essential and go slow! If that bit bites it’ll wrench that drill out of your hands and take fingernails or anything else with it. At worst you’ll end up with a pinched finger or two. Know what size fittings you’re using and keep them separate enough. Mine were too close and I’d do it a bit different next time. It’s fine as is, but i would have saved myself some time machining fittings.
  12. thebeebe5

    Fuel filter

    There are pleny of the Carter vintage filters available. I used one here:
  13. thebeebe5

    Almost totaled the '37 last night

    A few minutes after I though a turd on the floorboard, but it turned out to be the small aluminum floor jack I keep in the trunk. Usually have it hemmed in with the spare against the drivers wheel well, but the spare slid in the mayhem and freed the jack. All’s well. 👍🏽
  14. thebeebe5

    Almost totaled the '37 last night

    Thanks. Exactly what I was thinking. Happens all too often around here.
  15. Headed East on a local major 6 lane street doing about 35-40mph and a fellow pulled out a left turn in front of me with cell phone in hand. I got on the binders and horn, and as it became apparent I was going to hit him I turned the wheel to the left. Was braking hard enough that the tires started to skid. I slid sideways and exactly parallel to him and braced for impact. Heard a clunk or felt a thump or something as I came to a stop. He shot off into traffic narrowly missing another opportunity to ruin someone's night. I gathered my nerves, entered the westbound inside lane as another motorist was kind enough to hold it open for me. Made a u-turn at the next break in the median and headed to my destination which was three blocks further up the road. Had a look at the car and found I must not have hit him.... Seems the only issue noticeable is a fair bit of oil from the air cleaner that sloshed out and all over the engine compartment and right front fender. But I felt like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs for the rest of the night.

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