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  1. Time for an overhaul...

    Took me all day (it was my first try at balancing a rotating assembly) but am happy with the final result. I started with the crankshaft alone and got that to about .2 g front and back. Added the flywheel and did the same. Added the front pulley and ended up at .7 g and .1 g front to back. Installed the clutch which needed 30 g of weight added. My final numbers were. 07 g out at front and .01 g at the back. Definitely better than what that little engine was running on in the past I'm sure. A great day of learning!!!
  2. gasket oil pressure relief valve

    I ordered a replacement spring from Bernbaum and it came with an aluminum gasket similar to what I use for my Honda engine oil and transmission oil changes. I haven't installed it yet and can get a thickness for you if you like.
  3. Time for an overhaul...

    Got as far as checking the flywheel for proper fit and getting a fixture made to accomodate the pully hole so the Sunnen balancer knows the crank orientation. It's bigger than any fixture we've needed to this point. Need to either add or remove about 30g at the back and 15g at the front. Will have to wait til Monday.
  4. Time for an overhaul...

    Not stripped. And really the only threads that will matter are the ones between the send/receive holes where the plug will reside.
  5. Time for an overhaul...

    My first crankshaft balance today. Should be a learning experience...!
  6. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Planning a small blow through for my 201 rebuild. Will add info here as we get started. I'll be interested to see what others have done. Have seen youtube videos and have some ideas already.
  7. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    Nice looking work...!
  8. Time for an overhaul...

    Got the crankshaft back from the grinder. They hit the specs on all journals within 0.0003", so pretty happy there. Will have oil clearance of 0.0018"-0.0021". Need to have the main machinist look at the crank though. Journal 6 didn't completely clean up. There's a slight blemish mid journal. I'll trust his opinion on weather to run it or get a 20 under bearing for that rod and have it re-turned. Also, got the oiling mod complete for full flow filter. Will be installing 3/8" AN fittings and probably mounting the adapter right to the oil pan rail behind the oil pump boss keeping things nice and compact.
  9. Bernbaum Bowl Fuel Filter

    Have a picture? I've been using a vintage unit without issue for a year now. Works just fine.
  10. Time for an overhaul...

    Then it got bagged and parked in the assembly room fun stuff starts next week!!!
  11. Time for an overhaul...

    Yesterday's efforts. Some time went into helping reinstall the carburetor on the boss' FJ60, but while I wasn't doing that I was deburring cylinders, main bearing saddle edges, drilling for a full flow oil set up and thoroughly cleaning the block. Once all the nooks, crannies and oil passages were scrubbed out with brushes it went into the parts washer for a 30min auto cycle hot wash and then got thoroughly blown dry.
  12. Oil pressure at the pump

    Wow. 150. That's what I was wondering.... just a topic of conversation in the shop this am. Thanks @martybose!
  13. Oil pressure at the pump

    Of course I should have worded my question more carefully. Thank you.
  14. Oil pressure at the pump

    Does anyone know how much pressure a stock oil pump makes at the pressure side of the pump before the oil pressure relief valve regulates it to the oil passages?
  15. Time for an overhaul...

    Some progress the last two weeks. Have had some shop projects which kept me a little busy while waiting for the crankshaft to be ground. As the pistons arrived Pat was able to get the final cylinder hone done. IIRC he said final clearance is 0.0035". Block is now ready for deburring of the deck (so I don't catch a ring dueing assembly), and then I'll be ready to start mock up once the crank is here. Also, will likely look into a way to plumb for full flow oil filtration. I got the carb knocked down and found some shaft wear and a few missing parts. Not sure how it ran missing at least one of those little bearings.... Found a cheap second carb on ebay for a nice price, and it's turned out to be a real gem; almost no wear at all. It was missing some linkage, but between the two I should come up with a nice, tight unit. Took the time yesterday to soda blast the soft parts. It's a major task to switch the blast cab from glass to soda, with lots of cleaning between each to avoid leftover glass damage to parts. Did a few aluminum heads while set up for soda and then did the swap back to glass. Long process, back's tired this morning, but another one of those tasks that had to be done. Glad that's over.