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  1. thebeebe5

    Pilot bushing insight needed please!

    The one my pal has at his shop looks very much like this one from summit https://www.summitracing.com/parts/oes-27059?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-oem-specialty-tools&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhrTR856W3gIVFMNkCh2JpwkoEAQYBCABEgLXBfD_BwE We’ve used that, and we’ve also packed the input shaft hollow in the back of the crankshaft with grease and hammered in a piece of steel turned on the lathe that just fit into the old bushing. The grease caught behind the bushing would force it out as the steel was tapped into the back of the crankshaft. I would replace it as you have everything apart already. If you have the trans out and the new bushing in hand just check to see if it will fit the input shaft. It should without modification if it is correct for the application.
  2. thebeebe5

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe 1st project.

    Properly set up drum brakes should be just fine. As casper said, show us the car!!
  3. thebeebe5

    A coil in the Trunk...

    I’d dig it, but Be aware that not everyone will think so...
  4. thebeebe5

    Stuck Valve

    Probably exactly what happened. Sorry to hear.
  5. thebeebe5

    Synthetic oil

    Synthetic oil won’t harm the seal. What happens to older cars that are swapped to the detergents is that dino oil deposits are disolved away, and if a seal has shrunk with age and the deposits are dissolved and removed is that the seal begins to leak. I plan to swap to Amsoil after a couple thousand miles on my fresh 201 rebuild and I’ll have zero concerns about seal issues. I’ll be using their “Z-Rod” 10W-30 weight oil to maintain adequate zinc for the flat tappet camshaft.
  6. thebeebe5

    Door hinge and hinge pin request

    And the pin is just driven out from underneath?
  7. thebeebe5

    Giving up on the Carter and going to Stromberg

    I like the Carters. Send it to me.
  8. thebeebe5

    seals for the headlight lenses?

    I used a white weather stripping from a local hardware store. Works perfectly. Trimmed it in half, stuck the self adhesive side to the glass rim and it’s perfect. And cheap.
  9. thebeebe5

    Another 230 build thread

    Looking good. Make sure you have that filter canister plumbed correctly. I’m no expert, and I don’t run one, but I think you have the return hooked up to the oil galley main. See if it shouldn’t go to the vertical hole by the oil pressure relief valve... Hopefully a resident expert will chime in and correct me if I’m wrong. Would think the oil will dump in the top and run out the bottom....
  10. thebeebe5

    Door hinge and hinge pin request

    Exactly my plan, Andy! The mirrors on the marked don’t help me see to back up because these ‘37s are so wedge shaped.... I’m wanting them on a longer arm so I can see down the side.... not see the side. Did you pull the hinges apart and utilize the pin when affixing these? Figured I could make a custom pin and a bracket similar to the ones made for the 30s Ford Truck crowd, but fit to the Plymouth. I just want to see what I’m dealing with before I go mucking around, you know?
  11. thebeebe5

    Door hinge and hinge pin request

    That would be fantastic. I’m trying to hatch an idea for hinge mount mirrors.... I’d only be disassembling the top hinge on each side. Car is painted fairly nicely and I don’t want to make a mess, so I’m hoping to see exactly what’s in there before I proceed.
  12. thebeebe5

    Finally made it to a cruise with the '37

    Yep. Think that’s a simple one.... at a filling station by itself it stands out in a vanilla crowd. At a show there’s sensory overload of amazing vehicles on hand. I’ve had people almost crash into me driving down the street while trying to photograph the car and drive at the same time.
  13. Does anyone have any pictures of a 37 (or similar) door hinge assembly taken apart? I’m wanting to see the components involved..... Haven’t had luck with internet searches....
  14. Was in the habit of visiting So Cal Speed Shop's 2nd Saturday shoe box swap meet with my neighbor, but the last year of working on the car has kept me away.... Was nice to take the coupe out early this am. Seemed to run well. There's an occasional miss I need to run down, and one lifter is ticking louder than I think it ought to be, but it ran really well otherwise. One person actually looked at it....
  15. Saw this Dodge Bros roadster at So Cal Speed Shop swap meet this am, and there's a 426 wedge Super Stock with a cross ram intake that fits neatly and barely under the hood.... Bound to be an exciting ride...!!

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